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  1. What did change for your Hurakan list? Sure, Windcharger got a bit more expansive, but the generic fox got only modest increase and the mage stayed the same. On the other hand, Sevireth is now even more of a beast and the Windmage now got easy access to more of our excelente spells.
  2. This ^ A large part of the community doesnt care all that much about competitiveness or rules in general. Not to mention people that dont play at all and only collect. Also, with 3.0 right around the corner, good and bad units may easily change places in 2-3 months.
  3. Im a little late, but I finally finished Sevireth! Painting the vortex took me ages, but overall im pretty happy with how he turned out. Im definitely getting a generic Hurakan Spirit too!
  4. They said every faction will be affected. Not that every faction will get rules. Considering what has happened so far, Id say every faction has been affected from a narrative point so far.
  5. Adding to the other comments you got so far, I think a Loreseeker would fit perfectly for Alumnia. The Loreseekers are the most Tyronic of the Scinari. While their journey across the Realms fits in very well with the adventure spirit of the Alumnia Lumineth.
  6. Hard to say when It will drop. When know that GW usually starts showing stuff 2-4 months before release, but the current Covid situation may mess with that. Personally, I think May or June seems likely, considering the rumors of third Edition dropping this summer.
  7. I hope we get a good look at the Cursed City sprues soon. If GW put all the Heroes on their own small sprues I could see them being sold long after Cursed City is over. Kinda how we still have the Knight-Questor and the Fyreslayer Doomseeker from Silver Tower.
  8. Well, Vampires have access to Ghouls. Its just that nobody else wants to associate with that kind of Vampires. Ghouls in AoS are explicitly linked to the insanity passed down along Ushoran's blood line. Dire Wolves will probably get a new kit considering how prominently they have featured in the new material.
  9. I see a lot of talking about how the victory was "unearned" and pandering to the Lumineth. First, the Lumineth campaign in Shyish was repealed, every loss suffered by the Ossiarchs easily replaced and then the lands of the Lumineth get invaded themselfes. Multiple cities razed to the ground as Ossiarchs and Flesh-Eater rampage through Ymetrica. In the end, Teclis gets gravely wounded and only survives trough the intervention of another god, Alarielle. Teclis ritual also bound Nagashs body to Mount Avalenor, the sacred peak of Ymetrica (this defilement will have consequences for the surrounding lands). In the end, Nagash and Arkhan will come back, this is not the first time for either of them. While every Lumineth that dies would stay dead (except Eltharion, but having him die to Arkhan twice would be boring).
  10. Him being part of a big and expensive multi-part kit together with two more important characters guarantees that he will not be squatted. Miniatures come first for GW, always. So as long as that kit exists, he is save. They also wouldnt have featured him so prominently in the Ossiarchs Tome if they had planned on getting rid of him. Like the others said, he will stay playable, but he might be out of action for a bit, from a narrative perspective. For a quick comparison, the Blood Angels have a playable character that has been "dead" for 6 editions now.
  11. I dont think thats accurate. Before the Petrifex nerf Ossiarch Bonereapers were a top table army. The Honest Wargamer had them at a 67% winrate in January 2020: https://thehonestwargamer.com/cancon-lvo-stats/ Slaanesh too reached a 66% winrate during the times of the tripple Keeper.
  12. But Skaven doing something to the Pyramide (not to Nagash!) is a loss? If you only count character interactions, he easily beat Morathi during the Age of Myth. He also ate almost all Death Gods in Shyish (even during the Age of Sigmar as shown in a Malign Portents story). He imprisoned Ushoran and made Katakros surrender to him trough his sheer presence.
  13. The good guys lost the previous book and Nagash had a whole narrative centered around him and his faction. This just knocks him down a peg and opens up DEATH a bit more since He and Arkhan are out of the picture for a while (nothing permanent, its DEATH afterall).
  14. He appears on the "table of content" page shown on the webstore.
  15. Apparently, we will be able to take 1 unit of Bladelords as battleline option for each *Scinari* in the army. While Helon unlocks Windchargers the same way Ymetrica unlocks Stoneguard.
  16. Daughters of Khaine also got their FAQ and *surprise* Morathi's spear is back to -2.
  17. Horde breaking? Do you mean the Crystal Touch of the Blood Sisters? Just a quick heads-up, its one dice per Melusai, not per model in the target unit. So its better against smaller units. If you played it like this, forget that I said anything. But thats a common mistake with abilities like this.
  18. Well, if you only want the Lumineth rules, the Battletome should be enough. If you also play Cities, Flesh-Eater Courts, Ossiarch Bonereapers or Nurgle the BR would be useful too. I also think, if its anything like BR:Morathi, it would be worth it for the story alone.
  19. When it comes to Wikis, the Lexicanum is pretty active: https://ageofsigmar.lexicanum.com/wiki/Anvilgard Chamon could theoretically pop-up where ever. In Morathi we got the Eight-Points, Ulgu and Aqshy, when only Ulgu had a real connection to Morathi. Teclis looks like it will cover Shyish, Hysh and Ghyran. While the Duardin are linked very strongly to Chamon, we also have the Gloomspite Gits and the Thunder Lizard Seraphon there (and judging from the Underworlds Warband, Thunder Lizards are the poster boy subfaction of the Seraphon).
  20. Im really surprised by Sevireth being literally only half the price of Avalenor! Are the Wind Spirits that much smaller? The 5€ extra on the Wind Charger sting a little, but seeing the three smaller heroes all below 30€ is nice.
  21. Im actually tempted by the Ossiarch box. I really like the Deathrider, and If they are priced like the previous ones its a pretty good deal. But oh well, not this time. Im going all in with Lumineth first. I hope they at least keep the already high price level of the first wave and dont go even higher. The preview article on Warhammer-Community also some interesting informations. The Bladelords all hail from the Tyronic half of Hysh and Ullanor is the representative of the Tyronic Nations, and "voice of the Phoenix Lord". Oh! And the twins can join *any* Order army. Very interesting.
  22. The Dwarf Cannon still uses the old first Edition wording where Crew and Cannon were two different units that can move and act independently. An enemy can for example just target the Crew and leave the Machine without Operator. They would still be locked in combat, but the Cannon would be unable to do anything. Modern warmachines fixed that by removing the crew alltogether in Game Terms (See Stormcast Ballista or Cities of Sigmar Helblaster)
  23. Important to Note, Helon is one of the Tyronic nations. Would be cool If that means we get some lore on them in the new Battletome!
  24. I think this will be something complety new. Neither the new Hero, or the Paragon Knights existed before. So I assume this release will be themed around adding new concepts to the Sororitas.
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