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  1. Talking about homebrew, do you think we can use the basic infantry like savage orrucks, squeleton warriors, chainrasps etc as NPCs like the furies and the birds ? I can clearly see myself having an horde of orcs appearing at the end of turn 2 because they heard things smashing each others 😁
  2. This is the boosters are à very good idea for addi g pré existing units
  3. So far, 6 participants so it is quite irrelevant for now, you are the only one who voted Excellent for the Fangs
  4. You don't have to choose in the majority judgement vote just above
  5. Hi guys ! Just to tell you that I created a majority judgement vote on the Warcry warbands. This method allows to evaluate each warband on their own to calculate in the end the prefered one. I've set it for 48 hours. https://jugementmajoritaire.net/vote/7064714df7b739fd8e4ef200d90d76b324480d256c7
  6. Whatever the design, I am all for an full hardcore atheist faction. Let it be à death one 😁
  7. I guess it is stand alone packs
  8. I meant the martial art faction in Malifaux. Was on my phone, did not want to write a novel...
  9. What’s the point of your statement ? Sorry I don’t get it.😅
  10. They should have samouraï and geisha heads. Basically, the Malifaux warband.
  11. Ok, fine. Still think people should not wait for other chaos warbands until the next « season »
  12. They are talking about the first 6 « Warcry warbands », they did not mention chaos. I would bet that they are referring to the release of the 9 non chaos warbands that will certainly be downloadable pdf because no new models (except maybe for the new Death faction)
  13. Destruction automatons: basically the response of the mortal realms to the wars. Think Final fantasy weapons and Nausicaa sort of thing. Defenders of the realm: the new human faction reflecting the different city defenders. Could also include old elfs and dwarfs factions. Soulblight: AoS Genestealer cult. I mean, exactly that. Ambush based, and the ability to field a Defender of the realms units. Not really a faction but... AoS 3.0 : the realms awaken. Big monsters focused. Release of 1 monster per realm and make them roam the battlefields.
  14. I find the model too symetrical. Anyway, that won't stop me buying this warband at some point in time 😅
  15. Not fan of the stilts, but it is the lack of dynamism than bothers me the most. The rest of the warband is fantastic
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