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  1. This is important to consider. The only books currently sitting on top due to overall incredibly powerful rules across the board are Lumineth and Tzeentch. Everything in the lumineth book is just at worst B+ tier to S tier stuff and it even has a couple of very different 5-0 "S tier" builds. Tzeentch also has different builds, although a bit less variation perhaps, but still very powerful core allegiance abilities that elevates everything else. Most other books are not the same though. DoK is a top list because of Morathi, StD is up there only because of Archaon (and possibly Belakor, Legion of the first prince is basically the same 1 gimmick list everyone uses, generously calling it "the players choice list", which is a nice way of saying WAAC I do not think Sons really fit into any of this, they are just so different in the way they play. Stormcast lands in an odd spot, as they basically have no strong core, with almost no allegiance abilities at all, meaning everything relies on warscrolls and their pts cost. In a book over 70+ warscrolls this is basically a compendium and some warscrolls just end up as bad, as there is nothing attached to them to elevate them, or that gives them any purpose within some wider mechanics. Like the demon books they usually have odd units that are not great warscrolls, yet they still fit into the book mechanics, such as blood reavers that fuels your primary resource in a cheap way, which makes them good despite a poor warscroll. There is no sucjh saving grace for the poor stormcast scrolls. So while I am perfectly happy with the new warscrolls as my army was already dracoths, stardrake, judicators and raptors, what about the guy who used the old vanguard battalion list? Sacrosanct list are also just poor and I very much doubt we will see those on many top tables. So it all depends on the success criteria I guess, can the new Stormcast book produce competitive lists? Sure! Does it have some powerful warscrolls? Yes about a dozen perhaps (which is far more than some others get and even more than some entire factions!). I think there is a missed opportunity here of making the chambers and stormhosts more unique. Soulblight being a prime example of this, where you see many great and varied lists, from the different dynasties that significantly spices up how the army is played, also with the same warscrolls behaving different between them and specific builds. I think the stormcast are missing this, as nothing will change much between builds, besides the warscrolls themselves and that I feel is a bit of a shame. But what do I care, I can just charge things with my fulminators and pew pew raptors, until uncle GW brings out the pts nerf belt
  2. Think so, flaming weapon or mystic shield brings a lot of utility if you are able to cast them. Against teclis, kroak or Nagash it will do nothing though... If not taking destroyer I think I would look at armor of gork (assuming amulet on the other krusha in a 2 krusha list). With mighty destroyers and fast un, the -2 movement is manageable and 6+ ward and +1 hit is nice and allows for AoD instead of AoA if needed. Destroyer could also end up being overkill against a bunch of lists, but it is a handy tool when you really need to get that big thing down and preferably get smashing and bashing going.
  3. This is so hyper aggressive it should obliterate things and box in the opponent very fast. Brutes bodyguard chanters a bit and holds objectives. You messin rule helps with that as well, and they still hurt quite a lot. 5 brutes could be 2x5 ArdBoyz too, I just like the brutes and that they can completely mess up objective capping from a unit of wardens, pink horrors or mortek guard for example just by engaging them. Bloodtoofs give gruntas crazy mobility, to either keep locking down stuff harder, or move to objectives or into chanter range for the next turn buff. MSU gruntas just makes it less likely they will achieve all that snowballing I think. Although I can absolutely see a case for 1x6 and 2x3 instead.
  4. It can not be stated enough, especially in the current meta, that overwhelming output is key for Ironjawz to trigger smashing and bashing. MSU is good for board control, but very inefficient for command point usage, violent fury and smashing and bashing triggering. If you buff up 6 gruntas with a warchanter and they go fight and say lose 2 models. The remaining 4 that are still buffed will still be a major threat, while a 3 man unit getting cut down to 1 is no longer a problem. I plan to run bloodtoofs with 2 krushas and 2x6 gruntas and a unit of brutes (perfect for sending into 1 wound char units on objectives). This creates maximum efficiency and makes it much more likely to snowball the opponent army with smashing and bashing.
  5. A larger unit is still nice for just weight of attacks to trigger smashing and bashing, as soon as 1 dies coherency issues also goes away. If playing bloodtoofs you can also pile in or move at the end of the combat phase to restore coherency on larger units, so there are some options here which is nice.
  6. Yes, just not from that megaboss of course, but it does allow you to look how the phase goes along and keeps your opponent guessing if you will be using a free AoA or AoD instead (this costs a CP though as it is not the same command the megaboss issued i.e. AoA). With 2 mawkrushas you can issue AoA and AoD from each, and then simply pick and choose as you go along
  7. If only 1 of your units is within 9" you can only move that. However if later in the same enemy movement phase they move a unit within 9" of another one of your units, you can then issue redeploy again is normal for free. You do not issue 3 of the same command at once. You simply are able to issue 3 of the same command in the same phase, where the 2nd and 3rd use are free, all other regular conditions apply. For all out attack for example that means you will use it on 1 unit that is chosen to attack for 1 CP. When a different of your units are chosen to attack later in the phase (and in range), you can at that point issue all out attack again to that unit, this time for 0 CP. Mawkrushas can issue 1 more for free than the boss on foot.
