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  1. They did this with Warcry aswell, with chaos warbands. I expect more of this in future maybe with other alliances.
  2. Yep same here, I was not fun of Sylvaneth Arch-Revenant model till I built it myself then I just saw how amazing it is. Those Kurnothi look better from some other angles.
  3. Ghur aelves? maybe they will also be in dual box with new ogors, if there will be dual box
  4. I took facebook groups popularity which can be some factor. Also you got good points there about small suppprt other aelves are getting but I expect that will change soon.
  5. Wanderers are most popular aealves without battletome, they really could get update and tome even without making new range of models, maybe new hero in that dual box everyone is mentioning.
  6. Shadespire teams announced? I dont think so
  7. I think I found insect tail on his/her back
  8. Sylvaneth warband for shadespire got warcsroll and there are some new keywords so their tome is around prob. Also I never saw shadespire band with weapons they are not using in AoS so we might se maybe new kit with revenants with bows.
  9. This model in shadow looks similar to Tomb Kings to me from Warcry trailer
  10. Aleser


    Wow nice paintjob and color scheme, can you say which colors you used here I really want try achive something similar
  11. Aleser

    Autumn Kurnoth Hunter

    pretty nice color scheme, do you have some better quality pictures, if you have send me on my mail fvidma1@gmail.com
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