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  1. Gloomspite and BoC yes, skaven and FeC were flavorful but horribly balanced. Moulder and eshin are still Garbo, and don't get me started with FeC gristlegore and warp lightning vortex. Ghb 19 copy pasted our bare bones Allegiance abilities. Fair enough, just very dissapointed as this book means that if we are getting a dedicated dwarf book it's a long ways off.
  2. I'm sorry but you can't pretend like this wasn't a compromise to have a book to point to for all these factions that they didn't feel like working on. If we wanted multirace armies we already had GA order and firestorm rules.
  3. Extremely dissapointed, but holding back rage until we see the actual book... ๐Ÿ˜‘ There are scenarios I could see this working out but GW hasn't exactly inspired confidence with their last few books.
  4. I have a sneaking suspicion warbringer went up because GW didnt realize the frenzy combo was a thing until someone asked the faq team. ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€
  5. Would a grey seer on balewind benefit from look out sir? Would you measure snoutgrovel robes from the balewind base since its "treated as being a single model"?
  6. Anyone try the boatman endless spell with an allied wizard (modeled as a dwarf obviously)? I'm thinking about using the old pony driven mining cart with some miners around it as a proxy. Also thinking about the stormcast comet to give us some area denial. Anyone tried it?
  7. Anyone try the boatman endless spell with an allied wizard (modeled as a dwarf obviously)? I'm thinking about using the old pony driven mining cart with some miners around it as a proxy. edit: Also thinking about the stormcast comet to give us some area denial. Anyone tried it?
  8. Hopefully more plastic chorfs otw after our warcry release
  9. Rerolling ones has a good mix of competitive and casual batt reps
  10. Feels silly to ask but you can move over/onto gnawholes correct? And a hero or unit standing wholly within the the middle of one would receive cover?
  11. Of course right when I finish building 40 dwarf warriors they go up ๐Ÿ™„. Another grudge for the books. So what are you guys running as screens now? MSU warriors? Longbeards? Ironbreakers? Really odd that we didn't get Ironweld re-merged after all the strange hinting. Hopefully that means they're working on the book.
  12. Allegiance: Fyreslayers- Lodge: GreyfyrdLeadersAuric Runefather on Magmadroth (280)- General- Trait: Battle-scarred Veteran - Artefact: Axe of Grimnir - Magmadroth Trait: Coal-heart AncientAuric Runeson on Magmadroth (240)- Ancestral War-axe- Artefact: Helm of Obsidia - Magmadroth Trait: Ash-horn AncientAuric Runeson on Magmadroth (240)- Ancestral War-axeAuric Runesmiter (120)- Forge Key- Prayer: Prayer of AshBattlesmith (140)- Artefact: The Nulsidian Icon Auric Runemaster (120)- Artefact: Ash-cloud Rune - Prayer: Ember StormBattleline10 x Vulkite Berzerkers (160)- War-Picks & Slingshields10 x Vulkite Berzerkers (160)- War-Picks & Slingshields15 x Hearthguard Berzerkers (360)- BroadaxesBattalionsLords of the Lodge (140)Endless Spells / TerrainRunic Fyrewall (40)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 1Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 128 This is my go at a mag heavy list. Greyfyrd + mini LotL battalion gives my heroes 4 artifacts. Berzerkers and Battlesmith ignore spell effects on a 4+ and Auric Runemaster gets two unbinds. Runesons charge in dealing d6 MW on 2+s sticking together for their rerolling hits aura and rerolling saves of 1 aura from the mag trait. Mag dad is ignoring rend of 1 and rerolling hits from his artifact and gets +1 to attacks when near 5+ models. Battlesmith sticks with the H-zerkers, Runemaster stays behind in range of forge and uses ember storm (run and charge) on either the 10 V-zerkers or 15 H-zerkers. Smiter tunnels a unit. Rough plan is to charge the 3 mags in asap using 2 CP for two 2+ d6 MW on charge effects. Runesons stick together for the aura while mag dad chooses his own target. The vulkites move onto objectives and sit there; Prayer of ash (+1 save) whichever group looks in most danger. Hearthguard/battlesmith mop up whatever the mags couldn't kill, or take out flankers/ deepstrikers. Haven't tested it yet but interested to hear what you guys think? How is mag damage with rerolls? Would it be better to go with something like gryph feather (+1 save, +1 move) for more defense on the mag dad? Thermal rider cloak? (flying mag dads grimnir be praised) Is there a better lodge option? Any glaring flaws other than the list not being HB deathstar hermdar?
  13. https://youtu.be/cFHj2Dl2muM?t=556 "dispossessed battletome or a battle tome containing dispossessed" "wont be called disspossessed but will be represented in an upcoming battletome" confimred by GW studio at the black library Q&A and from the fyreslayers book p23:
  14. I really hope our boys are not a side note in a freeguild tome. Sure they're scattered among the cities but they have a very distinctive aesthetic and culture that doesn't fit with freeguild in my opinion. I think they're in for a daughters of khaine style release (couple kits, centerpiece). Maybe we'll see these Cogforts we keep hearing about? Page 23 of the Fyreslayers tome:
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