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  1. I mean. Look at this new revenant Sylvaneth musician. How can you have such a cool model and make such bad rules for him? 275 points for 7 wounds and his only "unique" rule is a bravery aura? Compared that with the Lore Seekers that infiltrate your opponent and block objetives. I'm not even talking about the power of the rules but how inspired and interesting ones are and the others could not be more lazy.
  2. I don't understand the problem people has with this stormcast being better and stronger. I mean, it only makes sense with a moving storyline, is like Phase I star wars clone troopers vs Phase II clone troopers. The armor is just more advanced and better designed after years of warfare. I see this evolution of the stormcasts as the same. Actually, it would be cooler if the new fluff was that all old stormcast are phased out in favour of this newer, more darker, stylized stormcasts. That doesnt mean old units need to disappear of course! Just like in legion you have phase 1 and phase 2 clones. They are just historical units. And the proper stormcasts would be the same, they would just change equipement.
  3. Probably deluding was too strong of a word. I apologize for using it, english is not my first lenguage. For me AoS was like the Warcraft movie. A guilty pleasure. I love the warcraft movie, I'm a warcraft fanboy for life (even if in years past, blizzard has lost me). But the movie was, at best, a high 5, but not even a 6. One can absolutely enjoy Age of Sigmar. I did. And theres nothing wrong with that. But the objetive quality of the game is very low. Specially as it is right now.
  4. I have to be honest. The last times I played Age of Sigmar, the game itself was a miserable experience. I mean, I had a blast because I was playing with my friends after more than a year of no playing tabletop related stuff for coronavirus, but the game itself? Nobody was barely paying any attention. (Archaon dying under the spears of 15 morterk guard and 9 of my 25 skullcrushers banishing to morale thanks to the morale lumineth lady were some of the most "xd" moments) I was hard in AoS pre Coronavirus but the state is into right now is as bad as 1.0 AoS with no points. I don't care about tournament results, whatever. The game is so imbalanced, that is just no fun. We have moved to play MESBG. At least there you can play with your army before being completely obliterated. I introduced 6-7 friends thanks to TTS to 40k and LOTR (I'm talking friends with no wargame previous experience). They all bought physical armies to play those games, are painting them, etc... but I could not with a clear mind recommend them AoS. We tried to play it. But the game is just so bad. And I'm gonna take a ton of hate, but tbh I don't care. I really liked this game and I have no problem playing it with my friends if they want, and if they fix it, I'll gladly play again by my own initiative. But anybody defending, right now, Age of Sigmar is in any way, shape or form, a "good" wargame, or even a servicable wargame, is deluding himself. Theres no fun in a game were even the weakest units in the game fighting each other delete themselves the moment they touch one another with help of one buff or power, and a mission design as boring as 40k competitive ones. If you are curious, I play heavy foot ogres and mortal/bloodbound khorne.
  5. What destruction needs is a industrial race based around... destruction, but not destruction for pure chaos but destruction of everything by pure design, be it for greed, or whatever. Stop making destruction the "ugly people with prehistorical technology" alliance. Some could arguee a faction like that would fit "Order" better. But thats easely fixed by making their obsesion for destroying the enviroment part of their race, and is society just "orderly" enough to function to accomplish this goal. As others have pointed out, goblins and ogors can have "functional" civilizations, like any mercenary ogre kingdom based around protecting caravan routes ala old world with Greasus Gooldtoth.
  6. When I spend more time unpacking my models and talking about the mission with my opponent than playing then thats the kind of game I don't enjoy.
  7. Nobody would support a double turn like the one AoS has if it was something on a less well known wargame and not GW-endorsed. Calling a so tactically shallow game as AoS (Even if I like it) more depth because it has double turn is just... no, please. But this thread was not to discuss the double turn.
  8. "My army is so bad I need two consecutive turns to have a chance to win" As a guy that played a full khorne-minotaur army for a year and ended up last in a couple of 40+ people tournaments I can say that it never feels good to get the double turn when you are behind and win with it, it feels like you need a special help to even win.. And when they get it agaisnt you then... yeah.
  9. I would like for shooting, movement and damage to be toned down a bit. The good and competitive stuff shoots too much, is too fast, and hits way too hard. But even the "bad" units do the same. I miss the action starting in turns 2-3, and units being engaged in meele for 2-3 meele phases instead of "Oh I touched you, you are dead". It feels less like a battle and more like playing catch. If other kid touchs you first you lose.
  10. The only thing I agree is with the Aetherquartz. I don't really think it works for them and is a lazy copypaste. I like their morale mechanics, and the implementation of a "morale mage". The elemental and animal themes... eeh... I don't know. They are a slighly inspiration, yeah, cow helmets and those warriors are from the "earth" element but you don't see any kind of indication that they are part of the mountain spirit religion. If GW would release tomorrow a earth themed army with earth elementals and things like that I wouldnt step on the toes of Lumineth. And I believe thats a good thing. Thats how you make a believable race and faction, giving it inspirations and background without being too obvious. In India cows are sacred animals but that doesnt mean everybody wears Cow-themed clothes. The Lumineth have a religion based around elemental spirits but that doesnt mean they are literally elemental-benders from Avatar and are based around the elements, the same goes for the Cow and other future animals.
  11. Blood Bowl is the best example. When the computer is making all the rolls and remembering all the rules for you the system can be as depth and complicated as it wants and the game to remain easy and fun to use.
  12. You are right, 36" until he receives 3 wounds. Still, not the same. Hes a 600 point model with a 4"move.
  13. Being wholly within 18" of a pretty expensive model is not the same as "lol +1 unconditional save for all of the army lol"
  14. Yeah the imperium is hate-filled and intolerant with every non-human, even slighly different humans like mutants, but not based on sex or human "race". Is the old saying of "When orcs and elfs exist, being brown, white or black became much less relevant" It makes all of the sense to call for more diverse ranges for Imperial Guard and other imperial organizations because that has been their fluff since forever, but it is not represented in miniature form.
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