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  1. Fulminators also seem excellent now in living cities. Still the shooting attack for the extra move, and they hit really quite hard, have a nice rend of 2 on the charge, and with a 3+ save, carry buffs quite well
  2. Are people worries about bleeding VPs with the dragon heavy lists? They are solid but they aren't indestructible at only 9 wounds you will lose several. Some lists I'm seeing can easily.be giving up 5 VPs just from losing drake knights. That's enough to win the battle but lose the war.
  3. You could use the khorne juggernauts and removethe khorne bits (or greenstuff over them) to create some nice mechanical mounts. Would look good ridden by dwarves, I think. If you like the more elf aesthetic, I think they'd look fine just ridding the demigryphs themselves.
  4. I agree. I think fulminators are also quite promising in living cities. They were already borderline playable and the increase in damage I think helps them a lot. They are hard to deliver but living city totally fixes that. Neither really needs the stormcast battletome abilities.
  5. I've always thought Stormcast would be an interesting army for an animal theme. There are already lion/eagle/dragon motifs throughout, which could easily be turned into their own things. It would only take a little conversion and addition of 1-2 more animals. Maybe some bear or wolf helmets on a squad. Could even use different models as the base (like khorne reavers or tzeentch acolytes who are more naked) to play up the wildness of it....
  6. I can see them being interesting as move blockers as well. 17+d6 on turn one in tempests eye and stretched out end to end could block a lot of board. They could be 3 inches ahead of the enemies front line on t1 in many deployments, limiting your opponent to only 3 inches of forward movement for non flying models. Sure, they will die, but you've hopefully used that time to gain a board advantage or objective advantage. If you put another unit behind, you could even shoot something when your front unit is charged. They even get to do a little incidental damage shooting something before they die. For a fast screen, doesn't seem terrible
  7. Did we hear earlier that Ogres and Nurgle were getting releases relatively early in AOS3? I can't remember why I think I heard that though.....
  8. But it isn't all or nothing. 30 Arkonauts to move up the middle is quite cheap. It can even be fit in the double frigate lists people are looking at. Something like 3x Heroes (Khemist, Navigator, navigator) 30 xArkonauts, all weapons (on foot) 20x Arkonauts (In the big frigate) 10 x Arkonauts 2x Ironclads Should be doable in 2000 points. And honestly, this is what I'd try to start, possibly trying to fit in a gunhauler to get a little more mobility.
  9. Has anyone tried big units of arkonauts? They seem to be good targets for unleash hell. Short range doesn't matter! Only 300 points and almost nothing wants to charge them. Also, i don't remember. Is anyone a priest? Curse seems amazing with massed arkonauts fire.
  10. @swarmofseals I'm more curious about what actually does kill him, not just the theory of it (since I agree with you basically in entirety) and how he plays out in practice. I think he's outrageously strong. And very importantly he costs over 500 points less than Nagash. Not to mention the avoiding melee. For example, tzeench archeon will pretty reliably put Nagash in his sword, but mannfred can just cloak away.
  11. With the heroic actions healing 2d3 per round and ignoring the first wound sustained shooting is unlikely to kill unless it is one of those already strong shooters. You have to do 5 wounds to just break even, and more if he can ever use the hunger. Chip damage will be a struggle, at least without leaving a lot of the rest of your army intact. What have people seen actually kill him?
  12. Question for everyone- has mannfred ever died for any of you and if so how? My initial read of the book is that he should be basically unkillable with 13 wounds, ignoring the first against him per phase and the ability to avoid any combat he isn't going to win. I am still of the opinion that he is incredible beyond belief in any competitive list but confess i have never played with him-my local store hasn't yet reopened after covid...
  13. I see your goals, but i dont think you can make a hero hammer type list work while ruling out all the big killy heroes, vykros or no. I think to be at all competitive you'll have to make some concessions either on not doing as much hero hammer or on which heroes you allow yourself. For SBG, that's radukar, belladonna, the dragon Lords, the mortarchs, and the Avengori lords. After you've already i clouded radukar and belladonna, you are left with exclusively little support heroes, hardly enough for a Herohammer list. It's possible you could do some sort of caster Herohammer i guess? With endless spells? Or maybe you'd be willing to convert a mortarch to be more wolf-like and fit the theme?
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