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  1. Biggest problem with Tombkings I find is the line in the end times which went like this: "Settra does not serve, Settra Rules!" and subsequently became a meme, which resulted in people who had no liking of tomb kings before thinking they and Settra in particular were the coolest kids in town. Although I played Vampire Counts in WFB so am rather biased.
  2. https://www.warhammer-community.com/blacklibrarycomingsoon/ I believe this will be an omnibus of The Undying King and Neferata Mortarch of Blood, if you missed them first time round.
  3. The Ancient evil: the return of Kirby!
  4. Enemy units piling in can really do him in. My regular opponent tends to throw every unit they can at him, because of how dominant Nagash is with magic. Which has led to me winning a few games by keeping the objectives in mind and just sacrificing Nagash really, not what ideal but it works occasionally.
  5. This! Would make me so happy to have a mini for him. Probably be let down by under par rules but sod it, I don’t think I’d care too much.
  6. Nighthaunt getting access to gravesites is pretty good. Spell lores is an interesting one, I can see them just giving nighthaunt wizards access to one of the two in LoN rather than the Nighthaunt lore or a brand new one. All will be revealed shortly
  7. Legion Of Grief seems pretty ballzy; gives nighthaunt gravesites and god knows what else. Hurrah?!
  8. I'd be amazed if they did that, unless they are going to release some brand new units which seems unlikely. Mostly just points values that need amending imo.
  9. VlOZD with ethereal amulet! Grimghasts don't really hit all that hard do they? Iirc they have no rend, no MW, just lots of attacks?
  10. Personally I would always go for the halberd version, less attacks but in theory more damage can be inflicted and in grand host they get +1 attack anyways. And I think the sword versions look a bit meh. Arcai or Harbingers I find very situational, if the opposing player has a fair bit of mortal wound ouput then Arcai are the way to go. If not Harbingers with the 3d6 charge can be pretty awesome. I have to confess all my morghasts have been bought as gifts or otherwise preassembled before they came to me(thank you ebay) so can't help on that!
  11. El Syf

    Soulblight inbound?

    An elite soulblight faction would be great, only trouble is do you include Manfred, Neferata and Vhordrai in it or make a clean break with new characters? I'm still a bit miffed about the supposed year of death that never was but that's probably best left for another time.
  12. Watched it while not properly awake and concluded GW are going to start selling pre-painted models...
  13. Tomb Kings don't have a 2.0 battletome… 💩
  14. El Syf

    Where next?

    Abhorash. That is all.
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