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  1. BCR were originally just part of the Ogre Kingdoms army, so they all share the aesthetic.
  2. You must’ve missed the Gloomspite release then... that’s all the Squig Hoppers, Squig Herd, Fanatics, Stone Trolls etc were.
  3. That’s still about you, and your gaming group. Some games just don’t take off in some places.
  4. ‘I don’t like it’ doesn’t mean nobody cares about the faction or the game. What a weird take, especially when the reaction here (and elsewhere) has been very largely positive. Not every release will be or needs to be attractive to you.
  5. They did exist in Fantasy, they had a white dwarf army list a while ago. So it’s not a new concept.
  6. I don’t think that’s what they meant, they’re just talking about number of models released.
  7. Khorne got 2 heroes (Skulltaker and generic Herald).
  8. And the Scythe Priest thing. Edit: just seen it in your list!
  9. They’re starting reveals, articles etc from Psychic Awakening from Monday (with a specific webpage for it being up already), so it’s probably not too far out from the first release. I do think we’ll get AoS first. Beastgrave is the 21st preorder, so that leaves next weekend, which could be one or both of the new battletomes, then Beastgrave, then a couple of weeks of 40k then the Ossiarch.
  10. It can, but CoS and Orruks is already multiple so it works for just those 2.
  11. They kept more back from the initial reveal than I thought.
  12. No, the Beastgrave book is preorder on the 21st.
  13. The Stormcast had been out for a while, only the character was really new in the Plague War box. Shadowspear was all pushfit models (which could be the case here but seems unlikely). And new edition boxes are a different thing.
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