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  1. The text with the rumour engines is never a clue.
  2. Surely you can see that the best thing in an ideal world would be that armies are equal, regardless of whether the models were made before or after AoS. Brand new armies are no more deserving, or no more part of the setting than old ones, they just happened to be thought of after the new game was made. It would be no better for the game for a new player to pick up CoS or Skaven and find that they’re much worse than Nighthaunt or SCE. In a few years should we make Idoneth Deepkin etc worse so the new stuff then is the best? Games Workshop isn’t good at balance. Sometimes brand new stuff comes out too strong, sometimes it’s rubbish. It’s indiscriminate. Advocating for them to be balanced is one thing. Advocating for older armies to specifically be weaker than newer ones seems bitter and vindictive.
  3. They’ve said they’re at least showing the Teclis model at LVO. I think we’ll see more than just him from the army.
  4. I really like that art. Roll on early Friday morning!
  5. Well all that means is they aren’t allowed to say anything, because it wasn’t one of the reveals. It doesn’t actually say much as to whether they’re coming soon or not.
  6. A Slaves to Darkness style start collecting could work for Seraphon, at least for now. New Saurus, new Saurus cav and a Slann or something.
  7. Orks have claws, and the watch and binoculars look imperial not Orky. I think it might be Catachan.
  8. It’s definitely not a Saurus, that’s too much detail for the size. It could very well not be seraphon, but I don’t think it’s too different to the Carnosaur and stuff to say it’s definitely not Seraphon.
  9. Let me guess, you’ve seen the numbers?
  10. I imagine it’ll be on the WarCom site properly soon but new Aelves in spring: https://www.instagram.com/p/B6508ofHO9z/?igshid=1woav71z00glj
  11. That really isn’t ‘seeing the stats’ when we don’t know the most important stat, which is how many of each was made.
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