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  1. Someone asked earlier what it was, presumably assuming it was new. Posting the conversion clears it up.
  2. Fomoroid isn’t necessarily anything to do with Fimir. They just use the same mythical creature as the root of the word.
  3. I would definitely err towards wishful thinking.
  4. The more I look at AdMech stuff the more it fits their visual language. Only the fins haven’t been seen on existing AdMech stuff.
  5. The look of it is actually pretty similar to Ad-Mech stuff, beside the sails.
  6. I dunno, I could see it in 40k quite easily. The cog pattern around the ball joint is common in 40k (Knights and things have it). I couldn’t really guess what it might be in either system though!
  7. I think it’s mainly because of the dynamism and design on the Nighthaunt. When the majority of the model is flowing cloaks, it’s hard to make it posable while looking realistic.
  8. Not if they want every model in the unit to be the same. There isn’t enough of the same pieces.
  9. Is this just wishful thinking that there’s more coming or has it actually been rumoured? I wouldn’t be surprised if this is it, at least for quite a while.
  10. Pushfit models are barely less customisable than some of the full kits these days, which basically are push fit without the pegs.
  11. That’s the Slaughterbrute (with it’s other head).
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