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  1. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    They did it for the Shadespire warbands but only after all of them were released. I guess it will be the same for Nightvault.
  2. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    World Eaters and Emperors Children aren't even a question anymore. They will come. GW confirmed as much at a seminar recently. They also said they are looking into other Chaos Legions like the Night Lords. So I would say the full 9 Chaos Legions are now possible (if sales numbers for Traitor Marines stay high).
  3. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    From the User Kalan over at Bolter and Chainsword: "just got out of the meeting. The Blackstone Fortress will have NEW CHAOS MARINES Vs Rogue traders (Think silver tower level models but 40k) and then they will be releasing them as multipart later, and the chaos release for next year involving Khorne and Slannesh has models for both systems."
  4. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    Looking at the Warhammer-community article right now. "Realm of Chaos - Wrath and Rapture" looks like we are getting Khorne AND Slaanesh.
  5. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    I really like the design of the herdstone. It also looks like they unified war- and brayherds. Maybe the monsters of chaos will join too?
  6. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    Previously the live blog showed the new stuff the moment the seminar started, which greatly annoyed the people that brought tickets. So I guess thats why they changed it.
  7. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    So, with Warhammer Fest Europe right around the corner: What are your predictions for Age of Sigmar?
  8. Gecktron

    Removal of compendiums

    They just released the Daughters of Khaine and updated the Nighthaunts. Saying GW never updates existing factions is wrong.
  9. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    From Josh Reynolds Tumblr: So it looks like this is not the second part of the "main" Eight Lamentations story.
  10. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    Ohhhh, thats fantastic! Im really excited! Spear of Shadows is my favorite AoS story so far. I have high hopes for this one. I just listed to the great "Guns of the Black Eagle" and I hope this audio dramas voice acting is on the same level of quality.
  11. Gecktron

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    The one Kharadron book (something something Iron Dragon) mentions the position of an "Logistor". Its basically, as the name suggests, a logistics officer. Maybe he could be similar to the Death Guards Tallyman in 40K. Im not sure what abilities such a figure could have. Maybe he could return slain units as reinforcements like the Hammers of Sigmar stormhost? (which would also allow KO access to "summoning") Or something like this: Sale on bullets " In the last Sky-Port, the Logistor managed to get a very special deal. Two death enemies for the price of one, the sales-duardin claimed." A unit wholly within 6" of this model may make an additional attack whenever they roll a unmodified 6 when making a to-hit roll in the shooting phase. (or something like that)
  12. Come on now, they are nowhere near "unplayable". Basically every non-battletome army is worse off. Sure, they would greatly profit from an update but they are still completely fine to play in a non-competitive environment.
  13. Gecktron

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    So, I had thought about this for a while now. In what direction do you think GW should take the Dispossessed? What concept should they take and turn up to 11, like they did with machines and slayers (Kharadron Overlords and Fyreslayers). Recently they stated in the White Dwarf that duardin are nearly immune to necromancy. Maybe GW could combine this with their ancestor worship in the world that was and make the Dispossessed into a anti-nagash "dead" faction. As they venerate the dead but their souls dont go to Shyish/Nagash. Warhammer: Total War had the ghosts of dead heroes supporting Belegar Ironhammer on his quest. Maybe they could try something similar with the ghosts/souls of dead ancestor supporting the duardin forces? Also, with Grimnir and Grungi accounted for, Valaya is the only one of the three still missing. So this could be a opportunity to re-introduce her.
  14. Gecktron

    Hammerhal - Still a thing, or even still worth it?

    I recognize Barak-Nar, Barak-Zilfin because they are the poster boys and Barak-Thyrng because its unique but thats it. Idoneth Deepkin Enclaves or Daughters of Khaine temples? No idea. I just now learned that the Free Cities have a set color scheme!
  15. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    You get the Lord Arcanum on foot from the Tauraleon set. So you can build Avantis Firestrike AND a generic Lord on foot.