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  1. I think one of the biggest problems with sylvaneth is just how cluncky the woods are. To place. To play on, heck even to carry they are a huge pain. While certainly strong, I'm not sure even sylvaneth players actually like them that much. I really hope they replace them with something more like the gnarlmaw with an aoe affect. Summoning single trees is way easier to do and might make for a more changing field. It's also getting harder with everyone else having terain since most armies are less dependent on their terrain. So it's better to block with yours than to actually use their own.
  2. As someone who plays sylvaneth, I can say with confidence that the ability to jump between terrain can be game-breakingly strong. Being able to jump to table edges is also excellent, since 6inches from board edge is within range for a lot of the objectives. However, it depends heavily on the placement rules. Do they all have to be within 8 inches of the same table edge or can you spread them around. on different edges? Even the most restrictive all on one side, wholly within combination is still quite useful. Imagine long table edge, gnawhole 8 inches out, within 6inches puts you 14 inches up the board. You could have 9'' charges on nearly a 3rd of the board with a single unit+hero. The need for a hero within 6 inches Is a bit moot, since I think you will likely have a lot of priests/casters huddled around them for the +1. If they can be scattered at all board edges, it actually makes me a little irritated that the skaven (and so many other factions) are getting for free what used to be sylvaneths actual army allegiance ability (unique terrain). Makes me feel like we should get some extra allegiance ability for numbers or somesuch......
  3. Frowny

    Luminark or Hurricanum

    The kit is very easy to magnetize as long as you are ok with the coach pointing the wrong way. Just out some big ones at the base of the laser/solar system thing
  4. Frowny

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    For sure split the revenants I to 2x5. Gives you more options to infiltrate. I've also found that revenants have diminishing returns after the objective grab so you could drip 5 for an additional 10 dryads.
  5. Frowny

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Hey everyone. Just git my tush handed to me last game with some poor positioning yesterday but it brought up some questions: I am a 1 drop army with gnarlroot. I always take first turn so I can place my woods but this almost always leads to a very weak turn 1. I tend to just turtle up and wait for the onslaught on their turn 1. I'm out of range of most spells and it doesn't feel worth it exposing myself to risky t1 charges that would set the opponent up perfectly. But then I find my opponent often gets the first blow since Ive moved up slightly into charge range. Not to mention they get first go at the double turn, which is occasionally devastating. Any thoughts on going second with sylvaneth? Going second in general seemsuch stronger on aos than going first... Alternatively, maybe with some. Endless spells I could at least do damage on my turn 1 instead of taking on a full army on their turns on the opponents t1? Or maybe more dryads just to take hits? Other observations: 1 treelord ancients are ok but never seem to actually do that much. They are fine but a little to much a little bit of everytning and truely good at nothing... 2 dryads are amazing every game. I think I need more 3 revenants just don't much. Quite fragile for the efficacy. Maybe I just need 1 squad for the objective grab...
  6. Frowny

    AoS 2 - Slaves to Darkness / Darkoath Discussion

    The new rumor mill whip could easily be darkoath. Might be slaanesh though although I think it's a bit more real than a slaanesh one
  7. Frowny

    The Rumour Thread

    I agree with everyone else that some sort of generic humans dwarves and elves are a super necessary release. They may not be the most popular or the most sexy but they definitely provide a context that is currently lacking. Rampaging hordes need things to attack, chaos needs something to corrupt, necromancer's need bodies to ressurrect and God warriorz need something to defend after all. Without, it just feels kinda empty. While more other cool armies may be individually more exciting and will sell better, I think the IP as a whole needs a generic faction or 2. They could even roll a ton of them into one as 'generic spearmen' and swordemen and archers usable by any faction. Maybe with extra allegience abilities if you so want. And then you could use whatever models you wanted. But currently the IP needs a foundation
  8. Frowny

    Darkoath wishlist

    Now that you are all mentioning it, I would love armored trolls/ chaos trolls. Think saurons trolls attacking Gondor. That would feel very chaos undivided. Good thought@themortalgod
  9. Frowny

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Brief question: if you are running a battalion like winterleaf or harvestboon, do summoned dryads from a branchwraith or summoned anything from alarielle and whatnot gain the battalion benefit? Rules as written I might think no but rules as intended maybe yes?
  10. Frowny

