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  1. Yeah I didnt say it is from this artwork, just it is similar design. Also this might be just artwork so it might be different then real model.
  2. Seems this roumor belongs to pointy aelfs then
  3. I see hair from rumor engine which was suppose to be an Aelf on Tau lady
  4. January is time for new underworld warband aswell. We might se preview
  5. Thats true, my bad then Sorry for my wrong comment.
  6. Maybe because they didnt rumor anything from Warcry in those pictures. They might change it but nothing from 6 chaos bands or 3 monsters we saw was ever previewed on those pics.
  7. Considering leaked sheet with dates of release was right. Next week will be Underworlds. Preorder 16/11. -New warband (gobo wolf riders) -2 warband which were only available in few countries with maybe universal cards now. -also Underworlds gift pack not sure what can be in, maybe never seen season 1 Q4 promo cards I guess we will find out tomorrow.
  8. Also one knight got elf head. New beastman from Beastgrave also got aelf head in hand
  9. Spiel reveal today. I expect ogor hunter warband for Underworlds for making even bigger hype for Feast of bones this weekend. Last year Mollog was previewed there.
  10. They did this with Warcry aswell, with chaos warbands. I expect more of this in future maybe with other alliances.
  11. Yep same here, I was not fun of Sylvaneth Arch-Revenant model till I built it myself then I just saw how amazing it is. Those Kurnothi look better from some other angles.
  12. Ghur aelves? maybe they will also be in dual box with new ogors, if there will be dual box
  13. I took facebook groups popularity which can be some factor. Also you got good points there about small suppprt other aelves are getting but I expect that will change soon.
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