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  1. Scurvydog

    AoS 2 - Ironjawz Discussion

    This sounds interesting, but unless I am missing something, you will still at best get +2 to cast, unless you play with terrain rules and can somehow be near arcane terrain for another +1 from turn 1. With the vortex the shaman is unable to move and he still only casts foot on a 8+ with maximum bonus, so less than 50/50 for it to even work. With the shaman being unable to move, your entire army also needs to be fairly stationary to benefit this tactic, So you must have rolled glowing hot dice to get so many mortal wounds, as an average foot, if near your entire army will get +4 mortal wounds, so average 7 wounds per stomp, with less than 50/50 to cast it and then 50/50 chance for it to stomp again, the odds of doing those 50ish mortal wounds with it one turn are just incredibly low. The opponent also really needs bad placement to get hit by the puke more than once and any good alpha strike list or with any sniping capability should be able to rather reliably shut down the shaman. Again unless I missed something here :s
  2. Scurvydog

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    Ah yes of course. Ugh it is so difficult making 1k lists and getting anything nice in them ?
  3. Scurvydog

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    I am currently playing 1k lists with my gaming group and starting up with Death. I do not own all the models yet, but want to make the list to dictate the shopping list, what I do have though is 10 black knights (Also a VLoZD and 3 vargheists, but they are not used in this example list). I really like the deathrattle theme and came up with the list below. My main issue with it though is mobility, as aside from the king and knights the rest will lack far behind. The pros are that all is summonable with plenty of sources to bring back dead models and units, and the king and necro can really buff up anything that needs to be a hammer, as the king alone can grant aura and command trait to give +2 attacks. Is this a nice baseline for a good but not cheesy 1k list? I'd like to expand into 1,5-2k later, adding the dragon perhaps and maybe some morgasts as I love those models. Allegiance: Grand Host of NagashWight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (120)- General- Mount: Steed- Trait: Lord of Nagashizzar - Artefact: Balefire Lantern Necromancer (110)- Lore of the Deathmages: Overwhelming Dread40 x Skeleton Warriors (280)- Ancient Blades15 x Grave Guard (240)- Wight Blades & Crypt Shields10 x Black Knights (240)Total: 990 / 1000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 200Wounds: 85 Edit: Also a second option for a 1k list Allegiance: Grand Host of Nagash Vampire Lord (140) - General - Mount: Flying Horror - Trait: Lord of Nagashizzar - Artefact: Balefire Lantern Necromancer (110) - Lore of the Deathmages: Overwhelming Dread 40 x Skeleton Warriors (280) - Ancient Spears 10 x Black Knights (240) 2 x Morghast Harbingers (220) - Spirit Halberds Total: 990 / 1000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 200 Wounds: 82
  4. Scurvydog

    Mounted Wight King

    Currently I use a dreadblade harrow as a mounted wight king count as, a box with 2 of those is cheaper than a single mounted wight king even without the new base and that model is ancient. Also who uses 2 dreadblade harrows anyway which is in that box.
  5. Scurvydog

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Only downside of the Ulgu combo is that the lord executioner has a measly 3 attacks, unlike the sword combo on Ironjawz running 2 x warchanter cross buffing for +2 to hit on 4 attacks, 4+ triggers an extra attack (and the 1d6 mortals) which just obliterates anything. The reaon I compare these is due to the investment needed to make an inferior combo (although the executioner is a bit more sturdy). We need a battalion and also a 120 pt character and command point to even get 4+ to proc the sword, and then just for 3 attacks. While another army can do this with just 2x 80pts heroes using a free ability to, on average, get over twice the output. There is a strong case though to be made that the execuitioner is tough enough to stand up to said monsters and heroes and possibly survive a counter attack while swinging the sword. If only his +2 dmg on 6's was affected by the battalion, then he would start to look like a major threat.
  6. Scurvydog

    Night haunt 1k list for random doubles

    Low drops as in few units, as the one who deploys the entire army first can decide between turn 1 or two to get that tactical advantage. As per the rules for battalions found in the various battletomes you can deploy an entire battalion as a single "drop", so if you could fit your entire army into 1 battalion you are almost guaranteed to decide on turn 1 or 2 (of course unless your opponent does the same and rolled first deployment). As for the list itself I can mostly speak from my own experience of course, but it seems to me you have a fair bit of redundancy and lack some hammer to your anvil. Both rasps and hosts are kind of anvil units. You also have 3 units in total who can dispel which will more likely be used very rarely. In 1k armies I am not sure about endless spells, but as it is doubles then perhaps it can do some damage, the upside is it is reliable in its movement, but that is sort of also the downside. With clever movement the opponent(s) should not be hit more than once with this and then it will just fade into the horizon slowly, on average dealing 3 mortal wounds for 40 points. That is just my experience though, maybe you can trick them to hit multiple units and roll some 6's and win the game with it!
  7. Scurvydog

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    This would be an amazing artifact in the nighthaunt book, but as it requires death allegiance you are losing a lot to get this, which in the end on average is just 6 wounds worth of models, probably 6 bladegheists for max value, which is very unimpressive for the price of an artifact and losing allegiance abilities.
  8. Scurvydog

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Oh how I wish harrows were not heroes but an elite cavalry option (with adjusted stats and points). I just can't justify buying more of them just to make hexwraith conversions, as hexwraiths are already bad as it is. They have a niche use in hero objective capture scenarios and that is about it. I also have great difficulty finding a place for the lord executioner, I love the models, but comparing the name to the 3 attacks 1 damage axe is just sad. Using his battalion and possibly -1 to be hit artifact to stack up to -3 to be hit by heroes might make him a trolling hero, locking up a bloodthirster or something which then hits on 6's, but I don't see any consistent use for him. Anyone got ideas for this guy?
  9. Scurvydog

