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Found 25 results

  1. I started this in the Destruction forum, but I have now started painting the war host. First, some fluff: From the depths of the Dracborough mountains, a new force was stirring in Hysh, the realm of light. These benighted orruks despised the light, having been forced from their home in Ulgu under the guidance of a trio of mysterious, deadly Fimir. In his travels, Balogog had gathered a ragtag band of followers, ogors, his savage kin, hulking orruks in heavy armour and heavier weapons, his own green-skinned tribe and even some grots, though they were wise enough to stay deep in the cave system or patrol the nearby mountains and passes for fear of being an ogors next meal. The Fimir had told Balogog of the fantastical Realm Gates, a way for him to return to Ulgu and exact his vengeance on those that drove them out. He was strong now, with a strong hoard of warriors eager for battle. Much did the Fimir say, twisting his mind with ideas of glory and vengeance. To reach the Realm Gate, he would have to cut a bloody swathe through Hysh, culminating in the taking of the Realm Gate far to the south. The time for action, had come... Ok, so I am not a great fluff writer, but hopefully as this project progresses it will be added to and refined and it will make more sense. I intend to make a combined Destruction force with elements from big factions (orruks, ogors, grots and maybe a gargant (do have one...)) and basically tell the story of Balogog. I plan to have a few versions of Balogog depending on the scenario. I have the Orruk Warboss on Boar, I would like to use the Ironjawz Megaboss sometimes and so on. As they are a ragtag force and on the move, I am also trying to convert them with weapons from each kit (so my Savage Orruks have normal Orruk or Ironjawz weapons here and there, things like that). The Fimir are also key to this story, so they will turn up in most battle reports as I build this force up. They are great models too, although I screwed up when I built them so may have to do some conversion work to make them actually go together properly... Anyway, here are some starter shots. First up is the test model, front and rear: Next are the first five savage orruks. I have recently completed the standard bearer and am on to number 7: If you got this far, thanks very much! In my collection so far I have: Savage Warboss - Edit: name Ughaag (Oog Harg), painted Wardokk (name undetermined) Edit: name Glurgob, painted 20 Savage Orruks - Edit: 20 painted, 10 more would help. Balogog on Boar: Edit: painted as well. Warboss standard bearer: Edit - got converted with the large axe version and to be an Ard Boy 10 Orruk Arrow Boyz - Edit: there are 20 now... Edit Edit (is that a thing???): 20 painted with warpaint to be counts as Savage Arrer Boyz 5 10 Orruk Boarboyz - Edit: all painted too... Warchanter - Edit: name Shagrbash, painted 10 Hard Boyz- Edit: 10 painted, 5 in undercoat. need 15 more to get the bonuses... Edit Edit: So there are now 30 all up, 10 Orruk Boyz with some kitbashing, and 5 Orruk Nobz from 40K with some useful swaps 5 Brutes - Edit: 5 painted, but someone added 5 more to the collection... 3 Gruntas - Edit: painted, need 6 more I think... 3 Fimir - Edit: painted 1 Gargant - painted decidedly chaotic at the moment, but I suppose that doesn't matter 1 Chariot - painted, can't ever be used but hey, looks cool. would be fun to convert it to carry a shaman and make it a Maniak Weirdnob... To add to the pile I think I want: 1 Ogor leader of some description 6 Leadbelchers 1 or 2 Ironlaunchers 10 Grot Wolf riders 1 Grot Shaman More Arrow Boyz More Savage Orruks Oh, and who doesn't love the Mawkrusha... - Edit: see later, the big boy is done...
  2. Last summer I returned to the hobby after a 15 year hiatus. Before that I collected Dwarfs and Dark Elves, had an combined army of Ogres with my dad and had just started on a Skaven force when I lost interest/went to university. Since last summer I've been painting things left over and i'm still not done with the backlog. But I've decided to do the one army that has always been on my list but I never started on.... A Slaanesh army. The heroes are just fantastic and with the daemons the faction became gritty. The arrogance and bravoure but without it looking misplaced is what I liked in the models and something I would like this army to show. My inspiration to get started on this theme was an old episode of QI: Greeks. In this episode the weird story gets told of why you should run to the hills if you saw a Spartan doing his hair, makeup and applying perfume. Spartan Warriors did this before a battle to the death because they wanted to be sure to look their best in death. Further building on the similarities, and differences, between the Slaanesh Lore and Spartan history I have a backstory in mind that inspired me to start. But you will have to discover that for yourself through the blurbs with the models/units I post. (also the made to order deamonettes came at a perfect moment as I don't really like the new models ) So i'm using this plog and the realmwars campaign thread and site to keep me going. So all C&C is welcome and all questions will be answered. First up the Slaanesh Lord on Foot.
