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  1. Looking at the rules for adopting the Mountain Stance. This is clearly optional. Does adopting the stance cost you anything, e.g. is it not usable along with any other ability? Is there any benefit to not adopting the Mountain Stance? The Alarith Stone mage both gets the Enduring as Rock and has the Stonemage Stance abilities. Is there any rule that says "stances" are mutually exclusive?
  2. It seems, from the phrasing, that the Rally Back ability grants the ability to combine a Retreat and a Charge, which normally is not possible, as opposed to granting both the ability to Retreat (which is normally possible in any case!) and then the ability to Charge.
  3. T10

    Bravery test

    Bravery is used in other circumstances than Battleshock tests. Also, conceivably some future abilities or rules might trigger Battleshock tests without casualties having been inflicted. Jeremiert mentions the Terrogheist's shriek, there are also spells that require you to test against a unit's Bravery to resolve some effect, and in some cases a unit may use a different unit's Bravery.
  4. I see some people play it the way that if a model is in gas contact with two enemy models he cannot move to pile in. I can't really see this supported by the rules: The Piling In rules do not specifically address the situation where there are more than one enemy model that is equally near, which is the case when there a model is in base contact with multiple enemy models. Usually in WH40k, the spiritual brother of AoS, when you need figure out the nearest model or unit and there is more than one candidate the player that is doing stuff picks one of them rather than applying the whateve
  5. Thanks, I was afraid I was going crazy there a moment!
  6. Hi! I have a sense that named characters cannot normally gain command traits, command abilities or artefacts of power, but I can't seem to find a restriction on this in the Lumineth Realm Lords book that stops Teclis from being given, for example, the Mountain's Gift artefacts from the Great Nation of Ymetrica entry. Am I imagining things, or is there something I missed?
  7. I mean, you could always go through the game asking "What am I getting into if I do this" every step of the way, but lunch sounds like a wonderful option wherein there is at least one guy having a good time as opposed to that game that sounds like it would be two guys being miserable.
  8. It does not seem The Light of Eltharion is actually a Wizard. How can he get access to Lore of Hysh spells?
  9. It seems to me that the ability to set up a unit as a garrison at the start of the battle comes with an extra restriction: The terrain feature must be wholly within your territory, in addition to any other restrictions.
  10. If this was about WH40k Ld, I'd ask what was used for
  11. Presumably you resolve each ability you decide to activate before activating the next. So in case of Strike Quickly command ability, the player whose turn is has first go at using it. Resolve combats immediately. He then gets to activate other "start of phase" abilities until he is done. Then it is the other players opportunity to do the same. This ability is a bit like a game of Chicken: As the player whose turn it is you are normally entitled to selecting the first unit to fight. But how likely is your opponent to pay for the ability to take that away from you by fighting firs
  12. This part of the rules is easy to miss, for sure.I wasn't even aware of this before I noticed there was units whose Save improved by the number of models. Unlike WH40k, you will not be able to "improve your save" by removing models outside of cover as hits and wounds are allocated so that after the first few models are removed, all remaining models are in cover. However, after-saves are applied as wounds are allocated to models, so some after-save rules dependent on the unit being "wholly within" can come into effect as you remove models.
  13. The AoS designers commentary says this: Q: Some abilities say that a unit fights at the start of the combat phase. What happens if that unit is not within 3" of the enemy, but later in the phase an enemy unit piles in to within 3" of it? A: A unit that can fight at the start of the combat phase but does not do so is allowed to fight normally during the combat phase should an enemy unit move to within 3" of it. Then again, the Commentary also includes this pile of ox manure, so they may be talking out of their donkeys in general. Q: Let’s say Unit A has been made to fight at
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