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Found 78 results

  1. Just a general topic about tactics, background and photos about the Iron Golems Warcry warband. Personally they appeal to me greatly, so I'm looking forward to what the community can produce!
  2. Had a few games now with the Kharadron, and I have to say they’re a flexible warband, with some real hitting power. Few observations: Balloons. These guys are a must, they add mobility and tactical options to an otherwise slow (although ranged) warband. They have won the majority of games, just by being able to be where they need to be (including out of reach). In terms of armaments, since there are so many options: I took melee orientated riggers (rivet guns and aethermatic saws) for a while, but they are relatively squishy when it comes to some of the new menaces on the block, so my preferred load out is now at least one of the drill launcher. Means you can still pack a punch, and dance around the edges as you need to, without risking any so many meaty fists. The volleygun is too weak on balloonriders to make it worth it (though see arkanauts below!), and the grapnel launcher isn’t necessary because you already have the mobility if you need it; getting there quicker so you can shoot ... a grapnel launcher ... is underwhelming. Skyhooks are ok, just find drills generally better. The difference between riggers and wardens is absolutely minimal, I never found myself wanting to use timed charges over rampage, even when I could. So I go with riggers because they’re cheaper. Leaders: Tempting to take an endrinrigger to address the issue above, but honestly I just think there’s too much risk attached. My personal favourite is the Grundstok Thunderer leader, though the arkanaut one is ok in a pinch, especially if you need points. The Thunderer’s is powerful at range, and tough enough to hold the line. The KO leader triple is really good, and gets used a lot, so keep your leader with some powerful gunners too. Arkanauts: the basic guys do what you would expect them to - screen and speed bump for your guns. Even the skypike ones, who might get a decent hit in first, are only a delaying tactic and I only upgrade if I have 15 spare points. The skyhook guns are a bit meh for me, too much for not enough, but I have to say the volleygun arkanauts are little stars, especially if you take multiples. I have taken as many as 4, and the criticals can really start stacking up. These are definitely not to be overlooked. Thunderers: These are a mixed bag in my experience. The aethercannons are capable of big damage, and are generally reliable - benefit the most from the leader triple too, so worth keeping at least one near. The fumigator is quite versatile, because it has no minimum range, so you can use it against whatever your target is not (range/melee). The decksweeper is ok, better against chaff, but I find myself consistently not taking mortars, and the standard rifle is just bad. abilities: Doubles (get converted into triples if I haven’t already got at least one!) are mainly used for Rush (since onslaught no longer affects guns), with fortitude and drillbill being situational need only. Triples - Fight for profit is great, Keep your distance is great, and of course Respite is sometimes handy. Feels like triples is where it’s at for KO. Quads are just Rampages - always awesome: get to range, then open fire. Anyway, just some thoughts in case anyone else is using them - as usual, only my experience, ymmv.
  3. The cards: Seems like it's possible to play a few variants of this warband, ranging from a more elite grave guard to a mass of skeletons. While I'm personally leaning towards a healthy mix, I can't but imagine what can be done with Vanhel's and a blob of warriors. Another interesting point is Necrotic Siphon. I might not have fully grasped the whole wild dice mechanic, but getting a fairly high triple doesn't seem that rare. Having guaranteed damage should let you play more conservative in that combat phase, even if it's just 3-4. Obviously, the ressurrect can be very situational, but bringing back a grave guard with 2h-weapon next to a juicy target might outshine the Siphon. Really looking forward to trying these guys out. Worried about the low speed, but I feel it might be manageable with some creative ability shenanigans.
  4. The Daughters of Khaine are ready to bring bloodshed in the name of Khaine to the fighting pits of Eightpoints. Our Roster consists of the Khinerai, Melusai, Witch Elves and Sisters of Slaughter in all flavours. The Daughters of Khaine come from the Lands of Ulgu, as do the Chaos Cultist Warband "Corvus Cabal". So far we know the Daughters of Khaine as an army of many Witch Elves or Sisters of Slaughter backed up by offensive or defensive buffs or an army composition that rely on Melusai which makes them more elite. In Warcry the fast Khinerai Heartrenders and Lifetakers might me good for a quick grab on an objective. Warcry has only three turns (except the players are tied on victory points), so I personally see great potential of the Daughters, because of their speed and killing power. They are more of a glasscannon style though, but we will know more if we see the statlines of them. What du you think of the Daughters of Khaine Warband for Warcry?
  5. So I just got the Grand Alliance Chaos book (Agents of Chaos) and noticed some changes in the book to Tzeentch. I don't understand why the Tzeentch abilities make so little sense to me - here are some examples. Our leader ability boosts the value of other abilities for a triple - okay, not that useful - but then they make most of our abilities not dependent on the value of an ability (locus of sorcery is probably the only viable option to actually use it with, since the arcanite double ability doesn't depend on value) The Ogroid Thaumaturges newly reworded ability is literally just a worse version of Onslaught - if your ogroid has taken 15 or more points of damage then you get to add 1 to the attack characteristic of melee until the end of the battle round; its literally just onslaught but has an extra requirement; I mean why is this a thing? [again another ability that cannot benefit from Master of Destiny] Guided by the Future for our skyfires is a quad which has added restrictions on who you can use it on - and yet its effect is the same as the non-restricted stormcast triple that castigators have. Its like all our abilities are lesser versions of other abilities, and our primary leader ability is nigh unusable. The one stellar ability I thought we had was still hit or miss, but was the Warptongue Blade on the Gaunt Summoner which has now been nerfed. They capped out the damage on a roll of 6 to 3 - and the summoner has less wounds, and costs more points. I like some of the Tzeentch units, but honestly, it feels like they got the shaft when it comes to abilities in Warcry - other people's thoughts? Am I just looking at this wrong - what's the situation? Do you think this is an intentional design choice or just a lack of consideration?
  6. Skaven assault on defenders of the duardin reclaimed section of Karak Eight-Points
  7. King Belgadin Ironhammerson , defending his ancestral hold of Karak Eight-Points, originally in the all points (now eight points). He has managed to capture a portion of the citadel.
  8. Skritt