  3. Hello all. So since I dusted off some decade-old horribly painted models, I decided to make my first full AoS army and had a little fun writting a story that would fit the theme. I expect to update from time to time, as minis are not all that ready yet and the fluff itself leaves many questions unanswered! Had a good time doing this and think that keeping track online through a forum dedicated for the occasion would be cool Here it goes... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Introduction: The Free Principality of Veriithas lies in a remote location of Ghyran, concealed to the eyes of many. In an enviable geographical position, this peninsula of vast fertile grasslands is surrounded by the natural defenses of a mountain range in the north and the immensity of the ocean elsewhere. The activity is mostly centered around the major urban capital known as the Glimmering-City, the Jewel of Veriithas. Resplendent towers and busy market streets all contribute to the magnificence and prosperity of the region, while its inhabitants boast of high moral integrity, intellectual brilliance and formidable martial prowess. The very name of the capital is testimony of its greatness, as even in the darkest hour of the night, it may be sighted from many many leagues away, its incessant activity granting an eternal glow of light. The older generations assert this was all true in the past, nostalgic of greater times. For in the current age, not all that glitters is gold. +++ The Myth: The events that shaped the Free Principality of Veriithas are concealed in half legends, disputed historic facts and hyperbolic bardic tales. All appear to state that the seeds were cast centuries ago, in an undisclosed city in Ghyran, the Realm of Life. The Benevolent Founder of the Principality, recalled as Lord Veriithas, was said to have been a stern anonymous citizen that carried out a simple and humble existence among his community. However, the Kindly Lord was unlike his peers. Indeed, Lord Veriithas had turned his back to the Gods long ago. On a daily basis, he swallowed the bile provoked by the religious fanatics that sickened his entrails, barely containing the rage of their sight. Their very presence, lies and hypocrisy slowly eroded his existence into a sour well of unconstrained hatred. If the legends are to be true, some tales justify the mishappening by placing the hero as a dweller of an establishment were the religious fervor of its inhabitants surpassed by far the rational thought of sentient beings. Countless promenades and plazas filled with statues and temples dedicated to the God Pantheon, each searching to outdo the previous in sumptuousness. The very core of the urban life revolved around worshiping and praising the entities that had delivered them from the grasp of the Chaos Gods. Zealous processions, week-long celebrations and extravagant banquets on the streets gathering the whole population were common features of this devoted estate. Lord Veriithas spat upon them all. +++ The Founding: If one wanders the darkest alleys or the most deplorable taverns of the Glimmering-City, Jewel of the Principality, one might encounter wretched old figures that claim to known the truth behind the Venerable Lord. In their words, The Glorious Builder would speak about how many a times had he stood among the religious zealots in their frantic celebrations and the spark of revolt germinated within. The essence of the Free Principality of Veriithas emanates from this very principal: revolt. The Great Benefactor could not concede the submission to the superior entities that his peered deemed as “Gods”. As an individual, these were not Gods nor deserved to dedicate one's existence at their service. The Savant Lord would argue that no entity was worthy of praise if they were subject to lowly emotions and fallibility of mere mortals. “Why would I place my faith in you?”, he was often heard to solemnly express among the sea of idols that plagued his entourage. Mortals such as himself were but tools to the superior beings that would scheme, conspire and keep their backs to the lowly earthlings that would blindly follow them, selling their flesh and soul with little to no regard for their own self-awareness. This process of thought would eventually take its toll on the ability of Lord Veriithas to strive amidst people abandoned to the mindless worship of celestial beings that would mock their ignorance, if they were ever to pay attention to such pitiful acts. Such was the nature of the Great Deliverer. Ostracized by his people, preyed upon the authorities that would not tolerate dissidents, the self imposed exile was nigh for his companions and himself. For Veriithas would not undertake his journey on his own, but accompanied by a group of faithful individuals that formed an unlikely group that spent countless nights discussing and exchanging ideas of a better future within the murkiest of watering holes, often attracting unwanted attention during endless sessions filled with intoxication and street violence. Thus came the day were a motley crew of would-be adventurers and heroes ventured into the unknown, deep into uncharted territory, free of the grasp of the so-called civilized world. Along the way, struggle for survival would be fierce, enduring the hostile land and slaying beasts that the wildest areas of Ghyran granted unwelcome guests. The recollections of this struggle are scarce. Suffice to say that beyond a low peaked mountain range, unknown to them, the companions set the first landmark of the Free Principality of Veriithas. A vast depression extended itself almost beyond sight with what appeared to be an endless ocean on the horizon. The intrepid travelers ventured into what appeared to be a hostile-free peninsula. The first charted map of the region mentions the absolute lack of dangerous species or inclement weather condition. The land was fertile, the shores calm and the skies a cloudless radiant blue. Without doubt, this enclave would be propitious to establish a new settlement and so thought fitted the exiled companions. However, the skeptic and uncompromising nature of Lord Veriithas would make him susceptible to this apparent new found paradise. Some phenomenons could not be explained and reveled unusual by rational means, the air infested with the foul stench of magic. As attests the oldest scripture regarding this discovery, the end of the narrow canyon pass that leads into the depression is guarded by a monolithic stone were one may read “Land of the Primeval Truth. Free of the chains of Gods”. +++ The Flourishing: At this point, the myths and legends regarding the magnificent upbringing of the Free Principality are lost. Scholars debate on the odds of forming such a rich nation over the course of a couple of decades, let alone on the practical possibility of a group of men being able to thrive from nothing. Even the fate of the initial founders remain a conundrum, as no trusted source provides such answers. Only the words of the Bard Nostradimus give an indication of their following steps, if the drunken charlatan may be considered veracious. According to the old fool, there are four key figures in the formation of the Free Principality, starting with the Illustrious Lord himself, who first established the very foundations of the Glimmering-City, Jewel of The Free Principality of Veriithas. Situated by the strategically placed delta that opens the Principality to maritime routes, this large enclave is the center of all commercial and political activities. Accompanying Veriithas would be the skilled builder Iohsefov, edifier of the bastion that arbors his name, an inexpugnable rampant situated at the only entry point through land, baring passage to any threat descending from the mountains of the north and beyond. This septentrional area situated beyond the range of the Iohsefov Bastion, known as the Savage Lands of Ravage and Ruination, are home to malefic creatures such as Greenskins, Tree-spirits, worshipers