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  1. Retro

    The Rumour Thread

    But against the fiends they now still do mortal wounds. Before on a 6+ they would have -1 hit and never get any at all (same against some other units). The fact that they get the mortal wounds in addition to the regular damage compensates a bit with small units becoming better than they were and large squads being less reliant on support from heroes/other buffs.
  2. Retro

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    So, bloodletters aren't spamming mortal wounds any more. What are people thinking on how the (internal) meta will shift? We'll definitely see less letter bomb/pilgrim lists and maybe reduced gore pilgrims in general. Flesh hounds got a minor buff with the roar attack but don't have the raw damage output the old letters had. It will be interesting to see if they adjust the points for both units and karanak along with these scroll updates.
  3. I did look into white daemons but if i did, I would probably lean toward a cool white as opposed to the warmer colour I've got going with my mortals at the moment. So similar predicament
  4. Retro

    Hollow or rimmed bases

    Have you looked into PVC pipes or something like that? You might be able to custom make your own by cutting it into discs and filling them up. I'm sure there are transparent ones around too if that's what you're after
  5. Thanks guys, I had a feeling it would work out but I have a habit of talking myself out of things like this. For some reason I have a hard time visualising this sort of thing before it is done.
  6. Hey, so I need some advice on my planned paint schemes. So far I've started painting my mortal khorne units with bone armour and bronze trim but my plan for the daemons is going to be (haven't started yet) a fire/brimstone look. So bright yellow through red to blackish. Do you think my army won't look cohesive? My original thought was that they're daemons, of course they don't have the same colour as mortal armour/skin, but I'm starting to doubt myself. What do you guys and gals think? *As a side note I've only done 5 or so bloodwarriors so far so worst case they can take a bath and start again
  7. Retro

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Apparently the unit leader also has some kind of ranged roar attack. If we get this stuff in AoS and the points stay the same hounds might become the next auto include.
  8. I feel like the command trait part is worse. The part I don't like is the un-fluffy approach of making a unnamed hero the general so you can use a command trait while nagash/volturnos/khorgus or whoever sits in the corner wondering why they aren't leading their army
  9. @Waiyuren @Overread Thanks guys, if end up going to a tournament I can always make space on my phone/tablet for my original purchases I suppose. It's just such a pain flicking through 100s of pages to find the bit that says "this unit" or something equally pointless haha. I've also thought of typing up a quick reference guide too, just a list of common questions about my shenanigans and the book/document that clarifies it and the page number.
  10. A question on this, I have most of my books as ebooks from BL and some I've converted to PDF and chopped fluff pages out of so I have less to flick through, is this sort of thing normally acceptable or do you need the original EPUB available?
  11. Hey @Lemon Knuckles, sorry I haven't contributed much here for a while. Yes I have ghb2017, do you want me to add the values alongside your latest version and flick it back to you?
  12. Retro

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Haven't heard that one before haha. I suppose you could read it both ways but it is definitely only for spell related wounds/mortal eounds
  13. It says on his warscroll that he starts the battle angry, so technically turn 1 he is just angry even though he hasn't fought yet. That said there was an FAQ that says if he is incandescent he uses the bottom line on the table for all abilities regardless of wounds
  14. Retro

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Seems like a solid list, plenty of boots on the ground and a lot of killing potential. I think the main thing would be playtesting it as much as possible and finding what works for your personal play style and how it fits into your meta.
  15. Retro

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Technically you'd have to have 2 battline but it's up to you guys, me and my friends would probably agree to 1 battline