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  1. It’s the same idea but a slightly different edit (tassels missing from that one).
  2. There are plenty of design cues that overlap between the different units that they all work, in my opinion. Hell, the two that you said work, Eltharion and the cavalry, have as much difference between them as any of the new stuff does. Particularly in silhouettes.
  3. Yeah, no. It’s your opinion that the different elements don’t work together, but there’s nothing objective about that.
  4. I’m not sure you know what objective means.
  5. Someone on Facebook pointed out that the veiled Mage or whatever she is looks like she’s holding the goblet of smoke we saw with her veiled face (the goblet has a hand holding it with a robed sleeve that matches her, and the very end of the smoke looks like it matches the group photo of her).
  6. Maybe Zenith is the ruling class? The heroes and stuff. Would fit the name.
  7. They’re leaks. It’s the rumour thread, kinda what it’s for... I’ve put a spoiler on it now, so you want to edit your reply there @ArmyOfGrodd
  8. Tony Cottrell is head of Forge World, Andy Hoare is below him as head of Specialist Games, unless it’s changed recently.
  9. It already was solid. It’s being done by the Specialist Games team, which are part of Forge World.
  10. We won’t. We haven’t even had the full Lumineth reveal yet.
  11. Kislev https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/03/23/the-old-world-ice-guard-of-kislevgw-homepage-post-4fw-homepage-post-2/
  12. It’s the next month thing in the new White Dwarf. (Photo from Facebook)
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