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  1. Hey there to all Skaven players! I got a question for you. While not a Skaven player myself, I've been wondering one thing about Clanrats. Stat wise they look like the best chaff battleline in the game. When they have 40 models, they can have 4+/3+ attacks with their 2 reach spears, 5+ save and 12 bravery. And all that objective control power is only 200 points, which is, well, crazy. And all that without any buff investments. Sure, the more models you lose, the worse Clanrats stats will become, and if your opponent kills 21 Clanrats and you roll 5 or 6 on the battleshock, you will lose all 40. But so what? Your opponent just wasted a lot of his firepower on 5+ save to remove 200 gold from the table. That's like 25 Sisters of the watch shooting at your chaff (400 gold worth of the one of the best ranged firepower in the game). AND even then you can still do Inspiring Presense, if you really want to deny your opponent objective control his turn. So my question is this - is there a reason why Skaven players just don't go for a moving wall of 200 clanrats, flood objectives with models and simply win because their opponent can't kill all of them in time? I mean, sure, 200 clanrats cost almost 400$ and a huuuge time investment, but I'd bet it won't stop meta players from buying a lot of them from second hand. That's 5 units, 4 of them can dominate objectives, while 1 can congaline screen your backline in case of deepstrike threat. And your backline can be... Well, anything really. You still have 1000 gold for Warp Lightning Cannons, Ratling Guns, Stormfiends, anything that deals good damage (preferably ranged I'd guess). If your opponent rushes your backline, you win on objectives control, if your opponent focuses on your frontline, you just kill him with backline focus fire instead. Do I miss something here?
  2. Nurgle mirror matches are the best. Greatly balanced, very friendly and caring.
  3. Thanks! Just needed a conformation, that information I was told previously was incorrect. And yea, this makes Bastilladon (with his igroning rend 1+ save) and Leviadon seem like even more overpowered in my eyes, as their saves degrade only after all unit attacks, including MWs, are resolved. Oh boy...
  4. So, once upon a time on this forum, while discussing Sisters of the Watch, that deal additional 1 MW on the 6 to wound, I've been told that the moment you roll 6 to wound with them, the defending unit immediately suffers a mortal wound. But the rule about MW states that "allocate any MWs that are caused while a unit is attacking at the same time as any other wounds caused by the unit's attacks, after all of the units attacks have been completed". It seems quite clear that in this instance you can't knock off armor from Bastiladon or Leviadon with Sisters MWs before the usual attacks do hit. Instead Mortal wounds get allocated after saves, together with the usual damage, correct?
  5. While this post is a joke, the idea that Deepkin need more models is true. They do need more new models along with a much better internal balance. Eels need nerfs, turtle needs small nerf, thralls need small buffs, and different units may be need a bit more synergy between each other. The "charge it all" eels meta is as stupid as one teleporting frog army. The fact that Eels can be 2+ save now on the first turn... How do you even fight this in the first battle round if you're not Lumineth? You should not accelerate power creep with buffs only mentality, you fight it as best you can.
  6. Btw, I just realised that this list puts Beasts of Chaos into... A tier? I mean, if you just spam Tzeetch beasts, then you can have a semi competitve build ( even thennot sure if it's an A tier material though), but the rest of the army is... Not that great as far as I am aware. But I will derail the conversation further with this, so it just adds to the fact that even tournament data should not be taken purely at face value.
  7. Yea, for its cost and in that army the amount of damage and tankiness Turtle gets for for itself and surrounding troops is simply crazy. Who even thought that buffing an already solid monster so hard and indirectly buffing Eels was a good idea... And that is great! I would rather play with slightly underpowered fun Behemoths than with broken ones, that should be nerfed in the future.
  8. The last time I've checked Idoneth Meta (like a few moth ago) it was Eels, then Eels, followed my... More Eels? Oh, and Aetherwings, of course. And no turtle in sight. Perhaps my knowledge if out of date... *looks up warscroll* oh god it's pure +1 to save now, how did I miss it, Turn 1 Idoneth must be so broken now. Yea, GW needs to nerf Eels, probably Turtle as well (2+save for first 8 wounds is crazy), buff Thralls, give Idoneth a few new inits and finally call it a day. Idoneth should not be a Khorne like but better charge it all army. This is not worth the memes anymore. And I'm not even talking about one teleporting frog army. Living City, not anvilguard. And if you would ask me, who's better in Living City without support, Durthu or Dreadlord, it's always Dreadlord time. Dreadlord is MUCH faster, flies, does decent damage and can threaten backline with ease (hello squishy archers and mages!) Durthu is good for the turn you've dropped him in, but the second he takes 3 wounds, he turns into a Treelord damage wise. Except he's also slower and it may be a while before he gets into combat. That's why I take basic Treelord instead btw, he's 1 inch faster, does not get crippled so hard by his damage table and has the same tanking potential, while costing 180 points. It's a steal for Living City, sure. Now if you would make Durthu a general, give him Ironoak Artisan, and Spear of The Hunt, take a Treelord Ancient for a Wyldwood, Knight Azyros for rr 1 to hit, Hurricanum for a +1 to hit, you get a tanky monster which in melee does almost guaranteed 30 damage with -3 rend on charge with always fights first. Terrifying? Sure. But overkill? Probably. Expensive setup? Yes. Quite a few things can go wrong? Also yes. So it's a Dreadlord for me, Durthu is too weak without guaranteed Wyldwood support. So yea, damage on paper is not everything, not even close. Comparing our Behemoths to S-tier Behemoths (Idoneth, Seraphon, kinda Lumineth) directly does not achieve much. Those needs nerfs anyway, CoS top monsters are not that weak as synergies boost them hard. And sure, most of CoS Behemoths do need big or small buffs. But it's not that huge of a problem.
