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  1. Yeah it's not the most obvious spot but you anyways want to add all the units you play with to your battle so it kinda makes sense thats where you see the points
  2. Put a unit in to my battle by pressing the hammer icon in the top right corner when you are looking at a warscroll. Then press the same hammer icon in the bottom bar when you leave the warscroll. This should show you all unit you have added to your battle list. Then press the Show Profiles button in the top right and it will you show you points, unit size and unit type
  3. Points are actually not behind a paywall. You can get them for free on Warscroll builder and the app if you just put units in to my battle and click the show profiles button.
  4. I actually play for fun I have never even played against LoN or DoK but I still think balance is the thing that gives games longevity and thats what I want
  5. Yeah I understand your point but if GW actually got the balance to where 70% armies fit in that 55-45% winrate bracket I believe we would see a much more diverse meta as even the competitive people would probably be interested in mastering their own army not just playing the best numbers.
  6. I was just comparing competitive games and win % to demonstrate what is usually the % when something is deemed stupidly over powered.
  7. Still out of 214 champs 212 were played in professional leagues last year that speaks something about how good they are doing in terms of balance even though everything is not actively picked
  8. No one plays narrative at least where I am
  9. But isnt a yearly cycle too long? Having two armies be the only competitive choice for a year seems too long
  10. Eevika

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    Seems like we are pretty much on the same page as that was exactly the plan I had in my mind
  11. Eevika

    AoS2 - Dankhold Troggoth Discussion

    Ok guys I'm playing my first test game on Thursday with the Troggoths. I'm fighting agains FEC and all I remember from this guys list is that he has a single Ghoulking on Zombie Dragon, bunch of Crypt horrors and Ghouls and two Vargulfs. This is my list. Troggboss Pulverizing Grip Rageblade Troggoth Hag Gryphfeather Charm Madcap Shaman Hand of Gork Aleguzzler Gargant 6x Fellwater Troggoths 6x Fellwater Troggoths 3x Fellwater Troggoths Mork's Mighty Mushroom Troggherd Battalion 1980/2000 Points What is my best way to win this game??
  12. Eevika

    The Hag!

    It doesn't only look amazing but is amazing on the table as well. It's also your only way to get a Troggoth wizard in your army
  13. After checking some statistics on The Honest Wargamer I saw that DoK is sitting at an insane 76.9% winrate and LoN is at 62.3%. Now if we make comparisons to the most competitive videogame League of Legends and card game Magic the Gathering those numbers are insanity and shows how bad GW is actually at balancing a game. Now I have played League of Legends for a long time and in my opinion it's the most competitive videogame there is right now. Now if we look at the top 10 winrates for champions in high level play its around 55.2-53% thats the strongest stuff there is they have balanced the game so that 102 champions are over a 50% winrate while only the lowest 5 champions drop under a 45% win rate. League of Legends has 214 different champions and almost endless combinations of runes and items you can buy for every champion and they still manage to keep that total mess in balance. Looking at the stats for AoS its just cruel. Now I know that the sample size on the Honest Wargamer is small but when multiple armies have winrates under 45% its just sad to see. Now League of Legends of course has the advantage of being a digital game with an update every other week but even MTG manages to keep its best decks around 55-50% win rate (Data from standard 6 months ago) even though its a card game with a banlist update like twice a year with probably more moving parts than AoS has ever had. I honestly feel like Games Workshop neglects play-testing and their balance team is too small if they even have one. Now I mostly just play for fun and have actually never even played a tournament in my life but I really think GW should invest in a balance team that figures out the broken stuff and updates the game more frequently like monthly or every other month. Keeping the app the most up to date database for all the new rules and giving us a better formatted "Patch notes" to read instead of the mess that FaQs are.
  14. I would take the leap and start working as a professional photographer. I would also definitely buy myself a house with a gaming room where I could build massive dioramas for my Troggoths and Squigs.
  15. Decided to do a quick little tutorial on how I do bases for my Troggoths. Here I'm working on a 60mm base thats for my new Dankhold Troggboss. Materials used in this tutorial are. Cork trivet from Ikea Mushrooms from The Battleforge Skulls from GW Sand and rocks from my yard Flock from Gale force nine Wasteland Tufts from Armypainter Vallejo Water Texture Paint and PVA Glue So starting out I just used a pencil to mark the size of my base on the cork trivet and then placed the Troggoth inside the circle marking out where his feet went. Then it's just kinda hacking away at the cork until it looks good. Don't really know how else to explain it I then add the mushrooms and skulls to different places I used a bunch of mushrooms all around the base and added skulls to the part where the water goes they peek nicely from under the water when we are done. Masking the transition from the cork to base I use small rocks and sand everywhere you can see black parts or the base. The entire base is Primed Mechanicus Standard Gray and then painted. It's all very basic so I'm not going to start listing all the paints but one tip I want to give is that stipling some Deathworld Forest and Skarsnik Green on the rocks makes a very nice mossy look. After everything on the base is painted I paint the rim black and add my tufts and moss flock. So now we get to the exiting part. Water effects. First up you want to tape the edge where you will be applying your water. You want to make sure there are no places where the water will escape so be patient and put a good amount of tape everywhere. I use Vallejo Water Texture and it's in it self clear so I apply some Athonian Camo Shade in it and mix it in a cup before using a large syringe to apply the water effect on to the base. I usually put around 3 layers of water effect but the tape is on there only for the first one. When you apply your first layer of water effect you let it dry for around 12-15 hours and then remove the tape. You will notice the water has creeped up the tape as it dried and kinda formed a wall in it self around the base. I use this for my next two layers and just fill the base until it meets the edge that dried against the tape. On the third coat of water effect I apply some leafs before it dries so they will get stuck in the water. Now you will most likely get some water effect on the edge of your base but after everything is dry and solid I just go around the base rim with some more black paint and it looks perfect. And thats how I make my bases! Pretty simple and easy!