    Hammerers defending a captured former duardin hold in the 8-points.
  9. Skritt


    Runelord defending a captured former duardin hold in the 8-points.
  10. Hello everyone my name is Psicorps long time lurker recent poster im starting this blog in order to help me complete my enormous to do list i play alot of warcry/killteam/wh fantasy (end times battles) and age of sigmar my main army nighthaunt hasn't got its fluff yet as i am still working on it down below are pictures of what is being worked on and completed so far and the following is a rough list of what i have to get through Warcry: -9 screamers of tzeentch -30 pink horros of tzeentch -10 blood letters of khorne -5 blightkings of nurgle - 6 tzaangor enlightened -9 Minotuars -50 chaos warhounds -10 Razagors -10 skeletons -1 gaunt sommoner -3 ghorgons -7 cygors -5 zombie dragons -7 hydras Age of sigmar: Nagash Arkhan the black Lady Olynder Reikenor The Grimhailer 5x Knight of Shrouds 10x Guardian of souls 7x spirit torments Unknown amount of chainghasts 8x chainghast 7x Lord Executioner 2x tomb banshee 5x Cairn wraith 50x Glaive wraith stalkers 30x Grimghast reapers 10 boxes of myrmoun banshees 20+ spirit hosts (mostly converted) 40+Hex wraiths 10 black-coaches Wh fantasy collected over the years wh fantasy 300+ zombies 2 tomb banshees 5x Cairnwraiths 7 necromancers 7 Vampies 8 Vampire on dragons 10 black-coaches 20+ spirit hosts 40+ hexwraiths There is definitely more
  11. May as well add this discussion to the growing pile. These guys will probably be my favorite warband out of the gate just like the eels are my favorite models. Can't wait to try out an all eel list here too 😉
  12. For those of you who own or have used Souldrain Forest, how do you "rule" on using the trees during the game? Do you use the "if it stays it plays" general table-top gaming rule, or do you say "no" to allowing models in the trees at all? If you allow it, what are some of the understandings you use, or some of the issues you have had to resolve? Im just wondering. I recently purchased Souldrain and painting it up. My buddies and I have play a few games on it, and we have been allowing models in the trees, but if we use it at a tournament or something, I would like some ideas as to any potential complications. Thanks so much! See you around the forums!
  13. It just seems right to have a Cypher Lord warband page seeing as they are coming out alongside the starter set. Discuss any ideas or things you guys want to talk about!
  14. I will be hosting an event in the near future and one of the things I would like to do as part of the promotion is to create a "Ruling FAQ" for the people who will be playing. Warcry is still relatively new, and I would just like to hear some of the most complex rules questions people still have aside from any FAQs released to date. The purpose of this thread is NOT to argue rules. I just want to know the situations so I can be prepared for them and have answers for my players ahead of time so there are no surprises. If you can take just a minute to post a suggestion, I would GREATLY appreciate you! Thanks so much!
  15. Anamnesis

