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  1. No idea yet, but I hope it’s three. They should be strong, elite warriors.
  2. If these Soulblight Deathlords can be played as an elite army, I might be in. I’ve always loved Vampires, but not enough to do a horde army.
  3. There was no controversy. There was some confusion, but no controversy.
  4. Yes, but you’re allowed to go to work. They looked 2m apart, which is the guideline. I’m still in the office most days.
  5. I imagine there’s a fair bit of confirmation bias whether you like or don’t like these things as to the reaction, and the actual reaction is as it always is when new models are shown - some people like it, some people don’t. For example, I’ve been flip-flopping on these Taun-Taun things all day, and the reaction has seemed pretty damn mixed to me. (That said, I really like the vampire, and the reaction to that has seemed mixed to negative, so maybe I’m talking hogwash).
  6. I’m not convinced they haven’t just made a mistake in the article, tbh. Either way, it clearly works as a male or female seeing as no one is really too sure!
  7. Every time I look at the treerunners I flip-flop on if I like them or not haha. I really like the vampire though. And the Vanari hero is very cool.
  8. I rather like the vampire. Especially with it having a mace, it doesn’t seem like an overly typical vampire weapon. I wasn’t sure about the kanga-cav initially but they’ve grown on me just this morning.
  9. Battlefleet Gothic would be my dream, but I don’t think it’s very likely yet.
  10. Sorry, the list of games being previewed not including Warcry makes you hopeful for a Warcry warband?
  11. It’s not really a game you can take too seriously, that’s for sure.
  12. I love the details of the lizardmen, but the models as a whole don’t quite work for me as much as I was hoping. Still love the chameleon skink though.
  13. The artist is Seb McKinnon, he’s fantastic. My fave MTG artist for sure. If you fancied checking out more of his work.
  14. Magics already done Conquistador Vampires.
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