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  1. Morghast coming down is great, iirc haven’t the mortarchs just gone back to their 2017ghb points? Was actually hoping vhordrai and normal vlozd would come down in points, oh well 😔
  2. Some of the mercenary descriptions made me laugh, Blood Knights being heavy cavalry and trying to make skeletons sound dangerous. The only one that did catch my eye was the artillery heavy one.
  3. Some of the new nighthaunt stuff was grey plastic for a while, all my other models are carried over from web though so all painted there. That folklore of painted models do better than unpainted always sticks in my mind! Also back in the day some stores wouldn’t let you play unless your units were under coated at the very least.
  4. Yep played two games the other day, guardian spirits and unlock the vault. Have to say unlock the vault is a pretty fun scenario and the awakened artefacts/stormvault sacristies all make for a nice campaign.
  5. Was hoping for Morghasts to go to 180 or lower really. *If this is real...
  6. So you only receive an awakened artefact after your first battle in the campaign. Do people believe you can give an artefact for the first battle to the hero you give the awakened artefact to for the second battle onwards? I’m aware you can’t have two artefacts on one model, but is it in the interest of fairness to allow artefact swapping from the second game on? For example you have a hero with the dimensional blade in game one, you then give gheistbane to them for game two; meaning they lose the dimensional blade. Would people be mostly cool with allowing another hero to take the dimensional blade from game 2? PS: this is in a rather casual group ,not too bothered by what would fly at top tournament level.
  7. Hopefully my copy should arrive today. Purchased it mostly for the lore as there wasn't an accompanying Novel released, which is all I wanted really. The campaign also seems a lot more thought out with the awakened artefacts being quite a nice touch. Mercenaries are of no interest to me to be fair. Endless spells seem a bit more thought out with quite a few of them doing something other than X amount of mortal wounds, which seemed rather a waste of the idea.
  8. I second everything Sartxac said. Ethereal amulet on the dragon is a must imo. Me and my regular opponent have a gentleman's agreement not to use it but in a tournament situation where everyone else can choose it you might as well take advantage.
  9. You could argue that the Sylvaneth book was the first proto 2.0 book, GW even said when it came out it was the first in a new style of battletomes. As I said I’m reasonably happy with the book sticking around for a few years it will get annoying if there’s constant errata's to add new stuff in as I’m sure legion of grief will add to the existing ones.
  10. I agree there's lots of armies with existing battletomes that need a look in before LoN, it just seemed with legion of grief being added to the mix and the errata allowing certain nighthaunt units to be used (which still surprises people from time to time); an update might be on the cards. Overall I'm reasonably happy with LoN and wouldn't be that fussed if it stayed around for a few years bar the recent power creep with the newer tomes. Only thing I would change is morghasts getting a decrease in points and possibly regaining the summonable keyword (in grand host it feels right from a lore perspective if Nagash is general, similar to now how they are battleline if he is general).
  11. So after some other battletomes have been redone should ours? After all sometimes points reductions aren't all that's required, legion of grief seems like it would need to be absorbed into the book for starters. Nagash needs to stay exactly as he is I feel no points increase and no nerf stick. What's everyone elses thoughts?
  12. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/28/the-rumour-engine-28th-may-2019/ Nipples!
  13. Speaking as a non Sylvaneth player, I was kind hoping treelords of all types would get an increase and Allariele went back up to 700 points but I guess it's a perspective thing.
  14. Biggest problem with Tombkings I find is the line in the end times which went like this: "Settra does not serve, Settra Rules!" and subsequently became a meme, which resulted in people who had no liking of tomb kings before thinking they and Settra in particular were the coolest kids in town. Although I played Vampire Counts in WFB so am rather biased.
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