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  1. I'm playing aorund with 6 Desolators as well but do very much miss having Aetheriwngs. My thoughts, drop the longstrike bows and take 2 units of the rapid fire ones, you can get a bigger spread and more bird coverage, plus point for point the machine gun ones do a lot of work for us. I'm not a huge fan of the Drakesworn personally, I'd rather have more heros like a Castellent and Azyros which make the desolator ball just as good as the arrow shot but have more coverage.
  2. I can only say, I've used both in my desolator build list that I'm playing, and really like the Veritant. The extra dispel is super useful, and I always find somthing good to do with an extra hound. And everytime shes super punchy, I toss the veritant into small units and it gets work done. (I do want to say I use bless weapons currently, but it feels so good on my 6 pack of desolators I don't think I can get enough use outta translaction to trade it)
  3. Played in a 3 round event last weekend, rocking 6 Desolators and I'm in love. Astral templar style, with ballistas, they were doing awesome work for me, expecially when I got the lantern +1 save buff on them. The shooting is solid, and the new command abilities were exactly what I needed, getting them rerolls whenever I needed it. They are on the paint table, and I'm super excited to take them to the Midwest Meltdown end of the month.
  4. I am absolutely loving the posts about Desolators I've been seeing. I've been playing with Astral Templars and Listas, but kept finding thundercats and other units not durible enough to stick around for a while. Ill be trying this over the next week or so: Hamilcar (Castallent) Ordinator Azyros 2xIncantor (Blades/Halo) 3x5 Libs 4xListas 6 Desolators
  5. Or just in the spirit of theory hammer, you take the libs, change them to squads of Xbow Judicators with the lightning cannon srg which average 5.3 dmg + 2 mortal wounds per squad, and then your battle line turn 1 drops, clears chaff, gav goes in, they then backup to hold objectives.
  6. According to my wardolly math, assuming 6 with just all the rapid fire bow, thats 13.5 dmg before saves. So lets say against skaven or skelies or somthing, you're looking at taking a 1/3rd off that so 8ish. 6 dudes are needed to clean up that line, if you only removed 4 models I dont think you'd be able to sneak all that much in with the Gav charge.
  7. Looking at the list, my first though would be, dropping 1 of the Aetherwings would let you make both 5 man libs Sequitors, which makes your back field objective holders that much better. And you'd still be able to be 6 units in the sky (as you'd go to 12 drop from 13). Or if not that, putting the two vanguard squads together in one unit would keep the number of drops, but you'd be able to drop. Gav/Evocators/Banner/6 man Raptor/Bird/Bird (or another bird if you kept the banner on the ground)
  8. Yes, there was a guy a few pages back who did quite well at a tourny with a Frigate with 14 thunderers + 1 Kemist being his backfield drop/shoot unit.
  9. Absolutely, I get the lodge names all mixed up. The turn 1 movement means you dont necessarily have to pop your movement rune top of 1 to get places, and the run + charge aura is massive. I liked the idea of all the heros piling in together, but it dosent seem worth sacrificing being midfield top of 1.
  10. Just finished a 5 round 2 dayer out in milwaukee (Brew City Brawl) as the only KO player, went 2-3 but 2 of the losses were skin of the teeth. Urbaz Brokk/2 Kemist (Ignax/+4movement cloak)/Invocator 40/10/10 Arknaughts (all skyhooks) 9 riggers (3drillcannons) 5 evocators. Round 1 vs Anvilstrike Stormcast, I felt I played rather well for the first half the game, dispite losing balloons top of one to his shooting, I had the army tabled by turn 4, but mistakenly walked my 10 mans outside of 6 of 2 of my own objectives and long liberator/skink charges were able to sneak and burn 2 of them losing me the game (those were all that was left after my shooting phase. Had I kept them back woulda been a win. Round 2 vs a swarm of Nighthaut (Ugh immune to rend makes my hooks/saws sad), 2 units of 20 blade ghosts, 40 chainwraps, and 30 scythes ghosts made top of turn 1 charges killing 1/3-1/2 of my army. Over the next few turns I took off over half his list, (evocator unit doing most the work) but I coulden't come back on objectives. Round 3 vs a mix of stormcasts with Palidors and Fulimantors, was a quick game, a few vollys of skyhooks cleared everying in 28 and Brokk and his balloon possie cleaned his way through 3 units of Judicators to take the backfield objectives and win. Round 4 vs -1 to hit in shooting DoK with Morathi a cauldron and 60 of her witch friends (on places of arcane power!) my opponent made some mistakes, and I got a great double turn getting riggers into morathi in elf form, was able to hold objectives with my heroes and table the daughters. Round 5 ANOTHER -1 to hit in shooting DoK with Morathi, this was against the formation that allows crazy teleportation every turn, with 4 units of Kinari and 2 Warlocks. I cleaned up almost everything in his list over 5 rounds except morathi, and had I made one more 4+ save on a dwarf in his final shooting phase I would have kept my 40 man horde 'alive' for points and won with points remaining. Overall felt even chaffing with my 10 mans unbelievably punished by how many armies can just reach you top of turn 1. No answers to Morathi besides frankly my opponent misplaying, and consistently hard to take objectives on the opposite side of the table, because if I lose Brokk or the Balloons, it takes our army twice as long to get anywhere. The Stormcast allies were rockstars in every game, I don't think I would have done half as well without the evocators punches, the invocators auto dispel/suicide jars, and needing wizards for objectives in these missions.
  11. I've been sold hard by lots of Grimwrath Berserkers, a buddy of mines running: Priest Leader Banner Banner 3x5 of the shooting dwarfs 11-12 Grimwraths Using Lofneir so they all run 6's turn 1, and run and charge near the general, and have a 3+save and 5++ in combat. They fight twice, are aggressive and punch way above their weight class. Its super cool and oddly hard to fight again. But its also super fun. I think it really captures the spirit of the old 'daemon/giant slayer' heros.
  12. Well boys, I'm taking my KO to an event in a weekend from now, going to give it its last run till we get another book. List feels alright, but wanted to share it. KO Urbaz- Chamon No Trading Brokk Kemist - General, Stickler for the code (the turn 1 battleshock into a 1 article), Ignax Scales Kemist - Thermalrider Cloak Knight Incantor 40 Arknaughts, Skyhooks 10 Arknaughts, Skyhooks 10 Arknaughts, Skyhooks 9 Endrinriggers 3 Drillcannons 5 Evocators Staffs Having the double buff makes the skyhook units better than switching to drill cannons, the thermal Kemist and Brokk are there to try to be able to get on objectives that heros or artifact weilding heros need to be on, and the Urbaz once per game trick has always been my favorite part of running 40 Arknaughts.
  13. I really liked all the TK models except for the old Skeletons/Chariots. The NecroSphinx/Blade arm guy, the Snakes/both mounted/not, the Ushapti with bows, and the TombGuard were all really cool models. I think half the reason Im so fond of them currently is playing them in Total War honestly.
  14. There's gonna be a 'Stormfort'. It's mentioned a halfdozen times in the Black Pyramid book with the proper noun capitalization GW likes to do with unit names. The ordinator/dwarves set them up all over a city they are trying to reclaim, I don't recall them having a great description of what they are just lots of mentions like 'Are the foundations strong enough for a Stormfort?' "They will be if you can keep the beastmen off us" That sorta thing.
  15. I really like how the Stormcast Evocators look, I put blood angel wings on the back of mine, and they have such an amazing silhouette, and of course their 'presence' on the table top makes them feel like the bad-asses I see in my mind.
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