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  1. It should be l fixed. They've been taking errata from readers, and should be releasing an updated pdf sometime this week or next.
  2. If I may chime in, while most realmgates are a link between two locations, there are some that can link to multiple destinations, where it leads to at any given moment can depend on various factors. Unfortunately I can't quite remember where I read this, but I know there is a Free City whose realm gate switches between a few realms, Azyr being one of them.
  3. Thanks! That's what I was going for, so I'm glad it's working out. I don't mind at all, knock yourself out!
  4. I decided to pull the trigger, and I'm liking the result so far. I need to work on my green stuff skills, but I'm hoping it'll be good enough to pass once painted.
  5. Hey all, I am planning in starting a Tempest's Eye army, and I was wondering, how many CoS units do I need to have one Kharadron, and one Stormcast unit?
  6. It looks like an incense burner to me (and there was a malign portents story with a hedonite using body parts as incense), and the flanges/spikes look very similar to the ones on Ssyl'esske. So I'm going to vote Slaanesh
  7. If I have it right, he should have only rolled a number of dice equal to the number of wounds in the unit.
  8. Those look fantastic! I might end up following your example, though they aren't quite what I had in mind. Thanks for the suggestion on the dark riders, those heads may very well work.
  9. Hello all! So I'm planning a Free City army based near the Rusting Wastes in Chamon. Unfortunately, the current handgunner kit doesn't match what I have in mind, so I've decided to convert my own. To that end, I've come here to ask for advice on how best to go about that. My current plan is to us Skitarii Ranger torsos/coats/guns with Genestealer Neophyte legs. I'm still looking for heads, preferably something hooded and/or with a scarf or cloth covering the lower face (maybe wildwood rangers?). My biggest worries are if the legs will physically fit inside the coats of the torso, and what I'm going to do to the chest piece to make it look less technological. Thanks all!
  10. The 'arrowheads' in the bottom corners, and the distinct lack of tusks, lead me to think Chaos shield over Evil Sun
  11. Aetherquartz is said to speed thought and reactions, not unlike caffeine. So I thought this ad was just about really good coffee.
  12. If I'm understanding this discussion right, the Debate is over whether models lost to battle shock (which "count as slain") trigger the Horror units splitting ability (which triggers when a model is slain). Do other units with abilities that trigger when models are slain (Blood Warriors do I think), trigger when they lose models to battle shock?
  13. I may be the only one, but I feel the 'Warriors' line of games(the Dynasty Warriors series, and more recently Hyrule Warriors, and Fire Emblem Warriors) would be a perfect fit for the heroic scale of AoS.
  14. Crazy Theory! Those hammers belong to the Six Smith's. As far as I can tell, the Smiths are never outright stated to be duardin. And in Spear of Shadows, members of all races are shown to be Grugni's disciples. So they could be aelves.
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