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  1. Personally if I was to build some of these I would go for the long charges and halberts and use them as a fast unit to kill enemy elites.
  2. I think he means a ton by something like someone running a lot of squig hoppers and such. Its still a low ammount of rolls compared to a unit of plague monks throwing 200+ attacks.
  3. I like to imagine that the bad moon just makes grots pop out of the ground. I mean it has strange magical powers that makes massive ammounts of mushrooms grow where it goes so I think it would make sense that naked grots would start crawling out of the ground as well. This would also go with the old world idea of greenskins just appearing out of nowhere.
  4. This hobby for me is 80% modelling and painting and 20% playing so I choose my armies on how much I like the look.
  5. I hate 40k and dont understand why it would be better for me? Becouse I want stuff to see play and not suck?
  6. Everyone you can stop making lists I have figured it all out. This is what we call EVERYONE HELP THE MIGHTY SLAYER!!!! Leaders Gotrek (He is the list) Jade Battlemage (Heals and gives Gotrek a 6++ save) Archmage (Gives everything around him a 6++ save protecting Gotrek and his crew) Freeguild General (This dude helps the shooters shoot all the small stuff infront of Gotrek) Units Luminarch of Hysh (Gives Gotrek and his crew a 6++ save) 5x Sisters of the Thorn (Gives Gotrek save rerolls) 30x Freeguild Crossbowmen (Shoot all the small stuff infront of Gotrek) 30x Freeguild Crossbowmen (Shoot all the small stuff infront of Gotrek) 10x Freeguild Guard (We need a battleline) Spells Balewind Vortex (Put the battlemage here so he doesnt go into danger but can heal Gotrek) Chronomatic Cogs (Makes the team of murder a lot faster) Its fool proof guys this is how we beat everyone. Trust me at the end you have a Gotrek with a 4+ rerollable save, 3++ save, 6++ save, 6++ save and a 6++ save. What can the enemy do?
  7. So my friends I have put together the ultimate Gotrek package for your games. You want ofc Gotrek then a friend a simple Jade Battlemage to heal and give him another 6 fnp. Then the Archmages spell gives you another 6 fnp to all your guys with in 18" Then a cool ride for these guys a Luminarch of Hysh giving another 6 fnp aura to people around him. At this point your Gotrek has a 4+ save a 3+ fnp a 6+ fnp a 6+ fnp and a 6+ fnp. Add a good ammount i recommend 60 Crossbow men and shoot the walls infront of him and kill everything.
  8. Im not going to remember everything but from the top of my head Gloomspite Leaders Loonboss on Mangler Skragrot the Loonking 2x Loonboss with Giant Cave Squig 1x Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig 6x Loonboss 3x Fungoid Cave Shaman 4x Madcap Shaman Dankhold Troggboss Troggoth Hag Mollog Grom the Paunch (Not really Gloomspite) Units 60 Grots with Spears 15x Fellwater Troggoth Dankhold Troggoth 10x Boingrot Bounders 15x Loonsmasha Fanatics Mangler Squig Colossal Squig Squig Gobba 10x Cave Squigs Aleguzzler Gargant So that 4480 Points of Gitz Nurgle Leaders Glottkin Plague Furnace Lord of Plagues Lord of Blights Units 10x Putrid Blightkings 40x Plague Monks So that 1500 Points of Nurgle Then I have a bit of Khorne and a Gotrek who is starting my Order army.
  9. Why cant you have both? It would still be worse than the top lists?
  10. Everyone I know just seems to hate the competitive Gitz list as it has 0 randomness and only plays reliable units. I want to see more randomness on the tables
  11. I knew exactly what I was doing I had 2,5k of Moonclan before the new book even came... I dont understand why people defend GW when they clearly cant write balanced stuff. A lot of Gitz players I know are getting burned out becouse if you want to win you have to play extremely boring lists of Magic and Stabbas. Im not asking for Gitz to be the best army. God my proposed change would never do that it would just make it that more units saw the light of day on a tournament table.
  12. The randomness is a part of the game but it should not remove entire armies from competitive gaming. Its not just about a higher avarage its about keeping the highs and lows closer together and making stuff more consistent while keeping an element of randomness. Did you read my post?
  13. Well we have a lot of dice rolls already Im suggesting just changing ones that are mostly a solid number to start with. Im not taking away charge, run, hit, wound, save, after save... rolls just lessening the impact of massive randomness on warscrolls that make the units very bad.
  14. So as a Gloomspite player I have dealt a lot with the randomness of d6 rolls and have seen how they work in the game. Now let's be honest here randomness is fun but its also bad Gitz is not really a competitive army and when It's played competitively really none or few of the models with a lot of randomness are considered. So my proposition to this problem would be changing Attack, Damage and Move rolls of d6 to X+D3 For example a Dankhold Troggboss who gets all attacks trough the enemy armor would can deal 4-24 damage thats an absolutely massive amount of variation in damage and you cant really rely on him to do anything. If we change that to 2+d3 his range would be 12-20 here we still have randomness but we also have a minimum damage output thats right for a 270 point model a Vermin Lord Corruptor deals 14 damage if all go trough with only his melee he still has a lot more ways to deal damage and is only 10 points more. A second example is something like the Boingrot Bounderz move 2d6 so you can move 2-12" no one in a competitive scene would play this because movement is so important in the current state of the game if you changed it to 2x2+d3 again we would have a range of 6-10 again we have randomness but we still keep some level expectation for their performance. I think some rolls like running and charging are just fine as d6 rolls but I personally think randomness on warscrolls could be reduced to make the game healthier.
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