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  1. Sutek

    GT Heat 1 at WHW

    I'm going. Taking Legion of Blood.
  2. Since a lot of the abilities require models to be wholly within 12" of a character I find the clear plastic ruler that came with the Soul Wars box invaluable. A 9" is also helpful. I also use a cheat sheet with the hero phase order on it and then counters/markers for everything. With practice it comes together slowly although after three months I'm still making odd mistakes.
  3. I fought Slaves to Darkness, Two Legion's of Sacrament, a Murderhost and Nighthaunt. I would have liked a bit more variety to be honest. My list was Lady O Knight of shrouds on Horse Guardian of Souls Spirit Torment Dreadblade Harrow 40 Chainrasps 10 Bladegheists 9 Spirit Hosts in units of 3 2 Chainghasts Mourngul The Mourngul did well but I'm still going to have to drop it to make way for the 12 Mymourn Banshees I bought in the shop during the tournament. The Bladegheists can give it out but can't take it so I always felt one decent sized unit short.
  4. I was the one that finished 65th but I was on table 8 in round three but lost 16-14 in Total Commitment and then 14-13 in Total Conquest. My last game I was soundly beaten but that was to the Nighthaunt list that finished 33rd. I wouldn't read too much into it. Neither of us had played many games before the tournament.
  5. The realms and realmscape features were pre-selected by the TO and announced on the day. We used Shyish with Life Leeching - Had very little impact as I only rolled a six once and my opponent not at all. Aqshy with Clouds of Smoke and Steam - This had the biggest impact as we were both unable to cast spells on the units we wanted to. Neither of us had much shooting so the impact would have been greater to others. Ghyran with Lifesprings - Gave Arkhan an extra wound. Hysh with Dazzling Glow - I don't remember this rule being used more than once although it did lead to a funny moment when a Thundertusk had to flee from some Dire Wolves due to them being -3 to hit (Realm rule combined with Overwhelming dread cast on a 10) Ulgu with Shadow Realm- Neither us used the realmscape rule. As for spells I barely used them as I hadn't got my copy of Malign Sorcery at the time.
  6. That's pretty much the list I'm taking to Pompey Pillage tomorrow except that I don't have any reapers. I've got 40 Chainrasps and a Guardian of Souls to sit amongst them. buff them and bring some back.
  7. I also live in Bucks but go to Oxford gaming club on a Monday night. Last week we had 12 playing a huge narrative game.
  8. Sutek

    Mourngul nerfed again

    I didn't use the previous 350pt warscroll but I might now. I like the addition of frightful touch instead of the +1 damage on 6s. Before if you rolled two 6s in your eight attacks you only got the bonus if those hits also wounded and the saving throw was failed. Now two 6s is 4 mortal wounds straight off.
  9. Sutek

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    That list is 2040 points. You might get away with it though as TOs rarely check lists nowadays.
  10. Sutek

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Hi, In the end I didn't take that list to Facehammer GT. It looks great but Arkhan died too easily in my warm up games and the Morghasts are still overpriced. If you're not in a competitive gaming group it's fun though. To answer your questions 1. Yes. I used mine to summon the Morghasts and some Zombies. 2. He can be deployed in the underworld but only gets the re-roll if on the table.
  11. Some lessons I learnt. Hexwraiths don't do much. I shouldn't run all my Spirits in units of six. Split at least one into two threes. Avoid other monsters with the Mourngul. It needs to be killing a model every turn to heal.
  12. Yes. The spirit hosts are core. My Mourngul didn't do that well. The change to -1 rend makes a big difference.
  13. Tom's list had two Mournguls and 21 Spirit Hosts (From memory). I only went with one Mourngul and 12 Spirit Hosts as that was all I had and I thought variety would make for more interesting games. I finished with two major wins, a minor defeat and two major defeats but it could have been better if in the third game 4 spirit hosts could have killed the one Judicator I needed to claim the winning objective. Yes, that was 24 dice, one 6, three 5s only one of which wounded (Which he saved). I finished just outside the top fifty not helped by my low kill points total. Nighthaunt makes for a good tactical army but it's not one for smashing the opponent. I did have a great time though.
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