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  1. Hoping for a big mortal release with this. Slaanesh mortals have all manner of great things that could be done with them. That daemon prince (what a design and so much more dotting as a daemon prince of slaanesh) could be the aspiration for some. I wouldn't even care to say what I want as at the minute GW are producing and expanding on things way more than I can think of so fingers crossed for a range of amazing mortal models
  2. I'm not sure what the problem is with it being chaos only. I applaud them for it and hope they can really flesh out an alliance that should be as varied as order. If there is an expansion after the six warbands have been released I hope it's more chaos. It's similar to necromunda, I don't here people asking for a big xenos or chaos expansion in that.
  3. I think this looks awesome and the models are so good! Great to see so much love for chaos undivided recently in all systems. If those 6 factions are mortal realms that's a great addition. I've been clamouring for free peoples to be done like that, and it's much easier to do that in a skirmish setting
  4. Lol I thought they were cannons without glasses on
  5. The malign portents stories got me into AoS and i don't think im the only one!. I thought they were fantastic, clear stories setting out the realms and it's people and lots of teasers and easter eggs. Those stories plus miniwargamings enthusiastic coverage of AoS has now got me hooked, i dont even look at the main 40k game now although i am enjoying necromunda, kill team and blackstone fortress
  6. Would be very dissapointing if gloomspite and FEC were the promised destruction and death battletome for 2019. I would like to think all four would have at least one more this year. Soulblight or deadwalker expanded faction for death. Beast claw or legions of gorkamorka for destruction Light or shadow aelves for order or a free cities battletome to encompass the Aelf, duardin and human hangers on Slaanesh for chaos with new mortal followers
  7. CDM

    Darkoath wishlist

    So basically chaos warriors from whfb!? No thanks 😃 I want to see new things in the mortal realms ( although feral gorebeasts is a great idea!)
  8. CDM

    Darkoath wishlist

    If you said this to me now then yes I think likely. A few months ago though with DoK and idoneth I would of said standalone
  9. CDM

    Darkoath wishlist

    Very interested and excited too see where they go with darkoath! I'm actually hoping they don't mix it with slaves to Darkness but could see them being joined ala gloomspite. Full release like idoneth would be great The chieftain and war queen are just amazing models and the popularity of them is great seeing as they are very classic fantasy barbarians! Sometimes the oldies are the best! I always had ano idea for a norsca army and then they turned it into a faction on TWW! Perfectly envisioned imo. I think this could be the time for the return of the war mammoth ( in reality a giant realm beasty with aos flair for copyright reasons!) units Warqueen Different types of chieftains Shamans Broadsword minions Spear/sling minions Chaos troggoths/ogors/giant War howdah beast. War shrine Beast masters Mounted unit Tbh these are pretty standard ideas and GW has been quality lately with unique ideas. Playstyle is tricky, how to make them unique? I like the thought of them not following the chaos gods properly but primatevly. Rather than marks they could be "blessed" mid battle, maybe after wiping a unit out, they could erect a crude monolith to the dark.gods from.the bodies of the slain,led.by a shaman or 'architect' and this could bestow a gift from khorne! Given a buff to darkoath in that area of the table. I don't know but they've been knocking it out the park with AoS releases recently and can't wait to see what they do with them, do.we.think.they are the next battletome?
  10. Very interested to see where this leads 😁 the original battletomes and expansions of sub-factions was great. Ard boyz into ironjawz, slayers into Fyreslayers etc have been great, although they are all in need of a second wave. Equally the legions of nagash, beasts of chaos etc have been smash hits as well! Gloomspite does both and is unique, expansion of range but at the same time a consolidation, we've also seen the release coming with malign portents etc. Nighthaunt are in the same vein as ironjawz etc with a noticeably larger range though Where are they going with FEC? Can't tell, new model very surprising albeit needed as you can't have a king without a big monster box. I didn't expect a battletome for them at all but I've always liked to think of the range expanded. Maybe in the way of genestealer cults, where they've added a couple of unit types but mostly elite character types. Maybe a mounted unit, ghouls thinking of themselves on knightly steeds but in reality on rolling bloated corpses! Skaven no idea, could go legions of nagash style it is the safe bet for now. But they are so ripe to split into 4, but seeing as gloomspite has three factions I would see it going this way. Love to see new units, I've always liked skyre and the weapon teams and poisoned wind globadiers. The new death runner style has appeared a few times now and could be a sign of the new direction and a foreshadowing . Who knows fun to speculate though!
  11. Im stating to think we will get a good slaanesh daemons release including a new keeper of secrets, maybe leading into a emporers children/fulgrim release. Im a little concerned we wont see a aos mortal release for slaanesh like we have for the other three now? What do you all think, other than noise terminators and noise havocs, mortal slaanesh is the big slaanesh thing i wanted to see most, really interested to see what GW would do with them!
  12. Anyone have any herds to show off? I've never owned a beastman army but they've always had the best over all theme and aesthetic in my eyes! Does anyone wanna share their armies?
  13. Hi guys. I'm trying to find out if the only difference between tempest of souls and storm strike is the models? Do they have the same booklets, rules etc but different models??
  14. CDM

    Battletome Deadwalkers

    Hi guys before I put pen to paper on doing a Deadwalkers fantome and datasheets I was after any ideas and units that you all may have had on this faction if it was too get a release. I'll give you a breif description of the gist of this army and how I would like it too operate and its playstyle. I want it to play like a tide of rotten flesh constantly reaanimating and building up its numbers but also very easy to hack through. I would like to see enemies that die join the ranks and also the collection of rotten flesh molded into horrible constructs as the game goes on. The corpse carts would be central to this, providing bonuses to this process. It would work on a summoning point system where the more models that die near a corpse cart the more 'flesh points' are generated giving you access to a list of summon able beasties. Not worked out the nitty gritty yet but it would be like each wound lost within 12 of a corpse cart add one too your flesh points, spend two points to bring back a zombie, 5 for a dire wolf, 12 for a flesh golem 30 for zombie dragon etc. Basically the corpse carts are crafting foul creations using the bodies and dark magic on the fly! Essentially I don't want to add too many crazy units so people could actually pick this up and play relatively easily and test it or enjoy it. I've got ideas for artefacts and units etc but want to get the main theme nailed down first! Waddayathink? Anyone else had any ideas or help contribute to this with me?
  15. I thought 2k was actually too big in AoS 1.0 for 'standard games'. Watching 2k games take 3 hours on occasion can be a chore. 2k in 2.0 is better I think because you get a good looking force competing all over the place for objectives. Pick up games should be 1500 or less and tornament games 1750.
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