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  1. BunkhouseBuster

    Gaming Space at home - Your solutions and setups

    This what I am planning on doing if I ever get a free weekend again: http://www.hirstarts.com/tips28/tips28.html#top Make two 4'x4' boards (or maybe one 4'x4' and two 2'x4' boards),cover with vinyl, and use little hooks and bungee cords to hold them down to smaller tables. And in my case, will work perfectly with our dining table. Failing that, I've always liked the idea of having a gaming table that folds into the wall like a Murphy bed, and having cabinet space that also can hold some scenery and essentials like dice, tape measure, etc.
  2. BunkhouseBuster

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I just realized something about the new command points thing... - points generated each turn - those points are used by the leader and hero type models as a resource to be spent - these provide buffs and debuffs to the models on the table BY SIGMAR, it is the Focus mechanic from Warmachine! NOOOOO! We do NOT need Age of Sigmar turning into Warmahordes. GW and PP have swapped places over the past 5 years, I do not want them switching back!
  3. BunkhouseBuster

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I'm really, really trying to be hopeful here. I was burned about this time last year by some of the changes to 40K, and I have yet to play 8th Edition. To be fair, the local 40K players basically all drove me away with their attitudes on the hobby and in life in general. Age of Sigmar has been my exclusive wargame for more than a year now, and I have greatly enjoyed the game itself and the relationships I have built with other players in my local area, because they don't take the game so seriously as other game players in my area. To me, I'm not too excited for some of these new changes, particularly about the command points thing and how Battalions are tied into using Command Abilities. Not because I'm concerned about how some armies don't have any good Battalions (or none at all), and not because I'm afraid of possibilities of how many artifacts might now show up on the table, nor am I concerned with how many command points can be had in a single game. No, what bothers me is the restrictions and coupling being put into the game now. Someone in this thread earlier mentioned that they are a programmer, and they ought to be familiar with the concepts of Coupling and Cohesion. Having now tied command points into Battalions is coupling - one cannot be had without the other now. That is a defined rule that is going into the core rules and links those two concepts together across all three forms of play (Matched, Open, and Narrative). This is not adding in another layer on top of the game, but adding one within. That is Coupling: linking things together in a way that makes it hard to separate them. When I talk about the greatest strength of Age of Sigmar being its modularity, I'm really talking about Cohesion, and just using the word module as that term refers to cohesion in tabletop gaming expansions, particularly in older RPGs. What do I mean by Modularity in AoS? Things like Skirmish, Path to Glory, the Three Ways to Play, points values, battalions, custom warscrolls, narrative battleplans - these can all be used and mixed and matched in ways to enhance the gaming experience for you and other players. Think of a wargame like ice cream. You have all these different flavors of ice cream that you can get, right? Rocky road, cookies 'n' cream, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and many variations upon. Cohesion, A.K.A. modularity, is having a plain flavor and adding toppings to it, where Coupling is mixing the ingredients together in a way that it becomes its own thing dependent on its ingredients to exist. What if I want a banana split? Or a hot fudge sundae? Or a choco-banana-mint milkshake? Should I use the rocky road, the chocolate, or the vanilla to make those? Personally, I would much rather Age of Sigmar be plain vanilla ice cream that I can add whatever toppings to it I want, rather than a rocky road-type that delivers a unique, special experience that be limited in what you can add without it being overpowering (flavor wise, not game wise).
  4. BunkhouseBuster

    Couldn’t log on or see posts for past day

    It's on my laptop too, so it's not just mobile. I'm glad it's something as benign as just an update causing issues. What with the discussion a couple months back about procuring funds for the site, I was having some concerning thoughts.
  5. BunkhouseBuster

    Malign Portents

    I greatly enjoyed this latest story. To anyone who still says that the Stormcast Eternals are nothing more than Fantasy Space Marines, we can point them to the Malign Portents stories, in particular this latest one dealing with the reforging. (And yes, I am aware there are other bits of fluff that are also indicators of the nature of Stormcast and how they ARE NOT Space Marines, but the naysayers don't read the novels, now do they?) That said, as much as I enjoyed reading it and how it sparked my imagination with ideas, I wish it had come at a different time. I am dealing with some serious drama with my relatives right now, and I would really enjoy some good old fashioned "hero defeating the villains" type stories. ... Did anyone else get a strong Ghostbuster vibe out of the whole catching-a-ghost-with-lightining thing? Or was that just me?
  6. BunkhouseBuster

