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  1. Hey all, so I read Spear of Shadows, and loved it, and am now looking for what's next in the series. I know Warclaw is a thing, but I don't know if it's next, or if there's something in between.
  2. Have you looked at the Citadel Paint app? It's free and has guides for a ton of colors and basic techniques.
  3. And so began the take of Borak Grudgeson, captain of the Grudgemaker, who painted his craft in colors and patterns so loud, he had to sign his name In the book of grudges whenever he called port in Barak Thryng
  4. My theory on the nature of the Stormvaults is that they hold all of Sigmar's failed ideas, every attempt to create an army to retake the mortals realms. Like that possessed (possessing?) sword from the WD short story; an army where you can't destroy the chain of command, kill the general, and the guy next to him picks up the sword and becomes him. Shame it's crazy...
  5. Correct. By-the-by, if this monster is a hero, then they can be given the Thermalrider Cloak, an artifact from malign sorcery that grants +4" move and FLY
  6. That's my understanding, yes. From the Core Rules Designer's Commentary: Q: Are models allowed to climb a terrain feature such as a Fortress Wall? A: For simplicity and ease of play, the rules allow any model to climb any terrain feature. If you wish, you can only allow models to move to places that they could reach ‘in real life’, but it will require a certain amount of common sense in order to make such a house rule work. Q: If the height of the terrain feature exceeds a model’s movement, can it be climbed over multiple turns? Can a model run up a terrain feature? A: Yes to both questions. A modelmay need to spend several turns climbing an especially highterrain feature (you will need to remember how far it has climbed each turn, and measure distances and visibility to or from that model as if it were in that location).
  7. I think that you can't move between them is correct. But you are allowed to climb up and over them. And you are allowed to end your move on top of them.
  8. Question: can units (like Evocators) that require a certain number of models in the unit for it to count as a wizard, be wizards in skirmish? If so, would they need to be within 6" of each other, like other squad upgrades such as banners?
  9. Add me to the excited list! Have you decided what kind of tone you want for this game? Is it going to be gritty like the Fantasy rpg, heroic? Or something in between? I find myself debating whether I want a huge estuary, or a robust ruleset for creating and customising enemies. I want Hyshian Treelords with prismatic leaves that blind the enemy, or an Aqshy fellwater troggoth that vomits lava instead of stomach acid. In short, since the mortal realms are so vast, we'll need the ability to easily get exactly the monsters we need for our campaigns.
  10. So I have been seeing a number of discussions around this site regarding updating older, magicless battletomes (such as Blades of Khorne and Kharadron Overlords) to keep them in line -or at least competitive with- newer battletomes, especially those with their own endless spells. To that end, I thought it might be a good idea to create a thread where we can collect and share ideas from around the community, and see if we can't come up with some ideas My first idea would be for Khorne armies, a rule that (hopefully) represents their hatred of magic and those who wield it Scorn of Sorcery: When a Khorne unit is effected by an enemy spell, or targets a unit that is effected by an enemy spell, they get +1 (to hit/to wound/attack)
  11. ... Now I will, thanks tons. Now someone needs to make a grot loonboss with the Chamon artifact that's a jeweled gauntlet. He will be called Maniacal Jackson, aka The Thing That Goes Ehehee In The Night On topic though, I hope they do do this, because I want realm specific monsters! Or at least realm traits for mounts. Do Chamonic horses have metallic hooves, giving it stronger attacks? Can a Hyshian Mawcrusha make itself translucent to magic, allowing it to redirect spells? I must know!
  12. Taking into consideration what the battletome says about Aethergold, here's what I got: Aetherspheric condensator All wizards -1 to cast Units in (range) get -2 bravery on 4+ and 6+ does d3 MW Kharadron: only suffer on 6 and don't take MW, immune to battleshock in (shorter range)
  13. Sorry if this has been covered already, but the resist magic ability on the Trogboss warscroll doesn't explicitly say enemy spells, so does that mean he has to roll to resist friendly ones as well?
  14. The Bonesplitterz spell doubles (triples on a casting roll of doubles) the movement characteristic, and lets the targeted unit fly.
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