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  1. Well, its been a very long time but Orruks are back! Balogog gets some new slimy friends which is very nice, and I now get to make more questionable list choices in the name of fun. I ended up with two sets of the Kruleboyz (still don't really like the name but not much to do about that) and am slowly painting them up (which is how I always paint everything... slowly). Anyway, I settled on: 20 Gutrippaz 20 Hob grotz (that may never see the table again after their first outing...) 6 Boltboyz 2 Shaman 1 Banna 1 Foot boss 1 Mount Boss. All up thats about 1400 points or whatever they will be when I get my hands on the new book. I would provide some WIP photos but I have managed to smash the camera on the phone (makes checking in interesting) but I will get some soon. I tried so hard to keep a simple palette this time, started with 10 colours, up to about 30 now... I am also up to about 5000 points of Orruks, so making lists is now getting really hard. I find combining Savage and Krule works well, and IJ and Savage is good too, not found a way to make all three work or IJ and KB work. Still, see how it goes. I did get one game in before this land down under went to COVID custard (relatively speaking). Played against a Gravelords list with 10 Dreadknights, a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon and another Vamp. Suffice to say that my dice abandoned me when I needed them, but regardless I was obliterated. Total domination by the Vamps. I was just using the Krule boyz out of the box and yeah, didn't end well.
  2. @Ggom thanks man. its just a bit on the frustrating side of life when you lose the enthusiasm for a project you were very excited about. Life gets in the way and all that but still sucks a bit.
  3. Ok, so I am failing here. I have undercoated everything and given them all a bit of gradient. A test model is just about complete but, as usual, I have made this way harder than necessary. I will have the test model done soon so hopefully that will get me motivated. One done is one less right?!
  4. A thought perhaps and maybe this is just me: I am time poor, so I don't spend a lot of time reading on forums, watching battle reports or combing through all the battle tomes and rule books to find out about the new hotness. I don't get the chance to pull my army apart to the molecular level to min/max everything. I have trouble remembering all the rules. In all, I know I am not a good player of this game. And yet I still gripe about lack of balance as much as any until quite recently. Why? Because I have come to terms with this fact: that I am not a good player. I try, sure, but to be competent at this game is an investment in time and effort, and like any endeavour, requires an equal time commitment to improve. As such, I have had a break from the game for a while and feel, even if I get ROFL stomped, that will be ok, because I know the people I game with ARE able to commit more to this than I do, and have done, over a number of years. The double turn is fine. It has been in the game since its inception. Back in fantasy, a slower army might be able to put some speed humps in the way, but a fast army could still get turn two charges off and wipe units out it short order, magic could destroy units without too much drama (purple sun or cacophonic choir were quite effective, or a light wizard conclave eliminating Nagash in one round...) so these things are not new. Alpha strike is also a thing. One of the few things that could be done to mitigate it, IMO, is to make the combat simultaneous, so everyone fights at once, charging units still go first and some sort of penalty (-1 to hit or something) to the unit being charged. Might make it less painful but really, I am sure (see point above) that out there are plenty of videos and posts on how to best manage when you get and lose the double turn.
  5. To paint something. Anything. Not touched a brush it what feels like weeks. maybe just a @flemingmma and just complete one model. So large a pile of shame... so little motivation...
  6. I still have the original (the original box fell apart a couple of years ago) with the three expansions that were released in Australia. All the minis apart from the Barbarian (don't know where he went, got lost in a move at some stage). I reckon I got it in 1990 or there abouts. Play it with my kids occasionally. Still fun but I prefer WHQ. Would be nice if GW would put some effort back into Hammerhal or Silver Tower.
  7. Just to keep plugging through the undercoating and under-painting of my Seraphon. 25 have been undercoated in black, then grey then zenithal off white. about the same to go, then wash, dry-brush, tidy. then i can start painting them...
  8. So, for the colour scheme for these plastic piles of scaly goodness, I have turned to nature for inspiration. I did the same thing with my Maw Krusha, based on an Australian snake, and this time, something more far flung and vibrant. I present the California Garter Snake: The plan would be to maintain the reddy/orange heads as a focal point. The bright blue stripe down the centre of the spine of all Saurus. The dark blue wraps to the edge of the skin, with those red accents in there somehow. Once I figure that out I think it will look great. the underbelly with have that yellow/green underneath them all. Not sure if I can fit that light blue fade to the dark, but I will give it a crack. And of course, any tongues will be that hot pink with a dark tip, coz it looks cool. For the bigger lizards, including the cold ones, something like this to really brighten the battlefield: The bit I am most interested in replicating is that yellow body stripe as a common colour on the Saurus and their larger kin. The orange/red and blue bands would also link them well. Or I may end up going something with more contrast: I think the fiery yellow/red would be a nice balance with the more cold blues of all the Saurus. So there you have it, proof that nature has way more imagination than I do, but I will borrow it all as its awesome. Test models in a couple of week hopefully. Thanks for stopping by.
