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  1. Yes, sure, but: 8 mortal realms, excluding Azyr, still make 7 mortal realms for 6 chaos warbands. Did I miss some information on the realms the chaos warbands are coming from ?
  2. I would focus more on the archétypes than on the realms, even if there is a strong possibility they went down that road.
  3. I thought of that, but we should also think in terms of archétypes. I am expecting at least a wizard warband and a long range one. The 3rd one I don't know, à warband inflictingvdamage to themselves to push their damage output to 11?
  4. My local GW is inviting people to paint the new Contrast line from June 10th https://www.facebook.com/WarhammerParis08/events
  5. From the Malerion artwork, I think the so called draconic dark elves will be more leathery dragons. Anyway, it really really looks dinosaury to me, so I vote for Seraphon. New model in a dual box. Versus Bonesplitterz who wil get a new shaman in the box (I read here that the old scaly rumour engine matches the back of the wurzog prophet).
  6. Would love an exception for Spirit hosts for that Legion
  7. Dear fellow wargamers, would you want me to launch a preferential vote on the upcoming 1k rules like I did for the upcoming Death reveal ? Because I have limited access to TGA from work, feel free to consolidate all suggestions by the community
  8. The method: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Majority_judgment You pointed the 3rd thing that surprised ( and disappointed me 😛 ) : some people rejected the idea of a complete new faction. This, I don’t understand. I could have understood that some wanted refreshed old factions before a new one, but rejecting it? I more or less agree. Not that I don’t like some of their models, but I would prefer GW to go forward and not recycling things. Once again, I would be happy with any of the first 3 factions, but I would be far more excited by a complete new one.
  9. Results are here!!!! Complete new faction Soulblight Deathrattle Tomb kings Necromancers / zombies 2 surprises: Soulblight so popular and Tomb kings struggling with zombies.
  10. And who do you think are the last 2 ? FYI we are stuck at 157 participants, don't think the result will change, but will do the sum-up tonight lt tomorrow morning.
  11. So, what is your guess? Will post the results either tomorrow or Saturday.
  12. It's more or less stabilized now at 130 participants. Maybe I should have set the poll to 24h and not 48h. Still retweeting it à couple of times.
  13. Concerning the potential / obvious Death release, I created a preferential vote. It is based on nothing more than what people would want and not on spéculations of what GW will release. The poll is on another platform, but created à dedicated topic to post the result here
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