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  1. The old Tzeentch battletome i now "No longer longer available online". You know what this means!
  2. Here's a breakdown of all the Battleforce boxes(prices in US$) and a comparison with the price list leaked last week. I think the prices are probably real if you consider that most boxes saves about 33% of the price (except Skaven if you consider the price of the Start Collecting). 40k: Blood Angels : 1 Baal Predator: 60$ 10 Intercessors: 60$ 5 Sanguinary Guard: 40$ 5 Death Company: 35$ 1 Chaplain with Jump Pack: 33$ 1 Captain Terminator: 33$ 2 Primaris upgrade pack: 2*12.50$ Total: 286$ Price: 185$ Savings: 101$ / 35% Space Wolves : 1 Stormwolf: 81$ 5 Wulfens: 60$ 10 Intercessors: 60$ 1 Iron Priest: 30$ 2 Primaris upgrade pack: 2*12.50$ Total: 256$ Price: 170$ Savings: 86$ / 33% Chaos Space Marines : 5 Terminators: 60$ 10 Space Marines: 60$ 5 Havocs: 55$ 1 Rhino: 40$ 1 Terminator Lord: 30$ Total: 245$ Price: 170$ Savings: 75$ / 31% Drukhari : 1 Talos: 55$ 1 Razorwing: 50$ 3 Reavers: 40$ 20 Kabalite Warriors: 2 x 35$ 1 Venom: 35$ 1 Archon: 25$ Total: 275$ Price: 185$ Savings: 90$ / 33% Tyranides : 2 Carnifex: 90$ 1 Hive Tyrant: 60$ 8 Genestealers: 35$ 10 Gargoyles: 35$ 12 Termagants: 35$ 12 Hormagaunts: 35$ Total: 290$ Price: 185$ Savings: 105$ / 36% Empire T'au : 3 Crisis Battlesuits: 75$ 1 Commander: 55$ 10 Fire Warriors: 50$ 1 Devilfish: 40$ 3 Stealth Battlesuits: 30$ Total: 250$ Price: 170$ Savings: 80$ / 32% AoS: Stormcast Eternals 5 Evocators: 60$ 10 Sequitors: 60$ Lord Exocist: 35$ 6 Evocators on Dracolines: 60$ x 2 Total: 275$ Price: $185 Savings: 90$ / 33% Nighthaunt 10 Bladegheist Revenants: 45$ 10 Grimghast Reapers: 45$ 10 Dreadscythe Harridans: 45$ 10 Chainrasp Hordes: 40$ 5 Hexwraiths: 35$ Kurdoss Valentian: 45$ Total: 255$ Price: 185$ Savings: 70$ / 27% Skaven 20 Clanrats: 35$ Verminlord: 100$ Grey Seer: 25$ Start Collecting: 90$ 20 Plaguemonk: 35$ Plagueclaw/Cannon: 35$ Plague Furnace/ Screaming Bell: 65$ Total: 250$ - 295$ Price: $200 Savings: 50$ - 95$ / 20% - 32% Gloomspite Gitz Fanatics: $40 Mangler Squigs: $80 Loonboss: $30 Squid Hoppers: $50 Rockgut Troggoths: $60 Total: $260 Price: $185 Savings: 75$ / 29%
  3. I don't think anybody noticed because those two came out of absolutely nowhere. Maybe the same could happen and Ogors could be next week. It's rare that they remove obsolete products long before they're replaced.
  4. So I keep following the French forum posted on the last page. They have a second source confirming pretty much everything concerning the Battleboxes. They also say that Sisters of Battle will go on pre-order on Nov. 23rd, the second Psychic Awakening book (Black Templar VS Chaos) at the end of November (most likely the 30th), and the third PA book (Tyranids vs Blood Angels) at the end of December(28th?). There's also a lot of excitement about the Tyranids box. They don't have any information about content of the boxes.
  5. Chapter Master Valrak on YouTube has some info about the 40k bundle from an "inside source": Solid infos: Salamander and Blood Angel Infos that needs more confirmation: Dhrukhari, T'au and Necron What's is interesting for us is that it's a bit different from the French source, but also kinda similar. So... grain of salt and all that.
