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  1. For 4.99 I don’t care if it’s not the most amazing content at launch. I’m happy to support it to see what comes. All GW will do if no one supports it is to drop it entirely. I can’t see that happening though tbh.
  2. It still might one day! I saw the sculpt. GW sit on stuff for years some times.
  3. Did you order these in the end? I would also be keen on a set if available
  4. Actually the stalkers ability is a command ability. But I agree Morghast have their place, the speed and fly is very useful for late game objective grabbing
  5. I’ve been every year since the start and hope to be going this year as well. It’s a great event for new and old players alike. Any questions ask away.
  6. Yeah I think the best way to go is two runeson or none as the rerolls make a huge difference. That’s quite a good list actually I like it. Main worry is the struggle with bodies on objectives it could be worth going 15,10,10 or 20,10,5 even though you’d lose mileage from having 5 less models and not being in the battalion
  7. There very much is two sides to this it seems. Realistically it makes sense to play the game GW have produced if it suits your tastes, rather than expecting tournaments to cut out the bits you don’t like.
  8. “Used to” there’s people with stores of the stuff now alongside the roll out gaming mats that you can hire for events all over the uk for a reasonable price.
  9. It certainly is feasible. There’s multiple large 100+ events in the UK that use majority of GW terrain on every table alongside non gw
  10. Firstly GW have made clarifications regarding those points, so what you’re saying is moot. GW have just introduced a recommended set of rules that most other tournaments are doing in some aspect anyway. Secondly let’s not derail, im sure there’s another thread just for this.
  11. You make it sound so easy, I don’t think it really is. Considering the enemy manipulating your monster too. my point is that it likely would have had very little overall impact if people had endorsed it, people would just adapt. But a few loud voices decide it’s not for them so therefore no one plays it. Which is a shame because it’s immensely fun and adds another dynamic to figure out.
  12. Well that’s your experience. But what about battleplans such as star strike, gifts from the gods, shifting objectives, relocation orb. Wherever you deploy your monster it has the potential to backfire as you don’t know where the objectives will be
  13. I don’t remember every major GT using them at all, at least not in UK from what I saw. Maybe the GW ones for what they were at the time but they weren’t competitive tourneys.
  14. But the whole point of that realm is that the monsters aren’t part of your army. You pick a really powerful one it could end up backfiring! The whole of AoS is a what if game, so much so that you can’t consider everything and you have to be good at reacting to situations on the fly.
  15. My issue with Ghur is that no one ever even gave it a chance. It was written off day one. Personally I think it’s great and people should try and play it at tourneys.
  16. In general they’re not great for AoS as they struggle with objective play. Big monster heroes are fine as the provide other benefits but others struggle. You just have to make the most of their combat ability as they can put out a lot of damage in to one small point which a unit can’t do. Make sure they’re screened well etc. I use two ghorgon in my BoC list and love them
  17. But that’s a problem with your lis building not anticipating that or having a contingency in case your shooting was turned off, there’s other things in the game that can limit shooting as well which would have a similar effect on an all ranged list, that not a fault with the game. And why does a wargame have to be exactly even both sides? That not how war works. Sometimes you end up in a bad location and have to use the tools you have to make the best of it. Odds are over the course of a a few games or tournament it evens out
  18. Exactly. A big thing about the competitive or balanced factor is that you have to consider what you are testing. If you’re testing the user at a tactical level with almost perfectly balanced forces (never happens in the real world) then you play chess. If you want to test strategic and tactical skills in an relatively unknown environment (like real world) then AoS represents that really well. With unknown battlefield terrain, unknown turns and many other factors, the emphasis gets placed on the player reacting in the best possible way they can for that unique situation. Which is what a war game is all about IMO.
  19. I’m of the mindset of including it all, mainly because it adds more to the tactical side of the game where players must react to novel situations and takes a bit away from the strategic list building aspect. I think it’s a real missed opportunity not using proper terrain rules and garrisoning etc. It can really change the dynamic of the game and the power levels of armies. Although I do agree it can add extra time issues to the game and the old “fairness” issue will crop up if someone has bad luck with terrain etc. But these issues will always exist.
  20. Need the Gor for the battalion. List looks alright. I do agree that 30 besties can be difficult, 30 20 10 could be a good way to go.
  21. The furies are fantastic. You can use them to jump over enemy units weakly defending an objective to contest it safely out of harms way
  22. Why are Gor such a terrible unit in AoS? Because they’re Ghorgon.
  23. Knock knock. Who’s there? Doombull says. Doombull says who? No, a Doombull says mooooo!
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