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  1. One thing about endless spells. Maybe, with Nagash‘s plans undone, endless spells are gone for good. At least in matched play.
  2. I‘m surprisingly happy about these releases. Mainly because they’re not for me Sounds strange, I know, but with some destruction factions potentially on the horizon, my wallet & painting time can do without the Soulblight.
  3. I was thinking of something along the lines of "realm alliances" & "realm adversaries". but that really might be too complicated.
  4. A possibly stupid question, but do we know if the Grand Alliances will survive the upcoming 3.0 release? At least in its current form(s). More and more imho points towards a major shakeup.
  5. Now THAT is a rumor I can rally behind.
  6. That's my guess as well. Absolute power & power within a certain "point range" are two different animals. Make him a good and just as costly. Problem solved (maybe >.< ).
  7. Now THAT would be an army to invest in. Rippa's Snarlfangs as an army. Yes please. But, if I may, with some NEW DWARFS DUARDIN as enemies, coming full circle & being true to the World that was.
  8. Ok, so having given it a first read-through, I can say that it's not as bad as people make it to be, but also that I'm clearly not the target audience of this type of storytelling. Which, to be fair, is in line with most of GW's storytelling. As for "Nagash gets nothing done" (and I too get that vibe - at least partially, again, not a fan of the way the stories are told), keep in mind that we're talking about an ongoing narrative (with a strong sense of featuring whoever needs to be on top right now). If in two story arcs Nagash has his grand return and reveals that Teils actually
  9. I‘m not sure if that‘s necessarily true. They could slowly fade away (end up in open play)
  10. Maybe the sacrifice will become clear over time. Teclis seems to be marked by death. But I have to read that myself. On a funnier note, Nagash invading Teclis turf feels like that overconfident mid player in DotA (or League) that overextends and gets killed under tower.
  11. I too think it‘s not a healthy discussion, even though I could maybe even should be had. LRL suffer from a rather big second release (even though their first one clearly had things missing) combined with a lot of warscroll rules, which makes them seem special. On top of that, be it coincidence or not, their lore and stories paint them in an even brighter picture. Pun intended. And all that during a time where many of us can‘t play as much as they‘d like to. The timing for this discussion seems rather poor. Even if it‘s a matter that‘s on many people‘s minds. (Or some loud few,
  12. I did that once in college. Professor was actually delighted by my knowledge >.< . Some wiki pages are really good!
  13. It‘s not only Gal- ... errr ... Alarielle though. Papa Nurgle will surely profit immensely from the circle of life steamrolling everyone.
  14. I’ll admit, the summary sounds... not bad, but rather super boring. Easy victories aren‘t fun, they‘re meaningless (from a perspective of storytelling). Sacrifice gives meaning. Hardship gives meaning. If the trip to Mordor was a big camping holiday, we wouldn‘t still be talking about LOTR. With that being said, I‘ll hold my judgement until I‘ve read the stuff myself. Too often summaries are tainted by the views of the one summarising them.
  15. I might be unpopular with some, hoping for Kurnothi. But I‘m down for destruction aelves! With hornes, hoves & fangs! P.S. Ogroid would be great, too.
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