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  1. AoS Reminders - v3.0.2 Update Tzeentch and Kharadron Overlords The 2020 battletomes for Tzeentch and Kharadron factions have been added to the codebase @Zirhark We are monitoring failures closely to ensure list imports are working correctly. Updates to various warscrolls that were missing rules, and added the Slaves to Darkness FAQ. @JohnSchramm UI Alphabetized dropdowns and reminders Added a link to the latest release notes in the footer Project Maintenance Updated to Typescript 3.7.5 Updated auth0/auth0-spa-js Updated @reduxjs/toolkit Updated core-js Updated node-sass Updated superagent API No major changes Misc Added Stormvermin missing abilities Removed Shock and Awe from the shooting phase Allowed Kharadron Overlords to take any endless spell Fixed Skaven Warpcog Convocation selections and import Add Skink Alpha rule
  2. AoS Reminders - v3.0.0 Game Mode, Compact PDFs, Slaves to Darkness, and December FAQs Added Game Mode - hides all of the selection stuff and just shows you what you need for your game! @exonian This is a fantastic feature for players who use their phone rather than printing a PDF! Compact PDFs have reduced fontsize, less whitespace, and more rules per page In my testing, the number of pages generated is usually cut in half (or more!) For example, some Cities of Sigmar PDFs go from 8 -> 3 pages. Added Slaves to Darkness @JohnSchramm This required a lot more work than most armies to accomodate all of the Marks and Auras of different Chaos factions Updated all of the rules that were modified by GW's December FAQs You may notice that @exonian is mentioned a lot this update. He put a TON of work into bringing you version 3.0.0 - huge props! UI Game Mode is enabled via a toggle component @exonian Army lists are now persisted across page reloads @exonian There is a new "Reset Changes" button available to subscribers who are modifying saved armies @exonian There is a new "Clear Army" button that resets all selections for a given army @exonian The application version number is now displayed in the footer Project Maintenance Updated Typescript to v3.7.4 Updated @reduxjs/toolkit Updated core-js Updated redux Added redux-persist @exonian Updated superagent API No major changes Misc Added even more Battlescribe/Azyr/Warscroll Builder fixes and tests Removed Dispossessed - use Cities of Sigmar going forward Added support for Darkling Covens list imports - will be classified as Cities of Sigmar Added some legacy warscrolls for High Elves, Wood Elves, Duardin, and Seraphon Removed Everchosen - use Slaves to Darkness going forward Lots of rules tweaked per user feedback
  3. I've released v2.7.6! I'm calling this the "Data Update", since it vastly improved a lot of our data and our tracking of said data. Improved Stats tracking, updated rules, and added missing Warcry units Improved analytics tracking for content creators to use later (thanks to AoS Coach for all his suggestions) For example, when you select a unit of Skinks, they are logged with their type (unit) as well as their faction (Seraphon) This lets content creators and data nerds break down the data later Army lists are now exported in their entirety to S3 on save If you are a data scientist who wants to munge thousands of JSON files to find trends, get in touch with me! Side effects are added to the selection dropdowns on import For example, when you select a unit that has a spell, that spell will be selected in the "Spells" dropdown On the development side of things, I added a script that auto-suggests to developers what phase a rule should be in, based on keywords. This highlighted a lot of incorrectly classified rules! UI You can now add allied battalions as well as allied units You can now see how many items you've selected when you've hidden the selection dropdown @exonian When editing a saved army, the "Update" button is now much easier to see and understand Project Maintenance Migrated from react-starter-kit to @reduxjs/toolkit Updated to Typescript v3.7.3 Updated superagent Added ts-node to run local scripts (verify and xlsx) Updated core-js Filed a ticket with the create-react-app team regarding v3.3.0 API No changes Misc Added even more Battlescribe/Azyr/Warscroll Builder fixes and tests Added different Battlemage types to cut down on number of