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  1. So I am down to my last 12 Saurus warriors and I will have completed building three start collection boxes in two months, two seraphon and on skink. Really don't like the way the Saurus warriors are assembled and having to cut the slotter off their feet makes them unbalanced (plus its really time consuming...). Anyway, I will start this plog for next month when the painting fun begins. All that underpainting...
  2. So, to bring the tone down a little, anyone seen the pre-order prices on this thing? $320 smackers here down under... the hype train has been derailed. Might be better elsewhere but that is steep, even if the model is awesome...
  3. I will complete the initial construction of my Seraphon display army by building 8 Saurus Knights and another Start Collecting Seraphon box. All that remains to make a 2K army is a box of Terradons and a Stegadon (which haven't been in stock forever it seems). For reference, the lizards will look something like this: Or maybe this: or a combination. Or something completely different. For the display board, something like this: Maybe. Lots of decisions to be made but I want to do water effects and enough land to be able to have the army stand on... I will be starting a blog and maybe some videos if I can get that paint scheme right.
  4. So I got distracted this month and went on a building spree. 1 x Realm shaper engine 1 x Carnosaur w Scar Vet 10 x Saurus Warriors 3 x Terradons Still have the 8 Saurus knights and another Start Collecting Seraphon box to go. Then the quest for a display army for Armies on Parade 21 begins.
  5. So, some of what I have completed recently. I am building an Ynnari force with a small detachment of craftworld eldar but mostly drukhari, hence the dark kin weapons on a guardian. Storm guardians built, as well as 5 wraithguard. Not bad. Going to try for a harlequin death jester now.
  6. Well, I have been away for a bit with work. I will pledge to finish my Farseer and build up some Storm Guardians. If it warms up, I will undercoat some Lizards for my next AOS project. Yes, its mostly 40k...
  7. leave this for a while and then boom! sensory overload. so much imagination. beautifully executed.
  8. Mostly assembly this month I think. Maybe a Start Collecting Seraphon Box will be enough. And perhaps paint some more guardians for my Ynnari.
  9. So, I managed a @flemingmma and did at least one model, not any of the ones I pledged though. 40K gots its claws in and I am working on some models for my Ynnari, so finished 1 Aeldari Guardian. Not squad, just 1. I did build 5 Wraithguard and 4 Saurus Knights, which is the start of my next big project, a Seraphon display board of all Saurus. Well, almost. Might convert the Skink on Troglodon to be a Saurus, coz reasons... Trying out some new techniqes and think I am getting better.
  10. So, made good headway last month on my Hammerhal set. I will aim to complete it: 1 x Chaos Sorcerer 10 x Kairic Acolytes 10 x Blood Reavers 5 x Putrid Blight Kings Hmm, that seems like a lot... oh well, see how we go.
  11. So I managed to get all the heroes complete. These took a lot longer than expected as I have changed technique and it takes forever to dry in the cold... Anyway, here is a pic I think they turned out pretty well. Individual but unified through the gold. Each gold was a different recipe. Will be testing them in Hammerhal tomorrow!
  12. So I opted for the Shadows Over Hammerhal set. I have completed the Lord Castellant as a Celestial Vindicator, his gryph-hound, and the Cogsmith. I am working on the Black Ark Fleet Master (such a nice model) and then the Loremaster. I have done the base colours for the Blood Reavers as well. To do list is long: 5 Blight Kings 10 Kairic Acolytes (have 10 from the Silver Tower, so those are colourful on the table) Chaos Sorcerer Won't be done this month, but should keep me going until the end of June.
  13. I have both Hammerhal and Silver Tower. The GM part is a bit of a nuisance, but if you take the Silver Tower method that the controlling player (torch bearer or rune marked) sets up the rooms as you go, could work. My kids quest, I GM, which is ok until the dice fall my way... and then the fight started... I would like to see the same support for Hammerhal as Blackstone fortress gets though. Man is there some content for that one. The last update for Hammerhal was early 18.
  14. Thanks for the TMM tutorial. I paint a lot of silver, so this will be a good addition to my arsenal.
  15. From a you tube perspective, I like Squidmar. He and some of his mates are very, very good. Darren Latham is win as well. If you are into terrain, check out The Terrain Guy. Man, does that guy make some awesome scenery and easy tutorials.
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