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  1. So this shows an alternate build of the mounted lord... and is the same as Archaon’s head. Perhaps a build where he can swap mounts?
  2. I'd love Stormhosts for Nighthaunt. Maybe: Frostbite Procession- Wintery, bitter spirits Chained Phantoms- Ghosts of Convicts and Prisoners The Weeping Procession- Inordinate number of Banshees etc. etc.
  3. I think the best part about AoS is that armies are given rules and allegiance abilities based on theme. Every army looks like a coherent force, unlike 40K where you have random imperial soup.
  4. So... As of this weekend, the Ogor and Bonereaper battletomes have come out. This means that the entire Destruction range is complete (as in, every model has its own battletome); as is the entire Death range. Similarly, Chaos and Order are only two battletomes away. The AoS tournament scene is becoming more and more diverse (granted, not perfectly balanced), and narrative events are as vibrant as ever. As far as I can see, this is the best state that AoS has been, ever. Thoughts? Agree? Disagree?...
  5. "Listene closely, children, for this is a taile ye should not forgette. This is a taile of ghostely happenings and lost spirits. Once, a king ff Hysh, Alitair the Cold, sent forthe his legions to conquer the hinterlands. Battle after battle they fought, at the commande of a mighty general: Hibernus the Great. Conquering manie swathes of the wildereness, this army was famed throughout the realmes for its relentlessness. However, children, there are only so manie hours a man can fight lacking rest. And so it happened that, in the ice capped mountains that border the Howling Forest, the army collapsed to a single man. In face of exhaustion, the army could not continue. But Hibernus would not relent. He forced his soldieres to continue, when they could not. Slowly, slowly, amidst the blizzards of a mountaine kingedom, the army, with Hibernus at its head, wasted away in the snow. And nowe, the loste spirits of Hibernus and his army haunt the hills of Hysh. Now known by the name Hiberoth, Hibernus continues his assault on the enemies of his king." So this is the Frostblight Procession: a icy nighthaunt army hailing from Hysh. I will be using the Legion of Grief allegiance for this army, and I intend to play a lot with it; expect battle reports aplenty! This is Hiberoth, Knight of Shrouds: And more to come soon. Thanks for looking and come back soon, Sam
  6. I will be getting 4 of the catapults if they have cool rules. I'd much prefer them to be super good but expensive than typical artillery and cheap (points wise). Less: 36" 1 4+ 3+ -1 D6 = 180 points More: 6-40" 1 4+ 2+ -3 4D6 = 380
  7. @Arnied3 Thanks a lot dude! I've been working on my Legion of Grief for the last few weeks so haven't made any progress on the deepen. Hopefully I'll be back with some eels in a few weeks.
  8. So, the corvus cabal. My favorite warband, so I'm really keen tro have a look at what tactics we can come up with. Enjoy!
  9. A ghorgon has big paws 🐾 Yep, totally worth the wait.
  10. Ghorgon walks into a bar. "I'd like to order a.... ...pint of beer." Barman says: "Why the big pause?" hehe
  11. It is Settra. Hear me out. So he is a stormcast, meaning that he works for Sigmar. If he escaped the prison of the Soul Thief, maybe he escaped being a stormcast.
  12. By the way, I started topics for both the Untamed Beasts and the Iron Golems; go check them out for tactics, lore and painting.
  13. Topic about the Untamed Beasts, be it rules, lore or painting and converting. I feel like the Untamed Beasts are one of the most conversion-potential-y of the warbands, so I'm looking forward to what people can come up with!
  14. Just a general topic about tactics, background and photos about the Iron Golems Warcry warband. Personally they appeal to me greatly, so I'm looking forward to what the community can produce!
  15. GW should use warcry to flesh out all the obscure civilisations of the realms; show us what life is really like.
  16. Which one do you guys and gals think is better: The%20Fadeling%20Host.pdf or Fadeling%20%32.pdf For a tourney next weekend?
  17. "The Evil's Progeny! Thoth-Gorgoroth! Thoth-Gorgoroth! Hail the Whispers frome a Darkness!" - The Tenebranomicon ~~~ That creature’s name still haunts me. The creature that arose from that dark and unhallowed night, his name and his image still haunts me , yes. I wish to speak of it no longer. That beast, Thoth-Gorgoroth, traces me in the twilight between dream and reality, and it stalks across the fine line between phantasy and reality. I wish to speak of it no longer. No longer. ~~~ Hi folks, another update today. I've bought and painted Thoth-Gorgoroth, my akhelian king, and finished off Shum-Goth. I'm really pleased with Shum-Goth's base; it was made to resemble Lovecraft's sketches of the cthonic idol the protagonist finds in Call of Cthulhu: Once again, thanks for looking! Please like, follow and reply with any suggestions for the force's expansion. Thanks, Sam
  18. I love this warband so much!! Exactly what I wished Warcry to be about: awesome concepts that aren't made into a full army.
  19. @The_Yellow_Sign @Lord Ashmodath Thanks guys. The head is actually from the Genestealer Cults Aberrants kit. I also plan on using a head from the Acolyte Hybrid kit. Unfortunately, both of them are almost always sold out; I have to guess that someone is creating a similar project to me! I had considered the Genestealer Brood head that @Lord Ashmodath mentioned, but it is older and therefore has more mouldlines, less detail etc.
  20. "In mere moments may this evil consume the entirety of existence And upon the blackened sands of time it will reign or raze." -The Tenebranomicon ~~~ The accursed image of that squid-headed scribe still bears with me. It haunts my nightmares, and it stalks the bottomless fringes of my subconscious. I remember it now, its mulloscoid familiar clinging to it like the deep-sea barnacle that it so abhorrently resembled. I can speak no more, for I fear for the life mine. I may only say this: run. Run from every shadow that flints and flickers, run from even the agents of vain paranoia. No insult is to weak, no tale to tall. I have seen things that make me doubt mine own ability to think straight. So I leave you with this: run, and send to me help. ~~~ Hi guys, just another quick update: I've finished Lotann (or, as he is more cthonically known, Shum-Goth the Scribe). I would also like to add, for safety's sake, that the short narative excerpts that I start the posts in are written in the style of H. P. Lovecraft's 'Call of Cthulhu'; I don't usually speak like this! @kenshin620 Thanks a lot! I hadn't even thought about that, but now will have to do it . For those among you who haven't read or heard about Cthulhu and Lovecraft, I found a cool little video about it: So, here Shum-Goth is, in all his disgusting Lovecraftian glory: I also built a small piece of counts-as Gloomtide Shipwreck using cork: Thanks for looking! Please like and follow!
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