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  1. there are 10 different heads total, each sprue for 5 bodies got the 10 head options so you will have spares. There are 2 different helms, there is the sort of mongolian style helm, which the guy to the left on my picture has, although it has 2 big horns which I clipped off this one. Then there is the more norse style helm, for variations sake I have clipped and filed of the horns for most of the helms I got. I would imagine some marauder horsemen heads could look cool as well on these guys, although I am yet to get my kit in the mail to check that out properly.
  2. The first 10 marauders using frostgrave barbarians. I quite like them. I used a banner and a horn from the chaos warrior kit I ahd alying around to form a command group. If playing more wysiwyg you would have to figure out to get a lot of shields, as the kit only comes with 2 shields per 5 models. I will not be using these guys in any GW shops anyway, so I will have the odd two handed weapon for variety and looks.
  3. Yea that one looks cool. There are also some other nice alternatives, like the para bellum giant
  4. Some nice options and cool ideas I might steal from . The Clansmen are quite a bit nicer than most mantic stuff, a bit more crisp and in line with GW products and does not fall into the statis monopose categori as a good chunk of their stuff. I think I would like to use some chariots too, the GW one is not the worst for this, maybe just cut down on some of the spikes and replace some heads or torsos could do the trick. I have no idea what to do with knights though, cavalry is rarely much of a thing for northern themed armies, but I might want some to play with regardless. How easy are the new start collect knights to work with? Maybe some spare bits from other kits, including marauder horsemen could tone them down a bit, and be more norse and a bit less edgy Keep the good ideas coming, it is fun to see what people have done with this type of theme.
  5. The Dwarf heads is a good idea, makes perfect sense and is suitably fantasy like still for the setting. Seems to be costly too though to kitbash 3 kits Thinking about how Dwarf heads can be used now and where they could possibly fit. Does the regular marauder look too bad with one maybe? Chaos warriors maybe, or perhaps too many bits are in the way, it is hard to judge without the models at hand. I have been looking at the Para Bellum stuff but the scale is rather large, almost the size of ogres! I guess they potentially could be used as chaos warriors or maybe chosen or something, but not really marauders on 25mm bases. They do look way better anywhere else than the main website though, they look sort of messy there, but might be the paintjob and art being busy. Anyone got ideas for things like Chaos Knights? I think the GW marauder horsemen are quite a bit better than the standard marauders with some decent head options and such, so fits a norse theme with little effort if combined with stuff like Frostgrave and Mierce I think, but all the chaos knights are just too... "evil" looking perhaps, especially the demonic looking mounts. Also thinking of chariots, that might be easier with the standard horse version and changing some heads around, maybe the dwarf heads above...
  6. I have had this urge for a long time to get some "vikings"/norse themes into an AoS army, but I would really like some feedback on some of my thoughts and ideas of using alternative models, both from a theme point of view, but of course things should also be able to be identified in a game of AoS. Aside from Slaves to Darkness I am also thinking this could work as a cities army. For the general theme I'd use the cliche of the cold north, just because I like it, and while I do not have a paint scheme as such planned, the idea is to use mostly natural colors, so armor, even if I use chaos warriors or knights, will be metal colors, no red, green or blue armor here. Down the line I'd like one of the new sons of behemat to be a center piece, with frostbitten blue hued skin and white hair and beard. The most norse models we got so far are marauders and marauder horsemen, while the horsemen are quite decent and would be fine for me to use, the regular guys are just a bit too he-man like and I'd like something just a tad more grounded (yes I know this is AoS). The main focus would be on the rank and file marauders and possibly chaos warriors. I instantly fell in love with the new Mierce Norse infantry, however the problem here is simply the cost. Marauder units are best in 40 man units and come in a minimum of 20. 10 of these guys are 80 GBP, so obviously 40 man units will pretty much break the bank more than any FW army even could. Mierce Norse infantry: Instead i am considering if they could possibly be used as chaos warriors, the models are not small and they look pretty darn tough and thanks to their shields stranger things get a 4+ save... Then for the marauder hordes I have currently located 2 options which seem decent and affordable. First is the frostgrave barbarians, they are 20 gbp for 20 models, so 1/8th the cost of the mierce norse. They are also from a fantasy game, so they got a similar look to them: The other option I found that seems to decently fit is the Victrix vikings, which are more historical with less fantasy like proportions, but they got the right size and also very affordable, even more so then the other options: Some spare bits could be used for the GW marauder horsemen kits and such. Also the new upcoming Mierce release could work as both a manticore lord or a griffon general for cities: Not really sure about chariots and shrines etc, but perhaps the bits from the infantry can fit them in while still being the more strange "chaosy" things. Does this seem way of and would it be cool in the table? The new StD flufff inspired me about these human societies and tribes worshipping chaos gods without even being really aware, hence the idea to make these guys as "normal" as possible, they might worship an Odin like figure, with the Raven banenrs and shield iconography already present on the mierce stuff, Tzeentch could easily hide behind that guise... Any feedback and ideas is mcuh appreciated.
