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  1. A ranged unit would be an opportunity missed imo. Doesn't need to be boulder throwing could be giant slingshots or huge javelin! . Cant think really how they could make varied play styles within the fashion itself . Let alone overall
  2. Hope they split the current aleguzzler kit into different warscrolls and that they are the armigers of the faction.
  3. Lol. I watched a couple of episodes with him and thought it was really good! I thought the different sizes of the titans really ramps up the threat as the smaller ones can enter buildings ets. One mis step and your titan food!
  4. Yeah hoping for different sizes ala the ones from Attack on Titan which my sons into
  5. I feel there is way too many units with very similar stats making choices in some battletones redundant. I think the fixed hit and wounds are fine but would of worked better on a D10 system giving a little wider scope.
  6. I think there is scope for a necromantic horde. Reanimating minions on the go building zombie dragons and flesh beasts/golems on the go as you earn your faction points Ala depravity points. Problem would be adding a character too it. I think there is space for more in death, retire LoN , add a death mages book for deathrattle, dead walkers and death mages. Expand on soul blight and expand on FEC.
  7. Gw would still do their studio preview though
  8. I've been toying with this for a while but I think its time for all realms to have a large human release. I first thought a second edition warcry could contain a few non chaos human bands but I think there is huge scope for more. There could be 6 or 7 unique units for realm and add in the cities stuff. Just imagine a chamon human battle tome Rules for hallowheart,anvilgaard cog forts, mechanised units 3 or 4 infantry cavalry or war machines choices. Or failing that stuff grand alliance order and have a grand alliance for each realm
  9. Lol I meant lumineth and at LVO not NOVA
  10. So the nova and adepticon reveals will be luminarks? I really hope that is not the case that they're splitting a faction release into two studio previews. Some single models have already appeared in more than one. It's a little anti climatic for my taste
  11. Never understood why they renamed acolytes. Poisoned wind globadiers was a great name!!! I remember going into GW and when I was a kid and there would be 10 kids on each side in learning games using a single unit each and one player would have 10 acolytes running around the board causing mayhem!
  12. I really cant believe how impatient people can be. The book is coming. That is infinitely better than never
  13. Had anybody had much thought on how GW could expand on the overlords in a future model expansion? What sort of additions could they make? I've watched a couple of battle reports on YouTube and they still seem quite geared up to having everything in the boats. I would like to see them have more ground presence . I was thinking maybe some drop pod style mini fortresses would be good. Where you could garrison your foot troops and balloon guys hopefully giving you more board control. Also I see alot of suggestions regarding automata which could be really cool. I really hope they expand them in the next couple of years as well as some of the smaller factions like IJ DoK and IDK.
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