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  1. Hi Terri If you're passing Warhammer World, give me a shout and and we'll have a chat, I'll try to answer your questions. Message me on our FaceBook page - Games Workshop Citadel Miniatures Recruitment. In the meantime, take a look at this months issue of 3D World magazine, there's an 8 page feature on us and the sorts of people that we are looking for. Cheers Matt
  2. It's alive!!!!! https://jobs.games-workshop.com/ Take a look :-)
  3. Who's going to Salute on Saturday? I'm going to be hanging around the Forge Word, come and say "Hi".
  4. Hi chaps, we've got a 60-strong team, all in one room. Pretty much half of that number are miniatures designers, when new designers join the team, the say something like "wow, with this much talent in one room I can learn so much!" We absolutely recognise the other benefits of everybody being on site as well, if you needed to talk to a tool designer it's a 2 minute walk away; a 'Eavy Metal painter it's 5 second walk; another designer ....... etc The onsite bar, the gym etc I understand the benefits of remote working ( we even tried it years ago.....) but the benefits of all us being under one roof far outweigh. So, sorry, we don't consider freelance. Cheers all Matt
  5. Hi PJetski Sorry I'm not, I'm focussed on the miniatures side the equation. What Dez said :-)
  6. Thanks Gaz :-) We're not looking for experience in software tools, but we are looking for people who have the drive, determination and passion to make great miniatures. Show me what you can do......
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