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  1. I can honestly say that GW's pricing models have not directly affected me in the past year or so. Granted, a large part of that is that I have been playing a couple other games lately have been holding my interest and fitting my budget and schedule better. The last GW kit I purchased was two of the Slaves to Darkness Battleforces last year, and I have barely worked on them at all since. Yes, the price increases have killed some of my enthusiasm for Age of Sigmar, but that's not my reason for moving on to other games. My issue is the release schedule - too many new armies and units coming out for me to keep up with them. As it stands these days, I just get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of models and books that are available to use in the game. If I did not have the commute, I would probably be able to keep up with more of the new releases, but I just don't have the resources for it anymore. More options is definitely a good thing for all the players of the game, but not for me. Plus it also doesn't help that I went from being 25% of the local AoS players to 50% in the last year. That really hurt. And with the fact that my closest FLGS is a 45 minute drive away, I am just not able to try and build up the community like I was hoping to in years past. Time issues aside, I still would probably be looking to other games for new model purchases, as I can spend $320 USD on two Battleforces to get a decent AoS army, or I can spend that on another game and have 3 large armies for that system. Yes, the prices for GW models go up over time, but so do the costs for everything. When I do plan out GW armies, I shop around and wait for the Start Collecting or Holiday bundles for those armies, and focus on making a cool, thematic army, and not try to chase the meta or be competitive. I still love Age of Sigmar, and I do hope it succeeds and continues to grow and do well over the coming years. The models are awesome, the rules are good, and the fluff was solid when I last looked into it. But for the time being, I'll probably be focusing more on historicals and smaller-scale sci-fi/fantasy games. And who knows, when my youngest kids get older, they may pull me back into AoS
  2. Wow, I lost track of wargaming and hobby related tasks. I haven't done much since February, and I had my son born a few weeks back, so he has been taking up some of my time lately. Things look to be settling back down a bit, so I should be able to start working on models again. I was able to snag two of those Slaves to Darkness Battleforces, plus another 24 Warriors and some conversion ideas, and so I will be assembling them up shortly, and I have some miniatures for another game system on order through my FLGS that I will work on at some point, so I have plenty to build and work on.
  3. My first edition of Warhammer Fantasy was 8th Edition. But! My first proper wargaming hobby experience was in 5th Edition 40K. I don't know if WHFB was in 8th by then or not, as I played 40K for a couple years before ever picking up any Fantasy models or the rulebook. I did pick up the Age of Sigmar starter set when it originally dropped, but did not play much at the time for various reasons, including working on my 40K armies. I started wargaming in Christmas season of 2010 with my brother when we split an Assault on Black Reach starter set, and I have not stopped yet. Wargmaing is my thing now, and I enjoy all aspects of the hobby and can be evangelistic about it to anyone. Other people have asked "how can you afford all the models?" to which I respond that I do not play video games, buy new fancy electronics, nor do I take big vacations or splurge on alcohol. Miniature wargaming is my life. After the family, of course. I have to keep them fed and clothed so they can make proper wargaming opponents Now here I am, 8+ years, 9+ armies, 5+ game systems across more than 7 edition changes, and I'm more excited for Age of Sigmar than any other game right now.
  4. My pledge this month:. Finish my last 5 Brutes. Finish my last 3 Gore-gruntas. Finish my second Megaboss on foot. Once I get them done, I will be DONE with my Ironjawz. Woohoo! Items after that include: Assembling my step-daughter's armies. Painting a Gargant. Working on custom scenery .
  5. Here are 5 more Brutes that I finished up. I had basically already got the main colors on, just needed to do touch up, shade, and finish. The only thing left on them is maybe a couple more details and then to do the eyes. Following this, I can go ahead and get what would be my pledges for February ready, which the goal will be 5 more Brutes, 3 Gore-gruntas, a Megaboss on foot, and a Gargant. If I can manage it, that will pretty much be all the models I have ready to paint up, so the next steps will be either digging out old models, getting more models, or putting together some more custom scenery.
  6. I was able to crank out quite a bit of painting this weekend. Being snowed in helps, but let's say that I need to get caught up on laundry and cleaning now I finished my Knights, and was able to do some touch up work to my Gorebeast Chariots, and finish my Ironskull Boyz! Edited to get larger, easier to see pictures in place.