of the Dark Gods or worst of all, malevolent lackeys of the Tyrant of Azyr. The virtuous knight Forganegorix was mentioned to be the most skilled warrior of the group, swiftly organizing a military force that would later become the Order of Paladins of the Light Tower, regrouping the most noble and finest warriors of the land. Last of the heroic figures to form the foundations of the Free Principality, Terris the farmer would undergo the monumental task of establishing an efficient agricultural structure that could feed multiple times the whole population of the region. The Grassplains, large extensions of prosperous grass fields and fertile soil, were most probably the source of such thriving and flourishing of civilization. These four men are still held in highest regard, hailed as the saviors of a truthfully free city, away of the conventions and menial obligations that other similar establishments have. The constitution of these pillars that sustain the province, with a strong economic trading center, a formidable military force, complex defense systems and endless supplies are the hallmark of a golden age that is long forgotten. Today, this seemingly idyllic enclave deep within Ghyran is but a pale shadow of its glorious past. +++ The Cult: It was mentioned previously that the region was subject to bizarre occurrences, with presence of the unnatural growing strong. For among the vast depression may be found three vast geological instances that resemble bottomless pits, as black as a dragon's maw, leading to the insides of the earth. Situated at a equal distance from the Glimmering-City, they form a triangular geometrical disposition through which emanates flows of raw magic, apparently invisible to non-supernatural practitioners. These pits, large circular black holes of a hundred meters wide, emanate a strange haze that alters the air that crackles by the pure concentration of energy. The origin of such pits is unknown to the inhabitants of the Principality, nor the scarce chronicles of the Founding Fathers mention anything related to them. The reputed historian Faustur assures to detain the proof behind these geological accidents, and how they were pivotal in the upbringing of the Principality. By his doubtful account, these Pits were gates to another plane of existence were shady figures would emerged from them, back when Veriithas and his companions first arrived. These entities of smoke and sulfur would speak tongues unknown and softly whisper in the ears of the mortal men during their sleep, instructing them in knowledge and secrets far beyond human comprehension. Initially a godless land in nature, the first official accounts of the recorded history of the Principality following the loss of Founding Fathers mention the concept of Primeval Truth as a cult-like following. The eloquent Faustur claims the revelation of the Primeval Truth marks the start of History of the region, for it is with this knowledge that these men were able to perform the memorable feats of their legend. Shunning aside conventional Gods, the Primeval Truth is centered around meditation and interior harmony. Do as thou wilt. Individual strength and rationality are held in highest regard, all contributing to a greater good. Their belief is more cosmic and spiritual than the formulaic Pantheon worshipers of the Mortal Realms, a hidden force that guides them and imbues them rather than being servile to powerful beings that use them as tools for a subjective agenda. This may have been the case when the Principality was first established, in line with the thoughts and standards of Lord Veriithas. The truth is far uglier. Throughout time, the initial concept behind the Primeval Truth has degenerated into yet one more of the countless mind-numbing religious cults that plague the Mortal Realms, the vision of Veriithas shattered. The whole society appears to have left behind the noble principles of spiritual freedom and replaced it with barbaric acts of sacrifices and idol worshiping, concentrated on the powers emanating from these three Pits. The elderly and infirm are cast into the Decaying Pit, which oozes a foul stench of rot. The corpses of warriors and casualties of war are thrown into the Sanguine Pit, whose constant red mist sets into a wild frenzy those fool enough to stay within its influence for too long. Mutants, dissidents and heretics that question the Primeval Truth are swiftly defenestrated into the Revelation Pit, as a last act of mercy for their own enlightenment. Random acts of devoted fervor such as flagellation and hours of praying to motionless statues are all too common, the citizens in their ignorance mocking the Founding Fathers. If the descent into this hollow parody of Lord Veriithas' vision was not enough, rumors affirm that a fourth Pit, much smaller and from which purple-like fumes of drug-inducing effects emanate, lies deep within the governors castle of the Glimmering-City. Successive Princeps, rulers of the Principality ever since the mysterious departure of the Founding Fathers, have always denied these allegations. The inhabitants of the Principality however are reticent to these excuses, as it is no secret that the nobility and high powers of Veriithas are all corrupted and insincere to the core. Citizens well know these thoughts may only be expressed behind closed doors, as speaking too freely in public might earn them a visit of the Order of Censors, who that will drag them away never be seen again. The dream of a land of rationality, free of blind dogma might have been a reality when Lord Veriithas set the foundations of the Principality, but has since deteriorated into a society that is subject to the same flaws every mortal carries within. Greed, lust, violence, corruption and hypocrisy are all the daily basis of this region, while maintaining an immaculate appearance of opulence and tolerance on the outside, welcoming any stranger willing to join them as long as they abide to the rules. The apparent devoted rational beings, submitted to the greatness of the Primeval Truth is a farce. For which Lord Veriithas and his companions might be cursing for eternity in whichever hell their souls may lie. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Follow up: social structure, political administration and current personalities of the Free Principality. PS: As a bonus, a lame map with my limited graphic design skills
  4. I have been playing WHFB/40K/AoS and other systems for over twenty years and have never produced a painted army. This changes now. I found a scheme online I liked, tweaked it a bit so that it's very airbrush heavy (75% of the effort) and uses washes to do most of the rest of the work. I'm trying to settle on the choice of undertone, blue or green, or keeping a mix of both (maybe even some other tones) for variety. Here are the first two test models:
  5. So I'm surprisingly not dead, I was just busier than I wanted, but I'm back on the hobby horse and taking part in a build and paint thing for my local FLGS, with my choice being Slaanesh Daemons. So to keep me on track I'm running a plog to show off my tabletop quality work as I play with new techniques (like wet blending) and generally lament my choice in doing a horde army for this whole thing. So to kick it off, here is my first completed model (I'd forgotten to paint in her eyes before taking this picture, but it's fix now) for the army. I feel like the brightness is off, but I've been having trouble finding a backdrop that doesn't cause the model to look dark or blows out the color. She'll get new pictures when I finish the next update (a unit of ten Daemonettes which is going to be every other update as the end goal is 180 Daemonettes so I can bring as many as I need for AoS and 40k) as I'm going to switch the background color to blue to see if it works better with my phone (which despite having a lower megapixel count than my 10 year old camera, the lens is WAY better so the pictures come out a lot cleaner).
