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  1. I can honestly say that GW's pricing models have not directly affected me in the past year or so. Granted, a large part of that is that I have been playing a couple other games lately have been holding my interest and fitting my budget and schedule better. The last GW kit I purchased was two of the Slaves to Darkness Battleforces last year, and I have barely worked on them at all since. Yes, the price increases have killed some of my enthusiasm for Age of Sigmar, but that's not my reason for moving on to other games. My issue is the release schedule - too many new armies and units coming out for me to keep up with them. As it stands these days, I just get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of models and books that are available to use in the game. If I did not have the commute, I would probably be able to keep up with more of the new releases, but I just don't have the resources for it anymore. More options is definitely a good thing for all the players of the game, but not for me. Plus it also doesn't help that I went from being 25% of the local AoS players to 50% in the last year. That really hurt. And with the fact that my closest FLGS is a 45 minute drive away, I am just not able to try and build up the community like I was hoping to in years past. Time issues aside, I still would probably be looking to other games for new model purchases, as I can spend $320 USD on two Battleforces to get a decent AoS army, or I can spend that on another game and have 3 large armies for that system. Yes, the prices for GW models go up over time, but so do the costs for everything. When I do plan out GW armies, I shop around and wait for the Start Collecting or Holiday bundles for those armies, and focus on making a cool, thematic army, and not try to chase the meta or be competitive. I still love Age of Sigmar, and I do hope it succeeds and continues to grow and do well over the coming years. The models are awesome, the rules are good, and the fluff was solid when I last looked into it. But for the time being, I'll probably be focusing more on historicals and smaller-scale sci-fi/fantasy games. And who knows, when my youngest kids get older, they may pull me back into AoS
  2. I'm right there with you. I have a 10 year old, a 20-month old toddler, and another coming in April. My goal is to just do something each day. Even if it's paint for 15 minutes after the kids are in bed, that's something for the day.
  3. This thread is awesome and inspirational. I remember a few months back on TheBeastsOfWar YouTube channel, they had released a video back in September discussing the "death of mass battle games" as skirmish games are becoming far more popular, with Kill Team and Necromunda being prime examples. This thread is a counter to their theory that skirmish scale games are the future because players don't want to collect as many models for an army anymore. While I don't have 5000 points of a single Age of Sigmar army (yet), I do have about that much in all the AoS models in my house, and I have well over 8000 points of Imperium of Man for 40K. My army goal right now is to put together a large Slaves to Darkness army, which will be a bit almost right at 5000 points once I get them built up and painted (got some cavalry and chariots done so far). I love the idea of having a bunch of models for a single army, so I'm making it my goal to show off my works on this thread once I get them put together, assembled, and painted. I'm about half way there thanks to the new Battleforces. Now for the rest of them...
  4. I just had a thought for another New Year's Resolution to try out, and everyone else is welcome to join me: do something wargaming hobby related every day of the year. Now for myself, I am including in anything that advances or improves my hobby. This includes but is not limited to: playing a game, reading the rules or fluff, assembling or painting models or scenery (regardless of game system or scale) cleaning and organizing hobby space, cataloguing and sorting my models, any writing related to narratives, home-brew stuff, or potential blog contributions. So far I am doing pretty good since I started on the 3rd. One night I didn't get something done, but I was on call for work and I took a couple calls that lasted most of the evening. But otherwise, I have done something every day. Anyone else up for it?
  5. @kaaras - glad I could be inspiration for you! That's a first for me! I'm looking forward to your Maw-Krusha.
  6. I don't even want to talk about my goals for 2018 that I had this time last year. I basically took this past year off from AoS *gasp!* and tried another game out. Combine that with cleaning/remodelling the house and stuff getting packed up and hidden out of site for a while, and it's tricky to finish projectss. While I did enjoy that other game, and I think it has some really good mechanics, I much prefer the community for Age of Sigmar, both here on TGA and my local (ish) players. And I have found that it is the players that make or break a game, regardless of how balanced or streamlined or deep a rules set is. As such, I will be bringing my attention back around to the game that got me inspired to be more than just a player and start being a leader in the community. My hobby resolutions for 2019, in no particular order: Finish my terrain and scenery projects - I started some up some modular hills and ruins recently that I am itching to finish up, and then I have some more ideas in my head I want to work on. Finish painting my Ironjawz - I have just a handful of models not yet finished, and that needs to be fixed. Then I may consider expanding them one more time. Collect a BCR/Gutbusters army, a S2D/Khorne army, and/or a Dispossessed/Dwarf army - I have been wanting to put these together for over six years now and it's high time I actually put these together. Start a blog/YouTube channel to spread and share the hobby - another project I have been meaning to work on for years, but never got around to. Start posting regularly here on TGA again
  7. Thanks for the clarification on that. I'm in Missouri, USA, but am evangelistic about Warhammer and Age of Sigmar to other folks, and it would be amazing to work for GW in any capacity. If you found the best candidate from outside of the UK, would you assist them with the expenses and logistics of moving?
  8. I settled on a single basing scheme for my 40K models, and it really tied them together, especially when they are all out on display. But I went with really quick and simple for them in order to get them done. As for the mixing of different base styles, its partly because I don't have the patience to mix and match on the basing as I rush to get them done, partly because I haven't had luck with anything beyond the basics, and partly because I like the consistency of a single style. I did Stirland mud with a Rakarth Flesh drybrush for about 6 or 7 years for my 40K models, and the way I would add variety would be in debris from battle (casualties, spare weapons/limbs, etc.) or large rocks (aquarium or driveway gravel glued and painted). You make the mixed bases work really well with your guys. I may try and copy it for a one-off model sometime, but I like the consistency in my forces.
