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  1. Reduces incoming rend by 1 in melee. It is pretty good, plus has skull reapers (awesome) and bloodwarriors (less awesome but good and we need battleline anyway)
  2. Maybe it is future proofing for instances where enemy abilities make you reroll unmodified wound rolls of 6? Probably an error though.
  3. Keep in mind that sometimes, using bloodtithe for out of phase movement, blocking a key spell or an extra unit attacking can save a unit (or kill an enemy one), then you don't need to summon the extra bodies.
  4. Just one last tip for you, pick a list/style that you want to play. Then stick with it for a while. Don't go and completely change your list every time you play a match, get some experience with a particular build. Make tweaks if you need to, but try and think of every unit has having a set role (maybe with flexibility to fill multiple roles) and if they aren't performing in that particular role, look to make adjustments. Hope this helps in some way
  5. The point of it is that other units won't be getting 3 "free" special weapons any more compared to our 1. We are still limited, but they'd at least be limited by points.
  6. Does anyone else feel like this special weapons issue would be resolved if we had a points system reintroduced for them? Like 1 in 10 bloodwarriors can take a glaive, but it costs X points, and obviously apply this to all units in all armies with special weapons. Edit: I am also aware that this would need to be more of an AoS 3.0 sort of fix, not an FAQ or errata.
  7. In case anyone else was looking, I found a full colour list: Apothecary White Black Templar Space Wolves Grey Gryph-Charger Grey Basilicanum Grey Volupus Pink Blood Angels Red Flesh Tearers Red Magos Purple ShyishPurple Aethermatic Blue Leviadon Blue Ultramarines Blue Talassar Blue Terradon Turquoise Akhelian Green Dark Angels Green Militarum Green Iyanden Yellow Nazdreg Yellow Gryph-hound Orange Snakebite Leather Cygor Brown Guilliman Flesh Fyreslayer Flesh Darkoath Flesh Plaguebearer Flesh Ork Flesh Skeleton Horde Aggaros Dunes Creed Camo Gore-grunta Fur Wyldwood Warp Lightning
  8. Hi, so I'm about to embark on a peculiar project. I'm planning to make a pretty oversized orc boss using a bloodthirster as a base. With that in mind, someone recently pointed out that squigs look a lot like orc heads and that I could potentially use one (with some work) to become my orcs face. Does anyone have information about sizes of the existing squig line? I know the mangler is probably going to be too big (unless I use an exalted bloodthirster, but I'm not made of money). Thanks in advance.
  9. Well you only need it for the warscroll right? Why not use the app? And fair enough if you like having hard copies etc etc but for the sake of 1 warscroll I'm sure it will be fine.
  10. Just make sure to cover it in spikes or blades. Skullcrusher kits have quite a few in them if you didn't stick them all over the model.
  11. I wouldn't just put a knife in his hand, I think it would need to be a fist weapon of some sort or a bladed shield. Could you possibly attach the blade to his fist somehow? Nowhere in the description does it say it's a shield, just references a "counter punch". So as long as it looks like he can punch the enemy with it I think you'll be golden.
  12. I added some extra bits you missed. (I'm sure I missed some myself)
  13. Language is fluid, not static. That is something you need to accept.
  14. You're probably better with chaos warriors for that. 90 points for 10 wounds but they can make saves against the blood sacrifice.
  15. Personally I prefer the marauders warscroll and base size and would take them every time if they could fit in our battalions and had better models.
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