  6. Isobiel quietly brought the latch of the wooden door down onto her finger. It caught without a sound and the house yet slept. She wiped the rendered flesh fat used to grease the mechanism before she'd left on her threadbare tunic. Breathing a sigh of relief she clasped her hands over her thundering heart. Her face was ruddy with joy from the night's rendezvous with a secret flame. The evening dark had hidden them away in its warm blanket and she returned undetected. All was well. All was great and she'd come to learn of love for the first time. "Remember me well a time when I was just like ye." Isobiel, startled spun around. "Granmer, you mustn't tell about catching me!" Her Grandmother continued as if uninterrupted - "...fluttering about like a moth to a tall handsome flame. Lifting me skirt to any rumoured Bullgor in the bunch, though most of the time it'd be bluster. Ah, what a disappointment." The charred husk of a woman trailed off. "Granmer, please tell me you won't." Isobiel implored again. "Godsflame, girl!" The grandmother spat through gums barren of teeth. "Me tattling on ye is the least of ye worries. Since the fall of the Agloraxi and Prismatikon is safe fer nought to be out past fire's set. Times ain't like before. There is talk around the market of girls gone missing. A hot wind rises and the Passionate God takes blood when he chooses." "Is that what they speak of Mungoreth's fate?" asked Isobiel. "In the throws of lust she was out, like you, on a night's tryst when snatched up by the Red One and desiccated." "But, I heard she run oft with her love." "My girl, the Passionate God, the Red One, sacker of the Agloraxi is the only one whispering sweet nothings in her ear now." Hello and thank you for looking! Inspired by many others on this forum I wanted to share a narrative story line and the models of key players in those events. I wanted to learn more about the fascinating Realm of Aqshy and the Flamescar Plateau map, but found there was a lot to be fleshed out. This plog is my attempt at doing just that. The names of the regions and the mysterious Agloraxi Empire completely drew me in. So, I picked one of the regions and ill be making a go at bringing it, it's environs, and denizens to life. The Decimator The Motivator Overseer with an unfortunate soul
  7. After a long while I decided to start some kind of a blog on this forum as I come here quite often and it would be good to leave some trace of my Warclan. The idea of starting a Bonesplitterz army came to my mind after seeing the new Battletome which for me had the same vibe like the oldschool Orcs&Goblins Rulebooks from the 90's when I used to play. As a sentimental hobbyst I decided to use that occasion and bring back the whole range of boyz since the 80's till last plastics. Going through the book it gave me an idea that the oldest models would be perfect for regular boyz as they were much smaller than latest Savages (they are ****** in the game anyway) and the new plastics fit the best as Morboyz, Maniaks and Stabbas. Big and Brutish. So I started browsing on eBay... spent a lot of money and got me a lot of boyz to paint... for next couple of years. I'll add all pictures gathered through last year+ of creating the Warclan. Starting with my recent achievement - The Armies on Parade. I took part in Games Workshop Warsaw (Poland) and won as The Best Scenery and The Best Themed Army. Though the competition wasn't that big (only 4 people taking part in Age of Sigmar in the shop) creating the Warclan and the scenery was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures of the Wayang Topeng Warclan. Enjoy and get ready for the story to begin.