    Warcry Iron golems 2

    Warcry Iron golems 2
  16. Anamnesis

    Warcry Unmade

    Warcry Unmade
  17. Anamnesis

    Warcry Iron golems 1

    Warcry Iron golems 1
  18. Pseudonyme’s NON-PLAYABLE WARBAND AI WARCRY ADD-ON (for chaotic beasts and other mindless hordes) Dear fellow wargamers, The goal of this add-on is to add a simple AI to control a Non-Playable Warband (referred as NPW in the rest of the ruleset), to control chaotic beasts and other mindless hordes (Squigs, ghouls, ghosts….) in your regular games of Warcry. In addition to the AI, each NPW has their own specific rules to add flavor and hopefully « fun ». This add-on is aimed at people who only have 1 friend who has only 1 warband, for people who wants to use models they shelved for whatever reasons and for people like me who are always looking for an excuse to buy more minis. DISCLAIMER This entire rule set might content traces of sarcasm and trolling. Please take everything personally. Also, english is not my first language, so if you have any suggestions on phrasing, please comment on this topic. WHY THIS ADD-ON When I first read the chaotic beast rules of activation, I was rather disappointed because it was just giving another option to the players, not that there is anything wrong with that, but I’d have rather preferred something uncontrollable, the game itself trying to decimate both players. This idea came to mind after transposing multiplayer deployment for 3 players and reading an AoS White dwarf battleplan with an AI for Troggoths. And because I played Zombicide Black Plague, I came to the conclusion that there should be a simple way to do an AI for at least the non-human non leader models. WHAT THIS ADD-ON IS NOT A solo mode for Warcry. Yes, the following rules could be easily adapted in a survival mode with the maximum of turns to survive / maximum enemy waves to kill, but this is not the intent. A full solo/coop would require more in depth AI, at least to control the leaders and specific scenarios (Warhammer quest in a sense) and specific victory conditions. Ok, ok, ok. If you really insist, the specific scenarios at the end could be played solo or cooperatively with a couple of tweaks here and there, that might appear in a future version of this ruleset. Pseudonyme NPW Warcry AI add-on.pdf
  19. Warcry Statshammer A tool for calculating and comparing damage outputs for Warhammer Warcry Fighters (also referred to as Mathhammer). The production deploy of the tool is located at: https://warcry-statshammer.herokuapp.com/ Features Average Damage Stats Gather the average damage that each unit is expected to do against various toughness values. This average is a calculated value (not simulated) Probabilities Generates Discrete and Cumulative Probabilities These values are calculated (not simulated) This is done by gathering every permutation of the dice roll(s) and uses that to get a population probability graph Dark Theme Persisitent data between refreshes And more Keep an eye on the Github Releases, or the SubReddit to get notified of new additions Roadmap Features Choose from a preset list of fighters Export PDF Google Drive integration Save / Load Fighters Related Projects AoS Statshammer Provides similar functionality to this, but for Warhammer Age of Sigmar
  20. Hey there, Couldn't help but notice we don't have a Slaanesh discussion thread yet. I've been playing them a lot, and I think they're pretty fun. Fiends and Daemonettes are solid units and work well together, but there's some mounted units in there you can run in a thematic force as well, and they've all got great movement. I made a faction rundown video for them in case anyone's on the fence about taking them for a spin. https://youtu.be/qvHM2HFMZKk
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