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  1. If you are interested in running the StD models with the StD allegiance rules, then you will want the StD book. 1D4chan gives a quick rundown of roughly what the allegiance abilities do for each army, if you want a glance. And running them as Nurgle, you could use the Great Unclean One with them. That said, running big expensive centerpiece models in small armies is doable, but can be rough (some of them are nearly or actually impossible to fit). At 1K, a GUO is 34% of your points on its own. Glotkin is 42% of your points. So doable, but you wont have many options left. StD SC box is 630 points btw, so it and a GUO would be a 970 point Nurgle list. Nurgle mortal box is roughly 500. Nurgle Daemon box is 540. https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Age_of_Sigmar/Tactics#Army_Tactics
  2. As JPjr said. Specifically you can use them as: Slaves to Darkness Disciples of Tzeentch Maggotkin of Nurgle Blades of Khorne or Hedonites of Slaneesh This requires no modifications, alternate building, or anything. Just change books, and you have a pretty different experience using the same models. This holds trues for a large portion of the StD range due to their marks, not just the SC box.
  3. You can easily go no shooting to all shooting and everything in between in Tzeentch and still be viable. Its one of the most diverse armies with 40 different models kits (and far more unit choices) to draw from. But for a 100% no shooting base, you would want to start with an StD SC box. Not a bad idea honestly, as it can be played as 5 completely different armies just by swapping books.
  4. He is an ally (though should probably have all 4 keywords fluff wise, given he was blessed by all 4). So he would not benefit from ANY of the DoT allegiance abilities, including selecting spells.
  5. So you don't even need judgements/spells on the table or anything, and can keep accumulating VPs if you still control objectives (since unless otherwise stated, you control them unless they are captured by the opponent).
  6. The game always plays out its full number of turns unless the mission states other wise. Even if you are completely tabled and have 0 game interaction (even if this is somehow true for both players), and the games turns play out and you can still win.
  7. They are decent, but common consensus seems to be that the StD and BoC ones we have access to are better.
  8. I would recommend a Pink box and another blue/brim box since you already have 10x blues/brims and a GS. The realm listing is for realm artifacts. Whichever realm your army comes from gives you access to those realms artifacts in addition to those found in your allegiance. Ghur is the realm of beasts, and I am pretty sure the Gryph Feather Charm is the most popular artifact from that list (flat -1 to hit the bearer, +1" move).
  9. Not to mention the 3+ save, and -1 to be hit by melee attacks from his own loci.
  10. I mean, he is a very solid combat machine with a built in ASF ability and 3+ save. Its only the command ability you lose out on without StD wizards around, and you can always just use other command abilities anyways (its a pretty meh one anyways, only targeting a single model, and Tzeentch tends to run VERY cp light). If you do want to include some StD casters, your options are: Both versions of the Gaunt Summoner, Chaos Sorcerer Lord (great buff machine if using other StD units, which is very viable for us), CSL on Manticore (our best horde killer, full stop), and big bad Archaon himself. Lastly, we have two StD ally options for wizards. Theddra Skull-Scryer has an easy cast -1 to wound debuff (though short range). And Be'lakor, who is simply amazing and can win games with his debuffs and trickery.
  11. Age of Sigmar only ever had a single warscroll for the Daemon Prince (unlike 40K which has 3 different ones last I checked). When StD got its recent update, the DP warscroll got a major overhaul. It is no longer a wizards, but can still be taken in a Tzeentch army no problem (like most other StD units) by giving it the mark.
  12. All Tzeentch mortal wizards can take Arcane Suggestion. And all of them benefit from the GoS buff. Yes, the GS alone can get an additional +1 from a LoC... for an extra 380 point investment. There are lots of things you can do with 400 points for other wizards (or in general) though.
  13. The GS at least has some drawbacks. Not the most stellar spell option anymore (especially given its range). Can't fit in battalions, increasing your drops. The summon is really the only ability he has of note, and wont have much impact beyond that (compare to the abilities of other options we have like the Sorcerer Lord, which are tremendous force multipliers). Extremely fragile and super vulnerable to alpha strikes (not good with the target he paints on himself). If you play him too conservatively to counter a potential alpha, he and his summon wont amount to much during the game. There are certainly arguments to be made of simply taking the unit of Pinks to start with plus an ES, vs the GS. Disk version probably needs a points increase though.
  14. I like that Acolytes with glaives keep their shields now. We are going to be waiting a long time for a streamlined Tzaangor scroll still though it seems. Still 4 different attack sequences for a unit with shields, 3 for a unit with dual blades.
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