  8. It's been a while since I've been able to take any decent photos but in the last few months the Blood Cult has really come together. Apologies for the shoddy photos. I've finished: 1 Cauldron with magnetized Avatar and Mirror. Cauldron designed to fit 1 of 3 models, a Slaughter Queen, Hag Queen or Medusa 30 Witch Aelves with paired daggers 15 out of 20 Witch Aelves with shields and daggers 2 of 3 Medusae, one converted using an old metal Morathi head to represent Drusala Dark-talon the Gorgon Sorceress, she has her own converted 40mm base too. 3 of 4 Death Hags 1 of 3 Slaughter Queens with a converted 25mm cauldron base. the Ynnari model Yvrainne who will proxy as either a Hag Queen or Slaughter Queen on a to be converted Cauldron 5 out of 15 Blood Sisters 10 out of 15 Khinerai (5 Lifetakers, 5 Heart Renders) 1 of 5 Doomfire Maidens (converted warlocks) Other items on the painting-converting table are: Darkling Covens Sorceress A converted Morathi, using a Bloodwrack Medusa body and hand with Heart from Bloodbowl Witch Elf. This is early days and some sanding and pairing of the GS needs to be done. Heaps of Sequitors Astreia Solbright 1 Loremaster 1 Archmage 1 Tzeetnch Sorcerer/Fatemaster 1 Chaos Sorceror on daemonic mount And a few Underworld's warbands' bases That's about it for the moment. Will post up some lore for the DOK force soon and try to get some decent photos next month
  9. art by Darek Zabrocki I'm starting this plog and narrative thread to chronicle the creation of my Stormcast Eternals stormhost, the Empyrean Stormhounds. The strange lands of Noczver, homeland of the Stormhounds, and it's inhabitants will also be detailed here. "Of all the lands of the realms I have visited, none have been as dour a place as these: the gray wyrd-lands that lie on the bleeding edge between Shyish and Ghur. The Free Peoples here are hard and humourless, filled with cold suspicion and overcome with superstition. They do not venture out after sundown and they speak in hushed tones of dark monsters, hulking beasts, and pale vampyre lords who bend the knee to Nagash. Even the nobility I have treated with here are of grim disposition, and I care not for it. It seems as though the preternatural dread found in these lands is contagious, and I dare not tarry here long." ~ excerpt from A Diary of the Realms by Aurelia Octavenus
  10. " And then, i saw them. They were three and they brought shadows over the kingdoms of Sigmar. The Magi of Shysh they were called. They were three and the first one was named Melkior. His armos was black as jet and his shoulders were big enough to carry the weight of lives he had already taken in battle. He rode an ash grey stallion, his hooves dirtied with blood, and slaughter rode alongside him. They were three and the second one was named Balthasar. His armor was black as night and his fist grasped a thousand of tortured souls. He rode a ghostly dragon, the soul of a noble guardian of the past, and desperation rode alongside him. They were three and the last one was named Kaspar. His armor was black as the abyss and his shadows brought death to the living. He rode a spectral vulture, his wings burst into flames of scorching souls, and doom rode alongside him. They were three and they brought the weight of a name onto the lands of the Warrior God. Drachenfels was the name, and they killed in the name of the Great Enchanter" Somewhere in Shysh lies a ruined kingdom known as Drachenfelburg. Once ruled by wise king and a race of dragons called "Soul dragons", the kingdom dissapeared after a brutal civil war between the crown prince Hespek von Drachen and the former king Gregorius von Drachen. King Gregorius went mad when, by the words of a misterious adviser, he discovered that his kingdom was built around an artefact from an ancient past, from a world that didn't exist anymore. The artifact was a mask, one of a collection of items that once belonged to a superior being named Drachenfels the Great enchanter. Gregorius started to search for this artefact in order to use it's power for the good of the kingdom, but when the researches failed to bring the Mask to the light, the king went mad and decided to burn to the ground his reing in order to find it. His son Hespek, teamed with the soul dragon named Aldebaraan, fought against his father in order to stop his madness. The resulting war nearly destroyed the kingdom and put an end to the mad king's life. Or so they tought. While the remaining inhabitants of the kingdom scattered troughout Shysh and the Prince Hespek isoleted himself with Aldebaraan for the shame of failing in saving his own kingdom, the misterious advisor revealed himself as Kaspar von Tsarovich. Asking the dying king to join his family, he trasformed the mad king into vampire and thus Balthasar von Tsarovich was born. Alongside the third brother, Melkior the tree vampires searched the land of Shyhs for centuries for news and legends about the masks of the great enchanter. The recent necroquake stirred magic and damaged the land, thus opening a new entrance into the ruins of Drachenfelburg. An ancient power now emerges from this new unfold path and the Three Magi of Shysh ,as the vampires call themselves now, lead their army into conquest. But the past watches them and acts in order to stop them.... Hello everyone! I finally decided to open my plog for my Legion of Nagash army! some of you may have seen my works in the painting contract topics but i've decided to open a topic for this army. I'll use this to tell you the tales and the background behind the army, inspired by the work of one of the best plogs into this forum IHMO which is "The darkwood court". This army must be finished within the end of september, because I've to attend to a "full painted only" tournament and to the Armies on parade in my local GW. Pics will come in the following days but for now I'll give you the armylist I'll be using for the tournament: The Magi of Shyish Allegiance: Legion of Sacrament - Mortal Realm: Shyish LEADERS Balthasar von Tsarovich, Magi of burning despration (440) Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon - Deathlance & Shield & Chalice - Artefact : Ethereal Amulet - Lore of the Vampires : Vile Transference Kaspar von Tsarovich, Magi of doomed shadows (320) Arkhan The Black Mortarch of Sacrament - Lore of the Dead : Overwhelming Dread (Deathmages) Melkior von Tsarovich, Magi of bloodletting slaughter (140) Vampire Lord - Nightmare - Lore of the Vampires : Amaranthine Orb UNITS Bathasar's fallen soldiers (80) 10 x Chainrasp Horde Drachenfelburg's citizens (80) 10 x Chainrasp Horde Ghastly Incubus (60) 5 x Dire Wolves Kasper's messangers (280) 20 x Grimghast Reapers BEHEMOTHS Beastwraith Gargoyle (300) Terrorgheist Grimghast gargant (300) Mourngul - Allies TOTAL: 2000/2000 EXTRA COMMAND POINTS: 0 WOUNDS: 104 LEADERS: 3/6 BATTLELINES: 3 (3+) BEHEMOTHS: 4/4 ARTILLERY: 0/4 ARTEFACTS: 1/1 ALLIES: 300/400 So, that's all for now! I'll post pics old and new in the coming days!
