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  1. Took a break from coding to finish painting my Dread Saurian Anyone have any tips for using this guy in a game? I feel like his large base size is going to severely limit his effectiveness.
  2. Added generic Command Abilities (and realmscape-specific commands) and Triumphs
  3. Fixed some lingering Internet Explorer print bugs. Also, we added Forbidden Power endless spells, Grand Alliance Soup armies, generic scenery pieces, and the Lethisian Army. We finished up adding faction-specific endless spells and spell lores. I'm now focusing on bug-fixing and adding new features like drag and drop. We also got a shoutout in the latest NOVA Open newsletter Anyone here going? I'll be there!
  4. You can print it by hitting "Print Page". You can download it by hitting "Print Page" and then "Save as PDF"
  5. Gooood question. It would appear I need to add that I'll post here when it's added.
  6. Breaking news! We just added Beasts of Chaos to AoS Reminders Check it out!
  7. We've added Gutbusters over the weekend! We also added Gloomspite Gitz spells.
  8. We're working on it now
  9. Come on over to Github: https://github.com/daviseford/aos-reminders/ We've got an active discord and lots of contributors willing to help!
  10. FEC is available, we just need to add the spells for them I will make it a high priority just for you EDIT: They are now available
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