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  1. Hrogthron seems very strong to me. Remember, a hunter and single dog is already 140, so the trap and gnoblars are only 20 pts. A single deepstrike is useful for objectives and the 2 small units (wolf and gnobs) seem useful for screens, holding backfield objectives or keeping away deepstrikers. If I wasn't always making my hunter my general and losing the command trait I would take him without a doubt.
  2. Limitations breed creativity. I think the current system is fine. As a counterpoint, obr petrifex elite have basically the best subfaction ability and command ability already and it actually decreases choice. Literally nothing else is ever taken. Making it totally free to pick would likely just enable that across the board. You are advocating for the supermarket bread isle approach endless choice but not really providing any more value. The game is in a remarkably good spot right now I think, with a very small number of disable exceptuons. Let's not mess it up with something horribly annoying like psychic awakening and it's rules bloat.
  3. Has anyone used any of the big kharadron ships in tempests eye? The allure of +1 to hit and wound on an ironclad is tempting.... And +1 hit and wound on endrinriggers seems solid as well... Moreover you could put the general inside it, maybe with his advisor making them very very hard to snipe. You'd need a lot of small units to enable the 1 in 4 things.
  4. I played this in a series of 1k games and it is absolutely brutal. I was undefeated for ages and my club was going to bring it to adepticon until everything happened.its incredibly hard to deal with at 1k points since it is fast, killy but also takes and holds objectives like a champ. And 3 drops is very low at 1k points so you can often give up turn one to capture your home objectives anyway
  5. Does that imply that people are leaning towards a single ironclad over 1 or 2 frigates? I'm still worried that it would get killed and then my army would be pretty much dead right there. All those wounds with a 3+ rerollable, possible 6++ and some heals should be pretty hard to kill though Has anyone tried 2ironclads? The points are a little tight ...
  6. Steam tank is a good pick. Just kinda bad at everything. Such a cool model too. I wish I could play the steam tank list. Thundertusks beastriders are just awful. 300 pts, for low damage and terrible shooting. Awful.
  7. Does cavalry imply horses are other riders ok? There are many good cavalry armies but your choices are limited with true horses. Ironjawz, ogors, idoneth, slaanesh, khorne, nurgle and tzeentch all have riders which see competitive play. Even moonclan grots can do a good squig cavalry army. For true cavalry with horses, your best bet is Slaves to darkness (knights and marauder horsemen) Cities of sigmar tempests eye ( pistoliers are quite good) Legion of blood (blood knights)
  8. Thinking of getting into KO but with some thoughts and questions. From a competitive view, I'd love some help building a very strong competitive list. 1- ironclads seem strong, but every list I build with them seems too all in. They are indeed hard to kill but if they ever do. 2-frigate. Also cool, don't seem nearly so hard to kill with only a 4+ and only 1 can get a reroll. Are they any good? 3- most competitve Battleline and why? All seem differently useful. Thunderers seem kinda overpriced but Arconauts give cheap bodies and endriggers hit harder and shorter 4- characters. None seem overwhelmingly strong but all are useful. Which are most competitive? Which are weakest? Seems like just a minimum number with the very useful artifacts to get more boys or ships 5- any examples of competitive lists?
  9. I think this theory will make a strong list, but I think you've taken the theory too far. In real games, I think You will struggle to fit 15 cavalry bases into combat. You may also struggle to fit more than 1 unit wholly within 12 of all your buff pieces. I would consider dropping the knights to 10-10-5 or even 10-5-5. This gives you 300points to play with. I would consider adding a different dimension of threat. The same buff pieces also affect saurus, so one direction is a block of 40 Saurus with Spears to be the 2nd wave. Another direction would be to increase one of your skink units to 40 for a turn 1 threat with their blowpipes+venom, since even with the buffs you may not be able to do much if given turn 1 and they deploy back a few inches. 8+3+10.5=21.5, not quite getting there on a 24 inch zone. I also think kroak+astrolith+balewind is 450 or so might be a nice different dimension of attack and you already have 2 wizards to benefit from the +1 to cast. I also think turning one of the skink units I to either allied tree revenants or chameleon skinks will be strong. Pinning units in the backfield to hold objectives has been great for me in other armies. Lots of possible directions to go