  8. Yes, the same command is then just issued at any time during the phase, which avoids the entire trigger discussion. Just imagine he does it again later as a new issued command, it is just free and ignores the 1 of the same command is not allowed rule. Only situation this is "worse" than the assumption before, is that if he issues lets say all out defence to himself first, then gets killed anyway, he would not be able to issue all out defence to other units later in the same phase of course. Rend 2 for grunta hackas... damn it all my brutes and gruntas I got painted are with choppas, and my unpainted are with hackas... siiigh. 2" reach and rend 2 and +1 to MW charge by only trading 1 attack seems like almost a no brainer in most take all comers setups.
  9. Megaboss bellow ability updated in the APP from the new FAQ. It now states you can issue the same command up to 3 times in the same phase. The 2nd and 3rd time will just not cost command points in the same phase. So this was actually a nice fix to the rule that makes it entirely clear. It is quite cool too, as it creates even more options for redeploy for example as it does not trigger at once for up to 3 units, but can be spread out in the same phase after the first time.
  10. 1. Playing Dadhammer is not a higher state of being and not caring about the game or rules is simply disrespectful unless otherwise agreed with your opponent. 2. Hating on new stuff does not make you cool. If only it was so easy... 3. Competitive AoS has many similarities to MTG, building a list is like a deck, you should not be able to win with whatever you want. 4. Adding on 3, TO's could look at MTG formats to spice up list building and play, while still in a competitive setting
  11. Sounds like a cheeky guy that did not want his chariot charged This is exactly why Ironsunz are great, nothing stops you from using redeploy in his move phase, and then using the Ironsunz counter charge at the end of his charge phase.
  12. James Workshop bringing you nice models with mean FAQs Must have been a massive issue to delay them for so long.
  13. Combine the pigs into 1 unit as mentioned, buff them up with a warchanter. Vhordrai is the only model that can do decent damage in one go, but there is no way he should be able to one shot a Krusha with amulet, especially if you know he is coming and can finest hour. You should be able to move around him as you please with mighty destroyer movement. Put the brutes forward, on a center objective if possible so you can engage his zombies if they go to cap, they be messin then and count for 0. If he charges them with his big guys, you counter charge. If you run 2 Krushas, 6 pigs and 10 brutes you got 4 strong hammers, put them decently close so no matter what he is left with a possible counter charge and be exposed. Instead of mighty waaagh leader consider Mega bossy, if you can box him in fast that would be great and ensure your brutes and warchanters keep up with the krushas and gruntas. Having a wizard would make little to no difference here, at be. Getting an unlikely unbind attempt is north worth cutting down either brutes or gruntas in half imo.
  14. Yea I am not trying to say annihilators are bad, they hit like a ton of bricks and the built in mortal wounds from landing and charging and reroll charges is nice utility. Dropping in the imperatant with the annihilators is probably not the worst idea, so he can support them with commands, as they probably want to eat up a lot of command points for as long as they live. It also feels like Stormcast pay too many points for the support heroes to not use their decent attack profiles and saves to get stuck in with their units a bit...
  15. The Imperatant is of course tougher than the battle mage, but he is a big points sink (nearly double) and can also be killed like the mage. I think there needs to be 2 units of annihilators for the imperatant to make up for his big cost. If you still have translocate there are now 300 pts invested into "delivery mechanisms", which is a big deal too. If running 6 raptors, I also think using a 6 man unit of annihilators will end up with a list that does not do many scenarios well, once they are down there, they are effectively squishy Gotreks, that the opponent will simply seek to avoid and move away from, while being far easier to kill. An unleash hell from 30 sentinels would basically kill 400 pts, so even at 480 for 6 and 175 for imperatant, they would need even more support to even get into combat alive, that is a steep investment. The fulminators work better on their own, and at least with 10" move they can get around the board after their initial commitment if need be. I am sure we will see some cool lists though, perhaps sending down Gardus from the sky to support them, although keeping up the 12" will be a narrow fit in that case.
  16. My guess for order is SCE, probably some of the new bad battleline units and chariot etc. They might tease the dawnbringer crusades to bring up some hype and sell a cities box. Hedonites box could be likely and probably Bonereapers would make sense. Those would be my top 4 guesses at least.
  17. They are cool, but there just does not seem to be much reason to bring them compared to fulminators. Both units hit like a ton of bricks, especially on the charge, but with fulminators you get a unit that is still very mobile later on with over twice the movement and also more wounds per point. The difference might be if translocate gets nerfed, then the imperatant and paladins might be the next thing for semi reliable alphas I guess, although I am more looking at a Ghur battle mage with wildform in that case I think. Will probably buy them though, they look awesome. Vanquishers and Vigilors are so cool as well, but absolute garbage rules, such a shame.
