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  1. Figure it's worth a shot. Does anyone have the four Realmgate Wars campaign books they don't use? I'd like to pick them up, but they're too pricey for me. If someone is looking to offload them at a discounted rate or trade, I'm interested.
  2. eekamouse

    "Heresy/30k" era for Age of Sigmar

    That’s not entirely true. There was plenty of conflict in the Age of Myth. There’s a lot more hinted at in the lore than the three splash pages in the rulebook.
  3. eekamouse

    "Heresy/30k" era for Age of Sigmar

    I agree with all of that in spirit (especially AoS Kill Team). I'm just finding the wide-openess of the Age of Myth to be an interesting and imaginative playground that gets beyond the whole Sigmar vs Chaos dynamic. The little pockets of story based around Godbeasts and (not sure this is the right terminology) the Lesser Gods seem to be a deep well to plumb. One of the cool things as you say is how 30k and 40k interact retroactively.
  4. eekamouse

    "Heresy/30k" era for Age of Sigmar

    Ya. I don't think that's paranoid. But maybe they'd come up with with "Mark 1" armor Empire units. Theoretically you could see the lineage between Stormcast in AoS and some elite Empire knights from the Age of Myth. They wouldn't be Stormcast, but historically would have provided the inspiration... something like that. But definitely point taken on the efficacy of the whole idea. It occurred to me as well.
  5. eekamouse

    "Heresy/30k" era for Age of Sigmar

    Oh man... an epic-scale AoS game set in the Age of Myth would be great I think.
  6. So... 40k has it's whole 30k storyline and game system. What would make a good "prequel" story line for Age of Sigmar? Age of Myth Age of Chaos The Old World Other? I think my preference would be something that could use a good chunk of the current range as well as some new ranges made specifically for the time period. So, my choice would most likely fall to the Age of Myth. I also think it's the most ripe for a bunch of whacky fun stories. But what about the ruleset? I don't really have a preference here. Something different would probably be more interesting. Stick with current AoS rules A more complex and granular "AoS-style" rules Other? This is all just curious wish-listing. I've been reading. I've been diving through a lot of the novels and other fiction and having fun with it.
  7. Curious if you were to add these to one-off Matched Play games how it could work. Off the top of my head, score VPs as normal (defined in the scenario). Each player can choose two hidden objectives before the game. You get 2vp for each objective on top of the VP from the scenario. 1vp? 3vp? 2vp seems like it would balance with most of the scenarios.
  8. eekamouse

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    Forgot about those. Was hoping to convert my Destruction Ogors and double-dip them into a Beast faction.
  9. eekamouse

    AoS 2 - Beasts of Chaos Discussion

    What's the outside shot for Chaos Ogors to be a thing in the new book?
  10. eekamouse

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

  11. eekamouse

    The End Times collection...?

    Thanks. I might just surf eBay and what not to get them.
  12. eekamouse

    The End Times collection...?

    Checked Black Library but all they have are eBooks unfortunately. There seemed to be some disagreement on if these books were the “complete” End Times: https://www.blacklibrary.com/warhammer-chronicles/novels/warhammer-the-end-times-collection-ebook.html
  13. Is there a good omnibus or other collection that covers all of The End Times? Internet seems to be in some disagreement.