  11. Hiya everyone! Took the plunge with Shadespire, and I must say I love it. Really inspiring Warbands here on TGA does help I like how Steelheart's Champions play, but I'm still not a huge fan of the Stormcast Eternals (although Anamnesis's Angharad is bringing me round!). So I thought I'd do something a lil different. Presenting my Bretonnian Warband! They are still wip, but thought I'd share my progress. First up is Annette Bertrand (Angharad Brightshield) WIP
  12. Hi all! this plog shall be part strategic, part painting and modelling: This is the current army list for my Tzeentch Freeguild: TheGuardofMourn'sCreek.pdf Please tell me what you think! This is going to be Tzeentch themed, with the heroes all converted, the demigryphs kitbashed and some kairic filling in for the troops. Will update later!
  13. I’ve started working on a large Tzeentch Arcanites force, and I’m using this plog as a way of keeping me regularly motivated. The background for my army is fairly simple: my force belongs to The Children of X’enthos, a splinter cult of the Transient Form. Their previous Lord Of Change, X’enthos, was killed in Ulgu by Festis the Rotborn, a Nurgle lord, but his bones are kept in the cults lair. As a ritual, all of the cult wear armour carved from his titanic bones, and, staying true to the Transient Form, believe that becoming a Tzaangor is the purest way of worshipping Tzeentch. Their colour scheme is purple skin for the Tzaangors and bone armour for everything. My spot colours are dark red and brilliant green. Will get some photos in quickly??
  14. Greeting, one and all! Now that I've made some actual painting progress on my Ironjawz army, I figured it would be a good time to start up a thread to showcase my models as I get them painted up. It's a slow process for me due to the little free time I do have to do hobbying stuff anymore, but after a mostly free past two weeks, I have been able to make substantial progress on my models, and get some Ironjawz painted up to completion. So as I start to finish models, I'll be posting up pictures here of them to provide some inspiration to others for their own models. I may also use this thread as an outlet for me personal fluff that I write up regarding my Ironjawz. I don't have any yet, but when inspiration strikes me, it strikes hard, and you all seem a willing audience And to start this thread off, here's pictures of my Maw-krusha! I picked the color scheme and based it of off the Osage Copperhead species of snake, one of the few venomous snakes species native to my home state of Missouri, USA. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. And don't mind the camera flash; turns out that my camera's flash is better for lighting than the lamp in my room (the lighting is really good during the day, so I'll aim for day light next time). Next, I need to figure out the basing...
  15. "A monsterous champion from former worlds, Killax has seen the destruction of a war-torn world, what angered him more than being removed from the battles was that upon it's destruction not even the so called God Warrior Sigmar showed himself as a possible worthy warrior to Khorne. After the destruction Killax, a Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster was bound to Khorne's domain, leading the thousands of forges. As the battles could not even come close to that of The End Times his anger blazed the Wrathforged furnaces..." Hi guys, with this small lore bit I decided to create a Khorne army to be used exclusively for Age of Sigmar. As I really like the Blades of Khorne book and Khorne army I can only say that the latest book release has truely sped up my creative process. Here is the first model I've done for Age of Sigmar, as you can see it's still WIP. As soon as I find some time again I'll also continue to update this topic Hopefully with some finished results and eventually better pictures! (My current good camera is broken) Skintone (mediocre picture but one of the few that comes remotely close to the actual result) Wrathforged Armour Current status: As the holes in the back might reveal, I've done a little bit of a conversion on these models. I really like what Wrathmongers do on the battlefield and hope I can expand my army with at least 2 choices of these units. Though I must say I also like the Skullreapers, Bloodletters and Skullcrushers a lot aswell. My Skullcrushers are going to be converted out of spare bodies from the Skullreapers/Wrathmongers and I think this will allow me to blend them in better with the current 'Bloodbound' model range. Hope you guys like it! If you have any question on the colours used, steps taken or other random stuff, feel free to leave a comment. Cheers,
  16. Hello, everyone! Now that I've made some actual painting progress on my Ironjawz army, I figured it would be a good time to start up a thread to showcase my models as I get them painted up. It's a slow process for me due to the little free time I do have to do hobbying stuff anymore, but after a mostly free past two weeks, I have been able to make substantial progress on my models, and get some Ironjawz painted up to near-completion. So as I start to finish models, I'll be posting up pictures here of them to provide some inspiration to others for their own models. And since not all of you visit the Destruction sub-Forum here at TGA, I figure I'll go ahead and make a thread here to show off my models (so if this thread seems repetitive, that's why ). Also, I'll show off all of my models that I get painted up, not just my Ironjawz. This thread will be a collection of all my AoS painted models, whether Ironjawz, Dispossessed, Scenery, Chaos, 3rd-party models, whatever! And to start this thread off, here's pictures of my Maw-krusha! I picked the color scheme and based it of off the Osage Copperhead species of snake, one of the few venomous snakes species native to my home state of Missouri, USA. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. And don't mind the camera flash; turns out that my camera's flash is better for lighting than the lamp in my room (the lighting is really good during the day, so I'll aim for daylight next time). And now I need to figure out the basing and get him playable. I'll get more up here soon, with any luck. I need to dig through my tubs and see if I can find any of my painted models.
