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  1. Just saw this on Facebook, looks like it’s Necrons and Marines starting on the 3rd. Not sure if they only posted this and there’s AoS stuff is missing from the list (it was in the Necron group), or if the SoB are further out than I expected.
  2. I like the almost reverse Kronos/Titan myth - rather than him eating his children, they started off inside him and broke out.
  3. Ghoul feet are basically human. The bigger guys have more bestial feet but more so than this one (bigger claws, less toes).
  4. The week after another AoS army release was unlikely.
  5. Blood Bowl s2 is a Holiday release, so November or December. The Necromancer team could come for Halloween I guess, but the new season isn’t coming in October.
  6. That’s exactly where I am with them too haha.
  7. I might be tempted if there’s an Ossiarch one.
  8. It was the ‘codex preview’, it was never going to have anything non-40k.
  9. October’s looking busy, if these novel dates are an indication. Sons of Behemat, Warcry and Space Marines and Necrons.
  10. On Facebook they said the full range will be released over the next two weeks.
  11. A couple indicates two to me. Also, there’s not a lot more for them that isn’t here, I think it’s just the big cow and the cavalry.
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