  10. I used the lotr wild wargs. Still gw and quite cheap. 18 or 20 $ for 6. They look good.
  11. Some observations and comments Some units really want to be coalesced, others don't care so much, and are therefore probably better in the starborn. Units that really like being coalesced-Saurus warriors, Knights, Carnosaurs (that sweet 5 damage bite), Ripperdactyls, chameleon skinks to give backfield threats Units that don't care so much-Skinks, Chameleons, Salamanders/Razordons, Kroxigors, Stegadons Units you will always take-Skink starpriest. That venom ability will be key for many units to make them shine. Without, I think some will struggle, 2 other great support abilities (spell + CP roll) at a very reasonable price. Astrolith bearer if taking many casters. Units that aren't great-Saurus Eternity warden, Temple Guard (OK for guarding as Slaan I guess as 5 models). I'm going to go out on a limb here and say bastilidaons are OK, but not amazing. They really need the doubleshoot to be worth it for firepower, and while sturdy, they aren't that killy in melee -Spectacular Kroaknado. Balewind+Astrolith+Kroak is +12 inch range, put the vortex out front and you can hit their entire front line, and if they position badly, maybe some heroes. It got cheaper too! -Mega Stegadon (megadon?)- Engine of the gods, + Nimble + Sacred stegadon helm), 2+ save (1+ against 1 target), max damage ~30, all at 3+/3+/rend 1. Or Engine of the gods + prime warbeast+ sacred stegadon helm, Damage ~40, but not as sturdy. -Saurus- Buffed to high heck. This one is obvious. Much better in coalesced. -Knights- buffed to high heck, need coalesced. About as good as saurus per point, but the big bases means getting multiple bases in may be harder, but they are faster -Skinks- buffed to high heck. Shadowstrike + boltsplitters +stegadon chief + venom + fangs of sotek. Get in range turn 1 easily, shoot like champs, shoot again on the enemy charge and then can either fight (reasonably well too) or retreat and do it again -Bastilidon +mystic shield. This guy will be really hard to break, needing at least rend 2. Lists I think will be strong/worth trying out Shadowstrike+Skinks + starpriest+ stegadon chief. Great Alphastrike, some tricks. Can also put in a Kroak if needed. Koatl's Claw+ Saurus (either knights or warriors)+ Saurus Heros + starpriest. Thunderlizards + Megadon leader, possibly bastilidons or stegadons. I think this new tome will be about picking one thing, and executing it very very thoroughly.
  12. I magnetized it to do either option. Took more work than I'd thought. That being said, the gyro is way way way better. The steam cannons will obliterate hordes of you get 3 in very close, which is great. The bombing run is a bit finicky to set up but still useful, especially for little heroes. However, the copters already have one set anyway. Bombers need to drop twice to have any chance of edging out the copters, but to drop them you often End up pretty close to the target and take casualties on the next turn anyway. For their slightly different prices and wounds, they are about the same survivability. The extra 2inch move on the copters is nice too and makes setting up the bombs easier
  13. I think you are thinking about them wrong. They are melee troops that happen to have a gun, not ranged troops. Have you tried the gruesome trophy rack on the tyrant? +1 to hit at a lot of the targets you'd be shooting anyway. My attempt Ogor cannonmaster, 120 pts Same stats as an icebrow hunter, except has a leadbelchers cannon at d2 instead of the assorted shooting weapons of the hunter. No frost breath. soften em up! During hero phase, Pick an enemy unit within 24 inches. rr1s to hit for ranged attacks targetting that unit Blast em to bites! Command ability- leadbelchers wholly within 12inches of this model gain +1 attack on their ranged weapons, models may only be affected once.
  14. It's a sprues thing. Edit... Whoops math and checking thing
  15. I'm glad they aren't sticking with the deamon thing. They really feel more like actual creatures rather than deamons anyway. I'm also tired of every army being immune to battleshock at baseline or LD 10. This is an easy one for them to streamline. I'm guessing Saurus go to a 4+ save, but don't get 2 wounds. Temple Guard seem likely to get 2 wounds.... That oldblood is not very useful. Bad in combat, and the command ability isn't strong enough to save a bad warscroll. at about 80 points he'd be fine, but i'm guessing he'll be more like 100. Still playable in the right battalion though depending. That start collecting skinks is huge value. Those are all models you'd want to have a few of, and skinks are currently great. We'll see how it pans out with the new book, but as is, thats already a huge win.
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