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  1. I'm also in the ten Morghast crew, but all with halberds for me. Was actually looking to get a couple more off ebay as I'm blindly convinced there will be a points reduction again...
  2. I love morghasts! Personally i find the sword armed models no to my liking and -2 rend 3 damage has always appealed more to me. The 3D6 charge presents another problem in that they usually end up to far away from a hero to get the 6+ save. Also in grand host they get an extra attack as well which almost makes them worth the points. I'm really hoping the Bonereapers tome drops them further in points or changes the warscroll somehow; maybe we will finally find out what the reanimant keyword means?
  3. This is exactly why there has never and will never be rules and a model for Abhorash: he's just too good
  4. I would really like some sort of challenge issuing ala oldhammer in the game, so you can have hero on hero without getting shafted by other units piling in. Obviously this would need some thought applied as to how it could work or if it could at all, I just really liked that in wfb (and rank and file, square bases, flank charges, overkill, combat resolution, fear etc). Note: I do actually like AoS, just got a tad nostalgic for a second sorry. As far as armies go, destruction and death are still way behind order and chaos in model range and battletomes. I admit I'm biased as I play death and we had the rawest deal going until LoN got released.
  5. Does anyone think there might be changes to the war scrolls of Nagash, Arkhan and the morghasts? Highly unlikely but I though Nagash going up in points in the ghb was highly unlikely too...
  6. So Nagash is a God and is less durable than Gotrek? Right...
  7. Is anyone else just wanting warscroll previews already? And wishing September comes and goes very quickly?!
  8. The four limbed things just really don't do it for me, but if Morghasts can be included as others have speculated it's all good. Maybe Morghasts get a Ossiarch Bonereapers warscroll profile like the black coach ended up with two profiles?
  9. Not a fan of the four armed dudes but all the other stuff looks pretty good.
  10. It's not the death release anyone wanted but it's the death release we deserve...
  11. Quite straight forward, a vampire lord on zombie dragon has both lance and sword attacks on its profile. Can you use both? I've always played it that you have to choose between them (based on what you've modelled it with) but then with Nagash you wouldn't choose between attacking with Alakanesh or Zefet Netbar, you'd attack with both. Sorry if this has been asked before, it seems obvious you should have to choose one but doesn't seem to explicitly state you can't attack with both. Cheers.
  12. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/08/13/the-rumour-engine-august-13th-2019/ Dead Stormcast, rejoice!
  13. Nagash and the spell portal also spring to mind. Nagash went up 50 and the spell portal went up 40 I believe(?) That's another good chunk of points to spend on the same models, without any improvement on them. (I realize a lot of people moaned Nagash was too cheap beforehand, but I don't share that view.)
  14. Trouble is they are so expensive, you can take another hero to provide a DM bubble for less points than most of them. Generally I would say that 6+ save trumps most benefits a battalion can give.
  15. Morghast coming down is great, iirc haven’t the mortarchs just gone back to their 2017ghb points? Was actually hoping vhordrai and normal vlozd would come down in points, oh well 😔
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