  17. As soon as I saw the KO teaser trailer I knew I'd be going in big and starting a force. To encourage myself to get on with them I've sold off my Khorne army and have a tournament in 5 weeks. And my wife has just had a baby. Wish me luck. So this is going to be a journey of speed but hopefully with a decent end result. Initial week 1 purchase was 12 boxes of arkanauts, book, cards. I've skipped week 2 as the Grundstock stuff seemed like it was going to be a pain in the bum to get right in game. Week 3 and I've ordered an Ironclad and Brokk. Next week should be the Aether Khemists, Endrinmaster and balloon boys. I knew from the start that I wanted to go orange/gold/cream on these guys. A scheme I'd tried previously on the "white dwarf in space suit" model many years ago, and that I tested out on some spare aelves I had lying around (see profile pic) with modern GW paints. Waiting for pre-orders I was able to pre-paint up a load of shattered dominion bases so at least they are all done (apart from ships bases, and Brokks annoyingly random 50mm). Pics attached are: Bases Bare plastic arkanauts with skyhooks Sprayed Arkanauts Test arkanaut Given the time frames involved I'm hoping for pretty frequent updates. Much more so than my old fyreslayer plog. Got a rough 2k idea in my head, but going to take a few weeks to get the code/sky port/items etc all worked out. Really don't want to end up with p6k mortars or the zilfin bomb, but will have to see what I end up with. My basis looks like Iron Sky Command so that I have a 1 drop.
  18. Ahoy! VonRunestorm here finally commited to a Sigmar force after dabbling with Seraphim, Stormcasts, Flesh-Eaters and Rattlebones I've commited my Aetherhammer and pledged to the Code! So I've set sail to The Grand Alliance forum boards to share my tales of glory with you all. So let's jump in and welcome my Kharadron Overlords of the Tic-Tok Mercenaries. So first up I was eager to get myself in before the releases as I just couldn't wait. So first up I had a Warhammer Quest game this weekend gone so decided to make a custom hero (counted as a Knight-Venator). Used parts Thunderer helm, Cogsmith body, Iron Hawk familiar, Necron Deathmark gun and leftover Gyrobomber bits to add the KO flair. I feel my Aether-Seeker with Rocket pack and Drillbill fit in well so he's likely to count as another Hero in some games in the future. So after that I went to my built but unpainted Gyrocopter to fully commit to my imagined colour scheme and see how it will look before I try it on a Skyvessel. Unfortunately I only have an almost finished picture of it at the moment (I'll take some better pictures soon as it's now 100% finished). This is my first glow effect I've ever done that I've liked so very happy with it and the chosen colour scheme. So I hear you landlubbers shout where are the Official Kharadron miniatures? Well today I have put together the head of my force Admiral Vrakk Drakebane. I love the miniature goes together so well so I made only a few adjustments. A Gear mohawk from the Cogsmith and using some Gyrobomber bits a custom Aether Hammer. To finish it off I used the Gyrocopter base rocks to give him a more unique pose and to reinforce the overcoming of the Dwarf stereotypes that came before standing on an Ancestors statues head. I've already started on my Frigates base ready to start on my first Skyvessel so expect this PLOG to take off soon! Thanks for looking. -VonRunestorm (Note: If there are any IMG issues I'll look at them tomorrow as I did this all on my tablet )
  19. I figured I'd use this forum as a plog until I get to finishing my full warrior chamber for the hallowed knights. Since this is my first time painting a full army, and I'm relatively new to the art of mini painting (clocked by 40th model last week), I'm always trying out new things on every model. Hoping to reach display quality in a year or so, and my principle is that when I take my duders to play, I never do so with unpainted models. Setting a high bar for myself helps me improve, and barring myself from playing with unpainted models helps me control the plastic addiction. Here goes! The road so far: Lord Celestant on Dracoth (starter set) Lord Relictor (starter set) Lord Castellant + Gryph Hound Knight-Venator Errant-Questor 10x Liberators (starter set) 5x Judicators 5x Retributors (starter set) 5x Paladins (fully magnetised) What I have to paint: Lord Celestant on foot Knight-Azyros (kitbashed) 5x Judicators What I need for a full warrior chamber: Lord Veritant (optional) Knight Heraldor Knight Vexillor (optional) 35x Liberators (3 boxes + ebay) 20x Judicators (2 boxes) 9x Prosecutors (2 boxes + ebay) 20x Paladins (4 boxes ****** my life) This will be a long ass project, so hopefully I'll be done before the end of the year!
