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  1. The mortal wound to yourself is also kinda a buff. Gives you a depravity every turn, on a character sitting back who would not otherwise be injured and might not be in any danger of actually dying. Finally it gives you an indestructible way to hold backfield objectives as a summoning icon. Once your whole army has moved out of your deployment and engaged, if they try to take a home objective from you you can summon a block of deamonettes on it to take it back. And get free extra depravity. I think it's best use is for defence in that way actually. 1 enrapturess and it can cover a lot of backfield leaving you 1900 points or so to go fight the enemy. Finally and most importantly you can block other terrain placement or wall off an area. People always underestimate just how good generic deployable terrain is. A ton of the value in my sylvaneth is just the physical terrain. Certainly not the strongest terrain out there but I'm not too disappointed in it either. I just hate how it looks though....
  2. I think if this is where revenants go all together it would be interesting. Fornme They kinda jump to a point all sneaky, usually end up in combat, kill 1 or 2 models and then die. This has the benefit of both making them less risky since you don't have to spend your first activation on them while also boosting their survivability by killing their target I also think units of the revenant archers would be very strong. Imagine jumping them around from wood to wood. Gives them cover and forces enemies to charge into the woods while also allowing easy escape via woodstrike if they get charged so they can keep shooting. I had thought about trying that with hunters but it seemed a bit to expensive to use as a mainline tactic. Relatedly i got destroyed by a mostly eel deepkin list the other day and even on my head replaying it I can't figure out how to kill them. Their lightning discharge easily brackets durthu or allarielle before I can attack and on the charge they can do 20 wounds to a 30 dryad block, which is the sturdiest thing for cost that sylvaneth can muster. fly and incredible mobility make screens hard and almost guarantees they get the charge if they want it.... I currently run harvestboon, allarielle, durthu, 50 dryads, 2 wraiths, and geminids. His list was 2x9 eels, assorted stuff that didnt matter because I died to the eels before it saw combat. Maybe more magic? Ranged attacks seem promising since they aren't that sturdy...
  3. I've always wanted a seven deadly sins themed slaanesh army. Somehow excess always seems sexualish in Warhammer while other excessess like wrath or gluttony get taken by other gods... I've also dreamed of a starry sky painted nighthaunt army but just am not excited enough about the nighthaunt horde style to want to actually play the army even if I painted it. I'm hoping for a mistweaver saih inspired dark elves to use my dreamed of starry sky paints on...
  4. I've been thinking about using a sylvaneth wildwood tree and then trying to turn the top part into a more nest-like thing. I think one of the easiest ways to protect it is just to hide it behind a wood. One of the biggest strengths of this army is deployable line of sight blockers. Its been a while since I've had one of my casters sniped without my making a stupid play.
  5. The other nuanace is that you can position the vortex in front of yourself and then the spell is measured from that base, which is much larger. This gets you maybe 6 more inches forward and let's you sometimes hit their front line on turn 1 plus makes it quite annoying for them to advance into you. Works especially well with the 2 casts in gnarlroot either for throne of vines for some nasty dispels or with the reaping as shown posted
  6. I live in Manhattan. I'd be game for a game sometime. Alternatively a group of us Meet up at the compleat strategist on Thursday evening if you are so inclined. I play sylvaneth thus far. Not sure how far that is from you in Brooklyn though
  7. Do people reckon the new winged deamons are new furies? Or some other sort of undivided deamon?
  8. Yes that looks like a great get-your-feet-wet build. The only thing I might change is building one set of bow hunters with scythes or swords. They are solid all ways but it gives you something else to try. Also nice if later you move to an allarielle list as it gives you choices to summon
  9. I think it likely that the prayers get limited to 1 of each per turn. That seems to be the case with other new prayer disciplines as well as with all spells. It would also limit some of the more abusive situations, like stacking +3 save on something and making it immortal. I think this would be an improvement.
  10. Given you know you want lots of tzaangors, I'd buy those models and then try them both. Especially if you are thinking tournaments the practice with your chosen troop will win you more games than the perks of either rulesets both of which are reasonable and solid. It also will add lots of variety which is one of the benefits of chaos
  11. Brief more tactical question: How have people felt about the Slaves battalions? They don't quite seem generally useful enough for their cost to me... The extra fight phase seems the most useful, but limiting it to heroes/monsters makes it a bit hit-or-miss The laser cannon shrine is only ~4 mortals per turn even if you max it out. Does get you a 1 drop battalion though. The MW on extra charge seems the also a bit situational. RAW it appears like you could use it once everyone is already stuck in to do d3/d6 MW to everything you are already fighting. Maybe useful later in the game? But still ~10 MW seems a steep price. There also aren't a ton of useful artifacts and the command points are better bought just as is.
  12. I think you all are forgetting how many new kits the 3 prior foretold factions are getting. Nighthaunt used 3 existing kits but got 4 infantry kits, another 5 heroes and the black coach, about 10 kits total. Sacrosanct got sequitors, castigators, Evocators (mounted and unmounted), the ballista and 4 heroes (ordinator and like 3 varients of Lord arcanum) is almost 10 kits again Gloomspite got manglers, loonboss, 2 squig kits, the multishamans, trolls, trogboss, new fanatics, the snufflers, for again about 10 kits, some with multibuild options. I think there will be quite a few...
  13. For new kits I'm betting New warhounds (see hound in the new warband) Marauder GW/shield+handweapon dual kit Marauder javelin/bow kit Marauder horseman Foot chosen/varanguard of some sort New centerpiece of some sort (people riding something) A few new characters of different sorts, at least 1 is a wizard
  14. I think one of the biggest problems with sylvaneth is just how cluncky the woods are. To place. To play on, heck even to carry they are a huge pain. While certainly strong, I'm not sure even sylvaneth players actually like them that much. I really hope they replace them with something more like the gnarlmaw with an aoe affect. Summoning single trees is way easier to do and might make for a more changing field. It's also getting harder with everyone else having terain since most armies are less dependent on their terrain. So it's better to block with yours than to actually use their own.
  15. As someone who plays sylvaneth, I can say with confidence that the ability to jump between terrain can be game-breakingly strong. Being able to jump to table edges is also excellent, since 6inches from board edge is within range for a lot of the objectives. However, it depends heavily on the placement rules. Do they all have to be within 8 inches of the same table edge or can you spread them around. on different edges? Even the most restrictive all on one side, wholly within combination is still quite useful. Imagine long table edge, gnawhole 8 inches out, within 6inches puts you 14 inches up the board. You could have 9'' charges on nearly a 3rd of the board with a single unit+hero. The need for a hero within 6 inches Is a bit moot, since I think you will likely have a lot of priests/casters huddled around them for the +1. If they can be scattered at all board edges, it actually makes me a little irritated that the skaven (and so many other factions) are getting for free what used to be sylvaneths actual army allegiance ability (unique terrain). Makes me feel like we should get some extra allegiance ability for numbers or somesuch......
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