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  1. You could cheese it, bring a shaman and a bunch of boys, a warchanter to buff them and act as a cheap general and maybe even a battalion in order to guarantee first turn(and if you take ardfist it allows you to break the 2 unit limit per warscroll). Then use hand of gork on your boys and block your enemies reinforcements from arriving. Do this again if you get the second turn and you’ve guaranteed yourself a victory. Your opponent might not be to happy about it though. Something like this: Spearhead: wierdnob shaman - hand of gork 10x ardboyz mainbody: warchanter - general - prophet of the waaagh! 20x ardboyz rearguard: warchanter 10x ardboyz Battalion - ardfist total points 1000/1000 2 artifacts 2 cp 98 wounds It’s not risk free obviously as you shaman might die after having teleported his boys across the field, but in that case your almost guaranteed of preventing at least 1/3 of your opponents army from ever making the battlefield. The beauty of it is that there are two layers to it, once the battalion warchanter is on the field you can bring back your slain units of boys as long as he’s alive. I’d advise the battalion warchanter not to be the general to spread your assets as you might trick your opponent into going after the prophet once both chanters are on the field.
  2. I played a game against a friend the other day and it went alright. I played troggoths and he played beastmen. I absolutely smashed him as I got very lucky several times. Got first turn and hand of gorked 3 rockguts forward who ended up making their charge and killing his caster (and only chance at summoning) turn 1. Later when 20 of his bestigors charged my fellwater troggoths they managed to do exactly 2 wounds which they healed back up after having dispatched the entire unit two turns, and after that his minotaur and doombull failed their charge and got absolutely dumstered by my 6 rockguts and dankhold troggboss (Minotaur being rather weak compared to rockguts seeing as they're more expensive too). In the end I only lost the three rockgut troggoths I teleported forward, and my friend lost his entire army. Anyways, there are some rather large flaws in the design of meeting engagements if you're facing a semi-competitive player or those people that can't not play tactically. often the area where part of your armies march in are rather small and if you get first turn it's very easy for many factions to just move or teleport a unit to block the enemies second wave severely crippling their army. if you then manage to get first turn again you could do the same again and you'll end up only having to defeat your opponents turn-0 force and that shouldn't pose a challenge for any self-respecting general. But it can be obviously be fun especially if you like fielding unconventional forces (as I do) and have nice opponents who are of a similar mindset. I'll probably play more ME games as I regularly play 750-1250 point games already.
  3. Would be cool if it Settrus was made using just half of Settra's soul. The other half and with it all his memories locked away by Sigmar. Until one day the vault gets shattered and Settra's will escapes to find its other half. Then one day Settrus and his stormcast are patrolling some dark corner in the realm of death surrounded and haunted by a dark spirit when suddenly it seems Settrus is beset by madness, as his stormbrothers seek to find out what's wrong he lashes out in a fit of rage and tears one of his soldiers in half shocking his entire regiment. Settra's halves are reunited and as his forgotten memories settle Settrus is engaged, filled with a hatred he hasn't experienced since his betrayal at the hand of Nagash he murders his entire regiment. But the soldiers he slays don't really die, instead Settra accidentally binds their souls to his own cursing them to an eternity of suffering. He blames Sigmar for reforging him without his consent, and forcing souls to his will and vows that no soul should be bound and used by anyone. From that day until the end of all things he and his cursed legion march the mortal realms seeking to exterminate anything related to Sigmar, Nagash or Chaos. Obviously Settras incredible will and power as well as the unstable nature of the cursed souls would change the appearances of the cursed legion. so instead of looking like normal stormcast they look like Egyptian stormcast who's souls are bursting from their armor as well as empowering their weapons. Edit: I don't think this is the tithe, as it clearly says it serves a master and as everyone knows Settra has no master.
  4. I’m disappointed to say the least, I don’t like the bonesplitter appearance or style. My fear is that this means no new Ironjawz models for a while, shared terrain and endless spells and also no new “normal” orruks. We’ll see what it’ll end up being but I’m not getting my hopes up.