  7. So what do people think of the WD battalions? I'm not too impressed and I think people will prefer other options... anyway for reference: They all require Mortis Praetorians so I guess wont be in play in competetive much for that alone... Vokmortians dread retinue is basically just the battle box setup with some scaleability, vokmortian, mortek, stalkers and morghasts. In the hero phase he can revive 1 model within 8" and 1 enemy hero will permanently be chosen to be at -1 to hit vs Vokmortian. Harvester Scythe-Corps is 2 rider units and 1 harvester. Harvester get +1 wound roll when within 12" of riders (not wholly). This one comes with another major drawback as Vokmortian needs to be the general to take this... That is a bad tax on top...
  8. Liberators for sure are in the top picks for this, but also the nighthaunt glaivewraith stalkers, outside of being required for 1 battalion I don't think anyone has even considered fielding them. Entirely pointless unit.
  9. I suspect this might be true, the classic space marine treatment with a book as the first in the edition, which then quickly falls to the wayside due to powercreep then late in the edition they will get a new book to surge sales back up.
  10. Most importantly the new SC boxes are rather fun in my opinion. DoK needed an easy place to get all their heroes, a SC box to get the altar/shrine kit which contains both hag heroes, medusa hero, avatar of khaine etc along with the less played melusai is a good move. The Altar kit is good value for points in game in itself and encouraging people to move away from the WE spam meta is all good. The Gitz box is just cool and fun, it does not really do much in itself, but bridges some gaps and makes it easy to make a fun list around, just get some grots and you got a varied fun list with fun and cool models, while not exactly meta perhaps. The skink box is good as well, I got enough bastis myself to not need it, but you get a monster, flying dinos, a wizard and some battleline, pretty good. It puzzles me it is called start collecting Skinks, how many SC do we have naming a type of unit in an army specifically? Maybe it is simply because we already have Seraphon SC, which might as well be called Saurus then, but still it seems a bit strange to distinguish it like that, especially looking at the before mentioned Gitz box happily mixing troggoths and squigs and grots. I guess the closest comparison is stormcasts with their SC vanguard, but that at least makes a bit more sense, just throwing the skink keyword out there has no real presedence I think.
  11. It is just siege rules for all. There will be nothing or OBR for regular matched play. Every time people ask about anyone but chaos getting rules, there is the usual marketing response with "everyone gets new siege allegiance rules!". That does not bode well, I doubt siege rules will be part of many people regular play.
  12. This is not true though as the rage is only in effect in the combat phase: "At the start of the combat phase, each friendly IVORY HOST unit that is within 6" of a friendly IVORY HOST model that currently has any wounds allocated to it becomes subject to rage until the end of that phase." Not saying they are good, but we at least need the facts in order to suggest fixes I agree the +1 hit is not all that useful, making that +1 to wound would be cool though. It could also be remove rend from petrifex cmd, but instead give ivory +1 rend and -1 save during rage to "even it out" while still giving you the option to negate the save penalty. I would just like it to not be influenced by having taken wounds, as you check in the start of the phase, so essentially a non wounded unit charging in alone will not be using the allegiance abilities at all right now. I also find it a shame nothing influences battleline options in the book, like other books such as KO or Ogors, where either a specific general or subfaction changes battleline options. Ivory host would if nothing else create some different lists if it could make stalkers, immortis and/or morghasts battleline.
