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  1. Kinda finding it hard to find the excitement for a month of rumour engines when we have unsolved ones still from last years.
  2. I don’t necessarily believe these, but bowmen are almost a given for OBR when they get more models because we already have one from Underworlds, so I wouldn’t hold your breath on crossbowmen.
  3. I think bargain is pushing it. As you say, the Gargants are overpriced, so these are less overpriced than those, but they’re still a lot of money.
  4. Kinda wish they’d done photos with just white backgrounds too. Quite hard to make out.
  5. I don’t want to be, but I know myself well enough to know I’ll be tempted by a Hedonites or Ossiarch box.
  6. Necromunda bases don’t look like that. They don’t have scenic bases built into the models, and the scenic bases they use for Necromunda are a lot more sci-fi looking. I would be very surprised if it’s Necromunda. It looks more AoS/Fantasy to me than 40k related.
  7. Quite early in the day to be their only new model article though. If it was the only thing I would imagine it’d be the last article, not the first.
  8. Yeah, the value is still there with the Combat Patrol boxes, but the higher price means more of a sticker shock for new players that they’re ostensibly aimed at. Funnily enough I said the same over on dakka earlier today, but I think an ideal solution could be to have both a cheaper start collecting and a more expensive combat patrol, that were meant to be complimentary if you got both.
  9. Yeah, I’m impressed they’ve managed to go with a more boring warband than the Spire Tyrants. Surely they could have thought of something more interesting than generic marauders flavour #3? At least make them Darkoath, which already have a couple of models, rather than basically darkoath but slightly different. Skaven Eshin warband? Chaos Dwarves to give us a taste of what they’re like in AoS? Some kind of weird animal theme like the crows or the spiders? They could have at least shown these before the cool, weird, different spider guy…
  10. As dirkdragonslayer said, it’s only the universal cards that rotate out. Every faction and their specific cards are fine.
  11. I don’t think it’s scorpion related either, but scorpions actually have 8 legs and 2 pincers (which are evolved pedipalps, which spiders also have but they just look like small legs near a spiders mouth).
  12. The Black Templars haven’t all been shown off, just the launch box. I’m not sure I expect them today after just getting the launch box shown, but there is more coming for the Templars.
  13. If that info is already available, even less reason for GW not to say when it would be. (Thanks for sharing though).
  14. They wouldn’t need specifics though? Just ‘there’ll be a preview article up at such a such time’ or something.
  15. Don’t worry, I’ve been refreshing the page half hourly since about midday UK time. I guess there’s always a chance we won’t get anything today. It would have been nice if they were clearer about when we’d actually see stuff.
  16. We’ve not got any GenCon reveals yet. The military attaché for Necromunda were already known about and are up for preorder, and the action figures don’t have any gencon branding like yesterday’s reveals. It’s not even midday in Indianapolis yet, so I’m expecting something soonish.
  17. there were 6 game systems and only 3 silhouettes. I don’t think they’ll only show models from 3 of those systems, and I don’t think they’ll have shown 2/3rds of all the models they’re going to show on the first day. I wouldn’t worry yet.
  18. As much as I want to see the Heresy stuff, it wasn’t on the list of systems so I don’t think we’ll see it.
  19. But dwarves haven’t just got a book which would have been an opportunity to soup them like the Soulblight have.
  20. I think they’d have souped them in the Soulblight book if they were planning to do so.
  21. The big 40k rumours had new Sisters of Battle in the next Kill Team set, the one on the right is most likely that. They already have crossbows that look exactly like that, and the big sleeves too. It’s definitely not Kruleboyz…
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