    Darkoath wishlist

    Seeing how neat the new grots are has me excited. I think the biggest wishlist I would like to see is a reworking of the slaves allegience abilities. It tends to reward 1 god play, where I feel like one of the coolest ways to move is to reward multi-god play. Additionally, far too many StD buffs are various reroll 1's, which stacks very poorly with itself (Allegience, Shrine, chaos sorcerer spell and ability, warriors size bonus, 2 hand weapons) and doesn't really make for much play. You get the buff and you are done. But it got me thinking. What if the perk of StD was that they could get ALL the bonuses. Would it be overpowered if chaos warriors near 4 different heroes rerolled all the 1s? Given how mediocre chaos warriors are already, I don't think so, and it certainly is a lot of heroes to bunch up to get all the buffs. Also, frees up other designs for the spells and prayers, which is nice. Finally, summoning. I think limiting them to basic demons is the way to go. Keeps it different from the god-specific ones. Allegience Ability Units in a Darkoath army have dedicated themselves to the dark gods. Units with this allegience with the mark of chaos undivided may: Reroll run and charge rolls of 1 if they are within 6 inches of any Slaanesh Mortal Heroes Reroll wound rolls of 1 if they are within 7 inches of a Nurgle Mortal Hero Reroll hit rolls of 1 if they are within 8 inches of a Khorne Mortal Hero Reroll save rolls of 1 if within if they are within 9 inches of a Tzeentch Mortal Hero Alternatively, units of this army may dedicate themselves to a specific god. If they do so, they can no longer benefit from being near heros with a different mark (they may still benefit from being near lords with the same allegience) Mark of Slaanesh: This unit may run and still charge Mark of Nurgle: Whenever a unit with this mark is dealt a wound or mortal wound, roll a dice. On a 6+, that wound is negated Mark of Khorne: During the turn in which this unit charges, you may add 1 to the attacks characteristics of 1 weapon of each model. Mark of Tzeentch: This unit may dispel spells as though it were a sorcerer. If it does so, it gets +1 to the roll for every 10 models in this unit. Additionally, this army earns favor of the dark gods and can use it to summon reinforcements. Keep a tally of the total of how many wounds suffered and dealt during each player turn. For every 10 wounds dealt and/or suffered, gain 1 favor point. These may be spent to summon deamons. 6/12/18 favor: 5/10/20 deamonettes 7/14/21 favor: 5/10/20 plaguebearers 8/16/24 favor: 5/10/20 bloodletters 9/18/21: 5/10/20 pink horrors So to get the bigger summons you need to do (or take) 180 wounds. Should be possible but not too likely if you imagine 2x blocks of 30 warriors walking up the board and wacking things. You could keep the deamonic ascention thing. Its fun and thematic, although it doesn't add much and takes up a ton of words. Its pretty seldom that the pretty-mediocre slaves heroes actually kill another hero engage a relevant opponent AND THEN win AND THEN can still actually meaningfully use it. Very very narrow. Points adjustments for sure, but I want the allegience to mean something! And I want a reason to take undivided folks. this may be a bit too strong, so a few things (like chaos warriors) might need a points increase (100 points like liberators maybe?) Other changes Chaos Sorcerer on foot/mount: -40 points. Not sure why he is so many points compared to all other 1c/1u casters. Chaos Knights: give an additional-1 rend on both versions at all times. Charging lances increase rend to -2. Chariots: May fall back and charge, whenever it charges, deals 1 MW to a single unit within 1'' at the end of its charge for each model in this unit. -1 Wound, -10 points. These are currently terrible and need some help. Now they are good at running down smaller targets quickly Gorebeast Chariots: +1 Wound, increase gorebeast attacks by 1, Triggers double attacks on a 6+ instead of an 8+. Still heavy hitters, getting into the thick of it. Marauders: Just give a standard +1 to hit if unit size is 20+. No need to be fancy with these guys. Some new models would be nice though. Chosen: +1 wound, +1 attack. +20 points. I want these guys to feel like chaos's answer to retibutors/evokators. Lets make them that! Many units I think are already pretty reasonable, they just need some allegience abilities/spells etc. to make them more interesting. Chaos warriors, Marauder horsemen, warshrine for example would benefit a lot from just having an interesting allegience set-up and I don't really think need adjustments in points or stats really. Except that stupid thing where 2 weapons don't help khorne warriors, who would clearly favor more weapons over shields. Thats always bugged me. Note that I'm not really in favor of decreasing the points across the board. I think I'd rather an interesting but more elite army than turning them into a horde. Not sure what I'd go with for spells, but I'll leave you all to think of it. What do you want to see done on the release?
  11. Frowny

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    But such a list already as 9 casts.... (alarielle 3, ancient 2, wych 2, wraith 2?) I think? Maybe I should use the last 80 for endless spells. Cogs+swords or shackles+swords+geminids, for example.
  12. Frowny

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    But casting 2 spells per turn already, its hard to imagine I need another caster....
  13. Frowny

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Finally getting myself to 2000 points and looking for some list advice Leaders 600 Alarielle- 300 Treelord Ancient - Warsinger, Acorn of the ages 80 Branchwraith - Ranu's 80 Branchwych - Circlet Battleline 270 Dryads x30 80 Tree revenants x5 80 Tree revenants x5 Others 200 Kurnoth Hunters x3 100 Household 130 Gnarleroot 1920 Chief questions what I do with the last 80 points..... Thoughts? I really want to fit in more dryads if I can manage it somehow, but I guess just summoning may be enough. would I be better with the gnarled warrior combo on the treelord rather than the more supporty one?
  14. Frowny

    The „Possible Units“ Thread, Order Edition

    This. I would love a bunch of different elementals wizards. And they already have an interesting asthetic going with the celestial hurricanum and all the different battle wizards
  15. Frowny

    Representing Forces of Malal in Age of Sigmar

    That also looks lovely. The rider is a bloodletters?