  9. On their own even the best CoS Behemoths don't look great. It's all about synergies and Command abilities with them. Frost Phoenix with Annointed is the least damage oriented. He instead has a pretty impressive tanking/roadblock potential, gives AOE melee defence and immunity to battleshock for Phoenix Guard near. Tanky model, good synergies all around. Fire phoenix is less tanky, more "running around, spamming MW and having a chance to start over". Still a very good choice, just more risky and requires certain gooning setup. General on Griffon looks... Okay. But add Hammerhall CP generator, artefacts and Command ability, and he becomes quite a great blender. Dreadlord... Well, you do forget about his Breath attack. Situational, sure, hard to use well, yes, but get into combat right near a horde unit of 40 models, pull them in, and you can do around 7 mortal wounds in your next shooting phase. Even if you get 10 models in range, that's still almost 2 MW on average. Oh, and in Living City only Dreadlord can fly 28 (or deepstrike +14) with a single CP, which is pretty great for threatening that squishy backline. I do completely agree though that after huge only self spell buffs from malign sorcery realms are gone, CoS wizard Behemoths need a buff. +1 to their saves and number of casts would be good. Some minor buffs to other Behemoths (may be some limited save rerolls on non Phoenix ones) could be good as well. They do feel a bit squishy for their points.
  10. 2x Tempestus Scions (for when I'll go for "The Wall of Guns!" army or may be for some cool handgunners conversions), Maligh Sorcery (because why not, having some endless spells could be worth it one day) and 3x Phoenix Guard (because I don't really want to buy those models, but damn they are strong! And I have a Frost Phoenix already to support them).
  11. This new release really makes me feel cheated. Because I would have loved me a secondary 1000 points LRL skirmishing kangaroo army with those amazing new models as well, but... my wife called dibs on them.
  12. It's interesting though that in that article she was not called Wanderer even once, only Kurnothi. Still, it's a good sigh that "Not Wood Elves" can return to AoS in force.
  13. Btw, I guess I'll also show what is already painted in my army. It's all commisioned work, my perfectionism does not trust my painting skills here. Went for simple Living City colours at first, then done a bit of custom colours for Black (Green) Dragon. Now I'm thinking of painting my 3x Sisters of Thorn and Frost Phoenix in Amber/Autumn tones, make my army a bit dualistic. Also, I find Nomad Prince with war Pigeon quite funny.
  14. Some Wanderers Skirmish cav would be nice. With cool magical bows, some swords or spears and very dynamic poses. Also dragons. Order dragons, but not Stormcast Dragons. Big, beautiful and very different dragons for each race. If GW would recreate Forest and Star dragons desighs from Total war, that's an instant 2 boxes of each preorder from me. Don't even care if I won't be able to play them in an army.
  15. I would not call LC confused though, more of one of the most flexible cities. Setups relying purely on one aspect of LC or balancing them both are quite viable, which gives you a lot of options. Still though, I have no idea on how to properly maximize wound regeneration here. Just spamming Behemoths, Demigryphs and Concussurs I guess? Or just Demis and pistoliers? I'm really glad you had success with him! And, well, I would guess that you remember Treelord from the times when he was quite a different unit - more expensive and much more powerful one. But right now he is simply quite cost efficient. I wish it would be easier to get Aetherwings models though. I could easily squeeze 3x3 of them in my build for easier objective control and maximum screening. I don't want to buy 3 Vanguard Raptors boxes for that. Yea, 2x5 Sisters of Thorn deal around the same damage as a Treelord, while being two fast wizards. They are definetly not great wizards, but they are very much so versatile. And that is what I love about them. If whatever poverful magic or anti magic army shuts them off from casting, you can still use them for decent damage and great board control. You're welcome! I hope that you'll find the list that suits you the most. It could even be the one where you will use Black Dragon and Fulminators together, who knows. By the way, while I LOVE your Fulminators conversions, I personally would have picked Concussors as more reliable. Fulminators damage without the charge sadly is much less impressive, so if you get bogged down or countercharded, you will lose on a lot of damage. If you are afraid of facing a lot of shooting meta though, Fulminators will of course be better, +1 to save on a unit with 3+ and reroll 1 is huge, any ranged overwatch will feel like a joke. And if you run 6 of them, Fulminators charge becomes so devastating, that they destroy almost anything on their way (especially lightly armoured opponents). I am also not sure that you would be able to reliably kill screens with Sisters. 30 models is a lot of damage, but their shooting needs to kill all of most of screens models. It all depends on the quality of screens themselfs, but cheap stuff like 30 Dreadspears or even 40 Clanrats on average will have more than enough models left to stop Fulminators charge. Sure they will die to battleshock even without Fulminators help, but that will happen a phase too late. So I personally have a reversed mindset about this - if situation permits, I would deploy Sisters as close as possible and shoot at enemy backline (especially ranged one), while using my Behemoths to engage screens and pin them in place. Haha, thanks, mate! Wood Elf kiting for life! Or rushes. Or air dominance. Or even frontline builds. Damn I love WE, even without artillery they are so versatile in TW. With an exeption for pure blobs though thankfully. P.S. Oh, and having Fulminators as a retinue could potentially be an amazing idea. Your general with Ironoak Artisan near them will be a terrible target for shooting and your opponent will be able to kill him only with a lot of melee damage or mortal wounds. The question though is which foot general would be good near Fulminators? Who would be a very enticing target? Ooooh, did not knew about that trick, thanks!
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