spells listed @Zirhark e.g. you can now select Battlemage (Ghyran) and you'll get the specific spells for that realm Fixed bugs with Battlescribe import Great Mawpot was not importing Awakened Wyldwood was being imported incorrectly as an allegiance (whoops) Various Summon rules related to endless spells were causing issues - they are ignored now Updated Orruk Warclan rules @stures Correctly marked Enfeeble Foe as a spell Added the Aetheric Navigation effect to Arkanuat Ironclads Added the Howling Vortex spell to the Briar Queen Added the Corvus Cabal warscroll to Slaves to Darkness Fixed typo - Saurian Savage -> Saurian Savagery Fixed Captain of the Phoenix Guard rule for the various Anointed units Fixed/updated phases for: March of the Dead @bszonye Crack Shot Steady Aim Grave-sand Timeglass One with the Shadows Harrying Bird of Prey Skilled Rider Gromril Shields Duardin Bucklers Bladed Slingshield Release the Fanatics! Voracious Predator Plaything of the Dark Gods Read the Winds Evocation of Death Jolly Gutpiper Lookout Gnoblar
  4. Hey guys, just released v.2.7.5! Realm of Origin Added "Realm of Origin" - this will cut down on the number of artifacts in the dropdown @JohnSchramm Battlescribe and Warscroll Builder imports will now import the Realm of Origin as well Added a tag for prayers and marked a ton of existing prayers as such @exonian Prayers were previously marked as spells Individual unit/battalion/artifact/etc selections are now logged to Google Analytics UI Added a Redeem page Added a "Realm of Origin" dropdown selection Project Maintenance Updated bootstrap Updated react-auth0-spa Updated react-stripe-elements API Updated the API to handle Realm of Origin Misc Added 11/18 Ogor Mawtribes/Ossiarch Bonereapers FAQ @Zirhark Added even more Battlescribe/Azyr/Warscroll Builder fixes and tests Consolidated and cleaned up a ton of rules @exonian @JohnSchramm Added Vokmortian's Retinue and Kin-eater's Bully Boys battalions from the Feast of Bones box Updated Kharadron Overlords warscroll abilities @Redmongrel Added missing Greenskinz units @stures Added an "Export to XLSX" utility for The Honest Wargamer Not available in the UI Fixed a bug where certain Artifact/Unit combinations were not displayed correctly on generated PDF's
  5. AoS Reminders - v2.7.3Share Army links, Tomb Kings, and Wound Allocation phase You can now share armies with your friends and communities via an aosreminders.com URL! The URL is generated like so: https://aosreminders.com/?army=pZl8CrTD Rules that are applied any time a unit takes a wound now occur in the "Wound Allocation" phase. @JohnSchramm Previously, these types of rules were generally stored in "During Game" I think this very nicely tidies up a lot of rules when your units are being attacked! Added Tomb Kings @BenKidd Battlescribe import is supported! UI Added Share button and modal "Allegiances" dropdown now has army-specific header @exonian E.g. Sylvaneth will have "Glades", Cities of Sigmar will have "Cities", Slaanesh will have "Hosts" Added a border to light-mode modals Project Maintenance Improved service worker updating - now you can just click to reload the application, rather than having to close all open tabs API Updated stripe Added the ability to generate and save army links Improved migrate utility - now migrates linked armies as well as saved armies Misc Added even more Battlescribe/Azyr/Warscroll Builder fixes and tests Fixed a bug where hidden reminders were appearing in generated PDFs Consolidated and cleaned up a ton of rules When we merge rules in the PDF/Reminders, we make sure the name AND description of the rule match exactly, which means if there are tiny variances when there shouldn't be, we don't combine rules efficiently in the pdf printout You should notice many more rules being properly merged now Added a bunch of missing Skaven spells Fixed some Stormcast rules with the wrong phases @exonian Updated scenery with new Penumbral rules @JohnSchramm Added Grymwatch @JohnSchramm Added the Big Rukk battalion Removed Beastclaw Raiders and Gutbusters Any imports of these armies is now converted to Ogor Mawtribes
  6. Hey guys, Ogors have been a personal favorite of mine for some time (I have a display case full of them). I'm pretty pleased to announce that they're fully up to date on AoS Reminders Remember - Might Makes Right
