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  1. Doubtful with the space marine release they want all eyes on that for a while I fear.
  2. I will agree with you here and dearly hope this will not be as much of an issue in the new book. Right now CP is just so valuable, not only for Whaag bombs but the new command ability is just so good and useful all the time, that you can never have enough CP. All our utility and offense is based around these 2 huge CP dumps right now, but if they have any sense, then the book will change this band-aid fix to something more sustainable. As you mention, IJ right now has a lot of no fun snowball mechanics, you either lose hard or win hard most of the time. I am reluctant to play them just because games either go wrong for me very early and I can just wait out the loss, or I completely wipe my opponent turn 1/2 and have to deal with the saltyness. Very rarely do I see close games, where turn 3-5 are still exciting and I really hope the new Whaag mechanic allows that. The IJ model range is just so limited and all are melee brawlers, so I can see the challenge of designing rules for them, to increase flexibility and tactical options, rather than just adding ways to roll dice more in combat.
  3. Well the stone spear from rumor engine is a spear for one of the new beastmen in the warband, so not bonesplitterz.
  4. Why is meatshields an issue? Ardboyz are now 14 pts per model, that is 7 points per wound, with a 4+ save and with a shield they got that 6+ ignore wound save as well. You can't really get much more point efficient meatshields than that really. Same with Bonesplitterz also being one of the highest amount of wounds per point, meatshields is the last thing Orruks need compared to every other area.
  5. While bonesplitterz are OK I do not really think model range wise combining these 2 forces provide much, both got a shaman hero, a boss on foot, OK tough but slow guys on foot, guys on pigs. Unlike Gloomspite and Beasts the model ranges of the 2 urruk factions does not really cover any holes but mostly just overlap, which is a shame. Both ranges need a unit or two to spice things up a bit.
  6. I would not get my hopes up for that and I do not really find them all that realistic, +1 save to everything would be sort of madness with a 2+ hero on behemoth... helloooo ethereal amulet... Not going to happen I hope for far more diversity in tactics and playstyles rather than just raw power. We are not very mortal wound vulnerable really, with multi wound models across the board nad usually a good price per wound, even less so for bonesplitterz models, which are even more point per wound efficient against mortal wounds. I would like compeltely different command abilities and everything Whaagh related built into that new mechanic they talked about. For each Clan I really like the fyreslayer format, putting emphasis on the aspects you enjoy with the twists lodges/clans provide. With so few models, it is a really interesting way to stretch their use and potential more, like the fyreslayer lodge giving more run and movement in general, or the one with more hero artifacts and command ability which lets more heroes close to each other strike at the same time, or the magmadroth one, where you can have more behemoths and more mount traits. I can see this baked into the core ideas of our current battalions. We do not need more rend, attacks, save or anything if the army as a whole gets more tactical options. I really hope that the whaag bubble is removed so we can spread out our forces and play the objective game.
  7. Well it will be interesting to see how that works, summoning depends a lot on when and where you can summon, an unlike seraphon and demons etc I do not see Orruks just materialising out of thin air, but if you have to wait a turn or two for points to summon something, and then got to go in from a table edge, well then a new unit of ardboyz will not see much action I think, but I will look forward to see how they explain/handle that. Most importantly make Gordrakk great (not again, he was never great sadly)
  8. Aw really, yes summoning is strong, but it feels like they introduce it everywhere and the pessimist voice in me says that this is an indirect way to have everyone not just buy a 2k army, but also a 500-1000 pts sideboard to summon in as well, makes good business sense. But just look at Khorne, where blood tithe is both effects and summoning, and the way the game is played, getting more models on the board is nearly always best, which is a bit of a shame. I'd like the Whaag energy to empower shaman spells, or make the boyz way more dangerous. Oh well, I guess anything is better than the current stacking in a blob "mechanic" but summoning will be a disappontment to me regardless if true, I'd prefer different options to manipulate the battlefield. I guess I am looking a gift horse in the mouth though
  9. The way they talk about Whaag energy and ways to build and use it sounds interesting. It sounds a bit like Blood Tithe, and could very well be almost a copy paste, with the more fighting the more points to use for different effects. I do hope it is somewhat interactive and not just a static system like DoK. I am looking forward to see how this pans out. They did manage to make some interesting stuff with fyreslayers despite a limited model range, the lodges etc can vastly change how the army plays and I hope that will be true to IJ as well (if we look past that 1 fyreslayer battalion which is better than all else). Will be interesting to see how IJ will work alone and then together with BS, considering there will be 3 allegiances in the book. Very much looking forward to see new warscrolls, they are badly needed, altough a bit disappointed with no models announced. Same goes for the new cities of sigmar too, had hoped for some proper AoS age regular humans/empire update. Maybe we will see a new hero or some such in a box set down the line instead.
