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  1. Very much excited about the vampires definitely. Although I really don't like the bat hair lord! The underworlds warband looks amazing. I hope to see that as the standard vampire level. Running around in small groups or on their own. Although it's customary now from GW to have lots of support hero's at elites level so I could see that also for vamps. Vampire lord Vampire knights/hero's Bloodknights Vyrkos style feral vamps Vargskyrs
  2. I really hope FEC get fleshed out ( pun very much intented!) there is loads of scope for them to have a wave. Even a small one. Thralls were oft mentioned for a future soulblight expansion but I suppose that can be covered by the new bestial vampires.
  3. Someone put in the rumour thread about how soupy gravelords could be as a faction and whether it could look like cities of sigmar in a way? I think that's a good shout! (Definitely if they put flesheater courts in). There's likely to be be a fair few new models to go with deathrattle, deadwalkers, deadmages, soulblight..quite a lot to choose from. I feel they'll be a fair few new units, no FEC, but some cuts too.
  4. Yeah maybe Bloodknights will go but as long as there is a mounted vampire unit in full armour then it will scratch the itch. I can actually see grave guard . Skellies and zombies phased out and replaced with a sepulchral guard looking unit. I would actually like to see deadwalkers left out and merged with FEC. I reckon there's great scope for a FEC and deadwalkers expansion away from soulblight and vampire counts
  5. BSF had expansions so I'm hoping over the life of this it will as well. A second large adverseries box would be most preferable. Or a small expansion per district would be great. One new lord and a couple of minion types. A nighthaunt box, a FEC court one. Really help bulk out the range of death. A mortal shyish one would be fantastic. Live the snippets in the lore about shyish mortal literally fighting alongside their ancestors!
  6. Yeah blood knights are a given. Now we've saw two aspects of bestail vampires with the vyrkos blood borne and the vargulf thing. We have saw a new vampire lord and the underworlds warband. The warband had a feral vampire looking model bit I can't see us having two different vampire thrall units. But the very martial looking vampires are a must, they fill that gap of hero quote nicely without being a top power like a lord, would be great to see lots of these on the board.
  7. So we can see a fair expansion to soulblight coming and it looks like the natural successor to legions. I also can't see the flesh rater courts being rolled into this one but they are really due an expansion! With the new mounted Wight King being a soulblight character it looks a safe bet that deathrattle will be included. But if too much is included from LoN then what space does that leave ? Will they discontinue a load of lines? Anyone thought of a likely roster? New units??? Old units?? Factions??
  8. A ranged unit would be an opportunity missed imo. Doesn't need to be boulder throwing could be giant slingshots or huge javelin! . Cant think really how they could make varied play styles within the fashion itself . Let alone overall
  9. Hope they split the current aleguzzler kit into different warscrolls and that they are the armigers of the faction.
  10. Lol. I watched a couple of episodes with him and thought it was really good! I thought the different sizes of the titans really ramps up the threat as the smaller ones can enter buildings ets. One mis step and your titan food!
  11. Yeah hoping for different sizes ala the ones from Attack on Titan which my sons into
  12. I feel there is way too many units with very similar stats making choices in some battletones redundant. I think the fixed hit and wounds are fine but would of worked better on a D10 system giving a little wider scope.
  13. I think there is scope for a necromantic horde. Reanimating minions on the go building zombie dragons and flesh beasts/golems on the go as you earn your faction points Ala depravity points. Problem would be adding a character too it. I think there is space for more in death, retire LoN , add a death mages book for deathrattle, dead walkers and death mages. Expand on soul blight and expand on FEC.
  14. Gw would still do their studio preview though
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