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  1. Do you get the new battletomes on the 40k/AoS apps? Or do you have to pay do we think?
  2. Probably the dragon race that kragnos destroyed?
  3. So if all of the digital editions, Updated rules, faqs&errata and points etc were behind a subscription plus the TV content and was priced at like £2.99/$3.99 a month? I think I would go for that. Anything over a fiver is a hard no for me.. price is everything on this
  4. There's some mercenary rules in the new white dwarf for these two named characters and some good siege of excelsis battlepans etc. Not read through most of it yet though
  5. CDM

    Reinforcement rules

    Not 'reinforcement points' necessarily but the premise is correct. Each time you reinforce a unit you lose one 'point' of your total reinforcements.
  6. CDM

    Reinforcement rules

    I'm actually thinking this is a great change. Couple with new unit coherence, reaction phase we could see movement and tactics really come to the fore. I haven't played in a while but watch a lot of battle reports. One thing that is often the case is people just rushing up and no real rythme or reason to it ( obviously sometines just bad play). Would be great to see people really thinking of where they're placing their units, providing screens, charging chariots and cavalry into the flanks of a tied up unit! Too often people seem so keen just to make a charge even if you can't fully
  7. CDM

    Reinforcement rules

    Ah now that line in that table makes it come together more for me! Thanks for your in-depth reply @beliman! So let me check my understanding 😂 We're playing contest of generals at 2000 points. I reinforce my skellies twice and my zombies once for 3 reinforcement points. Then I reinforce my dire wolves for a total of 4 reinforcement points. And that is it, eveything else in my force will be the normal unit size?
  8. Hi guys could you explain the new reinforcement rules for me coming in 3.0? I've read the article and comments on the forums but can't get my head around it and how it affects building lists, expanding choices that I've seen people mention etc! I was just about to jump back on to AoS proper until 3.0 was announced and thought I'd wait until it's released now. Many thanks
  9. I'm hoping for monsters for all grand alliances and even some neutral ones!! Are generic monsters roaming around the table going to be the new endless spells!?!? A box set of five neutral monsters to add mayhem to your games? Or even better one for each realm!
  10. I'm all for having away with battletomes. All faction rules should be done at point of edition release for free. Want more flavourful army rules and abilities? Then release more content like battalions artifacts etc in broken realms/malign portents style books which can be released more often. I reckon they must make money on books but I think mostly they keep them around because people are still tied to having a gorgeous looking book to thumb through. I do too! But I'd much rather see rules separate from fluff. Helps balance the game better as it takes to much resource and tim
  11. This just stinks of the usual If it's not how I perceive the setting then it's no good mentality. Why do they need justification? Justify to you? It's there setting and they feel that this is what they wanted. If he was a giant Orruk with the same backstory and treatment I suspect people wouldn't of been as bothered with it. I like the direction they've took and you don't. It's polarised opinion. It matters not what we say they'll just be happy people discuss their product
  12. Yet your happy with kruleboyz coming out the blue from absolutely nowhere😂
  13. This actually made me laugh. Those characters are just fan service though aren't they. They are in name only a continuation of the WHFB characters. They could easily have been replaced with a new name with the same characteristics and no one would of batted an eyelid. You say thrown in out of nowhere. There is a large narrative book explaining where he's come from. Read that first.then judge. He's obviously not been mentioned or alluded to before which obviously would of been better but it almost seems like people only want someone they already know. Can they not introduce new ch
  14. This isn't WHFB. this is a setting where new forces and characters can come into it. Grimgors dead and I'm so glad thet don't try to shoehorn in old characters now that were hardly known for they're God like stature. I would much rather they shoehorn new characters like kragnos. He's a force of destruction. I find it believable that they are all rallying around him. Fits in well with what we know of destruction as a grand alliance.
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