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  1. The game might be heavy in tactics with out you even realising A good might player probably makes decision that regular people dont even think about. When I started I didnt really think about deployment or unit placement or think multiple turns ahead about possible outcomes and such but those are things people at the top level think about. AOS is a easy to learn but very hard to master game and that does not make it light on tactics there are just a lot of stuff people dont think about.
  2. I mean the people at the top understand the game on a very different level compared to a regular dude.
  3. Eevika

    Background and basing

    This is going to be one awesome looking army. i'm just scared for you about that amount of plastic you have stocked up on
  4. Eevika

    Dusting off/cleaning my models

    I use a camera lens blower. Seems to work fine.
  5. Eevika

    Advise on painting white please

    This is indeed correct. You never really want to be using pure white. Tinted whites and grays work much better
  6. I would say you want a Hag in almost every destruction army. It's probably the best hero the entire GA has for battleplans where you want heros/wizards on objectives maybe one of the best in the entire game competing with nagash and GUO.
  7. Eevika

    Lord of Plagues

    I decided to paint this cheapo model before messing around with the 2 other Glott brothers so I could nail down the paint scheme for my Nurgle mortals and I think it turned out pretty fantastic. Practicing blends on this model was a lot of fun and I really how the helmet came out the darker edged really pull your eye to his face. I'm also really enjoying the color combination I have found here the green goes really nicely with the pale purple and the orange accents the green perfectly. I think I'm slowly nailing down a good painting process for myself just working mostly with glazing, shades and drybrushing. I really suck at edge highlighting so I'm trying to find a way to do nice looking stuff with out it. I know this way of painting doesn't pop as much but I think it still has a good ammount of depth and looks quite pleasing to the eye.
  8. Eevika

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    I just slapped the boss head on the dankhold and call it a boss. Its literally WYSIWYG anyways so there should be no issues.
  9. Eevika

    Your favorite unit model kit

    I love 6th edition nightgoblins but I think the top choice has to be Blightkings. Its an amazing kit.
  10. Eevika

    The Glottkin

    I started off my Nurgle army by purchasing a Glottkin and really making my list around that. I saw someone do this tree kitbash on reddit and decided to do it aswell and go for a Ghyran based Nurgle army. I got some tree trunks and stumps from Grabblecast and a ton of tufts from different places to make nice woodland bases and I think its coming along really nice. I still have to make the guys riding the big dude but It's already looking pretty good! The back side on this model has to be my favourite part so much nice detail to do! I'm really pleased with the eyes and the banner thingy. Painting the Glottkin has been really educational. I'm currently trying to just get a good method to painting figured out that requires as little edge highlighting as possible and I think i'm getting pretty close.
  11. Eevika

    Painting "Wet" Miniatures? (Like Rain)

    This is probably like the hardest thing you could ever try if you actually want something to look like its wet from rain. Probably harder than osl or nmm. You probably want to do like a regular base and then a thin layer of epoxy/water texture and then make tiny splashes on that so it looks like water hittinh it. Then you need to paint realistic water textures on flesh and cloth. Just slapping something like ard coat on stuff will just give you shiny minis. Trying to make something to look like it is currently under heavy downpour just sounds like hell
  12. Eevika

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    Thats how I do it. Makes the most sense and its fun too.
  13. Troggoths are very good at debuffing enemy to hit rolls. I believe the max you can give is like -5 I mean its super hard but possible.
  14. Just found this thread and had to put it on follow. This is an absolutely amazing original idea. I really love the basic units you have converted up they look fantastic.
  15. Eevika

    Skavens... Old or new models?!

    Honestly cleaning a large plastic model takes me way longer than a resin model. Building my Glottkin took ages compared to my Troggoth Hag. I dont understand the hate to metal and resin. Sure its slightly easier to glue but you usually spend way more time doing that too.