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  1. It actually looks like a great army with a good synergies, A LOT of alpha strike and good chaff for objectives. AT can summon Wyldwood for Durthu extra 2 attacks, while Branchwraith can summon Dryads from it(although you can count yourself lucky if you get at least 1 summon). Having a lot of healing helps as well. The bad thing is that 1) Trees are pretty slow unless you have a CP to spare, 2) you have to deepstrike AT and Durthu together, 3) you will have Wyldwood only in the next turn after AT deployment, 4) you don't want to go too far from your only Wyldwood. So the most optimap way to use them would be to throw them both into the stronges enemy position to tarpit and fight to the death, so you woudn't have to move them much. You have a lot of pressure versus exposed soft targets anyway. I also would have taken Ghurstrike on Durthu instead of the Spear, but both artefacts are good here.
  2. Hey guys! I was recently brainstorming builds for 1000 points and came up with 2 things for me: First one feel quite well rounded, while the second one is a bit more about powering up Dreadlord with Ironoak Artisan. Honestly, at that point I'm thinking that giving him shield would be better for 2+ save. No first turn charge, but whatever I guess. And yea, those are drakespawns you see there, I had no idea how to make battleline fit better with the remaining points. I guess I can ditch Sisters of thorn and get a cheaper mage. Any thoughts, feedback, ideas?
  3. It's kinda counter logical though. You are "piling in" , but there is no movement for your unit at the same time. Still, the main thing for me is that my units will retain their bonuses. Thanks!
  4. It's almost the dream army I want to take when I will be able to get myself a second dragon. I would go with Prince, 2 Dreadlords with Lance, Annointed on Frostheart Phoenix(with Jade Diadem), 2x20 Sisters of the watch, 2 Sisters of The Thorn(probably with double Lifesurge to be extra safe) and exta CP. Both Dreadlords and Sisters of the watch would be in reserve. It would be a very flexible and alpha hard hitting army. Sure you have CPs only for dreadlords, but Prince is there pretty much for backline support(or you can drop turn 2 if you want). You would also have a lot of multiple would models, making LC passive healing pretty powerful, althought the chance of both Dreadlords dying at the end of second turn is pretty high - they can do good damage, but they are not tanky, so just hope they can do good damage before getting killed. P.S. Btw, can anyone clarify, do you have to pile in when in melee or you can stand in place and still attack? It's pretty important for Eternal Guard.
  5. Ah. Well, that's still quite good I guess. The "Next, we roll to save. At this point, if we roll a 6, we heal any wounds inflicted for each 6." was not quite clear to me, so I asked for clarification. Thanks!
  6. Huh, that's a lot of interesting info, thanks! So if my phoenix has +2 to his saves, he can heal wounds on a 4+ versus no rend, but if he has no plus to save and getting attacked by -1 Rend, he gets no healing at all? Now I'm thinking about making him my general. Frost birb with 2+ save that massively heals from attacks with no rend... And even 1 rend is okay. I'll brainstorm some build with him I guess. But I want to make sure about 1 thing here, that is still unclear to me from your description. Again, let's say we have a Frost Phoenix with Anointed and Jade Diadem attacked by crossbowmen. Phoenix is at full HP, Crossbows get 4 wound on him through my saves, and I have 2 sixes rolled. Do I heal 2 wounds and then roll Witness to Destiny, do I roll Witness to Destiny and then use my 2 wound heal on what's left or do I just roll Witness to Destiny whilst ignoring my 2 sixes? Because the most obvious thing for me to do is the first one, heal 2 wounds as they are allocated and then roll Witness to destiny on the rest. Yea, Nomad Prince is great in my Hallowheart list, when he gets bridged with 40 sisters and gives them +1 to hit(posted the build in Hallowheart thread already if interested), but here he's just a okay tanky hero with good support ability and no synergy with the rest. At best he can fight some chaff on the objective I guess and be annoying for big hero Wizards like Alarielle for example. As for TLA - weeeell, he's still a bit worse Treelord Wizard, so not too impressive. But, inlike Treelord he is a hero, so he can charge with CA on his own, and that's a plus. He also has 1 free summoning of Awakened Wyldwood to be extra annoying, blocking LoS and being quite unpleasant to enemy wizards. However it's quite situational too. But yea, initially I was going to use TLA together with Branchwraith to set up Dryad factory, but now that build needs remastering and the strategy, although auxiliary, in general seems not too reliable. Right now he fits into the current build pretty well, works well as a screen-tarpit on flank. However, the thought of replacing him with a Dreadlord on a dragon does seem enticing, but then I lose Lifeswarm(although with only 2 wizards having an Endless spell is counter productive anyway). Food for though, although buying another dragon right now....