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Sounds interesting, why is it you do the CP farming without having any real command abilities to spend the points on? It sounds like a lone hero and 8 stalkers are quite vulnerable to a counter attack, like stormcast coming down, what is their purpose on opposite ends of the board? Grims are a given as good, but what is the role ofthe craven king? ou mention CP farm/denial but for what purpose and can he really bring home his points in offensive power? Enough so either a grimhailer or Olynder would not be better suited? What is your most common target for the battalion rule, just finding the largest most elite unit on the board?
  10. Scurvydog

    Death vs Death Lore

    The entire flesh eater courts background is based on internal conflict. The first Ghoul king was punished by Nagash to that fate and went on a bloody rampage before being stopped and punished even worse, which resulted in the creation of the grand delusion. It also seems that Nagash is seen very different comapred to Sigmar by many "followers" he is far more feared than revered and he is a petty "god" if proper worship is not given to him. This is one of the reason I find the realm of death highly interesting. It is also mentioned that, at least prior to the soul wars, the center of Shyish was more "normal" and might have human civilizations that revered the dead, then increasingly more undead inluence the farther out you get, such as undead ancestors providing guidance, to all out undead dictators and human slavery in the fringes. This in itself should provide a lot of different possible conflicts, as there might be a barrow king who actually helps his living descendants stand against an oppresive vampire tyrant looking for a new territory to conquer for example, that would be a cool narrative I think.
  11. Scurvydog

    Black coach experiences?

    It is a sum of its parts really. On paper only looking at the attacks, it is basically a cairn wraith, 4 chainrasps (the 8 horse attacks) and 1,5 spirits hosts (9 attacks at full profile). This all looks rather underwhelming with the 280 point cost at first glance, but it becomes increasingly dangerous during the game. At max power it provides the following: Can regen 1d3 summonable models each hero phase. Models being important here, so it can bring back 1d3 entire spirirt hosts or hexwraiths, so you really want to maximize according to that. It also regens 1d3 wounds on itself, making it a rather tanky behemoth and way more durable than the mourngul. Reroll 1's to hit actually ups the offensive power quite a bit, especially for all the attacks able to deal mortal wounds. At higher power it can even run and charge and retreat and charge, while also dealing 1d3 mortal wounds on the charge, making it extremely mobile and just about impossible to lock down in a bad situation. Finally it willalso be able to throw around additional mortal wounds to units close to it, which on top of mortal wounds on the charge (which it can then do every turn) and mortal wounds from wraith and spirits, it can really mess up units. Having all attacks from 1 big model also really plays well with the wave of terror rule, as you don't get to pile in before attacking normally, you will get all your attacks through. Despite my ussies with the actual model as discussed, when I can get it into combat properly it usually outperforms the expectations you might have from the warsroll, just don't use it as a behemoth duelist to take on mawkrushas and zombiedragons head to head, this models needs to be going around messing up things a lot more.
  12. Scurvydog

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    The black coach synergizes well with spirit hosts, as it brings back 1d3 models at power level 1 wholly within 12". Olynder is also quite nice with them as her command ability also bring back entire model. Ruler of the spirit hosts you already chose, which is also great. I think 2 spirit torments can be a bit overkill, although I can understand you might want more coverage of reroll hits of 1. With so many spirit hosts it could also be fun to run an execution horde and give the executioner something like a sword of judgement for hero killing, a miasmic blade to stack -3 to be hit against heroes, so he can tank a bloodthirster without issue.
  13. Scurvydog

    My current death army idea....

    Looking at the list, if you replace the vampire and necromancer with Arkhan the black, then it looks like just about any other LoS tournament list, which is the second most common next to Nagash lists it looks like, and even then the only change is in the hero slots. It is definitely a competitive list, and will challenge anything but an optimized list and crush casual lists into dust. If you do play any kind of tournament games and as you say aim for competitive/semi competitive, then it should be a solid choice. For the deathstalker battalion I don't have much experience with it, as the glaive wraiths are just so underwhelming and a huge tax, their only gimmick with the drummer can be done better by bladegheists, who also has more synergy with one of the best nighthaunt heroes, the spirit torment. If I was forced to run the battallion though, I would most likely keep the glaives to a maximum of 8 man units, and use them for objective capping and general annoyances. As you only mark a single unit, the questions is what unit you mark, as throwing 2 units of 20-30 man reaper units into anything sounds like massive overkill. Although if something like the everqueen is on the board, saying you got these 40+ reapers out to get her, might make your opponent far more scared to parade her around, acting like a deterrent of sorts. You could also just box in an undesirable unit in a formation, and kill other stuff while making your opponent too scared to actually charge in.
  14. Scurvydog

    Black coach experiences?

    Uploaded an image of my black coach to show how huge it really is, even for one of the largest bases in the game it nearly takes twice the space if it was to fit. As you can see it is very difficult to do anything but charge corner of units, and piling in around it and such causes a issues. This can be easily used in competitive play to entirely deny it access with clever terrain usage.
  15. Scurvydog

    Black coach experiences?

    The model is rather rigid, with all the ghostly stuff the cart and horse is mounted on, interlocking with each other. That means it requires some work to twist these elements, probably greenstuff as well, jsut to make sure it does not all fall apart. The wooden beam is your next problem, even for a normal build this is annoying to fit. Remember it is a long straight piece, so it does not work with the bend you show there (everything is too large to actually fit like that, even if you could bend it that much). Of course it can be converted, but I doubt it is anything easily doable within a few hours and fair amount of tools.