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  1. Some of the best warhammer books I have read where the least warhammer ones. A murder in mariemburg for example is more of a detective fiction novel and it was great. Riders of Death was nearly a history book than a warhammer one (But that one was much more centered around war).
  2. Who was the whistleblower that told them Varanguard can't be from more than one Circle?! Who was it?! So a mediocre unit and a mediocre batallion have become an even worse unit and a useless batallion. Ok.
  3. By modern day standards, all Greek gods would be "horribly written characters, with no coherency, that act irrationally all the time. They are also a bunch of mary sues"
  4. Space Wolves make sense in 40k because theres no other vikings but in fantasy that aesthetic belongs to Norsca , and now, Chaos.
  5. The Arch Revenant is a beautifull miniature. The fact it is female is even better. And the fact that is hard to notice it, makes it perfect.
  6. Normally armies need minimun two waves to feel like complete armies. You have the example of Genestealer Cults in 40k. They where very much limited before the second wave. Now they totally feell like a complete army. A little overcrown with characters but thats something nu-GW loves to make. Armies like Ironjawz that are literally 3 units become boring very fast. Flesh Eaters, and others examples really need a second wave with 2-3 new units and a bunch of new heroes.
  7. The Double Turn is the most boring mechanic in the game, just followed by armies attacking first with all of their units. Playing 30 minutes on a 2 hours and a half game because your opponent gets double turn and spends two hours smacking you is just a miserable experience. It doesn't feel good when you have it, either, for the same reason. I don't care how you can plan for it, is just a extremely swingy mechanic based on a dice roll with nearly no relation to what the players are doing. The only reason people is defending it, is because is a GW sanctioned mechanic. Would the game don't have it, and some players would try to put it as house rules for tournaments, nearly everybody that is defending it now with tooth and nails would be opposed to it. The worst part of all of this is people defending other horrible mechanics (It doesnt matter Slaanesh can summon everything because if you get double turn you can kill it before he summons anything!) as balanced because they are balanced by this horrible mechanic. But I suppose that AoS rules writters are so magnificient that they have designed this miraculous mechanic nearly nobody else uses because they were enlightened by Zordon or something. The ones that wrote a 4 page rules game with no structure for building armies. Those ones. Also, all the comparisons claiming the double turn is what makes AoS special in comparison with the so much boring 40k... please. I play AoS despise of it, not because of it. In Middle Eart it is not bad because you alternate phases, but with the IGOUGO is horrible.
  8. They are made of methacrylate. Hard and durable.
  9. They are european based (From Spain) . They shouldn't charge you that much for shipping. You can always try to add them to your cart and see how much they charge you. I have no problems buying things in UK based stores being from spain. The shipping isn't really that much expensive compared with spain and the difference in prices is always worth it.
  10. I play with these after being gifted to me for attending a tournament of this store. https://banduawargames.com/es/exclusivos-web/39878-6-acrylic-areas.html I have no affiliation with them. But they don't distract from the game.
  11. In Spain all prices are random at the end of the tournament. Of course the first, second, and third place normally receive a trophy. But is that, just a trophy. Tournaments don't give cash, they give boxes of models, gaming add-ons, paints , etc... but as I said, they are given randomly to all attendants to the tournament. You can't imagine how that affects the attitude people has in big tournaments. In a possitive way. I have friends that this year have gone to a 444 person tournament (For 40k, Talavera, 74 teams), and there was 0 problems in the tournament.
  12. Is the command hability of The Goretide:
  13. I play Khorne Mortals, so I can't help you that much, as others have said, Seraphon counter pretty hard demons but they aren't that tought to beat. I can only chime about Khorne being slow. Goretide Bloodreavers + Bloodstoker can make turn 1 charges without a problem. They move 6"+ 10" run (Automatic 6 for Ever Onwards!+3" for the bloodstoker +1" for horn)+2d6+4" charge. Without more support they are not gonna do any kind of damage, but they surely can put the pressure in your opponent line even before they move. Normally I have 3 units of 30 Bloodreavers + 3 Bloodstokers+2 Bloodsecrator, so I can lash one of the Bloodsecrators to put the bloodreavers at 3 attacks each in turn 1. Not many people expect bloodreavers to run so much and have so high damage when they are 3 attacks each rerolling all wounds thanks to the bloodstoker.
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