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  1. With Bloodtoofs I won't ignore the Footboss anymore. You can teleport him anywhere you want, and for its cost can dish out a huge amount of damage, and can support troops that were launched by MD or Green Hand. At first, I disliked at all Bloodtoofs, but now... I see them with other eyes.
  2. I would be extremely happy if they release some new plastic Yethees and/or cats.
  3. Why Ironclad and Ethereal Amulet doesnt work together?
  4. What's the community opinion regarding the MKBoss weapon? Gore hacka or the fist? More attacks or the ability to mirror some mortal wounds?
  5. Is the Wrath of Gork spell more staple than the Green Hand? It seems really powerful, with only 4 units you can easily cause 8 MW 😮
  6. Ok, I've completely misunderstood the Waaagh CA. I haven't red the part which says "up to". That changes a lot my opinion about the book (regarding rules, not the lack of new "things").
  7. Am I the only one very disappointed with the new book? No own scenary, no endless spells, no new models at all (despite the fact that even the old Wurrzag is still in the book), no VS box set (Sylvaneth vs Gloomspite, FeC vs Skavens, Slaanesh vs Khorne, Stormcast vs Nighthaunt, and I suppose Bonereapers vs Mawtribes). Furthermore, the Waaagh command ability is really awful. You need at least 10 units surrounding your Megaboss to assure the success of the roll. 10 units! And wholly within, of course. I guess I will never use this command ability. What else? Few tribes. Only 3 tribes for each, but I'm an Ironjawz players only (I dislike the concept of the Savage Orruks), so I only have 3 tribes, which, imho, are really bad, specially the Bloodtoofs (my tribe) (although I admit it CA is really tricksty if you manage to get the double turn). Is the Realmgate my "own scenary"? No, so I depend on the randomness of the table to use my General's Trait. Smart. Some good buffs in the case of the Ardboys, always IMHO, reducting to 5 min size and merging up the weapon profiles. Very easy for the army to hit (and wound) on 2+. Pure strength, as it should be. But the items and the trais are... Forgetable. The Ironclad+Etheral Amulet on a MK is really cool. The Destroyer can make the MK kill anything with easyness. The Brutish Cunning + Ironfist ability is really helpful in order to save points (for rerolling charges, oc). To sum up, I see some good stuff (hello attacks buffed MK 2+ unrending healing each turn), but in a nutshell, I see a lot of weak points. I don't really see how to beat the triple KoS, for instance. Just my 2 cents, change my mind. Specially about the Waaagh CA.
  8. I believe that any plastic model/unit will remain in the future book.
  9. Honestly, I would like to see new plastic Yethees. We are, with Skavens, the faction with most resin models. Disgusting.
  10. I am totally convinced that Ogors and BCR will be together in the same book, just as the Cities of Sigmar new battletlome does.
  11. I wish it could be the return of the desert legions, buuuuut... Unlikely.
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