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  1. My insta is Badmoon_miniatures you can check more photos there
  2. I did a really high contrast black and white base and then slapped on a ton of Blood for the Blood God
  3. Speed painted my last hero and now my leaders for the Blood Gullet mawtribe are done
  4. Finished my Slaughter Master today. Minis from Atlantis Miniatures
  5. Not actually from Forgeworld or GW its from a miniature maker called Scibor Miniatures.
  6. Slow work on my Ogors just finished the Frost Lord on Stonehorn
  7. I started this hobby with a slowgrow and the goal was 500 points a month so 4 months to make the army. Its a bit fast but it was doable.
  8. The only real choice is Khorne Vorgaroth and some blood letters.
  9. They were good before. Now almost every army has access to always fights first and their value is not that high anymore.
  10. By KO treatment I believe they mean the mega nerf to mortars after release of the first book.
  11. Gloomspite has no Sub factions. There is no ability/artefact lock anywhere.
  12. 66% of books in a grand allegiance being weaker than 50% winrate is a trend I would say. Gitz is a competitive book when you play 160 Stabbas and 600 points of endless spells. The book has no sub allegiances, mount traits, extremely restrictive terrain, and an incredibly rng allegiance ability. It has one of the if not the best model range is AoS and great fluff but is it a great competitive book? No. 90% of units are not a competitively viable choice.
  13. Please no order. Destruction deserves the love
  14. Its a destruction army so most likely fluffy and bad. Allegiance ability "drunk" in your hero phase roll a dice for each friendly unit and on a 1 they cant move as they are too drunk.
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