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  1. My idea: 1) all wildwoods are a single base of the new model, not the whole circle thing. 2) all wildwoods perks (cover, -1 to hit for dryads etc.) Are granted to any unit where all models are within 6inches of any one or combination of wildwood trees. 3) teleport from within 6 inches of any combination of trees to wholly within 6 of a wholly different combination. 4) 1st spell cast per turn gets a free tree within 12 of the caster (18 of general) 5) 1st command ability on your turn grants a free tree within 12 of the user (18 of general) 6) standardize placement of woods to be anywhere more than 1 inch from other models and terrain-easier to place My logic- Now trees are smaller and easier to place and there are guaranteed. You get get them in 2 different ways and aren't entirely dependent on casts. Allowing combinations to cover the requirements means you can continue your cover as you advance up the board. I think this would create the right combination of covering your advance in woods and dependence on woods but also with more flexibility in how to actually use them. I'd also pondered rules where enemies could attacks he trees like models (cutting them down) but that seemed a little difficult to implement
  2. Also seems a bit wizard heavy.... You can only say each spell once after all, and not all are always useful. Id consider trading one for a stormcast wizard and then dropping another for some more infantry or fast movers.
  3. In the above, you could drop the witch elves and take some shadow stalkers. With the new book stalkers are also battle Line. I also think you might want to drop something to get a hag on cauldron. Maybe -5 sisters and then use the points to put one hag on an alter. You could also drop a 2nd 5 sisters for an avatar to get the +1 on prayers. Some ideas.
  4. I'd love to see Real terrain rules- not just the random 'thing happens on a d6 of 1'. I think just importing the 40k rules would be pretty reasonable. Less fiddly combat- The 40k combat criteria (base to base of something in base to base of enemy) is way nicer than measuring 2 inch reach on a bunch of 32 mm bases. Just annoying. More counterplay to magic and prayers- Maybe + to unbinds if you are closer to them, creating incentives to get your guys within range. Anything wholly within 9 increased to wholly within 12 or 15''. I'm all for wholly within to constrain conga lines, but 9 is far too fiddly. 12 is also a bit fiddly if the unit makes the charge and the hero doesn't. I want my AOS to be about the decisions I make, not whether I can fiddle 3 extra bases to within 2 inch is not a fun experience for me. Little fiddling over a few bases really takes it away for me.
  5. New mindrazor actually seems more reliable than old. The cast is slightly harder but being on the charge is way way easier than the bravery thing-it was basically dead vs certain ld10armies. Picking a unit that will charge is pretty easy to guarantee. It's not like you'd get it off against kroak or tecils was any more doable before. Also, stop with the negativity. Most of the nerfs were super expected. Everyone knew that it would get the wholly within treatment, and that the sub allegiances would get mandatory artifacts etc. That was a known. On the other hand, most of the buffs were interesting. Almost everything feels quite playable in some contexts, rather than just witch elves/sisters in hag gnar with a cauldron. Fall back and charge army wide is amazing. Teleport for a cp is also amazing. A spell to double damage, even unreliably, is stronger singlehandedly than some armies entire spell lore. Even hag gnar is excellent-even if you just look at it as army wide +1 to prayers, which is a major understatement, it would still be a solid ability. I'm optimistic. I don't think it will be a change host/kolseraphon broken army but I think it will have good gameplay even against the strongest opponents and will definitely be taking tourneys. Just not in exactly the configuration people are used to
  6. I'm really liking the looks of this. Lots of options, and all the temples were really improved so well see a lot more choices, i think. Not just endless hag gnar. Fallback+charge is very strong, especially across the board. Witches are slightly worse bit a lot cheaper. I think a big unit will still do plenty of blending, although I think sisters of slaughter will now consistently edge them out. Shadow stalkers are bananas good. Having played with tree revenants before that warscroll alone is mind-blowingly powerful. Fighting twice on a 5+ is worlds more reliable and goes great with the 6inch pile in and activate. The first 6inch pile in let's you basically fight First and nearly kill your first target. Then if you get lucky, you can do it again! And if not, you at least mostly killed the first unit, so are still in a good position anyway. Witchbrew did take a nerf but it doesn't seem insurmountable. More like a nice thing when it works rather than to be relied upon but still fine to have. Khinari life takers as a 10x also seem interesting as a super fast high damage missile. I think we'll see a lot more diversity.
  7. But once you are going for cheap sacrificial movers, Aetherwings are much cheaper, and the new DoK warband is better. Both are also sturdier with more wounds per point, even against no rend attacks. They also compete with things like 5 pistoiiers who are basically the same speed, but exchange fly for +4 wounds, much more damage and better synergy with the rest of the rest of your common units. Not saying that the value of fast moving screens to protect your hard hitters isn't great, but they aren't the ones you want to be using for this role, I suspect.
  8. Ironically, i think that heart may be the sleeper winner. I'd guess it will be 50 points or less.-1 damage is totally crippling to some armies and it works nicely with DoKs already high reslience
  9. I strongly support the double turn. I think it adds a lot of tactical depth to the game, where uncertainty in the present forces more interesting decisions in the present. Do I push further forward to better capitalize if I get the double or do I hang back in case I don't is an interesting decision. So too is planning for Mostly, I think it is most important for mitigating the 1st turn advantage. Strong t1 alphas are already very powerful. Without the reciprocal threat of a double back, I think certain armies with longer ranged shooting would be even more dominant. And they are already on the stronger end now. Look at 40k where T1 is absolutely massive. You can take the most objectives AND ALSO blow up a portion of your opponent before they can strike back. I think the double is a big part of the reason AoS is more balanced.
