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  1. I didn't say the rumour engine has before I thought this one may have. First time for everything πŸ‘Ύ
  2. I understand it to be tounge in cheek but they have hid clues in plain sight before disguised as tounge in cheek or flippant comments
  3. "Once you form an iron-clad and defenfable theory head over...etc" Bit of a clue?
  4. Can we ban him? He provides nothing for discussion and I personally come to this site because it's not like bols or dakka and I dont think anyone spoils the atmosphere like this guy does consistently.
  5. Agree with the 40k reveal being awful. They really hyped psychic awakening but aside from a couple of models it's been a real bust
  6. Theres an event I'd not heard of before this weekend. Gw are there
  7. Can they not change the placeholder rules for the warcry warband? Seems they can re write them if the want for the battletome
  8. Really looking forward to the two other warcry warband as well released in this manner. The spire tyrants are gonna look great as cultists for an ever chosen themed StoD army.
  9. I always wanted to see mordheim return like necromunda. I'm not fussed if they released new war brands instead of being able to use existing box sets. Fully customisable minis, maybe even with magnestiesd parts to upgrade as you go
  10. . I dont think the base size is all that important in the reveal. They just need to bring the setting back dont they? 15mm does make more sense to have large scale battles but has the problem of in validating older models and cross play with AoS. I think most are right in thinking they'll start fairly small with maybe 6-8factions at launch if it was 28mm. If its 15 mm I can see being expanded on much quicker. I'm leaning towards warmaster scale
  11. Was there a reveal today? I know it's the open day on the 30th but I could swear something 40k or AoS was today (20th)?
  12. A giants faction in AoS is a must! Quite happy for them to be the imperial knights of AoS! Alternatively a faction centred around them as others have mentioned on here would be great too. Then we would have 4 destruction factions Orruks.Gitz.ogors.giants Although mostly I would like to see a new destruction faction never seen before (with giants obvs!)
  13. I'm not fully clued up with GWs business structure but the last paragraph of the old world article mentions people in the warhammer studio will be working on it. I assumed that meant it will be a core studio game and not FW? I'm confused where people are coming from with the HH references as the article doesn't really state it will the same structure as HH just that they're similar in that they are the old stories from a core game brought to life I a game and models? If I've missed anything please let me know! I'm very much eager for this to be a GW not a FW produced game!
  14. The more I see and read the more I want it to be whfb, with new rules but in warmaster scale. Rank after rank with gun lines and buckets of dice is what I want from rank and flank. They could create some great centerpieces never seen before. Siege engines! Fortresses! War mammoths on Masse! But I dont want all this for a huge upfront cost, I'd like to see all the TWW crowd come on board with big armies. Would be great for the game. I really do see the appeal though of cross play minis but i dont think we'll get the range if it is. Probably restricted to 4-6 factions unfortunately . Not sure if I've missed something but I dont see this as a FW studio game and I dont think we will see square bases in 28-32mm, if they're doing that scale and it's new models, then they're doing round bases, they would want you to use them in both systems, I see round bases on square trays
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