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  1. Named characters do indeed get mount traits, just as they can select spells. Mount traits are neither command traits or artifacts, just as spells are not.
  2. Last I saw Azyr only contains the full rules for stuff you can download off the GW website (so basically just warscrolls). If you want a builder that contains a complete rules reference, I would recommend battlescribe.
  3. The double turn as it stands or the threat of one is ALWAYS a decisive factor of the game, because it places the player going first perpetually on the back foot as they have to play assuming their opponent will get two turns in a row, while their opponent only has to plan for 1 enemy turn.
  4. If the double turn is going to stay, I would just say that all attacks are -1 to hit and all spells are -1 to cast, if taking that 2nd turn in a row, to represent your units overexerting themselves.
  5. Briar Queen and thorns are bought together for 150 points.
  6. Warhammer Fantasy did not have alternating activation's. At all.
  7. What about running them as cold one knights? They are also mounted elves with lance and shield. And pretty sure they are sticking around.
  8. The spell lore rules say a Tzeentch sorcerer in a Tzeentch army may take a spell from the appropriate lore depending on its other keywords (mortal/arcanite or demon). Even though the Herald of Tzeentch is summoned, he still meets all the criteria. He is a Tzeentch wizard. He is in a Tzeentch army. Therefore he can select a spell (specifically from the Demon lore). Similarly, he can make use of Destiny Dice (which again only effect Tzeenthc models in Tzeentch armies).
  9. The commentary is addressing models that DID have points, like the GoS with glass, and GS with familiars. If it completely overrode the GHB, then even new battletomes would be illegal.
  10. Just going to point at that looking at an army having access to summoning and saying it automatically makes it unfair is missing a lot about the game. There are plenty of ways to balance out summoning, such as strength of units, other army special rules, lack of play in certain phases of the game, etc. If you think an army with summing should automatically get a 50% increase in costs on all models, how much of an increase should an army get that has the ability to completely dictate the enemies shooting phase? The game is complex and filled with tons of moving parts that add up to a whole. There are plenty of other games out there that have managed fair free summoning, and it usually is not addressed trough points costs. HoS has some issues though.
  11. So the argument for gravesites working on allied units was that the allegiance ability is granted to the gravesites themselves, rather than your units. However there is this bit in the Legions FAQ: Q: Can I use the Deathless Minions, Endless Legions and Invigorating Aura battle traits for allies in a Legions of Nagash army? A: No. However, note that several Nighthaunt units can now be taken as part of a Legions of Nagash army, and you can use those battle traits for those units (see the Legions of Nagash errata). So the answer is NO you cannot.
  12. I mean several of the kits they are getting rid of like the Skycutter and mounted general are fantastic plastic kits from the end of 8th edition, barely older than the ET kits like Nagash, and certainly MUCH newer than the ENTIRE Skaven range, or most of DEATH. Meanwhile several much older and uglier kits are being left around for cities. These models are going: Click to choose files And these are staying:
  13. Well remember, GHB was finished and went to print while they were still putting the finishing touches on Gloomspite.
  14. I mean this would not be the first time they dropped a bunch of great looking plastic 8th ed kits. And it was just as baffling then.
  15. Well they also got a popularity surge under GHB2106, when they were one of the top armies.
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