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  1. Most of my stuff is still on square bases so this is great news!
  2. Does anyone else think the Nagash and Morghasts warscroll changes make them more appealing now?
  3. Couldn't agree more. There is a way to have Morghasts be -3 rend (already -2, a further -1 from Bludgeon), +1 to hit (helm of the ordained?), reroll 1's to hit (soulguide) can't remember) and +1 attack(Endless Duty). But it involves keeping 2 characters relatively near them. I just love the models too much I suppose
  4. I agree 100% rend is always better than reach in my book, unless you're playing nighthaunt.
  5. Can someone clarify if nagash is 860 or 880? Anyone else think a mainly gloss black scheme would work? Sort of like Hexus from Fern Gully type vibe in my head at least
  6. Erm, I prefer the look of Morghasts does that count?
  7. I’ll read the tome in depth once it arrives, just seems quite silly morghasts went down in points in ghb 2019 only to go up in this. In all honesty unbufded moegjasts feel 150 at most. And GW instead of making a horrendous model of Nagash now just make him to expensive to take. 860 why not just whack him back up to 900 and be done with it.
  8. Nagash and morghasts going up in points is an absolute joke. 800 for Nagash was right, morghasts have always felt overpriced with one concession being the +1 attack in grand host making them feel almost worthwhile. Getting the battle tome and scenery but just feels like death (nagash and morghasts) have got shafted again.
  9. Arkhan and Nagash have got buff? As others have said super disappointed morghasts got nothing other than the hekatos keyword, but if Mr. Hat has been souped up I can live with it. They might have got another points reduction with any luck.
  10. And an anti Gotrek weapon, in theory at least.
  11. For all the people scratching their heads about the rules not in the faction focus that have been discussed. Unless someone else has already posted the link
  12. It’s good I’m not denying that, just think excellent was too strong. As I said as soon as any rend gets involved it goes from good to at least I get to re-roll a 5 or 6+. Not meaning to put a downer on it, I just don’t like the word excellent bein used for something that is reasonable. Hopefully Nagash and Arkhan get something with the spell lore and possible warscroll changes.
  13. It's a lot more of a tease than some faction focuses have been in the past. The juicier units not getting a look in... Also am I the only person that thinks a 4+ save is far from "excellent"?! If it was akin to Gotrek's op shoulder pad, then excellent would be the correct adjective. I'd go for mediocre once you apply anything with rend.
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