  7. Actually that's a topic I wanted to discuss, I'm kinda not sure how it works. First, rules for future reference: Jade Diadem goes "Each time you roll a successful save roll of 6+ for the bearer, heal 1 would allocated to them". Witness to Destiny goes "roll a dice each time you allocate a wound or a mortal would to this model, on 4+ that wound or mortal wound is negated." Lets take Dreadlord on a dragon with Jade Diadem for simplicity at first. I throw saves, I get 2 sixes and fail 4 rolls. So I have 4 wounds allocated and at the same time I should be able to "heal 1 would allocated to them", because the wounds, well, are allocated at the same moment. So do I take 2 wounds or I still take all 4 and Jade Diadem does nothing? And yea, the burst is really dangerous for frost burdie, I agree, but I guess I could position phoenix in such a way that any bridged units would suffer serious retaliation from sisters and other monsters on my turn, while their support would be too far away. Positioning is key and I gotta learn it well. Btw, what changes to the build would you propose and why?
  8. So, I've recently come up with this build: Here I have 2 CP from the start and 2x20 Sisters with Treeman and Dreadlord in Hidden paths. This gives me a possibility of a double charge on turn 1 from Treeman and Dreadlord with 20x2 Sisters of the Watch supporting from their back while hoping that Phoenix can make an 8 inch charge from across the board as well(and even if he does not, he will be an amazing Distraction Carnifex if turn 1 I'm not going first). 3 casters give pretty good magic support in general and for triggering Phoenix + 1 to save specifically. Could drop an extra CP and Emerald Lifeswarm for 10 Dryads, but not sure if this really worth it here. Sure, just having Dryads is more of a reliable investment, but then turn 1 charging is not that scary and I may be forced to wait for turn 2 to engage. So, how does it look? And btw, is it even realistically possible to kill Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix with Jade Diadem on the first turn?
  9. I think Jade Diadem is a must pick for Phoenix with Anointed. This artefact does works on saves after saves, right? If I am correct, then with witness to destiny you have double the chance to roll 6 and turn a frost bird into a perfect distraction carnifex.
  10. For now my prediction mostly holds true btw - I think that you will be able to use these new spearmen and cavalry both in AOS and revived fantasy. And I think it's safe to say that old HE models should be playable instead of the new ones if someone would want not to buy those gorgeous looking models to save money and use old kits instead.
  11. Lets say you got Eternal Guard which get bonuses "if a unit has not made a move in the same turn". If this unit piles in though, does this counts as a move? And also, does "the same turn" means that if you make a move with Eternal Guard in your turn, they will have bonuses in the enemy turn? Another case - Sisters of thorn have a spell called "Armour of thorns", with its effect having "until that units moves" condition. Does this include teleporting and piling in? I know that in 2018 FAQ those kind on no movement rules were clarified speaking only about Movement phase basic movement and running, but some certain clarification would be nice.
  12. I have heavily invested into CoS recently(still assembling mine 20 models of Sisters of Throrn), but give me good looking dragon models and I will file for bankruptcy. P.S. I hope there is a chance we will see Forest Dragon model just like in Total war. Those guys are gorgeous...
  13. I though those were Stormcast? *"GROUND MARINES, CHAAAARGE" shouts in the distance* If anything, aelfs are eldar, because... Well, they almost literally are, pointy ears and pointy hats are still here x)
  14. A bit off topic, but it was not an arm... And he has 6 of them x) Yes, Slaanesh would be pleased.
  15. Oh, I almost forgot - Sisters of the watch could definetly use 2/4 extra range. They are good, but being so heavily outranged by crossbows does not feel nice.
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