    The Painting Contract - April 2018

    Thanks! I went with Runefang Steel and Auric Armor Gold, covered with Agrax Earthshade, and a light drybrushing Runefang Steel.
  7. BunkhouseBuster

    The Painting Contract - April 2018

    Finally got some pictures of them taken! Here are my first 3 Gorebeast Chariots! And yes, I am aware that I didn't do their pole decorations yet. I'm still debating if it is worth it or not, but these guys are tabletop ready now. I do want do get some tufts of grass and apply to their bases, but my FLGS didn't have any in stock last time I looked. Next step, painting up 10 Chaos Knights and a Chaos Sorcerer. I have mentioned that I am going to be working on assembling a bunch of Death models for my step-daughter, but I am hoping to get another load of models to add to that bunch, and I'll assemble them all in one go when the time comes.
  8. BunkhouseBuster

    Suneater Tribes Battletome WIP: Full rules Pg6

    @Melcavuk, you are in inspiration to Narrative and homebrew gamers! I've been working on some custom Warscrolls of my own, but not with the depth of creating my own faction. You're giving me ideas though, and I hope that more folks will start to write up their own Warscrolls for customizing their hobby. I'll have to finish up the Warscrolls I was working on, and actually share them here on TGA.
  9. BunkhouseBuster

    The Painting Contract - April 2018

    Well, I got my Gorebeast Chariots painted up, including the guys riding it! Woohoo! I would normally take pictures of them, but they are already packed up for a game tomorrow night. Hopefully I can get pictures of them up this week. Tonight, I'm starting up on my step-daughter's Death army. So many Skeletons to build, woof. Oh, and all the Dispossessed models I have been accumulating for the past year so I have a larger collection of models for Skirmish games. My group is really getting into Skirmish here lately.
  10. BunkhouseBuster

    Do Ironjawz Ardboys shields stop mortal wounds?

    I sent this same question to them about this time last year, and look what that's got us so far There are a few other spots where the whole Ironjawz army each has something on its Warscroll (except Brutes) that could use clarification or updating. I get the feeling that the Ironjawz were probably one of the first armies written up for AoS, and that's what lead to some of these little rules discrepancies that come up. Personally, I'm convinced that the shields DO stop Mortal Wounds, since the Rules themselves treat Mortal Wounds as wounds that basically ignore armor saves. My logic being in the terms used to structure the process of applying the damage to a unit of models: "suffering" and "allocating". Bolded for emphasis: Core Rules - INFLICTING DAMAGE: "When inflicting damage, if you allocate a wound to a model, you must keep on allocating wounds to that models unti lit is either slain, or no more wounds remain to be allocated." Core Rules - MORTAL WOUNDS: "Some attacks inflict mortal wounds. Do not make hit, wound, or save rolls for a mortal wound - just allocate the wounds to models from the target unit as described above." Ardboys Warscroll says: "Roll a dice before allocating a wound to a model with an Orruk-forged Shield. On a roll of 6 the wound is ignored." So, by this logic, I would err on the side of the Ardboys Shields protecting from Mortal Wounds, based on the wording in the rules for Mortal Wounds and Allocation, which both are done done after normal armor saves (if any). Because it uses the word "allocate" in distributing the wounds, rather than the phrase "suffers". And if we consider the fact that the unit can have mixed weapons loadouts, this is the only proper way to do it. The UNIT takes the Wounds and Mortal Wounds, which are "allocated" to the MODELS as regular Wounds (or Damage), which it "suffers" one at a time until the model is slain. My thinking is this: Hit > Wound > Regular Saves > Damage (multi-damage, etc) > Allocation (Ardboy Shield) > Suffers (Phoenix Guard, et al.) > Slain when Wounds reaches zero Oh, and the fact that Ironskull's Boys from Shadespire have the same phrasing of "allocating" Wounds and Mortal Wounds sets for me a precedent that the Ardboys are supposed to have their shields work against Mortal Wounds. As they have shown with Blades of Khorne, Kharadron Overlords, and Legions of Nagash, GW is not afraid to update Warscrolls for clarity or complete overhauls. Why hesitate for the Ardboys?
  11. BunkhouseBuster

    Do you like the lore?

