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  1. I would not be surprised if they are up for pre-order saturday the 3rd next week, with a release the 10th, all these previews and sneak peaks now often happens the week before preorder, so this is already a bit early, so doubt they are pushing all these lore articles and rule sneak peaks now, to not put up a pre-order the 3rd.
  2. They just changed it and put up a new post, now it just says pre-order soon. But I am 99% sure it will be for saturday next week at this point
  3. I doubt they will completely ignore brackets, but I could see them either having lenient brackets or tools to manipulate them somehow. If they are anything like the dread saurian with 35 wounds at that point level, they will also have to take more than 12 wounds to even reach the first bracket. That is quite a lot of damage needed to even do anything to reduce the output of your opponents army after all already. This rule is just fun and actually unique and involves some consideration, I really like that and maybe, just maybe it will be more than 1 mega gargant project if the other SoB rules are equally interesting and most importantly fun.
  4. Finally some rules. Already sounds like they are adding some fun and flavorful stuff.
  5. I wonder if buying into Skyborne slayers is a good idea now, they are not even in the book yet in GHB. It looks really interesting but I need quite a few boxes of paladins to make the list... Sure is nice to hear poor paladins do some work though!
  6. Unfortunately the models are impossible to buy and at this point Lost Kingdom only sell the 3d files for printing and do not manufacture any models and I do not own or know anyone with a decent 3d printer If I did, I'd probably consider a saurus army, but both getting the files and then finding a 3d printing company to make it for me is really a bothersome and expensive process...
  7. A LOT from the seraphon model range, saurus warriors and knights and everything finecast. Everything finecast for all factions really. Sat with my friends, me putting together a razordon missing half the teeth, with bubble holes instead, one friend with a malformed Varghulf and the other with the saddest sabertusks you have ever seen. The guy with the Varghulf is completely new to the hobby and was in disbelief how poor a product the Varghulf was compared to his plastic kits.
  8. - Stormcast paladins, so cool but so bad. - Stardrakes, while they can be really good, they do 0 damage against other heroes and monsters. All the epic artwork with them fighting other monsters I think, yep you will do d3 damage and then loose - Troglodons, GW reduces their points by 40 just a few months after the book release and they are still bad, hitting like a wet noodle. - Gordrakk. He is supposed to be the Archaon of the destruction faction. His rules most certainly do not reflect that. - Allarielle, same as Gordrakk although at least she is more unique in her faction. Being a god level wizard but with 0+ to cast/unbinds make her completely unviable for the job. - Liberators, cheaper now but extremely outclassed in a fight with anything at similar point levels.
  9. Thunderlizard seraphon could be an option. Seraphon has a lot of different units and strategies and can be just about anything you want it to be. The coalesced are rather tanky with scaly skin reducing the damage of attacks by 1 (to minimum 1), making ogors, ironjawz etc cry as you reduce their output by half a lot of the time! With thunderlizards stegadons become battleline, so you can really focus on big dinosaurs if you would like to. The big dinos are also the newest and best models, while some of the other models are a bit dated at this point, which is the biggest downside I think, to an otherwise strong and flexible battletome. Thunderlizards Seraphon is exactly this, Stegadons (with some variants), bastilladons, carnosaurs and troglodons. The main battalion to use is flexible to playstyles and is great for mixing in some Kroxigors or razordons/salamanders. Going for saurus or skinks for more battleline is also fine and the army can be fun to paint. Seraphon got it all, unless you play a boring salamander/skink spam list, but that does not seem to fit any of your criteria anyway. BIG DINOSAURS! Big fast dinos, they can hit very hard in melee and have various complementary ranged weapons, bastilladons can lay down some firepower as well and Slanns are super efficient and powerful magic users, who also provides command points for more tactical options during the game. Did I mention BIG DINOSAURS!?
  10. Maybe it is just me, but seeing the huge amount of warbands for this and that smaller game, with amazing sculpts and somoe terrible AoS overlap rules, I can't help but be frustrated that some more of all that effort is not being spent on AoS. So many factions are screaming for new sculpts for old as dirt finecast. Entire new battletomes released with nothing new at all, like Orruks, not 1 single new model for the entire Orruk battletome update? 45 new warbands with 5-10 unique sculpts in each... like what...
  11. Slaves to Darkness ruinbringer battalion I'd say fits the bill. Bring a lord on Karkadrak or Demonic mount and 4-8 units of knights, marauder horsemen and chariots to all do additional mortal wounds on the charge. Just sprinkle in a Warhsrine, maybe a sorceror mounted on a manticore and you got a solid enough cavalry army, which is fairly potent. You could also dig deeper into an Archaon + varanguard if that counts as a cavalry army If you like boars, Ironjawz with a focus on Gore Gruntas is also very playable or run Big Waagh with some savage boarboyz for more variation.
  12. I agree, it does not look very polished, sort of janky and models like the palador just seems off and low budget, just look how it moves in the end of the trailer with that rear cam, ugh, nothing like the rapid lightning fast gryphchargers in the AoS lore or even close to how the models look and appears to move. The stardrake breathes fire... yea... that really knocks down my expectations to any lore friendly representations of the AoS universe and that was what we really needed! Other media to explore the mortal realms, shows us the spectacle of how and where these cultures and soldiers live and fight. Instead I fear we will be getting some generic units in generic fantasy setting X with little ties to the lore . I really hope I am wrong, but I just have a feeling this wont scratch any itch for an AoS experience to really sink the teeth into.
  13. Nonsense, that is not the destruction way. How about an a Burpocalypse Gargant, guzzling down enormous amounts of ale to make sonic burp attacks, just exploding the eardrums of anyone in that stupid cave. It has a powerful but random shooting attack, depending on how much ale it can drink, but a weaker melee profile, although harder to hit due to a "really bad gas" rule giving -1 to hit in melee!
  14. Did you read Wrath of the Everchosen? Maggotkin got some very useful sub factions there. I really doubt AoS 3 will land the coming summer though, I could easily see them going with the broken realms format until summer 2022 maybe, adding a model here and there. It boggles my mind though that they release all these models in warbands to warcry and underworlds, and make a big deal out of 2 models for the main game... you made 30+ unique sculpts to warcy/underworlds the next months? and 2 for AoS? ok... with that effort they could revitalize the entire seraphon model line or something like that.
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