  5. Against Ironjawz there are a few things that are VERY important.... 1 > Forget objectives, lets be real here, objectives are overrated and any Ironjawz player worth his salt will understand this. By not doing what he thinks you're going to do you will throw him off balance increasing your odds. 2 > Leave enough space between your units, You know that big burly dragon-thing most Ironjawz players field; it's big, and thus Ironjawz players believe having a lot of space to move this beast around is a good thing, but they're wrong, it gets tired easily. If you leave enough space between your units it'll be asleep by the end of turn 3. PS protip: If you have a lot of low wound count heroes line them all in a straight line, 2-4 inches between each of them depending on their base size; this will confuse the Mawkrusha. 3 > Don't bother with mortal wounds, or magic... Ironjawz are the strongest and toughest of orruks, they shrug of mortal wounds like they're nothing. When this happens any victory that can be achieved no matter how great will feel very minor. Same goes for magic, take it but don't use it, all in order to confuse your opponent. 4 > Gitz are irrelevant, sometimes Ironjawz players like to bring some mushroom hatted Gitz with them, but their only purpose is to generate Command Points and cast weak magic. Orruks are stupid and loud; most often their commands are not heard, other times they are simply ignored. In short, just ignore the Gitz. Anyways with these four simple tips anyone should be able to reliably beat Ironjawz...
  6. The bridge sounds pretty nice for ironjawz, move units across the bridge first and then make their hero phase move to get of an almost guaranteed charge.
  7. I like your list It's near identical to a list I was thinking about just today, However what is your opinion on Gore Gruntas? I personally always like one of them to accompany a mawkrusha because he can feel kind of squishy on it's own and they are the only unit with the movement to reliably keep up with the big guy in case you need to extend him a bit. I'm also wondering what you're planning with the Balewind Vortex, it's relatively cheap but it locks your wizard in place, I've used it a few times in my lists and while it can be pretty good on occasions I think it's somewhat lackluster if used by a fungoid ally, because of the lack of gloomspite spells. In my own list I would replace one unit of brutes for a unit of goregruntas and instead of using the Balewind Vortex I want to try the Mork's Mighty Mushroom.
  8. I wanted my big brute boss for the Ironfist battalion to stand out. I'm happy with the mawkrusha's circlethingy on his armor but I'm wondering if the mace is to much, what do you guys think? Should I keep it or halve the top spikes? To the right is my favorite brute, painted him a while ago, he was my second painted guy, got to rebase it soon.
  9. Painted this one for a friend recently, Inspired by cherry blossom. If I had to give it name I'd call it spirit blossom. At first I tried a greyish bark but I didn't like the lack of contrast.
  10. I played two small games agaist my friends fyreslayers using the new rules, and hearthguard berserkers are scary! And the army as a whole has become a lot better. His list wasn't at all optimal but neither where mind. he had 10 vulkite berserkers 5 hearthguard with the axe 5 auric shootydudes And a whole assortement of heroes including a magmadroth with a keyguy on it. My first list was throggoths and I won on objectives because my friend wanted to just test the damage his guys could deal and had we not played knife to the hearth that ended by turn 3 he would've tabled me hard. my second list was a shooty/magicy stormcast list that really highlighted the weaknesses of the fyreslayers, yes the hearthguards could easily dispatch two groups of 5 sequitors worth double their points, but every turn he lost more heroes to my magic, longbow guys and ballista and by the time he was close enough to engage his heroes where dead.
  11. I'm with you. Yet the community survey has me scared a little because instead of Ironjawz, bonesplitters and greenskins being seperate choices they were all listed under Orruks. I'd prefer to keep the ironjawz a seperate low model count faction like they are now instead of them becoming like most other factions where you rely on large blobs and some heroes to buff them. Ironjawz could have a rule where instead of counting the models in range of an objective you count the total amount of wounds of all non-hero models. Also recently re-based by Mawkrusha, time to get another one.
  12. If you have the Tyrants of Blood battalion and use the Reapers of vengeance slaughterhost and have three command points it would be possible to charge and attack twice with three bloodthirsters before the enemy can do anything. Take one Bloodthirster of insensate rage and give it Ar’gath, the King of Blades to give it 2+ 2+ versus heroes, this to greatly increase the chance of exploding nearby units What I did notice though is that the battalion uses the BLOODTHIRSTERS keyword while the bloodthirsters and skarrband themselves have BLOODTHIRSTER in their warscroll missing the S, technically RAW there are no units in the game that can go in that battalion.
  13. Very true, and if pure demons can't have a priest I'll have to convert a few.
  14. I hope they'll add the priest rules to one of the demon heroes otherwise going by the description going on the community page this release is going to be pretty lame for demon focused armies.
  15. I just had the greatest idea, what we need is a unit of baby mawkrushas led by a Ironjawz boss type guy, small compared to the grown guy but still large enough to gobble up a handful of humanoid sized meals. They should be bulky yet somewhat cute while being absolutely terrifying at the same time as well.
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