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  1. You just hate balance dont you? As a competitive game chess is leagues above Warhammer
  2. Actually if this was the case player skill and decision making would determine who wins 😂
  3. List is definitely bad. Makes about 0 sense to have an Ironclad with nothing to put in it. Also check your spelling on Endrinriggers
  4. The thing is objectives need to be captured and all buffs are better when they buff 40 dudes instead of 10 dudes. The games core rules are written is a way that helps massive units. Biggest issue I have is that hordes seem battleshock immune almost all times when low model count units like Troggoths or Ogors take more battleshocks than skaven
  5. I get what you mean but damn would it suck to read a book where the characters spend 75% of the time trying to figure out what everyone is trying to say.
  6. Almost every race worships a god. Almost all gods were part of sigmars pantheon. If your god told you to speak a certain language you probably would do it.
  7. GIve me a good destruction book from the perspective of a Troggoth, Grot or Ogor and ill read BL The troggoth short story in Malign Sorcery is one of my favuorite things ever
  8. I kinda see no point for the point sink that the Ironclad is when you can only put Arkanaut company in there. They are a pretty weak unit to garrison becouse they dont get to really shoot after sky high
  9. Until someone just wraps your ironclad kills it in one hit and you lose everything inside it. Losing half your army in one turn of enemy combat.
  10. @Phasteon Im not even talking about a KO vs Hallowheart game i was making my point what a stupid argument it is to say "We dont have magic becouse we shoot"
  11. Hallowheart shoots insanely hard and they can easily" teleport" a unit ignoring the standstill restriction.
  12. People saying "We dont need magic we have shooting" Have you seen Cities of Sigmar. Some of the best magic and shooting the game has to offer in the same list.
  13. 6 months for OBR nerfs tho... if they even come
  14. Its a CP for d3 mortal wounds right now. Thats pretty bad seeing CP is hard to get.
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