  7. Hey everyone, your favorite shiny bone bones are now up-to-date in AoS Reminders!
  8. AoS Reminders - v2.7.0 daviseford released this 4 minutes ago Added support for Battlescribe HTML import! To use this feature, click "Save as HTML" in Battlescribe and drop it into the AoS Reminders file import Added 36 unit tests that cover most units and possibilities. I'm sure there will still be occasional bugs. Failed uploads are sent to S3 for further debugging UI Hidden reminders are now retained when you switch factions For subscribers, hidden reminders are saved along with a saved army - so next time you load your army, previously-hidden reminders will remain hidden This works offline, too Improved accessibility with aria-labels and improved contrast for small font Fixed two very subtle bugs that occurred when generating PDFs Thanks to exonian for noticing the duplicate rule entries Thanks to Doug (2+ Tough) for noticing the missing line bug Project Maintenance Updated react Updated auth0-spa-js Updated redux-starter-kit Added better detection of WSB/Azyr/Battlescribe files "Unknown" files are now uploaded as text so I can check if I'm missing anything Misc Updated rules with the October errata Improved allied unit detection on import - no more conplaints about not marking allies properly! Enabled allied endless spells to be selected Added extended rosters of Cities of Sigmar (SCE, KO, Sylvaneth) (@zirhark) Added Slaanesh and Khorne units and battalions (@JohnSchramm) Consolidated various Skaven abilities and added some missing spells Fixed phases for a couple of Stormcast abilities and Legion of Sacrament (@exonian) Clean up some Idoneth Deepkin phases (@zirhark) Added Magmic Invocations reminder (@zirhark) Updated Nagash and Arkhan for Ossiarch Bonereaper release (@zirhark) Added (Mount) to Big Waaagh mount traits (@zirhark) Added "Foul Regenesis" spell to Nurgle spell lore (@thundergore) Fixed various typos: Frenzy of Violence -> Violent Fury Dark Wizardy (Royalty) -> Dark Wizardry (Royalty) Brutal POwer -> Brutal Power Lotan, Warden of the Soul Ledgers -> Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers
  9. Added Battlescribe import support! Just save your Battlescribe list as HTML and drop it in AoS Reminders
  10. Added Battlescribe import support! Demo: Just save your Battlescribe list as HTML and drop it in AoS Reminders
  11. v2.6.0 released! Go check it out UI AoS Reminders is now available offline! Once you've accessed the site normally, you will have a cached version of the website available on your device. Should be great for tournaments with spotty WiFi or checking rules on the train Subscribers are able to access their Saved Armies and Favorite Faction even if they don't have internet Added an update banner to let the user know when there is new content available (close all tabs to install it) Updated favicon (it's 99% the same) Fixed a bug where a Favorite Faction would override a selected faction name in the header Added a warning when a user tries to import an AoS Reminders PDF Project Maintenance Updated auth0-spa-js Made the Auth0 team aware of a bug with Google login - fixed! Added a ton of unit tests for PDF imports Misc Added some missing units and fixed various import errors @thundergore @exonian @wspencermiller
  12. New version released! v.2.54 is mainly bug fixes and QoL improvements - plus you can now sign in with Github! UI A user's current selections will be retained when logging in or subscribing. Previously, when a user left the page, they would lose all their selections, which could be pretty annoying! Credit to @wspencermiller for the idea Hide "By Davis E. Ford" on small screens, taking up too much valuable real estate Removed .txt import for Warscroll Builder This feature was not used enough to justify the continual maintenance. API Failed list imports are now shipped off to S3 for further debugging #572 This allows us to work with the original text and reconstruct any issues Refactored the cancellation API Project Maintenance Updated redux-starter-kit Updated auth0-spa-js Updated core-js Added a ton of unit tests for PDF imports Misc Users may now use their Github account to login Added a hasSelections Redux selector Cleaned up Big Waaagh rules @zirhark Changed Orruk Gore Gruntas -> Orruk Gore-gruntas to match Azyr @exonian Too many little fixes to Azyr/WSB import to list Switched Tzaangors to pull from BoC @zirhark Updated Rogue Idol warscroll @wspencermiller
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