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  1. Here locally ME is a huge success. I have played 8 games of ME and 3 games of 2k after the new GHB and I have to say I love ME as a format. We even had a great 10 player 5 round ME tournament last week and it was so fun I managed to go 3-2 with a Fimir/Troggoth list. I personally find 2k games a bit hard to keep track of when something like Fyreslayers have 8 heros praying and giving random buffs to everything and skaven is using a billion things to buff their guys. In ME im able to keep track of everything and think better. Even playing 5 games in a day was easy when the games only last about an hour.
  2. A car is cheap if it costs a 1000€ even if you cant afford that you cant deny that its cheap
  3. Yeah I think its just Sigmarite Mausoleum and a new mat to play on
  4. How is that too pricey the starter seems like an insane value to me. Comes with two warbands, core book, and a full board of terrain just buying those seperately would cost 180+ then you get dice and markers and such on top
  5. Everything seems pretty reasonable. The ruler is a bit expensive in my opinion but aside from that good stuff
  6. All you people are fools the correct number one pick is of course Gloomspite Gitz!
  7. How can you be a god of atheism 😂 isnt the whole point not believing in gods
  8. I would definitely put them in order. I love the idea of a super old and very strict society. Maybe they could have elite witch hunters that try to purge any evidence of magic and gods from the general public of their society
  9. So you know how there is no counter to prayers in AoS. What we truly need is a faction of super Atheists who deny the existance of gods even in these crazy times where gods roam the lands. They would have no buffs in the form of prayers and could not use magic but would have the best anti magic and anti prayer abilities they would use science and technology to fight.
  10. Im happy seeing order players complain. They have more support than any other faction.
  11. Yeah I have collected all the 6th edition night goblin warbosses and im hoping to use a bunch in my warcry warband
  12. I dont think the existing factions are getting any starter boxes. I believe its just those cards and then use existing models
  13. Thanks! When working on forgeworld models it really makes me want to push my skills further and try a lot harder to do a good job.
  14. Forgeworld is a premium product and pretty much never necessary it allows exploration of things outside of GWs main line of minis for those interested. I see literally no downsides to it
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