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  1. El Syf

    The Rumour Thread

    It’s obviously a rotated view of Abhorash’s greaves!
  2. El Syf

    Death Wishlisting

    I honestly thought they’d discontinued the mounted eight king model, you’re right that along with the bats are probably the most dated models in the range.
  3. El Syf

    Nagash Counter?

    I’ve been using Nagash a lot since I got the model (1.5k lists are pretty sparse), but have often thought how would I counter him. Now I may have overlooked certain rules and lore wise it would not happen but as a death player I think four morghasts from a grand host list (+1 attack) and buffed with blood feast (another + 1 attack) should damage him enough if not kill him to make his casting much less frightening. Obviously there is the whole issue of actually getting the morghats in combat, that’s part of the game though, 20 attacks -2 rend and 3 damage goodnight Vienna. On the other hand if Nagash casts the realm spell that makes him unrendable, other options will be needed. Ps. Yes I am a massive morghast fan
  4. El Syf

    Death Wishlisting

    So we will probably be waiting a very long time for any more releases but there’s no harm in thinking about what we’d like... Morghasts: another type with a shooting attack ala kurnoth hunters, a giant hero morghast in case you don’t want named character general in a deathlord lists. As a side note I really feel a lot more could be done with morghasts. Some dedicated ranged units in general, skeleton archers coming back would be great personally as I’ve got about 50 of them New zombies!? I hate zombies and never field them myself but the kit they have dates back to 6th ed wfb if not older? Flesh eater courts may be getting some attention this year as the new model is a abhorrent archregent not ghoul king. Soulblight tome with plastic blood knights and new vampiric units. For the lolz: Abhorash!
  5. El Syf

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    There was a Facebook post where they asked for comments on regarding points changes for ghb 19 a few months back, which realistically is all we will probably get. Lots of people wanting Nagash to go up in points whilst wanting reductions in points to their own hot trash units. It’s all very subjective, personally I think treelords of all types need to go up in points but my regular opponent who plays Sylvaneth would absolutely hate that. Blood Knights need a points reduction, as if you don’t get a charge off with them they’re pretty useless and vargheists return to battleline in a soulblight army like they used to be unless there’s a soulblight time on the way 😂
  6. One thing that has always baffled me with artefacts in aos is why don’t they points values like the old days? Surely that would sort it out.
  7. I quite like the realm spells, Aqshy and Shyish do seem head and shoulders above the others in that regard. From experience most people seem to hate playing against a VLoZD with the ethereal amulet, me and my regular opponent have an agreement that neither of us use it in our games now.
  8. El Syf

    GW is asking for advice on GHB 2019

    Celstar ballista point increase seems to be a recurring theme! Only played one game against it myself and it missed every shot...
  9. El Syf

    GW is asking for advice on GHB 2019

    Well I tried to be as objective as possible. Nagash to stay as he is 800 points is still an awful lot to pay for one model, bllodknigjts to be reduced in points further to 220 maybe as why would you take them over morghasts as it stands? And my bug bear; make treelords more bloody expensive!
  10. This would be an absolute dream come true for me. Nagash hiring Rentokil to solve his never ending rat problem would be good; The great extermination.
  11. El Syf

    Wishlisting Thread

    Still love the fact 2018 was supposedly the year of Death and yet Order have had more battletomes and models, granted some have been stormcast but for me it hasn't been quite the year of death it was built up to be. Malign portents was fun and lore wise death heavy, it was very all inclusive with regards to the actual campaign/models, LoN was what death actually needed (no new models was a bit of a sting), Nighthaunt is/was very good all round just feel that the year of death moniker was somewhat overstated. New or reduced price blood knights please! Running them in a game on Saturday as I've glued various arms back on, still think the points are better spent on Morghasts.
  12. El Syf

    The Rumour Thread

    hand of dust to the rescue (via te portal)!
  13. El Syf

    The Rumour Thread

    That dragon is so over the top rules wise. Needs nerfing harder than the mournghoul ever di! Although at 1.2k maybe not? Just seems ridiculous.
  14. The only problem is it's probably Kirby who has benefitted from this more than anyone, he issued a bucketload of shares to him and his partner before stepping down. Not sure if it's still the case but when Rountree took over Kirby was still with the company just not in charge. Rountree deserves a medal on top of whatever bonus he (must have?) received for turning GW around, business wise and community wise.
  15. El Syf

    Expanding on Death: Not Enough Flavour

    Abhorash is the only vampire to have explicitly overcome the curse. He’s the best bet in my opinion, from a strictly lore view. Don’t expect to ever see a model and rules of him ?