  9. Thanks for your recipe! Basing is always something I have struggle with, at least in as far as finding something that I am satisfied with for my armies. I was able to a consistent look that didn't aggravate me with my old Lizardmen army (which was sand+PVA glue, soaked with Agrax Earthshade, and then dark green flocking added) and my Space Marines/40K armies (GW Stirland Mud with Rakarth Flesh drybrush. I'm still not sure if I like the Agrellen crakle paint as I have issues in testing it myself (haven't tried the glue trick though), but it looks really nice on your bases. But there's just something in my brain that doesn't let me have mixed basing on my models like that. But it doesn't bother my for other folks's armies. Keep up the good work! It keeps me inspired for sure!
  10. I have yet to run one, but I would try to run a full-on monster mash list if I did. There's just something about dragons that are really cool, and I feel that is one area where they can really expand in AoS - more dragons! And speaking of cheaper alternatives, here is one that I have: Reaper Miniatures Marthrangul https://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Bones/price/77542 It's also a lot cheaper than a Maw-krusha, and is an appropriate size for comparison. I have seen some folks bend the wings down with hot water with the intent of running them as Magma Dragons for AoS. That's on my plan of projects in the future.
  11. How about contributing members get to react to as many posts as they want and not have a daily limit, or at least a higher one? I don't know how many times I wish that the daily limit for reacting to others's posts was higher than it is.
  12. An option may be to just have a special icon to go on user profiles who are contributing members? If a special "premium" section of the website isn't feasible, then maybe just having something on user profiles would be sufficient? As you mentioned in the first post, only a fraction of a percentage of the members need to contribute a little bit in order to keep things running.
  13. Congratulations on the success of the site! Hopefully this site can keep on growing and encouraging the hobby, and be a fun, friendly place where actual discussions can happen. Regarding the options you listed for continued funding of TGA,... One or two banners on the site would be ultimately harmless. And though I loathe to mention them, there is a big difference between DakkaDakka (one or two banners) and Bell of Lost Souls article pages (WAY too many adverts!). And I wouldn't think that finding advertisers would be difficult. I know it has issues, but what about the Google affiliate program in some way? I remember back in the day that was the way to get advertising revenue on a blog. But that was about 5 years ago I last looked into that, and I don't know if it's even a thing anymore. I remember back in the day when MiniWargGaming added adverts to their forums, and it nearly broke things for a while until they fixed it; several banner adverts put in throughout the forums, and threads were split up and were more difficult to read. I would tread lightly with this one, and be careful in implementing and placing the ads. This would be the first website where I would actually consider a paid subscription for additional features. But that is only because this site has done much for rekindling my interest and passion for miniature wargaming in way that I haven't felt in about 3 or 4 years. If you implemented a paid subscription service for this site, and it was at or under $5 USD a month, I would subscribe without any consideration for the additional features. And I be many of my fellow forum-goers feel the same way. This one I would implement, no doubt there. Hm.... I don't know about this one. Patreon has had some recent controversy... https://blog.patreon.com/updating-patreons-fee-structure/ Basically, they changed up how they charged their fees, and it really screwed over the folks who were getting money from several smaller contributors as opposed to fewer larger. They did go back to how they did things before: https://blog.patreon.com/not-rolling-out-fees-change/ But I have learned anything about how the Internet works now, there is no guarantee that they won't mess this up. And considering that they are wanting to make changes, something will come later. I would probably avoid Patreon for the time being. Eh, maybe? Kickstarter typically need a product of some kind to provide incentives, don't they? I haven't looked into what it takes to run a Kickstarter, so maybe this would work out. I've only ever backed three Kickstarters, and it would be an easy way to get funds from around the world. However, it would be a large lump of cash all at once that you would have to use for a duration of time. The subscriber model and advertising mentioned above would provide a steady stream of income over time, which is something to take into consideration. I would say that a subscription method combined with a few banner ads on the sight would be the traditional way to go, and would mesh together well - how about paid subscribers get to view the site ad free! I'm still not sure that I like the Kickstarter or Patreon ideas. How about products to sell? There's already a store on this site, isn't there? How about some more dice and t-shirt options? I'd wear a polo representing TGA! This would be a bit more labor intensive as it would require designing and marketing the products some, but it would be a steady stream of revenue if marketed right. Good luck in whichever you choose! I will contribute as I am able! I'd hate to see this site go down because it got too popular.
  14. I'm having an issue where a Warscroll with a damage table keeps messing up the damage table every time I load it up. Here's a screenshot of what it's doing each time (pay no attention to the stats, it's a BIG dragon ). Notice that it added in those extra lines at the beginning there? It just added in a blank row (which does NOT show up in the actual printable Warscroll) and doubled the instance of the first row. It didn't remove anything, just added in a blank row and repeated first row. Firefox 58.0.2 64-bit, Windows 10
  15. My 9-year old step-daughter said earlier this year that she wanted to play and paint a Deathrattle army, but now she is telling me that I can paint it for her. This is in spite of the fact that I'm painting my own Ironjawz and I don't have enough time for that as is! Kids are tricky that way. They give you opportunity to get more models, but then cause you to have hobby overload.
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