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  1. I think more likely the nurgle dp ability will be nerfed or clarified to only once per unit. It is outrageously stronger than anything else like it and is indeed very very broken as is Crematorians is in line with several other things like that, which either do me on 6 to save or 4+ mw on death for infantry (cities of sigmar has 2 I think). It's fine as is
  2. I'm probably misremembering, but didn't only the foot one have infernal flames? I thought the disk used to do something else with it's spell which is why almost everyone took the foot version.
  3. The summoner was already amazing at 180. Now he gets a disk and 10 pink horrors for only +80 points And the fires spell while on a disk for extra mobility. Seems excellent. I see some people trying out 3 gaunt summoners and it being pretty broken......
  4. I think the halving charges in a giant bubble is sneaky strong. It immediately stops all deepstrike charges, which has some utility. Put him in the middle, pick a flank to fight on, move him 12inches to the other and then keep them from engaging you so you get favorable activations. An 18 in bubble is huge
  5. Yes. It's amazing because it is hits of 6. Every comparable ability is either 4+ mw on death, so you are definitely losing models, or unmodified 6 on save, so you are at least rolling to save. The fact that it is before the save roll and even before the wound roll means that the damage might not get done, unlike all previous incarnations. add to that it's d3 mw and I can't see it not getting faqed. The nurgle battalion is also amazing for similar reasons, with the 6 to wound causing damage back. All of them are earlier in the damage sequence then we've ever seen before and by extension, highly abusable with diffcult to wound targets. Even if it only triggered once per unit it would still be playable, albeit a bit weak. 3 units against your front line is likely 3d3 mws back, which is passable although low
  6. 6 to hit is d3 mortals back is Indeed outrageously broken. Especially on anything with a reasonable save (like warriors with a built in 4+ with rr.) Or with cheap per wound price (like marauders) A unit that hits and wounds on 3+/3+ and with -1rend (elite infantry level) will do more damage to themselves than their target against random chaos warriors, even without the reroll. The math gets even more outrageous when they also reroll saves or against anything with worse offensive stats. It's probably possible to muscle through with multidamage attacks but those tend to be on big monsters which are often expensive per wound, so you still probably take more damage that. This is all without the target even hitting back. It is nearly impossible to make a profit attacking a unit with that buff alone.
  7. I'm planning to make mixed god Marauders.... A mix of blood reavers (khorne) kairic acolytes with weapon swaps (tzeentch), and the nurgles rotters bloodbowl team (nurgle). Haven't figured out slaanesh though. Maybe more kairic acolytes or namarti reavers or something. I agree, I'm super surprised and a little disappointed they didn't drop the Marauders. They are terrible models.
  8. Yes. There is one for each god. All are quite flexible in what you can take, and require a hero+gods number of mortal marked units.
  9. The battalion looks strong though... As far as I can see it's just mortal burgle units. Reflecting mw on a 6 to wound is very strong on things with good saves or lots of wounds like blocks of warriors or blightkings. And it lowers drops a lot.
  10. One idea is instead of horse + rider you should be thinking centaur. A kurnoth body would fit nicely as the head + torso component on demigrph, dracolines or gryph charger bodies. Alternatively, I think a smaller body would be fine. Dracolines ridden by spite revenanants, or wild riders would still be easily recognizable as dracolines, and you'd get to avoid the stormcast part.
  11. I think it also just comes down to their warscroll. Sturdiness Gore gruntas: 160 points, 15 wounds at a 4+ save. Mournfangs: 140 points, 12 wounds at a 4+ save. Advantage on goregruntas for sturdiness per point Damage Goregruntas on charge: 11. 3, half at rend -1. Mournfangs w/ clubs on charge: 7.8, half at rend -1. Advantage: Gore gruntas again Damage buffed: Goregruntas, warchanter: 22.8 wounds, half at rend -1. Impressive, doesn't require a CP, buff character can still do a dance elsewhere. Mournfangs w/ 3 damage charge CP: 9.3, 2/3rds at rend -1. Takes a CP, and the character to buff them is 320 points. Looking at it again, the gruntas are just... stronger. I'm sure I made some math mistakes, but I don't think it would change the big picture. The mournfangs have a little extra utility in having banners, the pistol, and the reflect mortal wounds, but I don't think it changes their big picture much. It really hurts that all the buffs are on several hundred point monsters. Also, the warchanter remains incredibly strong to the point of silliness. Why isn't it a command ability like everything else?
  12. Killing the keeper seems strong. They can be resummoned, but it won't be immediate, especially if you are playing a 1w army. The bestigors following it up are also strong, but at least they won't be fighting twice without it and the strike last won't be nearly as reliable. Something with a t1 shooting based alpha strike and a good number of screens should do ok. Has to be ok getting first or 2nd turn though as the battalion gives it pretty low drops. Some ideas: changehost tzeentch with gaunt summoner- flamer spell for the hoards, good shooting, endless screens. Magic down the characters. Cities of sigmar: lots of ways to get good shooting dmg turn 1, screens and deploy shenanigans to protect them. Bonereapers: I'll bet 40 mortek guard in petrifex would grind through those bestigors. they don't mind fighting last too much. Catapults go 1 shot the little wizards and then whittle down the keeper
  13. Darn... Not nearly as good then. Still not awful but not amazing. I guess you could pick the winterbite tribe and get the +1 wound artifact which helps some though, and the fight first bubble might have uses too
  14. Even without the command trait you can do something very similar (or double down on the same idea) with the hunter artifact, which gives +1 save and 1 cp per turn. Not as good obviously but also Importantly frees you up to use any of the main tribes. The whole lot even with the skaal is only a few hundred points, so you can still take a ton of other stuff. I tried this once against bonereapers and got 6 frost sabres (from a unit of 😎 into a backfield catapult with +3 attacks each... Due to some bad luck and that awesome 3+ save everywhere they did a few wounds and then eventually died off, still held them up many turns though. One challenge you will find is getting their bases in. The hunter himself is unlikely to make the charge, and keeping everyone within 12 in to get the buff means that you are unlikely to get all 10 into contact with your target. I think 6 is more realistic.
  15. It certainly is powerful but doesn't worry me too much overall. Afterall, it is tied to having archeon as your general, who is himself many hundred points. In addition to being a character fitting of such an ability, since it is tied to him, even if it comes out too strong, it would be easy to just increase his cost a little bit over time to even it out, unlike say petrifex where it dominates other choices. It's also obvious already that many of the other abilities are very strong, so it comes at significant opportunity cost. It also remains to be seen how easy cps are for slaves. If they are as easy as in gloomspite, it could be a problem, but many armies only get 1 per turn meaning you can never fight twice with the Lord of chaos and you can never use the awesome command ability archeon almost certainly has on his warscrolls (and you are paying tons of points for).
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