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  1. Same here but I checked ebay first and got lucky. Found 30 warriors still on sprue on ebay for $40. 😁 Gyros are sweet models, I wish I had more!
  2. I'm ready, and I did my part. (Not pictured is 40 more warriors)
  3. Question: When you over-charge ratling gun you "double the Attacks characteristic for that attack" but if "the roll that determines the Attacks characteristic is a double, this model is slain..." So are we: 1. rolling 2d6 and doubling the result (rolling doubles kills the model after attacks are resolved) 2. rolling two 2d6 (rolling doubles for either result kills the model after attacks are resolved) 3. rolling 4d6 (If any two dice are doubles the model is slain after attacks are resolved)
  4. Whatever happened with that duardin of the realms twitch discussion?
  5. So how viable is droth spam and what will a standard list look like? Thinking about selling my BCR for red dwarfs depending on what BCR gets in their update.
  6. Vulkites also have a chance at MW with their slingshields and give more leftover points for swelling our core units up, though not as punchy (but we have hammerers for that). Either way, buffs for our allies are buffs (and more options) for us. I'm also excited to try the updated runeson on magmadroth as an ally with the d6 MW on charge command ability (240 points). Could even run him underground with a runesmiter. What do you think about the endless prayers?
  7. 2 wounds is still an improvement because no dice need to be rolled and the 20+ model restriction is gone so they stay tanky till they die. I would wait for the book to come out before jumping to too many conclusions.
  8. Question about death frenzy. Do you do your death frenzy pile in attacks in between weapon profiles or wait until all the units attacks are spent?
  9. you're correct gwendar, it has changed in 2.0 to models
  10. Fyreslayers got a forge. Now wheres our anvil? Endless prayers also confirmed. Hoping some of the fyreslayers ones are good because if so its looking like a fyreslayer runelord may be a lot more valuable as an ally to us. Picking up this terrain piece for my board regardlessly because its just too hot.
  11. What do you guys think will be affected in the ghb? I can't imagine warpseer not going up in points. Maybe plague monks going up, stormvermin down?
  12. Verminlord


    What bit did you use for the rigger propellers? Looks great.
  13. Theres a lot hinting at eshin being more than they appear (lorewise) in the book . I have a feeling we will see a full eshin release as its own faction that can ally with skaventide down the line.
  14. Thoughts on this list? Who do you guys stick the longbeards behind? 10 longbeards, 20 hammerers vs 30 hammerers? Longbeards vs warriors? Allegiance: Dispossessed- Grudge: Shoddy CraftsmanshipLeadersWarden King (120)- General- Trait: Resilient - Artefact: Ancestral Pickaxe Runelord (100)Runelord (100)Auric Runesmiter (120)- Runic Iron- AlliesBattleline30 x Warriors (240)- Double-handed Duardin Axes & Shields20 x Hammerers (320)20 x Ironbreakers (280)10 x Longbeards (100)- Great Axes & ShieldsUnits20 x Irondrakes (360)20 x Vulkite Berzerkers (240)- Pairs of Handaxes- AlliesTotal: 1980 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 360 / 400Wounds: 140
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