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  1. I remember @Thomas Lyons talking about a 1500 points tournament where you had to bring a 2000 points army for that exact purpose.
  2. pseudonyme

    The Rumour Thread

    Yes !!! Chamon basing !!!
  3. pseudonyme

    If I won the lottery I would....

    Share a box of Blood knights with a fellow millionaire
  4. pseudonyme

    GHB2019 Hopes & Expectations

    In the narrative section, I would like to see battleplans with uneven forces with the more or less appropriate terrain setting (imagine a sort of à narrow pass defense) and shenanigans like that.
  5. pseudonyme

    The Rumour Thread

    Undead cavalery would be fun lore wise and to bring bretonians players back to WH
  6. pseudonyme

    Your five year plan for AoS

    They will never release skypirate grots as it is one of the things the community wants I can see démons terrain along side the half confirmed Kill team : Inquisitor expansion. With a box of démon infantry and their related terrain like the different boxes they did. I would also bet on a vampire revamp. How would they revamp it, absolutely no idea. The only twist I can think of is letting them field human order units because vampires plot all the time. But it might not be really exciting in terms of release. The technological take also seems unlikely. Elves obviously. The big question for me is the rumoured automatons faction. It would be à great twist if it was à Death or Destruction faction, but I guess it will be an Order one.
  7. So finally there is still hope I am somewhat mentally sane? Beyond my déduction , maybe it is because I think it would be sad to field more than 5 times the same profile in a warband.
  8. I would say no more than the minimum number of models. I think it is less a cross checking thing than a "rule as intended that should be fleshed out in a dev commentary"
  9. @Kramer I think the contraint was in the original Skirmish book and that is what they mean by "just 1 warscroll".
  10. I think I recall that you can not field more than the minimum size in the unit. I.e. you can’t field 11 skeletons.
  11. pseudonyme

    The Rumour Thread

    They should even mount undead gryphhounds or dracolines. #SigmarisedBretonians
  12. pseudonyme

    The Rumour Thread

    Can we assume the Carrion empire box will be the same price as the Wrath and rapture one?
  13. pseudonyme

    The Rumour Thread

    They have to make a cavalery unit. They have to. And a endless spell Grail made of bones and flesh / corpses
  14. This. I only started to paint 3 years ago, started with a 200+ backlog in 2018 and finished the year with the same number BUT including 130 new minis. I succeeded in mitigating the new entries by listing my entire backlog and keeping track of my advancement each month. It helped me a lot. For 2019, I've planned to at least plan 80% of the first 4 month, it will help me focus and finish projects that should be already finished.