  10. The new rumour engine looks in line with that lion shown at warhammerfest.
  11. I like the Live to Fight trait, it is very important for the MK to wreck whatever it charges which also rolls into smashin and bashin, we want the MK to lead a charge, utterly destroy something and then instantly attack with something else, that is the ideal scenario and I feel live to fight adds the most damage which will allow this to happen. Yes d3 mortals on the charge can also be nice, and help trigger rampage, but that will still be rare and the average damage is lower than live to fight. It does help though if your intend is to not fight first with the MK and deal damage before the combat phase. Hysh seems so important for the brooch now I can hardly see me picking anything else, other than for fun. Mirrored curiass will be a good idea at any time for the MK, but a super offensive build could also be fun, especially in an ironsunz battalion, giving the boss choppa metal rippas klaw could be good, as he starts with d3 additional attacks, so will have 5-7 attacks with that weapon.
  12. The newer reports from rerolling ones strike the best balance by far in my opinion, quickly becoming my favourite channel for all kinds of battle reports really. The latest games bringing in tournament players, winning tournament players at that, changes everything and not only do they know their rules, but show of a deeper understanding and cool tactics, while keeping the production quality and feel close to MWG at the same time. Impressive and massive kudos to them.
  13. I am very on the fence with GMG, maybe I am unlucky with the ones I want to watch, but the games I see from them are with extremely poor lists, especially every single nighthaunt game on their channel can in no way be used for inspiration for anything, and they can hardly name any models correctly and get half the rules wrong. They get their hands on pretty models and battlefields and decent recording quality, but like MWG you have to endure a lot of facepalms when they keep forgetting critical allegiance abilities for example. Even Ironjawz they got wrong and they have like 1 rule to keep track of and 3 different units. When a game ends with statements like "Yea the outcome might have been different if I remembered these 7-9 critical rules then..." you can't really use it for much and I will have closed it down long before that. It is fine casual content, and it i always nice with content creators for the hobby, but it is a breath of fresh air when you see a guest who just knows what they are doing.
  14. Keeping an eye on this topic, I really enjoyed the newer more competetive games from rerolling ones, they do very fun and fluffy things and are now showcasing highly competitive vs competitive lists. A recent one was an Ironjawz tournament player bringing an impressive turn 1 bomb vs a stomrcast shoot list, which was a slaughter in the start, but ended far more even with few models left standing all in all, very interesting to watch. Watching a very casual narrative game is an entirely different experience than watching a well thought out matched play battle, and as the OP mentions, these are hard to come by. I often look for games with some of my factions (Ironjawz, seraphon), and often see completely nonsensical lists and the player forgetting half the rules, which makes it even more painful to watch. A channel with experienced players who actually know what units are named and do not have to look up warscrolls every single time, will be highly appreciated, especially if recorded with a half decent video camera, which seems to be an issue for many wargaming youtubers unfortunately (I don't blame them for this, but many batreps are very poorly recorded).
  15. Eh players who play FeC like that just plays to win anyway. Let him win fast and proceed to play a real game with someone else
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