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  1. Pistoliers in the battalion. Good damage, OK durability, and so much flexibility!
  2. Prosecutors are a good shout-out. Awesome models, but hit like wet noodles. I remember running my Knight Azyros into a squad (Big Guy, giant 2 handed sword), only to realize he hits less hard than 2 greatswords. Super disappointing. At least he has buff potential though. The treelord ancient also deserves a mention. Giant Awesome model, originally 300 points, with an average damage output of ~4 wounds per combat phase. Painful.
  3. Why are people so down on gors? Even for a cheap screen/sacrificial target. The 4+ save makes them sturdier than ungors per point. They also hit slightly harder per model. At only 10 points that seems reasonable for some uses Thinking 10 man squads where you should be able to get all into melee if needed, so the base size doesn't matter.
  4. I've heard variations on this argument before. Some variation on not wanting to alienate current customers, or a company making less money by appealing more weakly to a larger audience or by. I don't think it holds much water. Firstly, I am not such a fragile flower that I'd suddenly hate the game if there were a female orruk or indeed female space Marines. Indeed, in contrast, I think many male players would enjoy that as added variety to their models. There is also the bigger question of what would make for a better hobby overall? I'd love more hobby friends and opponents in general and would be equally happy with some lady hobby friends and opponents. As mentioned, the lore is merely a tool to make for a good game and situation. If there were a compelling reason to have specifically gendered army's, I'm open to it, but there is so much possibility in the mortal realms sticking to gendered army linrs (which they've already done a ton of) actually feels like a waste of potential. Seems like more female minis and maybe also more female players is win-win-win.
  5. Nighthaunt are a preplexing one.... There is nothing inherently gendered about chainrasps, reapers, revenants etc. Quite asexual. But then by creating banshees and Harridans as female they almost seem to imply that all those other ones are male. So it goes from a totally or nearly gender neutral faction to a gendered one that is biased toward male.
  6. I always find exactly that problem. Indeed it's one of the reasons I dislike sylvaneth. Every list I build needs 3 things- reliable wood (acorn or TLA) reliable charge (hive or warsinger), reliable casting (to summon hive, dryads or more woods) It is very hard for me to get all 3 of those things in to the point where i feel like I have to work so hard to just actually play the sylvaneth game, and a lot of it comes down to needing to reliably get a 2nd wood down and reliable casting for a 3rd. Ultimately, I usually go with the TLA... He's terrible at most things, but at least does that well. I can't take acorn because I also always feel like I need some item as a casting boost to be able to reliably summon either dryad, summon spite swarm hive or summon a 3rd woods, so. Ant afford the acorn. Maybe I should experiment with 2 battalions.
  7. I've never bought the 'historic armies are mostly male argument'. There are factions of ghosts, dinosaurs, skeletons (which I suppose could be male or female skeletons), just to name a few. Clearly history has little bearing if any, as this is so clearly a fantasy setting, from the very onset. I'm happy it stays that way and am 100% behind a totally mixed gender army, where applicable (the skeleton or dinosaur example being a pretty solid gender neutral example). In terms of new releases for heroes since malignant portends Fungoid Cave Shaman: Male Darkoath Warqueen: Female Ordinator: Male Knight of Shrouds: Male? Could be non-gendered Warlock Bombadier: I am unsure of rats genders. Maybe a Skaven player can help me. I always assumed male but that is actually likely my own bias. Arch-Revenant: Female Loonboss on Cave Squig: Male Syll-esske: Both Epitome: Female Keeper of Secrets: Non-binary Infernal Enrapturess: Female Chaos Lord on Karadrak: Neutral, armor plates are non-gendered Endrigger on dirigible Suit-Male Ogor Tyrant: Male I'm sure I'm missing some. Since malignant portends thats ~6/14 male releases and 4/14 female with a further 4/14 neutral, non-binary or both on the same mini. Not as male heavy as I'd expected when I started counting. Edit: I forgot a ton of nighthaunt, actually. And the sacrosanct chamber. I guess the creation of lady orlynder and Kurdross implies that many of the nighthaunt heroes are male? What is others interpretation of that.
