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  1. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    "Sold Out online" doesnt mean much. This happens all the time (for example the DoK Blood Cauldron Kit). "No longer avaible" is more of a give-away.
  2. Gecktron

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    Another motivation for Hag Queens and Slaughter Queens could be ambition. The Daughters of Khaine are Morathis children and Morathi herself has always been ambitious. Maybe a Hag Queen isnt happy with her position als lowly priestess (and blood brew jockey) and longs for more power, or maybe a Slaughter Queen has becomen envious of the scathborns status as favored children of Morathi.
  3. Gecktron

    GW is asking for advice on GHB 2019

    Skaven artillery pieces are similar (WLC, Plague Catapults).
  4. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    Im sorry but how can you forget Ser Roggen? The greatest knight in the service of our lady Alarielle I think one of the biggest problems right now is not the lack of characters but the disconnect between tabletop heroes and black library heroes. I can understand why. Author like to have characters that are completely there own but the tabletop heroes need a few stories outside of the rulebooks to really establish themselves. Hell, the most Ive read about Brokk Grungsson was in a rant from another character about this guy in "curse of the iron dragon".
  5. Are there more informations on the zombie queen? I thought the dead walkers were the lowest kind of undeath, not much more than slumbering hordes. The Wight Kings were mentioned somewhere else. I think there little skeleton kingdoms could be a great backdrop for a eventual death rattle battletome. "Tamurkhan, Throne of Chaos" is still my favorite FW book. Setting the story of these four champions in the age of chaos would be perfect. Enough freedom to explore the mortal realms and distant enough that it won't interfere with the current storyline.
  6. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    Kharadron Overlords were released in march/april 2017 and got a Start Collecting Box in Febuary 2018. So 10-11 months is a good estimation for other armies. I think we will get a Daughters of Khaine box somewhere early next year.
  7. Gecktron

    AoS Xmas Battleforce Box theories

    Yeah, I agree. A single Leviadon costs 90€, way too much for a box that will only cost 65€. A Akhelian King is way more likely. Especially when compared to other SC! sets like the Kharadron one or the Fyreslayers box.
  8. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    2 Cauldron sets are useful (build one as a Shrine and the other as Cauldron), 10 Blood Sisters are really strong as well. The only problem is that you will have 4 units of Khinerai but only 2 units of Witch Aelfs. If you want to go all in I would recommend trying to sell or trade 2 units of Khinerai against more basic troops so you can fill your battle line requirements.
  9. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    Only speaking for Daughter of Khaine here. One Battleforce box is a good way to start. You get all possible Heroes (besides Morathi) and every plastic kit besides the Doomfire Warlocks at least once. You can't go wrong with Daughters of Khaine competitive wise. Sure, 3x30 Witch Aelfs plus Hag Queens is really good right now but a snake heavy builds or mixed lists are still pretty strong. One Battleforce Box would make for a good 1000p list: LeadersBloodwrack Medusa (140)- GeneralSlaughter Queen on Cauldron Of Blood (330)Hag Queen (60)Battleline10 x Sisters Of Slaughter (120)- Barbed Whips and Sacrificial Knives 5 x Blood Sisters (140)Units10 x Khinerai Heartrenders (160)Total: 950 / 1000
  10. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    Maggotkin of Nurgle happened in January this year. So it wouldn't be unordinary for GW.
  11. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    I would have preferred a second unit of witch aelfs or Melusai over two units of Khinerai. But this looks still good for me. I haven't really brought anything for my DoK after the initial release so this is still a good bargain for me.
  12. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    GW doesnt like to show things that are more than 3 months away. The First Idoneth Preview was similar. Only some artwork and a "soon" and then Just a few weeks later we got a pretty extensiv Preview.
  13. Gecktron

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    The difference is, its not: "You must take Volturnos to unlock this unit". You can take the generic Ahkelian King version and it works all the same. But there is no generic Morathi.
  14. Gecktron

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    Its not an oversight. Its on purpose. Special characters almost never unlock Battleline options. So that people that dont like named characters can still have the full experience.
  15. Gecktron

    The Rumour Thread

    Thought exactly the same! Man, Vhane Glorious is a great comic But circling back to Age of Sigmar and the rumor engine: I think this isn't the one picture of a belt buckle we have seen recently. I can't remember a dagger next to the buckle in the b/w picture.