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  1. This weeks pre-order is going to be just the Blood Bowl stuff and a few books.
  2. Im really excited for the AoS RPG. Does anyone managed to speak to the guys from Cubicle 7? I read somewhere that they where at Warhammer Fest...
  3. Id like to see 1 or 2 Akhelians with their spears and shields on foot, kinda like Hoplites, to fit their ancient greece theme.
  4. Summoning is quite rare in my group. In fact, no army besides FEC summons new stuff to the table (LON doesnt count as summoning for me). So I dont get that complain. Nurgle, Tzeentch, Khorne are all pretty limited in smaller games. I havent played against slaanesh in a while, so I dont know how they fare.
  5. 1000 points work all right for most games. My local group plays 1000 points all most exclusivly. We have strong armies like LoN, IDK or DoK, older armies like Iron Jawz and even a few legacy forces. Most games are balanced, only our local tournament player skews this from time to time.
  6. Two things. A 1000 points/vanguard-level game mode sounds fun Season 3 of Warhammer Underworlds is also great! The armor at the side looks like Wanderers to me:
  7. Looks like Forbidden Powers will introduce a mercenary system! Fitting for Fyreslayers, but the question is, who will join them? Will every faction be available as mercenaries or only specific armies?
  8. I voted for Daughters of Khaine and Idoneth Deepkin. Underworlds lacks Aelfs in my opinion.
  9. Vulkites are at least equal to, or better than Ardboyz. Their offensive output is higher and they are at least as resistance as Ardboyz. Slingsshields bring them to an 4+ save and this can get improved easily trough various abilities. The units you mentioned are glass canons with low resistance and not comparable to a more defensive unit of Vulkite Berserkers. They are far from the "worst unit" in the game.
  10. First of all, I really like the Bits you put out so far. I made good use of the shoulder pads and the heads. Only the faces suffer from the usual problems that come with 3D printing. So I think it would be better for future bits to stick to inorganic bits like armor or weapons. As others have said, shields would be a nice addition.
  11. 1. I wouldn't go all out on Witch Aelfs. The new Generals Handbook is around the corner and its possible the current Witch Aelf build gets nerfed. I would build atleast 20 Sisters of Slaughter. WE heads should fit in most cases, but you have to check carefully for each model as some whips may collide with the hair from the WE heads. 2. I use 5-10 Heartrenders in most games. They are a great distraction or can help you take backfield objectives. I haven't played Lifetakers yet but they look good as well. I would build 5 of each. Using the Lifetaker heads for the Heartrenders should work without a problem. 3. Blood Stalker heads fit on Blood Sister heads without a problem. The Battleforce is a great start. You can get a 1000 points force out of this box without buying anything else: LeadersBloodwrack Shrine (220)- GeneralHag Queen (60)Slaughter Queen (100)Battleline10 x Witch Aelves (100)- Pairs of Sacrificial KnivesUnits5 x Blood Sisters (140)10 x Khinerai Heartrenders (160)BehemothsAvatar of Khaine (180)Total: 960 / 1000 Taking the Bloodwrack Shrine as your Warlord allows you to take Blood Sisters as Battleline units. So you can start playing right away. You can also build the Cauldron of Blood, if you don't want to build towards a snake army. In that case you would need a few more Witch Aelfs/Sisters of Slaughter to fill your Battleline.
  12. Found it! https://invisioncommunity.co.uk/focus-home-interactive-launches-whats-next-2019/ "Gasket Games are a cross-platform game development company based in Vancouver and comprised of former team members from Relic Entertainment (Dawn of War, Company of Heroes) and Blackbird Interactive (Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak). They will leverage their passion, talent, and more than fifteen years of experience making strategy games in the development of a brand-new Games Workshop title in a rich universe."
  13. They talked about this on Warhammer Community. They can be both. Some are still magic daemons while others have become physical while others were born in spawn pools just like in the world-that-was.
  14. The act of believing in something. The core book confirms that prayers and worship have power. The concept of "Believes shaping reality" is shown multiple Times in Shyish where the underworlds are shaped by a cultures images of the afterlive. A little like the Ork Gestalt field in 40K.
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