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  1. My first thought was the frostlord spear as well. The base of the blade does appear to have a blood drop shape, so I'm thinking vampire gouging weapon.
  2. There goes my hopes for a warcry rat ogor resculpt😢
  3. The obvious guess is dwarf bb referee BUT that's too easy! I say it's a dwarf Thane on the base of a new dwarf king model for the new dwarf range like one of katakros's ensemble.
  4. Speaking of screamers, is their a good core to build from for an Arcanum list? Shark battleline vs pinks? min size sharks vs bigger units? How few flamers can I get away with?
  5. I suppose common theme is a matter of opinion but factions that were separate before have been joined together. That is soup. I would prefer that those faction's themes be reinforced through lore and supplemental model releases to stand on their own rather than be souped together. But again, matter of opinion. I'd be more than happy with a vampire/deathrattle book.
  6. I would say the same of Ironjaws, splitters, BCR, the various cities factions, the skaven clans, ect. To me it looks like vampires will be souped in with deathrattle and LoN retired. Probably we will see a few new vampire kits to spice things up: new knights, foot vampire unit, a few heros, bats refresh, terrain, spells. I think it will be like the gloomspite release where it's more of a refresh than a reimagining like KO. Edit: To be clear I don't have a problem with soup books, it just seems that is the way GW has been trending for AoS
  7. Looks like fyreslayers style chain. Maybe minidroths?
  8. Might be an unpopular opinion, but I love the new 40k coherency rule and would love to see it brought over to AoS. I play skaven, and while stretching my clanrats to take 3 objectives and also be within 6 of hero to skip bs is strong, it ends up looking like I dropped a pile of moms spaghetti on the board. I like the idea of hordes being restricted to stay somewhat in formation, and it would also make trays more convenient and less of a disadvantage to use which, in turn, would make horde armies movement phases faster. Edit: For those who aren't familiar with the rule, units with more than 5 models must remain within coherency of 2 other models from the same unit. Meaning a unit of over 5 models will no longer be able to conga-line, as the end models will not be in range of 2 other models in the unit. Pic for example (just replace within 2" with 1") Edit, edit: I think for AoS, the rule should be units with more than 10 models are restricted instead of 5. Don't want to hurt big based elite unit pile ins and using a line of 10 guys to screen isn't uncommon or abusive. That or add a "horde" keyword to trigger the restriction.
  9. Thank you! I love the list, especially after their explanation. I have 160 clanrats painted (and 120 more needing paint) 80 skellies is no sweat. I have issues 🤣🐀 I might try to run this until LoN/deathrattle/vamps get updated. Only gripe is no black knights. They're my favorite by far. Here is the list if anyone is interested:
  10. Thanks for the input. Yes, I figured it wouldn't be on top tables or anything. My other armies (skaven, bcr, ij) all take pretty hard tourny lists so I thought I'd do a fluffy one for more "beer & pretzels" type matches. New to death, so still learning how all the synergies work.
  11. You might try investing in some 10-20 man giant rat units to screen for your ogors/hell pits. Your hammers are very squishy. Maybe take one unit of 6 ogors, give screaming bell death frenzy to put on them and invite your opponent to charge them. Have your hell pits behind screens and use the 40 blob to camp objective(s). You could probably drop one of the MM too.
  12. I finally invested in LoN. I'm starting with 1k for a doubles event but I've been playing with lists for a potential expansion: How does it look? The 10 and 20 man skellies can be buried, used to screen, or block deepstrike. The heroes can be set up to support GG, 40 skellies, or the knights in different combinations depending on match ups/ battleplans. I want to keep it as bone zone as possible. Is there a standard bone zone list? Any advice for optimization?
  13. Wight King on Skeletal Steed is not listed in the official base sizes pdf. Anyone know what he's supposed to be on?
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