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  1. Still-young

    The Rumour Thread

    Adepticon is next week. I’m hoping for more Warcry too, but it wasn’t that long since the trailer so I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get much more so soon after.
  2. Still-young

    The Rumour Thread

    They do - that one is painted as a Black Legion guy. They just showed it in the World Eater bit.
  3. Still-young

    The Rumour Thread

    ‘Meta’ is a word of its own now, in certain contexts. Funny how language does that.
  4. Still-young

    The Rumour Thread

    I dunno if it will. The Daemon list is deliberately ‘generic’, so you can use loads of different models and aren’t just stuck with the same daemon models we already have. There’s even base size list for the list, so you know what size model to use for each entry.
  5. Still-young

    The Rumour Thread

    Possibly next week, at Adepticon, but maybe not as it’s only just been shown at GAMA.
  6. Still-young

    The Rumour Thread

    The flair on the hinge is exactly the same as the AdMech stuff.
  7. Still-young

    The Rumour Thread

    But he was talking about the Army Book that was written before AoS was a thing.
  8. Still-young

    The Rumour Thread

    What financial efficiency?
  9. Still-young

    Your favorite unit model kit

    Pretty sure they meant that in their opinion, the other KO models are just slightly below the airships.
  10. Still-young

    Who is this mysterious SCE on poster?

    Artistic license, plus it’s hardly a good photo. Could be a lot of things, until we see it clearer.
  11. Still-young

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    Turns out, with the little we know so far, you can draw parallels to lots of different GW skirmish games.
  12. Still-young

    The AoS lore and novels thread

    Has anyone read Scourge of Fate by Robbie Macniven? I feel like it might be good for some Warcry inspiration/mood setting.
  13. Still-young

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    Yeah, it's gonna be a long wait. Keep watching the video/looking at screenshots. I'm super psyched for this.
  14. Still-young

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    Think that’s just the ‘Warcry’ symbol, like the Kill Team one that’s on all the Kill Team stuff.
  15. Still-young

    Warcry is Killteam/Mordheim... ?

    I highly doubt they will have put however many thousands of pounds into developing a game, designing models, making the moulds etc without having some idea as to how many people buy Chaos models.