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  1. It’s not claws. It’s the top of the hand, with studs on the knuckles, which are common on Dark Eldar models.
  2. Yeah that just reads to me like an in universe nod thing. Some splintered fang go on to join the hellstriders, rather than anything hinting to the Splintered Fang having much to do with Slaanesh in the actual game.
  3. Considering they mentioned in the lead up to Warcry about the warbands being not dedicated to specific gods, I think it’s possible you’ve misread something there. Which issue is that in? I imagine they just meant in-universe, Splintered Fang feed quite well into Slaanesh, rather than it being an actual hint for the future of the Slaanesh range. They don’t really do hints like that in White Dwarf.
  4. The discussion had moved back to AoS, but good job bringing it back up I guess.
  5. The Carcharadon novels are pretty recent. They only came out in the last couple of years. After the GSC became a playable army again.
  6. The shipping note for GHB 2020 leaked a little while ago.
  7. It’s not new, I’ve definitely seen it before, although I dunno where.
  8. It’s not particularly small, or weak. It just isn’t a main game. It was previewed in like February so it was pretty imminent before lockdown hit.
  9. 9th it seems is coming in July. There’s a competition at the moment to win a ‘40k mystery box’ which is most likely the starter box, and it says the prize will be dispatched in July. Where everything else ends up fitting around that, I guess we’ll see over the next few weeks.
  10. Kroot have 4, they have almost 2 thumbs (2 pairs of fingers working in opposite directions).
  11. The lack of fingers is strange though.
  12. But there’s nothing to buy or paint yet anyway?
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