  7. If I am being realistic, and I won a big lottery jackpot. there's a few things I would do: pay off my family's and some friends's student loans and any other debt. retire from my job. move my family into a larger home on a bunch of acres set up the funds so that I could live on the interest for ever and set up trust finds for my kids (and possible future grandkids). buy a Corvette If I can be silly with my lottery winnings, and likely what would happen after completing the above steps, I would become a patron of the nerdy arts: support some of the local LARPers and their group that I used to play with back when I was younger. start a gaming convention/event center in my area, and try to make it a national hub for wargaming (and maybe even tabletop gaming in general). have my miniatures commission painted. start my own gaming company and begin writing up all the ideas that I have. If I can be extra silly... pay Guillermo Del Toro the money for his version of Hellboy 3.
  8. Ruins are basically done. Just need to seal them. Maybe add some grass tufts later or some more flock to it later one, but will be playable after I seal up the flocking. I made the grass around the edges match that of my modular hills. Figures for scale. Also, been working on some Chaos Knights that have been sitting and waiting for paint for over two years.
  9. I'm right there with you. I have a 10 year old, a 20-month old toddler, and another coming in April. My goal is to just do something each day. Even if it's paint for 15 minutes after the kids are in bed, that's something for the day.
  10. This thread is awesome and inspirational. I remember a few months back on TheBeastsOfWar YouTube channel, they had released a video back in September discussing the "death of mass battle games" as skirmish games are becoming far more popular, with Kill Team and Necromunda being prime examples. This thread is a counter to their theory that skirmish scale games are the future because players don't want to collect as many models for an army anymore. While I don't have 5000 points of a single Age of Sigmar army (yet), I do have about that much in all the AoS models in my house, and I have well over 8000 points of Imperium of Man for 40K. My army goal right now is to put together a large Slaves to Darkness army, which will be a bit almost right at 5000 points once I get them built up and painted (got some cavalry and chariots done so far). I love the idea of having a bunch of models for a single army, so I'm making it my goal to show off my works on this thread once I get them put together, assembled, and painted. I'm about half way there thanks to the new Battleforces. Now for the rest of them...
  11. I just had a thought for another New Year's Resolution to try out, and everyone else is welcome to join me: do something wargaming hobby related every day of the year. Now for myself, I am including in anything that advances or improves my hobby. This includes but is not limited to: playing a game, reading the rules or fluff, assembling or painting models or scenery (regardless of game system or scale) cleaning and organizing hobby space, cataloguing and sorting my models, any writing related to narratives, home-brew stuff, or potential blog contributions. So far I am doing pretty good since I started on the 3rd. One night I didn't get something done, but I was on call for work and I took a couple calls that lasted most of the evening. But otherwise, I have done something every day. Anyone else up for it?
  12. Greetings, all! I am interested in Narrative play. The potential of what happens on the tabletop is my motivating force for continuing to play this game and enjoy this hobby for 9 years now. But to me, there has been something lacking for Narrative events in the terminology. Specifically in comparison to tournaments. In the past few years, I have seen discussions and arguments over the intent of wargaming events (particularly on other websites a while back) and have even personally been affected by it. In most cases, it boils down to the expectations of a gaming event. For example, a "tournament" must mean a competitive event for the competitive mindset, bring your best or stay home. Whenever someone tries to put together a "casual" tournament, someone else will chime in that a tournament cannot be casual by the very use of the word tournament. So we have tournaments that have an expectation of competitive play. But for Narrative? You just have "narrative event". Which is fine and dandy, and explains what it is. But I have a proposal for a term to use in place of or in addition to "narrative event": Theater There is a double meaning in the use of the team theater that are fitting. First, the connotation of a stage production, a story – actors putting on a show to depict a story for an audience. In this case, the audience is the same as the performers, with the Event organizers playing the directors, producers, writers, and set designers. Secondly, there is the phrase "theater of war" which refers a geographical or determined sector of a war or conflict. It has a meaning related to warfare, and this can be tied to wargaming with no issue. To me, using such a term helps to differentiate a narrative even from a competitive one, while also giving narrative events their own identity. What are your thoughts on this?
  13. I like that GW gave us a notice ahead of time. I use GW paints, but I have so many pots stockpiled that I'm not too worried about it right now. And as others have mentioned, I like the idea of new or mixed up Start Collecting boxes. Or some new bundles like those "ally boxes" they released a while back. Anyone remember those? Limited run bundles that had a collection of models at a nice discount. Some variety like that would be nice for their Start Collecting boxes.
  14. I finished my modular hills (from last month) and made progress on my ruins. For my hills, some of them were a bit too shiny from the last coat of diluted PVA glue I put on them, so I tried using a matte varnish to tone it down, and couldn't tell a difference in them. So they are done now. My ruins have had the drywall putty/filler/spackle/joint compound spread over the foamboard, and then some pebbles and sand glued in for ground grit. I also spray primed them black since I took the below picture, so they are solid black now.
  15. I'll PM you real quick. Dont need to further derail this thread from its topic.
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