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  1. I don't know if it would make me get a Lumineth army, the mounted arhcers got the cow hat syndrome with super big hats as well. I will give points for that AoS creativity they got going on. We have not seen these creatures before and they make them work pretty well I think. They sort of mirror the new mounted Slaanesh archers in similar 2 legged mounts. Lumineth players will for sure be happy to get the mounted combat hero and it looks rather nice too, while still being very unique and not just a big golden horse or something, he is in my opinion one of the best models for the faction, if not the best period. I am more exited to see the new death reveals, the vampire shown is not blowing me away, but I look forward to the potential rest of the line
  2. A bit disappointed with the Seraphon, the charmeleon we already saw is still the best part and it is not even a Saurus but an old blood, which I do not think is as cool as the one we got from the Carno kit. The skins are just... Skinks, never been a fan of them much and these do not turn any heads. Also I had really hoped to see a kroxigors. Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment
  3. I should be numb to this by now, but darn it still hurts
  4. The lumineth are strange, many wanted the "high elves of old" to return, many got excited by the pointy aelves teasers, then they were released and the very people the hype and marketing catered to, did en masse not really like, or outright disliked, a "large" portion of the small release. It seems a majority finds the Eltharion and the dawnriders to be the best part of the release, followed by the wardens and Cathelar and sentinels. The mountain cow part really divides the waters though and turned many people off, including people I know in my gaming area, who were hyped and completely quit on them after seeing what was supposed to be the elite infantry and behemoth. They wanted "white lions 2.0" or "swordmasters 2.0" instead they got strange hammer aelves with pinatas on their heads. They wanted sleet dragons, eagles and chariots, yet got a big ol Bojack Cowman. In my local stores and most used webshops getting the bonereapers was somewhat hard and things got sold out fast, yet the lumineth just sat there, plenty in stock long after release and still are. I think the major problem was they either went too far or not far enough, attracting neither the old guard nor the new AoS fans who enjoy the more crazy armies. Perhaps going with an even stronger theme would have helped the lumineth, perhaps we will see it in a wave 2 with cloud surfers and camel riders. Putting more distance to the old high elves will at least reduce the comparisons to them over time.
  5. Pretty safe to assume all of this is just random warbands, like the kurnothi, letting you think about would could have been, but isn't and hurt any AoS player more than if they did not exist at all
  6. I very much doubt GW will make the old world in a different scale. Using models between systems is surely a revenue stream they do not want to lose. But really, nobody heard a single thing about the FAQs? Jeez!
  7. GW being rubbish at keywords is surely a major factor here, so much it boggles the mind at times. Big offenders of my own armies are Slaves to Darkness, where many warscrolls do not even have essential keywords to benefit from the only allegiance abilities in the book, which are marks of chaos on basically any warcry models and also the Darkoath heroes (who buffs marauders but marauders got marks, which the heroes cant help them with doh!). Silly choices that just makes some warscrolls dead on arrival in a competitive scene. Also books like Orruk Warclans could have been a perfect mix, but all the spells in the lores of Ironjawz and Bonesplitterz are keyword specific, leaving little room for creative builds in the big Waagh as there is no interplay or synergy between the IJ and BS. Gloomspite also suffer from this, and is why we see these white dwarf allegiances pop up for spiders, troggoths and squigs, they got no good reason to mix beween each other at all, no synergy. Cities is also really hampered by this, instead of being the races coming together in a city, instead we get heroes who only benefit their own specific keyword units, which makes it a book with tiny forces instead, like phoenixes + guard, freeguild only stuff, or greywater + artellery, even the city allegiances also cater more to specific sub factions, making the book way more limited than it had to be. This is why we see the top lists often being razor focused due to GW dictating very specific synergies from keywords.
  8. If we end up seeing 2 units of 30 archers like the lumineth, it will be hard to be all that mad thinking about the torture of painting up 60 of such detailed models (if they look half decent at least) The best way to handle rumors these days as an AoS player seem to be to assume everything is a warband or some sneaky 40k trick. As a seraphon player the teasers that ended up being a Salamander character cloak and the Zoat really stung. I am looking a bit more forward to the next broken realms though, as it seemed to be a given to be Slaanesh, but they are doing an all new tome for that soon, so that leaves this next broken realms a big question mark. Destruction are making a move for sure, but that might not be the next book, it sounds like that storyline is being set up as the climax possibly.
  9. On point comment for someone with Teclis as Avatar, don't want to share the spotlight? 😏 But I would like to see some Faqs as well, or at least some kind of statement of what is going on with them
  10. Toxic archers and probably battleline got me worried about even more Mortal Wound dealing archers, that is not what the game needs
  11. Nice for Slaanesh players, but I had expected a bit more for a christmas reveal to actually reveal something new, we all already knew about these units coming. Also GW having no follow up on the 24 sneak peaks in the calendar should have been expected, but somehow I still keep hope they do something the right way someday, it just ended the 24th with a hand on a stick and then nothing? At least show 1 single entirely new and unexpected model :s
  12. I cant find any info on this, time or format or anything, strange.
  13. Pretty sure the Slaanesh stuff will be part of the next Broken Realms book and not a new Slaanesh battletome and the battletome in feb is something completely different most likely related to all these suspiciously death like teases.
  14. Disappointing if the christmas reveal is just the remaining slaanesh. It would make way more sense if that reveal is tied to their christmas calendar, but it is GW after all so things do not have to make sense...
  15. Looks somewhat similar to the Varanguard scales on the barding, although I doubt this rumor is for chaos, but probably for a mount of some sort.
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