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  1. Is it only me who still watches the "Hedonites of Slaanesh Miniatures Reveal" video daily? Makes me feel good
  2. Ive decided to join Slaanesh now so I can get stuff painted before the new stuff comes, started with 4 wrath and rapture, maybe getting two more next paycheck also anyone here use creaturecaster as a keeper/exalted keeper?
  3. really hope our magic capabilities, like nurgle, gets boosted when our battletome arrives....
  4. obviously to early to really tell, but from what we've seen so far seems like a strong improvement, really happy for all FEC players. was interested in starting them myself but my friend decided to pick them up so I wont
  5. for me its all about if I build the squigalanche or not, if i do I wont have the colossal in it, if I don't I often will
  6. so (allegedly) the mangler squigs are 50 £ , rockgut troggoths 35 £ , sneaky snufflers 25 £ , dankhold troggoth 40 £ , gobbapalooza 30 £ and lastly loonboss 15 £ not sure if its been posted already
  7. up on preorder on NZ, squig hoppers are boxes of 10
  8. yes! squig hoppers/knights in boxes of 10
  9. its a 5 or 10£ increase on the start collecting boxes, confirmed by gw on facebook
  10. If that turns out to be true that changes things a lot, the box goes from a very bad deal to as you say a very good deal, and I'll take 2 to start with
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