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  1. Best unit in the book. The objective stealing threat of it, and dragging my squads of riggers around for a value in points cost has been terrific. I typically take the Cannon, as its just nice and reliable. I also like the d6 mortal wound charge to pop off a wounded hero/unit (That followed with the d3 mortal bombs has killed a lot of exposed 5 wound heroes).
  2. Yeah I'm thinking about something like: UnderGuts: Tyrant -Longstrider (Movement 8 ) -Artifact -Trophey Wrack (Units wholly in 12 inches targeting Hero/Monster +1 Hit) 4 Ironguts Cannon Cannon Tyrant Gut Guard Battalion Butcher -Blubbergrub Stench, Cast on a 5+, Rhinoxes are monsters for charges while in 18 of caster. -General -Massive Scars Butcher -RibCracker cast on a 7+, Pick an enemy unit in 18 and visible, subtract 1 from save rolls -Artifact - Gnoblar Blast Keg 10 Leadbelchers 4 Leadbelchers 60 Gnoblars Cannon
  3. I like with the tyrant the way to buff cannons. If you're going to run Ironblasters, having the tyrant only artifact for the +1 to hit vs monsters/heros in 12, and the shoot twice ability in 12 makes him a decent 'cannon bodyguard'.
  4. I’ve been tweaking my Desolator list and loving how it’s playing, just wanted to share. GriffCharger Arcanum General-StaunchD-IgnaxScales-Azurehalo Azyros Castellent Ordinator 3x5 liberators 3 ballistas 6 desolators 1x3 rapid fire rangers 1 aerherwings
  5. I got one ill be running at an event in two weeks, that I'm quite excited for haha. Anvils: Incantor - Lighting Blast - General Relictor - Translocation 3x5 Libs Gotrek 1x3 Rapid Fire Raptors 1x9 Long Shot Raptors 4x3 Birds Dias Arcanum Extra Command Point.
  6. It dawned upon me like 30 seconds ago.. 2 activations dummy! thanks!
  7. Hey guys, guess im confused, looking at my longstrike card I see 1 attack. So when I'd do Onslaught, I'd go up to 2? I dont know how folks are getting 4 shots out of it. Was hoping to understand.
  8. Its got a lot of the core stuff, and more mobility with the Palladors/Prime, without some of the punchy power of the evocators. It seems pretty cool to me. And Im sure with practice it could do quite well. Though I do like with 3 birds, having perhaps that second squad of rangers, those hurricane ones to spread out bird coverage.
  9. Yup it was the Midwest Meltdown a month or so back, so we used 2019. And I used 4 in my list (And with a knight Azyros to push those averages up even higher). My favorite thing about the Anvil Raptors is the birds, and how much they can do to delay your opponent. The shooting is just a wonderful side effect haha. But I like Astral Templars, and the mix of Lisas + Desolators has been a lot of fun, so thats why I've been taking it to events.
  10. The biggest issue I find with running lots of listas (which I've been doing quite well with recently, got 8th at a 120 person tourny!) was the large footprint of reletivly immobile listas, and not not having good bodies for taking objectives. I'm playing my test games going down to 3 from 4 as 'enough shooting' so I can fit in more boys/tools to reach across the table/take objectives. When I play the anvilhammer snipers, I have no issues killing characters, but the ballistas with their hitting on 5's, just dont cut the mustard. So I've been looking at answers like the Comet (same
  11. I came from playing KO, and what I liked the most was playing in every phase. I wanted some magic, some fighting, some cav, some monsters, check, check, check, check. What I like is now that I have a few thousand points of SC's painted, I paint 1-2 boxes, shuffle the boys in purple around, and I have a totally different 'style' of army than before. I wanna shoot cast, shuffle things into my 'core' of stuff, thundercats, the same. When I play armies like KO, or others, you end up with some awesome stuff you can do, and there is something you can do better than anyone else. But its
  12. Yup at Midwest this year is in the realm of ghir and everyone brings a monster
  13. I'm off to Midwest Meltdown in the morning, and rocking 6 dracoths, Im looking forward to seeing how this list is gonna fare after doing quite well in my practice games. Astral Templars Castellant - General Veritant - Bless Weapons Ordinator Azyros - Godbeast Plate Incantor - Halo Spell 3x5 Libs 4xListas 1x6 Desolators Dias Arcanum
  14. I made mine into a Lord Veritant Shes a cool model to play with.
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