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  1. Unfortunately I do not think there is any point in considering these articles unless you are maybe absolutely new to the game and want an idea of what a faction is. I don't know why they need to have playtesters in these articles because what is being said has rarely anything to do with even half competitive play. Best to just see these as fluff pieces rather than actual rule and mechanics "reviews".
  2. Still think most armies got monsters that works better in their own allegiances for the points, even for Destro, Ironjawz want mawkrushas, Gitz want manglers, ogors got stonehorns etc.
  3. Battle Tactics are great for the Sons! Broken Ranks: gives more points for unit destroyed by monsters, win! Conquer: N/A Slay the Warlord: More points if done by a monster, great! Ferocious advance: +1 point if 3 monsters run together, good for us! Bring it down: Kill a monster, ok easy enough for the opponent, but if done by a monster +1 VP so evens out. Aggressive expansion: Pretty easy to put a toe in for gargants, they are great at that sort of thing. Monstrous takeover: Super super easy, hold an objective with a monster not contested by an enemy monster
  4. Living outside the UK I will try to preorder any from the webshops here, but got just about 0 hope to actually get a box. Can hardly get an undercoat spray outside the UK these days, getting increasingly hard to be part of the hobby in the rest of the EU and seems GW has 0 interest in trying to address that based on this information.
  5. SoB will also have an easy time choosing a grand strategy, as every model is battleline, hold the line becomes quite obvious, you get it if you are not tabled
  6. This needs to be taken into context, as this is clearly a knee ****** reaction to Archaons cost in the context of the current rules. Archaon in a StD army was never a problem already, he was never used like that in any competitive environment. The way Archaon was used was mostly with Khorne and Tzeentch and stacking a lot of buffs and commands. You need to take everything into account to know why especially the Khorne build has been completely deleted basically. The major advantage there was buff stacking, Bloodthirster giving 6" pilein command and Reapers of vengeance giving fight t
  7. Spamming ardboyz seems like a suboptimal choice now. the coherency rules hit them hard with their 33mm bases and 1" reach. Brutes seem to be a better bet in units of 10 with the 2" reach weapons. Also with monsters being such a big deal and having so many objectives related to them in matched play, the +1 to hit for the brutes will for sure come into play a lot more, also commands on a 10 man brute unit will be more efficient than on 15 ardboyz, where the brutes will be able to attack with far more power than the 15 ardboyz can. 3 man grunta units do not kill anything really, they are ne
  8. Someone seriously sat down and decided that Sentinels should only be +10 pts, while Saurus warriors should be +15 pts and Dragon Ogors should be +20 pts, I don't even know how we can measure anything else based on this information as coming from a reasonable place. Either those FAQs will contain a LOT of information, or this is all completely bonkers land. Looking at the 40k FAQs and our latest FAQs I think holding out hope that these release day FAQs will be anything but a bare minimum, is just a setup for disappointment.
  9. Been playing stomper tribe mostly, but with the new reinforcement rules and awesome new command abilities, it feels this options goes down in power a bit, also the cestus reroll save artifact, while still good, can effectively be replaced by the amulet of destiny for a 5+ ward. Looking at endless spells that seems to be something that can really mess up gargants, so this makes me think of a Taker Tribe with the +1 artifact trait, so you can have a Kraken Eater with Glowy Lantern and then possibly a Gatebreaker or Stomper with the 5+ ward taking point. Getting to actually cast a spel
  10. It is weird that he is under Warclans. Gotrek also has the note of how he allies into other armies like both him and KRagnos had, however nothing like that is listed under Warclans
  11. Oh great, they made total commitment again, yay...
  12. Sons are all in all so much stronger this edition, so many buffs and abilities they got access to now
  13. you buy them in a mob of 3 for a 20 pts discount. No need to count for more battleline as all units are now battleline
  14. Megas are battleline, so 4 mega lists are now possible!
  15. Many armies wont get that much smaller with battalions no longer eating up any points though. It was not that rare to have 200ish points dedicated to a battalion and/or +1 CP, with these point costs gone, the army sizes probably wont change all that much all in all.
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