  8. What a lovely thoughtful post. I 100% agree that there should be way more female minis, characters and names characters. 100% female models weekly for 2 years as you suggest probably isn't realistic (and mightironically lead to the opposite problem eventually when they eventually retire old mostly male minis) bit a female/male ratio of 60/40 or something over many years would get us there too. Even a 50/50 for ages would do the same, albeit slowly (which is the strategy for most professions with a prior male bias). Sadly I don't think there even to half female for new releases. Expanding marketing to women seems like a good business move. Currently they are really only targeting 50%of the populatíon even in countries where they already have infastructure.
  9. I like the subforums but I think they are a bit hidden and it leads to less use. Can you put links to them at the top of the general order forum, maybe in smaller text. Or possibly on the main forum page where it currently says " Talk about Grand Alliance: Order. Army lists, battle reports, tactics and everything Order related. "
  10. Two possible lists: 1x Celestial hurricanumw/battlemage 1x Freeguild general on griffon, general, gawk-eyed 10x arkonauts 1x ironclad 10x pistoliers 10x pistoliers 5xpistoliers 3x gyrocopters Aetherguard windrunners Or 1x Celestial hurricanumw/battlemage 1x Freeguild general on griffon, general, gawk-eyed 15x pistoliers 10x pistoliers 10x pistoliers 5x pistoliers 10x outriders 5x outriders 3x gyrocopters Aetherguard windrunners Thoughts? Also, what is the right outrider/pistolier ratio? 3 small squads of copters or the single big one? Certainly in the 2nd list lower drops is nice, 1st list does better if forced to take t1 anyway since you can run up the ironclad and make a nice 2+save wall with it.
  11. They would also thematically fit quite well into ogors if they ever wanted to go that way. I think the warbands also makes sense to think about possible expansions to existing armies. I wish they had them as units or non-named characters though, rather than always named. I think it would help a lot being able to introduce new individual models to lines that need them (like ogors lacking a cavalry/skirmisher unit and needing a plastic frost sabre unit)
  12. I would still definitely buy the first army book for my army, in physical print. Show of support and to flip through it and all that. However with digital rules, I would likely even give the company MORE money for a subscription to their rules app or whatever they decide (I already buy azyr even though it is seldom updated). But the current strategy of abusive number of books is annoying, difficult to keep up with, and leads to frustrating 'gotcha' moments with things spread all over the place. I don't think people want to move all digital- we all appreciate the value of physical books for exactly the reasons listed above (easier the first time, great for new players, fun art, good lore). Just something a little more realistic for everything else. I love Warhammer for its physical aspect, but it could learn a thing from video games (which are really the modern translation of a war game at this point), that could improve the physical experience.
  13. You could always just ally in an incantor or exorcist something. Cast with bottle, manipulate with ally. Obviously more expensive point-wise though
  14. Seems fine. Nobody will ever give you ******, even at a gw store. Nicely done.
  15. Most cities armies can fit in only 2 stormcast units, (requiring 6 cities units total) so whatever you chooseyou have to make it count. The most common I've seen are lord arcanums or incantors in hallowheart to benefit from the amazing command ability (1-2 models), celestant prime In hammerhall ( deepstrike and fight twice), dracoth cavalry in living cities ( to easily double move into range with the command ability, also do well with the free healing). There are a few nice command traits and artifacts to add a stardrakes for a 2+ save, which is nice. I saw one with a command trait to make him a wizard so he could benefit from his own +1 cast, casting the amazing anvil guard no save bubble spell while he got stuck in. Occasionally people here seem to also use a Ätherwings as cheap objective grabbers or liberators as cheap and sturdyish battleline, although I think cities does battleline better. The +1 to hit is the celestial hurricanum, which will also help any stormcast you get, as they gain the cities keyword. It is excellent and used in a ton of lists.
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