    I really like the lore now. Back AoS was first released, I wasn't too excited for it, but I was able to appreciate it as a continuation of the WHFB story lines. When I dove in head first into AoS, I really liked the scope and undefined nature of the Mortal Realms. It really gave me the sense of a large setting where anyone could carve out their own corner of it for their own personal fluff. Another key aspect to my enjoyment of the fluff is the fact that it is new. I don't have to track down over 20 years worth of books to soak everything in (but I still can if I want) and I can stay on top of everything new as it is released. The newness of the setting is fun and exciting, since we are seeing something being built from the ground up, yet also based on an established setting. However... This sums up my thoughts exactly. The limitless nature of the Mortal Realms was one of the cool things about them, and now GW has gone and put a border around the maps, and defined how some things works. One of the cool and mysterious aspects of the Mortal Realms is now explained and rationalized. Oh well. I still like how things are going though.
  12. BunkhouseBuster

    The Painting Contract - April 2018

    UPDATE: I don't have pictures, but I was able to get my three Gorebeast Chariots with their base coats on, and sand on their bases. Next step is to paint up the bases, glue the models down, shade them, and do detail work. Then touch up, etc. After that, who knows? Maybe I'll get to work on assembling my step-daughter's death army or get back to painting my Ironjawz.
  13. BunkhouseBuster

    Age of Sigmar Fan Magazine [The Initiative]

    Ooh! OOH! This might be enough to inspire me to produce something and get moving on my various project ideas. I'll see what I can throw together. @hellalugosi How would you feel about editorials?
  14. BunkhouseBuster

    The Painting Contract - April 2018

    Well, I'm going to try and make a pledge here for April. I did decently on last month's pledge, up until my relatives acted up again (but that's another story for another time!). While I did get most of the Stormcast built that I had (in spite of the efforts of some of the models), I was not able to work on my step-daughter's Death army beyond getting the pieces clipped and ready for assembly. So I will keep it realistic and simple this month. My pledges for April are: - Paint up my 3 Gorebeast Chariots (at least the Gorebeasts and chariots, no promise on the riders yet). - Assemble my step-daughter's Death army (the prospect of assembling 90 infantry, 3 monsters, and sundry others). Anything beyond that will be miraculous...
  15. BunkhouseBuster

    Greenskin Lore Confusion

    I certainly think so! When the released that video recently when Phil Kelley discussed the nature of the Mortal Realms and how day and night works in them, I did not care for it one bit! I prefer having a less-defined setting to let people and players come up with their own stuff. And speaking of Orcs/Orruks, in my personal fluff for my Ironjawz, Da Crisomn Crushas, my Megaboss, Blurrog, had a vision of what it would mean to win every battle and defeat every opponent: nothingness. That eventually there would be one big Orruk as the winner, and no one left to fight. Out of a drive to prevent the eternal boredom to come from being the last surviving Orruk (because of course it would be him!) he makes sure to only fight the biggest and baddest enemies, and let smaller enemies grow up bigger and stronger so as to make better opponents later on. So this gives him a sense of pseudo-honor that he has in protecting "da littl' uns", and getting "propa fightin' in" against stronger foes. In contrast, many of Blurrog's lieutenants are excited for the coming harvests, viewing their actions as making a garden of Gork (and probably Mork). So Da Crimson Crushas aren't about complete destruction, but keeping the cycle of destruction going forever. Could I do something like that in WHFB? Maybe, but I never read into Orc and Goblin fluff back in the day (I was just planning my second army when AoS dropped). But I can tell you that in a more fixed setting like Warmahordes you definitely couldn't have that. To me, I love the vagueness of the Age of Sigmar setting. I like that the maps aren't completely set or accurate, and you don' know what lies beyond the edge, because that is where the excitement and mystery is: not knowing. I would say give the game time. GW is updating the armies and setting at a decent pace, and they slowly give out bits of information with each release. Patience is a virtue, remember