  10. -Real cover rules. None of this reroll 1s or on 6's do a thing. Just normal regular stuff like blocking line of sight, giving +1 to save or something. You know. The stuff cover does. -Rules for how things move up and down and fight on levels. Ideally simple ones. -Range in combat determined by number of bases you can fight across rather than actual measuring. 40k Does this quite cleanly, and its much faster and less controversial. Also would buff everything on bigger bases, which is I think needed. 1 inch weapons= must be in base 2 base of target. 2 inch weapons= base to base of that model, 3 inches 1 further. In 40k its a lot less fiddly, without as much bother trying to position every model. Its also much less easy to abuse. -Battalions must be dropped all together or separately. No getting the best of both worlds, dropping 1 thing at a time and then still plunking down the rest for 1st turn. -Drops no longer determines turn order. Turn 1 is a roll off, with lowest drops winning ties. A lot of armies are less abusive when they can't guarantee turn 1 for the alpha or turn 2 for the possible double. It would also tone down the strength of the double when you can't plan for it. -Shooting into combat, including if you are in it is -1. Give shooting a slight nerf. Its already pretty strong right now. Bigger than all of these things A Coherent and careful communication policy from GW. The FAQ being delayed 2 months only for them to not do anything is just ridiculous. I'd understand if they didn't want to change anything given covid and everything, but then why wait 2 months? Clarity about which armies are getting upgraded and dropped, More thorough FAQ clarificications (the rules ones, not the balance changing ones). There are a ton of good questions I've heard posted here without clear rules answers that GW never addresses. This should be relatively easy to do.
  11. This sounds kinda fun. Sounds like mostly a lore suggestion rather than a balance one. Just have them write short stories when there are major in points to help sell the new stats. Like a greatswords company gets decimated in a hard battle Bit learns from it, now being rarer but better, justifying a stat+point increase that they wanted to make anyway for unrelated balance reasons either internal or external
  12. Steam tanks are usually regarded as pretty terrible with low damage output for their points, but yes, the regeneration and command ability are both reasonable. First, I think given your steam tank theme you might have too many sylvaneth models. Durthu is solid, but treelord ancients are pretty bad. Also, if you use his woods forward, to give durthu the +2 attacks, you can't also use it near the back to give the branchwych. I might drop both of those 2. Durthu is also much better with artifacts and command traits, which he carries admirably if you can swing it. The next question is the gyros. Generally, people think the steam cannons are much better than the brimstone guns, although are obviously better with the command ability. If you want to use the command ability aggressively, I'd combine them into a single squad for more efficiency, and maybe even consider gyrobombers, for that sweet double bombing (You can do that right?). Either that or just switch to steam cannons for some horde killing. Why a cogsmith? I think they aren't great. Maybe drop them unless I'm missing something With your extra points you maybe could just use something to solid to hold your backfield or deepstrike to take enemy objectives. Handgunners seem to fit your theme pretty well and don't need much support. Finally, instead of the ordinator, you could consider a celestial huricanum. They are generally considered quite useful and strong and recreate the most important part of the ordinator while also buffing any other units you might add. Or giving you a 2nd bubble of +1 to hit. They can also fire and fade nicely with their shooting attack and healing a wound a turn keeps them around a touch longer. Your theme is also pretty strong. It would still be strong with 4 tanks instead of 5, and your list would be much stronger with less of the awesome to play and super cool but quite weak steam tanks Something like Steamtank w/ commander Hurricanum w/ battlemage Durthu Steamtank x3 3x gyrobombers (squad of 3) 10x handgunners (and add more if you have the points- I didn't do the math). Extra CP
  13. I was thinking more along the lines of a multi charge. For example, get unit A with the nets, charge nearby unit B with a bunch of stuff but during my charge, tag unit A on an edge or corner 2.5 inches out. Hopefully I mostly wipe out unit B minimizing damage there, and then unit A can do zero damage my turn (with 2 inch or less weapons) and then nearly zero damage their turn with only a few models making it on the pile in. Then rinse and repeat.
  14. Looking at the warscroll for the Idoneth sharks, the cant-pile-in seems very strong. As a unit they are also relatively self-contained- while obviously the idoneth allegiance abilities help them, they also do fine on their own and dont need command abilities/spells to make them shine. This has me pondering them as allies, especially for CoS or DoK. With CoS i'm wondering how powerful it might be with pistoliers who do their damage in the charge phase, or in DoK with sisters of slaughter, to abuse the 6 inch pile in on sisters of slaughter even more. While not amazing on their own, the sharks also do OK damage for their cost. I'm considering 2 of them for the 8/9ths chance of getting off the no pile in if needed (2 shots on the net launchers). Interestingly they don't seem used a lot in the idoneth book itself, so am wondering if the ability isn't as strong as I think it is in my head. Has anyone used them with the net launchers specifically as allies?
  15. This. Super excited to see some of the coolest models in use, but they didn't fix eel spam, which was already strong. They just gave it additional tools that make eels even stronger. Also, all of you with your comparisons are totally missing the speed and fly. Yes it does less damage than hard hitting infantry, but it also moves twice as fast and flies. Thats huge. The reason eels are so good is heavily because of their awesome mobility. Comparing a unit of 4 inch moving hammerers to a 10 inch move flier on a more mobile base (1 base vs 20) is not correct. I think the turtle could use +20 points. And a warscroll rewrite on the eels to make them not benefit from the + to save just like ethereal units.
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