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  1. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    I dont see the conformation. They mention Greenskinz in the same way as Iron Jawz: "Worry not, Orruk fans – we’ve got some great models returning for you, too! The Black Orc Big Boss, Orc Great Shaman and Warboss on Wyvern will be returning – each a cracking addition to the collection of any Greenskinz or Ironjawz player."
  2. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    No idea but non-battletome armies would be pretty low priority. As far as we know the WD only introduces new sub-factions. Non-battletome armies dont have any subfactions, so there is no established framework to add a new faction into. They would have to create a whole system which would be outdated the moment a real battle tome comes out.
  3. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    He is right. GW has said so themselves on an Open Day, they plan to alternate between 40K (Space Marines but also other factions and Xenos) and AoS (beginning with Stormcasts). War-of-Sigmar already has the cover of the februar WD.
  4. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    Releasing a lot of codi without new models. 40K could get away with this because it has a huge amount of useable models and a established background. AoS cant do that. They have to redesign old models, update current ones (bigger box sizes, new bases), explain the factions place in the mortal realms and commission new artwork. The 40K treatment would also mean that people would have to buy a new battletome for their army in a year or so as GW wont release a new range of models without a new Battletome.
  5. Gecktron

    Exploring and Expanding the Ironweld Arsenal

    First of all, great concept, as usual, I alway enjoy your different army ideas. The Ironweld Arsenal has a special place in my heart as a Ironweld themed force was my first AoS army (back in the dark age before the first GHB!) Now to your post. I agree with most of your analysis/thoughts. Only a few things I would disagree with. I don't think the Steam Tank needs an update. Being a mono-built only kit hurts, but its recent enough to not needing replacement. The current model still holds up pretty well. Id rather see a new steam tank adjacent unit. They can keep the Tank as a more standard behemoth (maybe adding a command tank/hero variant by using the commander bits in the kit?) and use the other kit for some more specialized variants. For example, a open topped artillery piece (like a mix between a Steamtank and the WW2 Mortar "Karl"), the other variant could replace the mortar with optics and telescopes and turn it into a spotter for the other pieces of artillery (this kit would also build a minor hero when building the mortar).
  6. Gecktron

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    Also, not every game with points is matched play. My local group uses points near exclusively but we still play open/narrative. Points just help to compared army sizes between different factions. For example, a friend and I played a few aerial battles from the current GHB (Kharadrons vs. Idoneth). We left out the unit restrictions but still used a 1000 points limit. EDIT: Not directly targeted at you. I just used your post to say this.
  7. Agreed! I think new/more Sky-vessels would be a great way to expand the Kharadron Overlords. It would be enough for me if GW only makes ships situated between the Ironclad and the Gunhauler (from a size perspective) but FW should really start getting their AoS team going! Big ships and upgrade sets for existing ships would be ideal for a test run!
  8. Gecktron

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    Im all for making grudges more important, but at it is now they aren't much more than a minor background quirk for all the Duardin factions (Kharadrons have them as a rule, Fyreslayers have it in the lore). The only model representation they got was on one special character. Adding a new hero that carries a book of grudges, or adding books to new units would be something to make them more unique on the field.
  9. Gecktron

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    Not really. Thats just not what GW is about anymore. You can get Tolkien dwarfs everywhere. Age of Sigmar/GW needs a unique selling point to generate interessant and to establish their own universe. Sure, the dwarfs had their own quirks but there isn't much interesting stuff left in their line without slayers and machines. You can't build a new release around "more of the same". Gloomspite gitz worked because Night Goblins and squigs, in this form, were unique to begin with, Dwarfs in mountains with heavy armor and axes are not.
  10. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    Last year we got a big Nurgle Release, the Legions of Nagash Battletome, a mid-sized Daughters of Khaine release, a big Idoneth Deepkin release, a big Nighthaunt release and a big Stormcasts release, and all that in the first half of the year. New stuff for all three seems entirely plausible, in my opinion.
  11. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    I bet this will be similar to Tooth and Claw. A new Battletome and a few new kits for the Flesh Eaters and a few months later a big release for the skaven.
  12. Gecktron

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    I have thought about this recently when the topic of Duardin specific terrain came up before. Mine shafts, etc. are good ideas but the Dispossessed have another big problem, what's their niche? Whats their gimmick? We already have very resistant duardin in the form of Fyreslayers, firepower and vehicles are handled by the Kharadrons (and there is also the Ironweld Arsenal). So to combine these two, how about letting the Dispossessed build their own terrain? To limit the power of this ability and to allow for a variety of buildings these terrain pieces could cost a set amount of "Building-Points" (BP). And the duardin player can use BP to build a new piece of terrain within , lets say, 3" of a duardin unit. Well sure, this could lead to the problem already mentioned by @Shankelton and Dispossessed player start hiding in their deployment zone. This could be fixed by making it so that BP have to be earned in a rather aggressive way. Destroying enemy units (extra points for war machines, monsters and heroes), destroying terrain outside of your own deployment zone, having units in the enemies half of the battlefield. You get the idea. This could reenforce a theme of "What we have, we hold!" as in, Duardin are hard to get rid of once they are in your face. Another thing would be to focus more on buildings that generate buffs instead of bunkers or cannons. For example, an ancestor statue that gives units within 6" a buff to their bravery value.
  13. Gecktron

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    Thats my favorite battleplan out of the 6 new ones. Sure, it looks confusing as hell and random but it is really fun. I had some of my best games with that scenario. I prefer slightly unbalanced battleplans like the Relocation Orb to boring ones like "Knife to the Heart".
  14. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    We heard "Fyreslayers soon" from that one french YouTuber back in October. Maybe it got pushed back?
  15. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    Yeah, thats what I said. People dont like Endless Spells because they are spells but because they give in-game abilities physical models.