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  1. I’d be open to having different themed BCR allegiances... Winter, Summer (Fire)... whatever. There has to be other tribes in parts of the realm that are attuned not just to the Everwinter but other elemental forces. For my money, AoS has been on a long arc bending away from Chaos vs Order and more toward the basic elemental and fundamental building blocks of the Realms anyway. The lore and even the game itself has been asking many questions about what makes up the Realms. What is a Soul? Who owns it? Where does it go when it dies (after it dies again in Shyish)? Where did all these minor gods and demigods go after the Age of Myth? etc... I’d hate to see the lore start to be more and more limited too quickly.
  2. I hear ya. But... given this is an objective based game (for at least Matched Play), I'd still be OK with it. Sure... I "could" throw 2000 points into 5-6 models still... but if I can at least start with that and then start to splash in Gutbusters over time to make the army more competitive.... that works.
  3. I'd actually be OK with that. /shrug
  4. Having your double turn not be that effective/efficient/timely... and then getting double turned back. I watched a game on the live stream from Adepticon last weekend where the two players cat & moused the first two rounds. It was lovely.
  5. This is quite the necro. I gotta say since 2.0 has dropped and I’ve played more games since this was created, the double turn has become one of my favorite aspect of AoS. AKA: I’ve learned not to rush everything into the middle and there’s not as much shooting as there was before 2.0.
  6. Ya the more I think about it... I wanted AoS; Killteam, but I’m glad they’re doing something new.
  7. That’s a pretty strong hint it’s not Kill Team... aka everyone is in, but in my opinion a likewise strong hint it’s going to be expanded somehow beyond Chaos.
  8. They confirmed on Facebook it won’t stay Chaos only.
  9. I'm currently reading the Spear of Shadows book... and it cites various different guilds that have very different creeds from each other, as well various degrees of honor. There are some guilds that seem downright evil, and are suspicious of Sigmar. I agree that the faction could do with a splash of new models, but what's already there is very open to customization. I'm currently taking some bits from the Frostgrave Soldiers and Barbarian boxes to create a good mix of aesthetics. Not every guild is from Azyr. There are a lot of folks liberated by Sigmar who have somewhat reluctantly joined forces with Azyrite guild members. And, there is definitely tension between the humans native to a realm and the "colonizers" from Azyr. This is described in Spear of Shadows as well as City of Secrets. So, having a mix of model styles makes sense, but so does a pure army of matching aesthetics.
  10. Awesome cover. They also mentioned it's coming out Q3. I expected Q4, so this is a nice surprise.
  11. Awesome! Seems to be working well. You can even use the "no hero" variant without it barking at you.
  12. Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ? https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/02/08/8th-feb-lvo-studio-preview-2019-revealed-new-chaos-space-marines-sisters-of-battle-and-moregw-homepage-post-1/
  13. Spectral Host is going to make even Flayers viable. Also... lol @ flying ghouls.
  14. It’s somewhat telling that they haven’t updated Skirmish on Warscroll Builder, or even mentioned that they are going to update it.
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