  13. Yes the focus is indeed more on characters than factions, but these characters are almost the factions themselves and embody that. It is a hard balance, even warhammer fantasy was very similar, most major events for high elves had Teclis or Tyrion involved, Dark elfs always had Malektih and Morathi, the empire had a few characters such as Karl Franz, Boris Todbringer and Volkmar. We just traded 2-3 faces of a faction to 1 god/demigod being the face of a faction now. I can see that warhammer fantasy had some differences, as these characters were more grounded in the world, where many characters interact closely with the world, their troops and other characters, while AoS seems a bit more like the chess game of the gods and then everything else. I don't think that needs to be all bad, but maybe some focus should be put on the more grounded characters, because there are many of them still and new ones being created, just not much is being done with them, although death is a tiny bit of the exception as their new major characters have already done some major splashes, Olynder taking on the celestant prime and then freeing Katakros shows how she is not a pushover, and Katakros seems to be written into a quite competetent player in the realms. Actually this is why I quite enjoy the death factions, I think Nagash and his mortarchs is some of the more well written elements in AoS, with some interesting plot elements being both presented and hinted at. Like the Soulblight mortarchs having questionable motives, Nagash forcing Olynder into a mockery of a marriage with the Craven king as punishment for both and much more, so many fun and interesting things to explore. I do not think the other factions enjoy quite so much background yet and I think AoS will feel a lot more complete once they do. Even stormcast keeps getting new characters intorduced in novels, just to throw them to the side and major characters are not used all that much. That there is a trend to have only characters from 1 host in the books also limits what can be done here. The most direct comparison would be to space marines, where we have quite a few notable characters from various chapters who are far more fleshed out, while still having the primarchs which sort of work like the demigods of AoS does right now.
  14. So I have to submit my core 1350 list soon for a friendly but semi competetive weekend event, and I think I have a decent all around list which also looks cool on the table: Allegiance: Stormcast EternalsDrakesworn Templar (420)- Arc Hammer- Mount Trait: Keen-clawedKnight-Incantor (140)5 x Liberators (100)- Warhammer & Shield- 1x Grandhammers5 x Liberators (100)- Warblade & Shield- 1x Grandblades4 x Desolators (400)3 x Vanguard-Palladors (180)- Boltstorm Pistols and Starstrike JavelinsTotal: 1340 / 1500Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 200Wounds: 76 This should allow me to do a bit of everything and also presents 2 massive threats to the opponent, instead of just 1. I am really torn on what to do with stormhosts still though. No artifacts are used, so can be ignored from the equation. Staunch would be the safe choice, it does however encourage some conservative and maybe even cheesy play and I suspect the custom scenarios will be highly mobile. Celestial vindicators is not a bad choice, although the trait for +1 dmg on 6 to hit is very meager and the command ability is just decent for this list. Knights Excelsior has a pointless command ability, reroll 1 to hit only after having destroyed a unit with attacks (so battleshock wont do), can be cool, but you would probably already have the upper hand if this really comes into play on multiple units at all. I do really like the trait though, as +1 damage against heroes covers some weaknesses for the drake, bumping the damage from 4,5 against a 4+ on average to 6,5, which is quite significant and all the difference on taking out a support hero or bracket a Keeper of secrets in an epic duel. Anvils I considered, but usually it comes down to getting the upper hand in the first round of combat and without staunch obviously, I don't want to take a huge charge to then possibly hit again in a subsequent hero phase, unless I get double turned, then a Drake would need to take hits for 2 combat rounds before this is even a factor at all. Finally I have taken keen clawed here, yes it is hardly 0,5 damage increase in a combat phase, but I just suspect arguments might happen from stormwinged, as from my test plays against other players so far, most complain it seems gimmicky, silly and like rule loophole exploits It has given gameplay success, but game experience issues sadly, I sure hope they errata this in some form (did anyone write the FAQ team on this yet?).
  15. Agreed, there is no way the story goes that the reapers just show up and are succesful all by themselves. Something else needs to happen, Nagash is neither impatient or stupid, he will not just send his elites to all crumble at the gates of an impenetrable fortress. They might play the "But nagash has a huge ego!" card, but that owuld be beyond bad writing. Something else must be going on, I suspect Nagash has somethinf else up his sleeve or he will just look stupid, even if some other unexpected events occurs, it would still make Nagash and Katakros look foolish. Even enjoying the reapers, I doubt anyone would think Archaon to not be the ultimate challenge and probably impossible without something extraordinary happening. Funny enough I only see people whining about the Bonereapers, not the other way around. But yes, a lot of story content does center around the gods/demigods, AoS so far is heavily inspired by real world mythology and how many stories centered around all the specific gods, that we still see a lot of norse and greek mythology being used actively today, is proof how timeless and efficient these types of tales are. I would recommend some black library reading, there are plenty of interesting stories about characters far lower on the foodchain. Soul Wars is a sort of middle ground I liked too, yes both Nagash and Sigmar do make appearances in the story and are important, but the main characters are much more grounded and explores far more relatable issues and challenges and some real human relations and heartbreaking moments. I do hope to see the story progress with this, as it really makes AoS far more interesting, although we will quickly start to experience the issue of no major characters being truly in danger, as long as the model is on the shelf at least, which is of course always the case when stories are made to sell products and not the other way around.
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