  18. Lucky he is allowed to play without a FAQ 😛 This list seems like it will crumble to anything half decent in the current meta though. Try to engage a gargant army with this, do maybe 10 damage and then lose a unit of dracoths in return, repeat, while also not being able to contest any objective
  19. I am strongly eyeing the Stomper tribe, taker to count as 30 instead of 20 has done almost no difference for me in my games so far. Stomper due to the super useless 3d6 charge and the reroll save artifact, having a stomper with that and a breaker with amulet adds so much survivability. Major problem is the stomper cant command himself though. Idea is to have Stomper, Breaker, Kraken and 3 single mancrushers. Many objectives require spreading out odd places, like the vice, so the little ones allow the big ones to focus on what matters. Stomper allows to issue a 6" auto run if needed on all 3 small ones, to go whereever needed. They also provide something affordable to sacrifice, while comfortably still handling screens and chaff. In stomper they will also hurt anyone bringing 10+ units a lot more, making them highly efficient at killing horrors and such.
  20. I have seen them used in all these manner except for Underworlds, nobody plays that around here, never seen it or tried it, but the models do appear in AoS games time and again. Using the models as stand in heroes is quite common, like the FeC box is a nice supplement to make unit champions and courtiers that stand out. The Bonesplitterz team is good for a plastic Wurgog as well as the rest being mixed in, like a savage themed big waagh army, the big boys are good to supplement a converted brute squad. Underworlds is the "could have been" category, so close yet so far. The new saurus warrior in the seraphon kit, even blood bowl got new saurus warriors, but none for AoS. Ghouls for FeC, cool new bonesplitterz, Mortek guard with bows, plastic chameleon skinks and the list goes on. Thinking about it, it all seems like one big tease to AoS players, "look how cool we could make these units that only got old/resin kits!", "Wow uncle GW! that is so cool! Does that mean you will release AoS kits later besides these 1 model kits?", "No Jimmy, enjoy your resin chameleon skinks or buy 20 underworld boxes for 32 EUR a piece. Come now, Uncle GW knows a great black market organ dealer". Gallery of "Imagine if this was from AoS kits and not single models".
  21. Yea also making a hike and also a warscroll change makes no sense, either change the warscroll to match the points, or change the points to match the warscroll... If they are made worse AND cost more points, well guess I save some money then. My hype for this release has gone down the drain anyway at this point. I would not be surprised if they increase points by 10-15% and also remove the hero phase move+charge, or even the entire hero phase movement all together. If drakes get nerfed and translocate no longer works that leaves the book with a few power units and combos: Main hammers: Fulminators, Longstrikes, Annihilators (2 handers) Main combos: Relictor+Ghur battlemage with wildform +2 charge (far less reliable though...), Imperatant + annihilator deep strike, longstrike double tap + translocate. Everything outside these units and combos will be significantly weaker in a competitive sense. I don't even want to get started on the cheesemonger list with 5 knight judicators and fox, lists like that are the embodiment of every single flaw in the game. The only thing I sort of get in the unverified rumor, is the warlord menagerie trait. While I would like the dragon lists to actually be playable, having this trait just makes it so inefficient to use anything else. If you general is a dragon with that trait, taking a unit of dracoths for example is extremely inefficient when they do not benefit from -1 to be wounded, so making mixed lists is discouraged by this. If the trait is nerfed though and drakes get a point increase and warscroll nerf, the competitively viable dragon list has died before even reaching the tables. I think this release was handled just about as bad as could be, full of frustration, confusion, uncertainty and worry, not feelings you want for what should be an exciting new release...
  22. Yea if GW does not release a FAQ soon I can't bring my Ironjawz to any of the November events I am currently signed up for, as there are only a couple of week to a cut off date on FAQ release, and with the pace and lack of communication going at at GW right now, I am very very worried... (All events require FAQd tomes around here)
  23. As they delayed this batrep a week... could it mean this sunday is the day?... nooo no no... hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.
  24. This makes sense, as the mean-un is meant to help clear out screens. With Mega bossy the 2 MKs can get a bunch of Gruntas to follow them and just create absolute havoc in the enemy's lines right from the start. If anything gets nuked by impact hits or combat, the gruntas will just continue in, to tie stuff up. It does rely on knowing exactly when and how to engage, outside of Waaagh the gruntas got trouble getting through tougher units with high saves, as they do not hit nearly as hard for the points as Brutes do, nor do they have the efficient staying power of ardboyz, so this is very much a finesse list. Positioning of the chanters will also be critical if going for a big engage, in order to have any steam the following turn.
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