  6. I was exposed to Warhammer Fantasy in my teens, in the late 90s. My friend's dad had an Undead army, which looked both magical and majestic. I think I played one game with pretty much only proxy "models", Skaven against Chaos. I owned maybe 1 or 2 actual models, but the thought of painting them never even crossed my mind, let alone buy a full army. Warhammer seemed like a game for millionaires. Then at the age of 35, after seeing some videos about a guy who had a room full of minis, and then watching some painting tutorials, I bought a box of skeletons and a few paints thinking "What's the worst that can happen?". 2 years and a lot of money later, I paint everyday, and the hobby has pretty much taken over my life.
  7. Wow, I think my wallet just had a heart attack. (If that's true...) I'm safe with the Nighthaunts because I already have all the model For Stormcasts it really depends what's in the box, but I'll be all over it if it's mostly cavalry. I doubt it will be the same stuff as in Soul Wars, but it's not impossible. Skaven and Tyranids: depends what's in the box, but you can never really have to much of either. T'au (again??): I resisted the last two boxes, I can do it again... Space Wolves, Blood Angels: depends how much can be used as Salamanders Chaos: Daemons or CSM? Either way... yeah, I'll probably get it. Please send help (or donations!). That being said, a third T'au box in four years seem really unlikely.
  8. So the line-up for the next few weeks should go something like this (mostly educated guessing here): Oct 19th: Space Marines Oct 26th and Nov 2nd: Ossiarch Bonereapers Nov 9th: Various boxed game stuff, like the Wolfriders, and maybe the two new Warcry warband Maybe a first wave of paint and accessories bundles like last year. I don't believe they would do two two-weeks release back to back. Nov 16th and 23rd: Sisters of Battle Nov 30th: Battleforce bundles December - 3 release dates, last year GW released something on every week except Christmas week Next chapter of Psychic Awekening (Black Templar VS Chaos Space Marines is the current rumor) Possibly the new Tzeentch Battletome(it's the tradition), maybe first week of January, or maybe Ogors, or maybe both in a dual box. Neither tome has been officially annonced yet though More boxed game stuff released the last weekend before Christmas Those are the dates for pre-order, not actual release.
  9. That's why we hide our pile of shame locked in the closet of shame. Nobody must ever know how deep the unpainted minis go...
  10. Last year the first wave of bundles(all the non-battleforce stuff) was on pre-order on the November 3rd. We got a leak with most of the battleforce bundle around the same time. And pre-order for the Battleforces was on December 1st.
  11. As far as I can tell, the prices of all the products in a region are multiplied by the same factor compared to the UK, so the percentage of saving is the same. For example, all the Canadian prices are exactly 2:1 compared to the UK (a price of 10£ = 20$cad). So the price of the box is double, and so is the price of all the products it contains. The difference in price between countries can partly be attributed to extra shipping costs.
  12. You are saving money, here's the breakdown in pound: 2 characters: 17.50 x2 (expecting the price is the same as other similar characters) Howling banshees: 25 (expecting the price is the same as current models, which it probably won't be) Incubi: 25 (same as above) Falcon: 32.50 Vyper: 20 Venom: 20 Scourges 17.50 Helions: 17.50 Total: 192.50 Savings: 52.50 On the lot you save money sure, but only if you want ALL these models, which a lot of people don't. My guess is that this is an experiment for GW, they want to see if a pricier box will sell well or not, and if they can do keep doing that going forward. I suppose they don't expect the box to sell that much anyway, it's just Eldars and Drukhari, not Space Marines, so it's not too big a risk for them. It's time to vote with your wallet.
  13. The rumors on Dakka Dakka is that 40k will get a new Psychic Awakening book every month for... a long while. Always a pairing of two armies that will most likely get a mini-codec (like the new Space Marine ones) with new units, new subfactions and updated rules. We also know that the Dual Army box format has been very successful, so it's not a stretch to expect that many (maybe all) books will come with a new Dual Army box. And this is relevant because you can expect the same kind of format for AoS once we'll have all the basic Battletomes. A semi-permanent campaign to update rules and older models little by little without having to rewrite a whole new Battletome. The campaign will keep the players engaged, people will buy the dual box for the new units and rules, and that's a great way to make every faction relevant again by focusing on smaller conflicts that are part of a larger story instead of trying to tie everyone to the main plot.
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