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  1. This is super-cool but seems to have fallen off? I'd love to see more. I was pondering something similar myself.
  2. Stormcast have giant bodies but their heads are sized the same as everything else. I've headswapped many things onto storm cast and it looks great. I think it would be fine.
  3. I do think people are overblowing the fusiliers. The best buff on them is definitely the warforger. However he is also just generally excellent with many other things. The master of ballistics for +1/+1 is also great but only affects one unit. After that you start needing other things to make the most out of it like greatwater for all out attack on a second unit. But at some point they have additional costs, giving up command traits or forcing a sub faction. You definitely can do it, but you can also do other cool things like 6 wizards at +2 to cast on 3d6 etc. I see one unit of 20-30 and a warforger in every list, since they are generally useful but once I start looking at second units I have to decide if I want to give up hallowheart or want to commit to a hurricanum etc. To buff them.
  4. I think the problem is they gave all the griffon everything to storm cast. Also the dragon everything....
  5. If they are to fit in AOS, I think they need to change dramatically, not just shuffle around a few kits. If AOS is bringing fantasy to 11, Goats are like a 2. To be an 11, they need to either go whole hog-wild with different animals, or maybe go all-in on the mutation side. One direct- Animals Elephant heavy infantry? What about a Cygor but a giraffe? Why not antelope cavalry? Dolphin headed soldiers? Lion-headed hunter soldiers. The sky is literally the limit. Another Direction-Spawn Everything horrifically mutated, think an army of possessed type models, all bursting with tentacles and extra teeth.
  6. 4 rhinox with the spell to become monsters each charging 2d6 for the allegiance ability.
  7. One thing I wonder about for the shooty list is if you are still better off in one of the other tribes rather than the shooty one? The guns are fine as is on the warscroll and +1 on the charge mortals is sweet, and hitting someone with 8d6 mortals on 3+ with the spell if they get close is brutal. Should average to like... 18 or so? It also helps the stonehorn you are probably running.
  8. 15 bow snakes will kill about 1 mournfang in unleash hell. That doesn't sound terrible but then remember it's in your turn while being charged by a dedicated anti-unleash hell unit, and you are still taking real damage.
  9. I gotta say I'm a little annoyed comparing ogres to the new slaves to darkness. For comparison, mournfangs cost basically the same per model as varanguard and with near identicle output and speed on their base profile. Varanguard gain 3+ save, 4+ mw save, fight twice, marks, eye of the gods-except the eye of the gods, these are all consistent and strong base stat boosts that help in nearly all situations. In comparison, the mournfangs gain very situational abilities- the erratic everwinter mortals and the weak ogre charge for a few incidental MW, turning off unleash hell and -1 to wound vs. shooting. Those things are all fine but but why not just have a better save? -1 to wound vs shooting is fine but you could just be -1 to wound all the time with Nurgle. Varanguard are as brave as mournfangs while eating and as fast as them while not eating. There are also far more buffs to stack on the varanguard than the mournfang. Oh well. Beggars can't be choosers i guess and I'm glad finally chaos warriors are to be feared again
  10. How much are 2 mournfangs now? They seem to have a lot more play. Leadbelchers also seem much improved with the better range charge and shots. They can still contribute while holding an objective with their guns.
  11. Deep strikes are often best just to contest objectives. Maybe just some marauder horsemen or marauders or cultists (with mark) or something. You want them midgame to take a back objective or be a deployable screen. The threat of them is as useful as their actual use since as long as they are in reserve, your enemy can't leave backfield objectives alone, so your 100pt unit pins his 100 pt unit but yours has the added advantage of then coming down midfield to take a different objective or screen something else out
  12. Nurgle warriors or knights with the banner. Unmovable and versatile Chosen+slaanesh to get them where they need to be with the run+charge Khorne knights Varanguard All seem excellent. There are also a lot of great chaff type units which are useful. On the heros front Chaos sorcerer.lord on foot- the spell is just so good, and a 6+ward is still useful Karakadrak Belakor Archeon All seem useful, obviously not all of them but i think every list will have at least one chaos sorc lord on foot. Mystic shield is amazing for this army as is demon power.
  13. Gluttons seem back on the menu. While they went up slightly, +rend,2 inch reach, the better charge, and +1 attack makes them way killier. For a 8% price increase or so, they gain +40% killiness or so, and the banners are way better too. I still think most lists will have a single stonehorn. The -1 wound trait is great and you want something to carry your throat/artifact etc. Something like Kragnos Frostlord in stonehorns 3*6 gluttons Might be interesting. I think that fits barely.
  14. Have we seen the furies warscrolls? Also I'd love links to some of the new monsters. I always wanted a furies heavy Std list and now belakors legion might finally actually do that!
  15. My personal hope is that ogres go to 5 wounds but maybe with a worse save. The bucket o'wounds defence see interesting compared to all the save stacking out there.
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