  20. Hello This is my first Aos, plog, or any Blog to do with AOS or Painting honestly. So we have my very fist AOS figure.... The poor Admiral... Who knew what would happen to him when He met the Infamous Captain Purplebeard... Seems he Became Part of that Dastardly Pirates Fleet.... Cursed by the very Curse he hoped to stop..... Seems like trying to Plunder Aether Gold in the Realm of Death has Consequences..... (Note that I hope other overlord players / painters post WIP here, Its perfectly cool with me. ) Stand By for the painting to begin! Thank you for looking.
  21. Stopped playing warhammer around 7th Ed, but have been drawn back again by the allure of Age of Sigmar. There have been some amazing models released as part of Age of Sigmar. but there's something about the old minis that I love. So i'm getting to work on creating my AoS Chaos force using a mixed selection of oldhammer/middlehammer minis (it's also cheaper as I already had many of them ) This'll be my plog recording my progress towards creating my Chaos force. Nothing competitive, just minis and units I like. Here's the force as it currently exists. These are the models that i've based for AoS so far. I've still got a few more (hounds, warriors and marauders mainly) that need re-basing and a pair of chariots that are in need or repair! Now for some select highlights. This group in the middle are a selection of miniatures from the late 80's Realm of Chaos range. With one exception, the 'not' Harry the Hammer guy which is from the initial Diehard Miniatures kickstarter. This unruley lot will be the basis of my Chaos Chosen unit. Moving over, I've got my selection of Heroes to chose from. Couple of sorcerers, Chaos Warrior from Warhammer Quest. I've got one of the Games Day Chaos Lords to add to the pool too at some point. Some Thunderscorn minis to boot. The Shaggoth is an amazing mini, and was a lot of fun to paint. Will be good to get his 'brothers-in-arms' up and painted soon too. And for larger scale heroes i've got the awesome Belakor mini (wip) who'll be running as a daemon prince and the glorious Slaanesh mount with lord! And for the last shot, here's a close up of two of my personal favourite minis, from my Chosen unit. Both were really fun to paint. Hope to keep the whole process moving along in the coming months! See you all soon.
  22. Hello all, I am introducing a new painting log today where the work shared is everyones who wishes to take part. The main idea behind this is that you commit each month to painting a set amount of models and at the end of the month you post your progress and a little blurb on how you did. This is a great little way to get everyone painting more, sharing pictures and building our already fantastic community. I will post a thread each month with the date in the title and people can commit until the 15th of the month. after that the last three days of the month will be for posting pictures, progress shots and discussion. This is a great way to track each others progress and get tips and advice from the community so dont be shy and get involved! Mohojoe's January commitment: I commit to paint Ogre tyrant 3x leadbelchers Leadblaster cannon I am starting off light in January as I have a very busy month with uni hand ins and work. This is the basis of my tournament army for march so I need to make some progress on what I have before I can buy any more models. I also predict that the Leadblaster cannon is going to be tricky to paint and may take me longer than anticipated. Anyway thats mine, I look forward to seeing what the rest of you want to get done!
  23. Hi there, so have been painting on and off on my Stormcast army since the release one year ago but is finally getting something that could work as an army. I'll start in the beginning and post pictures from the past until now. Then hopefully this will make me paint this army even faster as I post what I'm painting at the moment and how my progress are. Anyway I decided to go with purple shoulder pads etc. and bronze armor when I saw the first pictures of the Stormcast Eternals. And when I got my first Liberator from White Dwarf I painted him up as an test mini. I was happy with the result and when the starterbox came and we learned more about the Stormcast Eternals I realiserad that that was pretty much the exact colors for the Lions of Sigmar Stormhost. So great! I will do an Lions of Sigmar army. I then continued to paint the Liberators from the Starter Box and a Prosecutor, because I wanted to try out my airbrushing skills and try to get a similar but different effect like the wings the Eavy Metal team had done. Was very pleased with how the wings turned out. Took some time to get done so I wanted to do something else next. The big centerpiece model for the stormcasts in the starter, the Lord-Celestant on Drakoth. I pretty much followed the Warhammer TV painting tutorial for skin on the Drakoth and really liked it. This model took some time too paint but I think what I learned from painting this will help me when I paint the rest of the Drakoths I have now (four Fulminators and one more Lord-Celestant). For example NOT to glue on the rider before you have painted all the things that will get tricky to reach when the model is together. On this model I actually cut it of from the Drakoth because you just can't reach some places with your brush otherwise. Next up I painted up my Retributors followed by the Lord-Relictor, where fun to paint accept all the scrolls on the relictor, as they where already glued on it made the process of painting them even more time consuming. With these done I only hade the Prosecutors and the second unit of Liberators left to complete the Stormcasts from starter set. Some painted up this set in a couple of weeks and it can be done quite easy with Stormcasts. But you can also take a more time consuming route which is the route I always take when it comes to painting. So from start to finish almost half a year for but during that time I also rebased a lot of other armies, painted and repainted other stuff as well so I was quite happy with this. And there is the core for my Stormcast army done, next project is the big guy... It's hammertime! But more of that in the next post. Hope you guys liked this, and if you want to jump forward in time to see the more recent stuff Iv'e painted you can always check out my blog where I also post all the stuff I'm painting among some other stuff. You can check that out here: diceandbrush.blogspot.com
  24. I've started a plog of my efforts to get a skaven army painted in order to join the tournament scene. First post is the beginning of my clanrats: Please comment. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  25. Gorkamorka calls and who am I to refuse him? Waaaaaggghhhh!
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