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  1. They are extremely expensive to be added. The Huskards on Thundertusk are really valuable, and 2 FLoSH are... Risky, imho,
  2. If using Stonehorn, many of us only use 2 items: either ethereal amulet to give you protection (sadly not for mortal wounds) or thermalraider cloak, to give you the chance to move, run and charge wherever you want, ignoring screens and that stuff.
  3. I think the best is the second, with some tweaks. For instance, the FL I would put him better in a Stonehorn, giving him an insane damage output. Another option is a Hunter, general, with some puppies, that gives you more board control.
  4. I don't care about doing some conversions. I have tons of machine guns from T'au sprues, so I'm now looking for weapon teams from the Spiral of Dawn starter pack to convert into Ratling guns. But yeah, this army is a pain in the a...Neck regarding models. Lots of old-fashioned failcast models so if you want plastic only, you need or thousands of clanrats, or Pestilens or the Big Daemon Rats, with a copule of units from Skryre. Eshin 0 plastic models, so bad...
  5. I've just recently bought 2 boxes of carrion empire. Only the skaven part. I'm totally eager of starting a Skryre army, and I want to use, at most as possible, the units from the boxes. What units can I buy that I can use properly in a Skryre army? Is it good an only Skryre army? What about the Batalion + Enginecovens, are they good? I have to say, that I won't buy any failcast or metal model.
  6. You can go with a Ziflin list and drop a Frigate with 14 Thunderers and a Khemit right behind their lines. Otherwise... I have no idea.
  7. If only the part which says "all existing factions will get battle tomes ... similar to Skavens/FEC" is true, I would go crazy and poorless for sure.
  8. If I'm not wrong, Gristlegore is really good -close to op- because the summons of their command abilities. That summonings give FeC the number of models they need to hold objectives without investing points in basic troops, so they can invest them on big and nasty monsters.
  9. I think Nightvault means nothing... Look at the IJ warband...
  10. Not as competitive as the above mentioned, but more cool: Double MK with a Gorefist.
  11. How much old was the battletomes for FeC, Skavens and (specially) Khorne?
  12. They are failcast. Enough. P.S. And horrible to my sight.
  13. Imho the best count as Yethees inside GW's catalogue are the Kurnoth Hunters. Size is more or less the same, and the models are cool enough. Just paint them in a cold/winter scheme and it's done! I want to buy some boxes of them, but I'm afraid that if I do that, the following week GW announces "hey, new Ogor/BCR battletome with new plastic (and awesome) Yethees models!"
  14. Do you realize that the *5+ ignores ANY wound? And also, ignores rend. I mean, i play IJ (amongst other armies), and I play a 4+ armour save for all my models, which is quite good. But then, the mw spam appears and I can do NOTHING against that, and the -1 rend makes my armour a bit useless (and the -1 rend is quite common right now). I know IJ are really old-fashioned, but my other armies have the same issue: no protection against mw spam as DoK army has. * I know it's only Hagg Nar. I know it's only 7" within the general. But that is not a problem when Hagg is the best temple and your general has a HUGE base (hello Shrine).
  15. It's amazing how some people see the DoK maybe as weak as IJ or Fyreslayers xdd If they are that weak, why are always hogging the top at almost any tourney they show up? Obviously, they are not unbeatable and yes, they have bad match ups. But stop saying "you have to do this and you have to pay that tax" because, though IT'S TRUE, is not that difficult. It's not difficult and is not a tax at all. The army is strong, with powerful combos, high damage output, good movement and quite easy to use. That's the reality, exactly as the LoN.
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