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  1. I haven't done any math, but the kruleboyz leave me intrigued enough to get really excited about them. First impression is, that big yeller 2x6 and a big block of Gutrippers or 1x9 and 2 big blocks of rippers look like a solid core around which one could try out different things. I'm not super sold on the bird but very much on the snatchaboss.
  2. Yeah, with how Big Waaagh looks I can finally get sone IJ and either mix both or play each one separately. I frankly hope that the rumored Dispossessed book let’s you combine the dwarven factions in a similarly easy manner but still keeps good options for mono-subfaction play.
  3. I need to take a good look at the Kruleboys. My gut feeling says there’s something there that will be incredibly satisfying to play. Smart destruction, I love it!
  4. I like the rules we‘ve seen so far, as they give us a glimpse of what’s to come going forward. No indication of power creep, cool but not overpowering rules. I like it a lot. won‘t fix the problems that some current armies create, but I‘d rather have them be dealt with separately.
  5. In my opinion you shouldn’t cherrypick one aspect of the game and make it the single focus of your hobby. Or if you do, acknowledge that you are in deed the outlier. I like to play thematic armies at tournaments for example. I optimise them, but I won’t change their theme & core just to give myself better chances of winning. Hence I don’t expect to reach the top ranks. I recognise the context of play (tournament, people want to win etc.) and adjust my standards. Painting standards for example in that environment boil down to readability. Can I see where and what everything is? Everything else is a bonus. But that acknowledgment goes both ways. What is perfectly fine for a tournament might not be fine in other contexts. Our local beer & pretzel sunday is for having a good time and get immersed in the game. Here bringing a netdecked list and not having your army painted to some standard (or at least constantly working on it would be the outlier. Here, others would have to adjust their expectations and standards. Game night at the local games store? Something inbetween. I hope it’s clear where I‘m going with this.
  6. A5 Rules-bundles. No lore, no fluff, just everything you'd need for the actual gameplay. Easy to edit, easy to add to... . No need for new battle tomes (way before their time), no need to bring additional books (Broken Realms style), just everything in one place. Or they just up their app game and do the same but digital.
  7. That would go to show that nothing is clear until it really is. And even those stats would be ok, if they came with a significant enough point drop.
  8. Both the Lord-Commander & Yndrasta have a very cool feel to them without the need for a gazillion wounds etc. They're both "in line" with the rest of the SC and a good chunk above them through their special rules. I'm really pleased with the poster boys (and girls) so far. They appear to shape up great. (From a consistency & lore PoV, we all know that tournament success might be based off of different factors.)
  9. If SCE are solidly in the upper field they’re done right. At least if you want them as an easy entrance into AoS. The dude reads about right. Powerful, probably not that cheap in points and, let’s not forget, he‘s not riding a monster. He‘s just a 6“ tough guy.
  10. That's why I believe they'll cut down the amount of MWs in the battle tomes to come & focus more on rend for most armies. I'm ok with Kruleboys having MWs on 6es for example - if it's their thing and how they compete in a world of better statlines. It's however not beneficial to the game if each and every army has a rather huge amount of MW output. I'm totally with you on the problems, and not arguing that but rather musing what the fix will be. I mean, I'm pretty sure we'll see more soup tomes for the single reason that that way old books can be updated faster. KO would never ever get another book as early as the rumored Dispossessed book. But if you bundle them it's a different story.
  11. A rising amount of -2 rend could give you a sense of what’s to come for all new tomes in 3.0. Imo it‘d be crucial to diversify rend. 2.0 did not do enough with it. Although my guess would be, that the SCE would in deed be on the more elite side of things, with better access to -2 rend & 2 dmg.
  12. If you’re just in it for the minis you should obviously just buy the yearly.
  13. I won’t sign up for the single reason that it would be another subscription I’d barely use. In that regard the amount of content is basically meaningless to me. The quality would be; though. If it had 2 or 3 things I‘d watch or take the time to watch it‘d be no different from netflix or amazon prime for me & hence worth it. That point is easily forgotten, so I thought I‘d mention it. For people who are time constraint, quality trumps quantity.
  14. I think the chances for a complete redo are good, as we're so focussed on Ghur right now. And BoC at least have Beast in their name. When if not now, is the time for their BIG update. They could even go to far as to reference Kragnos who shares many traits with the BoC.
  15. Thanks for clarifying. That is something where I can see the need for a more immediate response! 😃
  16. And that's super fair. I guess my point is just that maybe each of us should try to factor in, where in terms of "need for new content" he or she stands & not be disappointed when "the cutting edge" isn't immediately served. And don't get me wrong, I can recognize that what's completely fine for me, might suck for you (or feel like you're the second wave of beta tester or something like that).
  17. Well, "disgusted" seems like way too strong a word to be used here. Annoyed maybe, but even then I'm personally more like "wow, it's been two months already & I haven't even touched most of my Dominion miniatures... where did the time go?" Granted, I'm a dad of a 1 year old in home office, trying to get as much of my daughter as I can, so my mileage surely varies, but still... . How many of us are really beyond the initial try out phase? With that being said, would I have liked 1 to 2 new battle tomes with Dominion (rather than some time later) - absolutely. But What you describe here seems way too harsh from the PoV of my reality bubble ( ).
  18. That’s both good and bad. Let’s say I want to stay with Radukar & his lot anything I should absolutely avoid? The rest I‘ll figure out. But sometimes something looks good on paper but in reality isn’t all that great. Like I can imagine Avengori with their non hero monsters are probably worse than they appear due to 3.0 victory conditions.
  19. I missed basically all post release talk and brainstorming about the Gravelords. Is there a good overview on all our units and how they're performing in 3.0 so far? My expectations and reality could be quite some inches apart - but I have a Cursed City box laying around and intent to use it in the near future. (Doesn't matter if the cursed city gravelords are any good. They're just my scape goat to paint some of them =D)
  20. My guts tell me (want to tell me =D) that we’ll see 1-2 units when the actual preorders hit. We’ll see. I don’t think the Kruleboys range is actually bad. I kinda like the limited units to be honest & the focus on monsters, too. I just would have loved 1 cavalry unit and a new troll unit. But maybe we’ll get something like that.
  21. Amazing dragons & a possible sign we might see some more Kruleboyz stuff. Win-win!
  22. I think it might be for the SoB specifically as their armies tend to be only a few models strong. Otherwise... either for open/narrated play or for disaster inbound =D
  23. While I‘d love to see another unit (some sort of cavalry), I‘m down for few troops and many monsters. In that sense my only complaint would be that most (all?) the monsters are tied to heroes - which makes sense from a rules perspective but is less fun to look at/doesn‘t feel the same as monsters accompanying troops. I‘d love some new swamp trolls for example. But should they be able to field the old ones, the current models at least fit rather well.
  24. I instantly had the three Trolls from the Hobbit in mind, just as Ogors & ofc AoSified. But mindset wise three fat guys out for the next meal, always arguing about the right spice rub, never in agreement on anything. In terms of rules, they‘d be powerful but you‘d need to be careful to not bring them close to each other, as their infighting would weaken them.
  25. I‘d love that. Two/three brothers constantly bickering and infighting.
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