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  1. Looks like he's carrying a spear/javelin in his right hand? Id even say he has a shield in the other hand
  2. Yeah, most likely they allow for STORMCAST, SYLVANETH und KHARADRON units in Free City armies but won't reprint their war scrolls in the book.
  3. So, we just got a number of reveals but they are all missing something. Maybe GW is holding back stuff for Gencon and Nova? -Warclans and Free Cities need spells and faction terrain. -better pictures of the miniatures shown in the Beastgrave teaser -part 2 of the Tithe video... So maybe we get more stuff soon?
  4. Ohhh, im torn on this one! On one hand, im really excited for the Free Cities battle tome as an artillery heavy free people force was my first Age of Sigmar army (back in the dark days before the first Generals Handbook). Having a mixed army based around a shared theme was my dream project for a long time and I hope to finally get to it. On the other hand, the Tithe trailer has my imagination running wild. Id really like to see a independent death rattle force, so we can finally have a civilization building death faction (ghosts, zombies or ghouls dont build anything, but skeletons have entire kingdoms in shyish). But in the end I voted for Beastgrave. Exploring another realm is fantastic and the possibility of re-imagined wanderers with satyr legged aelfs or centaur like creatures (similar to what DoK got) is just too great. All in all im pretty happy with todays previews!
  5. I think Bone rattle rather than Tomb Kings. The architecture/the music/the accent gave me a northern India/Mughal vibe. The lore also speaks of kingdoms of bones rules over by wight kings. I can see them establish their own cities of death/necropolis.
  6. Slaves to Darkness (plus Everchosen) for Chaos, the aforementioned Ogor Tome and thats it. Every AoS faction has a battle tome now, and only a few more to bring all of the to 2.0.
  7. They said not as allies. KO have been part of the Tempest Eye allegiance in Firestorm. My guess is that they can be part of a Free Cities army, they just don't put the profiles in the book.
  8. From the article: "Cities of Sigmar is an incredibly exciting battletome, taking sub-factions as diverse as the Scourge Privateers and the Ironweld Arsenal and forging them into a single force. No fewer than six sets of allegiance abilities allow you to field mixed forces of Stormcast Eternals, duardian, humans and aelves, with a massive roster of units available. The possibilities for themed armies with this book are limitless – from fast-moving scout forces of Pistolliers backed up by Grundstok Gunhaulers from Tempest’s Eye, to charging lances of Hammerhalian Demigryph Knights. What’s more, you’ll be able to add Stormcast Eternals, Kharadron Overlords and Sylvaneth into certain Free Cities armies not as allies but as part of your main force, giving you an incredible level of choice when mustering for battle." Kharadron Overlords joined the party!
  9. Because they allow for great thematic additions. Flesh-Eaters, Beastclaw Raiders or Daughters of Khaine were fantastic additions to the lore. Splitting them off allowed GW to explore that space. Its just that they bitt of more than they can chew. So now they are kinda re-combining them (but leaving them separated enough to come back to them later) to get players happy.
  10. This! The free cities established in Firestorm have a lot of potential and mixing races in one army really sets AoS apart from the world-that-was.
  11. Looking at the picture, I can't see Lion Rangers, Order Draconis, Order Serpentis, Scourge Privateers, Eldritch Council and Phoenix Temple (EDIT: Found the Phoenix Guard). So maybe some are left out?
  12. The silhouette is real. But there is also the new Warhammer Underworlds season, so maybe Ogors are part of the new Starterset.
  13. Great to see Duardin in the Free Cities tome! That was what I hoped for. Now, if they included a few Aelves here and there...
  14. So, maybe Ogors and Wanderers to go with the new Shadespire season? Or Gutbusters and Bonesplitterez since they didn't get any point changes in the recent handbook?
  15. The Iron Promise Collection also includes the War Cry anthology book.
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