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  1. Yes. Absolutely. You can easily build a solid list around hunters order dryads or some of the monsters. All are strong. If you can stomach it 1 unit of 5 revenants is amazing for objectives. People are using a lot of spites for the battalion but it isn't strictly necessary either.
  2. Treelords are very easy to magnetize. It's really only the right hand. Some might be sticklers for the head I guess but if your opponent cant tell apart the giant staff/sword/vines im not sure anything will help them
  3. A group of us play on Thursdays I'm midtown Manhattan at a place called the compleat strategist. Pm me and I can figure out how to add you to the email group
  4. You have a reasonable force. The only thing you need are some forests. I would get 2, so you can teleport between them. A bit more ok investmemt still but a start all the same. Something like Treelord ancient Durthu +relic Treelord Branchwraith 20x dryads 20x dryads 5x tree revenants Probably you could adjust to 1250 or so and have a good game of it. It would be a reasonable army. Next things to buy would be the trees as mentioned and then maybe just more of whatever you enjoyed. Or maybe some hunters so you can have tried everything
  5. This is exactly what I was talking about with 2d projections. Way way better than any kind of line of sight thing. Also much easier to measure
  6. My easiest suggestion: Keep everything as it is except make all LOS measured in 2D Projection on to the board. And then have players define at the start of a game whether each piece of terrain blocks line of sight or not. Then you are just seeing if part of the base is obstructed, rather than part of the model. Its in fact simpler to do than trying out laser pointers, and immediately gets rid of the 'I can see 1 speartip and shoot your whole squad' moment. Also allows for abstract scenery (forest bases blocking line of site even if they are somewhat open for gaming purposes. If they wanted they could add rules for partial obstruction or blocking by other models with big squads or whatnot, but it isn't necessary, and would be a very easy fix. They already do this for the sylvaneth woods and it is very easy and functional. I think it would work fine with vertical terrain too.
  7. sal4m4nd3r has hit the problem on it's head What if you take lists beforehand and then redistribute them all out to the N participants and ask them to rank every list excluding their own from 1 to N in terms of competitiveness. Then use the average ranking to determine your handicap? It avoids the deepkin problem mentioned above. Maybe someone with a Warhammer Legends army would finally do well...
  8. Does anyone know where I can find pictures of the new Frost sabers and ogor? I missed them on water community somewhere.
  9. Trying to decide between 2 lists: List 1: Drycha: Regrowth TLA: Verdurous Harmony, General w/ trait Arch Reveant: The Frozen Kernal Branchwraith: Throne of Vines, Extra cast artifact 30 x dryads 15x Spite Revenants 5x Spite Revenants 5x Spite reveants 5x Tree revenants Outcasts Battalion 6x Hunters w/ scythes Spiteswarm hive 2000 even Or -5x Spite reveants -5 spite reveants - outcasts +20 dryads A lot more bodies, but I'm worried i'll miss the the extra cast branchwraith for more consistency. The 15x spites (instead of 20) in the first list bought me an extra 10 dryads, but could also be 5 spite reveants and a command point. Or an endless spell I guess.
  10. This. I much prefer reading low fantasy. However, when painting and modelling the more fantastic things are much more fun. Endless human infantry feel like a chore to paint through compared to something different and don't offer as much variety for painting as say, 10 goblins, a troll, a squig and a giant spider might. There feel like a lot more possibilities in the realms too. Like what about metal orcs from chamon? Or hysh khorne? Lots of possibilities My aqushy sylvaneth were quite fun to make. I'm also now considering ice seraphon...
  11. I'm thinking about a tzeentch army built around dreams, painted with a starry sky scheme. However, I don't really like horrors, so was considering using these as pink and/or blue horrors (painted appropriately). Would you in a friendly setting let me use these as horrors? What about at a tournament? Assuming the rest of the army was painted similarly etc. Note they need bases still. I'm in the test paint scheme phase. And I think a yellower gold.
  12. The other thing I would highly recommend is magnetizing the treelord so you can get all 3 options. It's only the right hand really that distinguishes them. Nobody can tell the heads or belts apart. It will give you options later down the road
  13. Also, you can always just take a break. I also enjoy juggling, dancing, board games, video games and climbing. Nothing wrong with just actually doing something else and waiting. Warhammer will be there for you later of you want it to be, and a future army or project might grab you. And the rest of life might too!
  14. I usually seem to have a concept and then find a battletome to support it but limit myself to an army or list that is like playing. Currently thinking a rusted out overgrown army covered in vines and moss (probably stormcast or free cities) and a starry night painted army ( tzeentch or nighthaunt). Then I'll buy a box or so just to see if I like painting it and to try out some similar paint schemes. Then once I have the idea I'll pick models I like but also with an eye toward a relatively competitive list. Finally I'll buy a few last models to branch out and give me options. The hardest part for me is picking a battletome that can both support the theme and with a playstile I'd enjoy. I like nontraditional paint schemes and minor conversions throughout.
  15. I don't really see why all of death and demons need bravery ten. Makes them nearly immune just ok that. Maybe the slaughter of their allies tears at the bonds that keep them reanimated or summoned or whatever. Just give them normal values for bravery. It's an abstraction anyway.
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