  9. Duncan Rhodes did a video about this on his new channel. He still has the original space marine he painted as a 12 y.o. Yes, its horrible, but to him its special and that is all that matters. For me, I have done everything listed here numerous times. I don't have the first model I painted and wish I did. It was a Tau Fire Warrior in black and orange and it was awful; however, as a reminder from where I have been it would be nice to see. Or just take pictures of those first ones so you have the memories, and then strip them and repaint to match the rest, or sell and buy again. I would still keep one though. Make it your car god or something that you will see and it will make you smile every time you look at it.
  10. In the inner realms of Hysh, where the light is warm, the magic strong and the forests' dense, dwells the remnants of a forgotten host. Abandoned during the early part of the Realmgate Wars, these warriors and their servants have survived for many years, ferociously defending what is theirs whilst still prosecuting the mission set for them by their lost lords: exterminate the Chaos filth wherever it may be found. The weak have perished, the strong survive and it is the the spawnings from these great warriors that swell the ranks. These are the remnants of the Eztli Itotia, The Blood Dancers. A savage, almost feral tribe of Saurus warriors, faithful to Koatl, coalesced and whole in the Mortal Realms. They are ferocious but cold and calculating, adept and direct as only a race with a single purpose of mind can be. From the forests they march, rending Chaos from their realm with a dread savagery that would impress even the most blood-thirsty of mortals. To be continued... So, its a start and a brief introduction to my next painting project. I did a 3 year ordeal to finish about 3k of Orruks on another thread (Balogogs Warhost if you are interested) which was dirty, grimy and gritty and I guess about as realistic as 8 foot tall, 300 pound orruks with weapons as tall as a man gets. This will be different. These will be bright and colourful and influenced by real world reptiles. The army is assembled bar a few missing pieces, a Stegadon the most obvious (man are they hard to get...) and probably more Terradons that I like to hybridise with the Ripperdactyls coz the rippers tail is way cooler. Anyway, the intent is to have this ready by Armies on Parade 21, so this is a way to keep me on track and motivated. Lets have a look: This is the core of the Blood Dancers army (by the way, the name is actual Maya names that translate to Blood and Dance, well... according to the internet...). There are: 20 Saurus Warriors, shields and clubs 3 Terradons, want to get to 9 1 Bastilodon Saurus Old Blood on Foot Skink Starpriest (coz they are handy) Skink something - might be a normal priest or something else, not sure but I used the spare oracle to make him, and I like the look of it) 20 Saurus Knights (Firelance Host) - lance and shields Saurus Scar Veteran on Carnosaur (man I love these things) Skink Oracle on Troglodon (wish this could just be a Troglodon but that option doesn't exist anymore) Realmshaper Engine (coz why not) Missing: 6 Terradons 1 Stegadon. I will put up the colour scheme in the next couple of days but the process of underpainting all of this begins todays... might take a while but will be worth it. Thanks for stomping by...
  11. So I have completed the first part of my pledge, with everything built that I currently own. If I take every model, comes in at a shade under 1500 points, which is pretty reasonable (could push it out a bit more with a few different selections, but I am happy with it). No skinks in this photo as there are only 10 of those for a warcry warband. Started the first undercoats of black today. Will try to get all of the models to this point by the end of the month...
  12. Finish assembling 12 Saurus Warriors (3 down). Start the very long underpainting process for 50 models... If a Stegadon ever becomes available again, buy it
  13. So I am down to my last 12 Saurus warriors and I will have completed building three start collection boxes in two months, two seraphon and on skink. Really don't like the way the Saurus warriors are assembled and having to cut the slotter off their feet makes them unbalanced (plus its really time consuming...). Anyway, I will start this plog for next month when the painting fun begins. All that underpainting...
  14. So, to bring the tone down a little, anyone seen the pre-order prices on this thing? $320 smackers here down under... the hype train has been derailed. Might be better elsewhere but that is steep, even if the model is awesome...
  15. I will complete the initial construction of my Seraphon display army by building 8 Saurus Knights and another Start Collecting Seraphon box. All that remains to make a 2K army is a box of Terradons and a Stegadon (which haven't been in stock forever it seems). For reference, the lizards will look something like this: Or maybe this: or a combination. Or something completely different. For the display board, something like this: Maybe. Lots of decisions to be made but I want to do water effects and enough land to be able to have the army stand on... I will be starting a blog and maybe some videos if I can get that paint scheme right.
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