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  1. Although my first guess is also that it's Sylvaneth VS Gloomspite dual box, I have to say that I find it strange that they would do that with an army that just got released. A dual box is pretty much the biggest discount we can expect from GW (apart from the Battleforces) and most of the time we have to wait a good long year just for a start collecting box. I would definitely not consider that a confirmed rumour. Also, dual box usually contain one new hero per army, and we saw the weird flying earwig thingy in the trailer, that can be linked to a few rumour engines, and I very much doubt that's a hero. Maybe they changed the dual box formula? Maybe it's a new type of box? ...and maybe it's a phone game and the marketing at GW is evil! Who knows?
  2. I believe in the 80s there was a multitude of other smaller chaos gods, most of them just mentioned once or twice, here and there. Eventually they started focusing on the big four, and the others were forgotten. Could be interesting if Warcry dug into that. But it's unlikely we'll see a new greater Chaos God as it would "upset the fluff", that delicate double dual balance between the Gods, particularly in 40k where everything must stay as static as possible. That's kind of why people still say "the Horned Rat doesn't count", it just doesn't sit well with the long established equilibrium we're used to.
  3. From a painting perspective, I really love then Endless Spells, most of them look totally awesome. From a gameplay perspective, uuurrrggghhhh... How many more ways do we need to dish out D3 mortal wounds with a 50% chance of backfire? I think it started out as a good idea, but they're really struggling to make good, flavorful rules without making them too powerful. It's even more true with the terrain pieces.
  4. PSA: With all the hype for tonight's announcement, it's important to remember that you, most likely, will be disappointed. Part of my lizard brain keep screaming that they'll announce 5 new armies and 10 battletomes tonight. Complete AoS preview, nothing for 40k! It's ok, that part of my (and your) brain is wrong. We can be pretty sure that they will not announce Seraphon, StD, Slannesh, Free People, Duardins and Aelves tonight. Maybe some of it. Most likely one of these, more Warcry and maaaayyybbbeee a model or two for Forbidden Powers. I mean it's ok to get excited(I'm excited!), but it would be really cool if when I came to the forums tomorrow morning and find less salt then at the GAMA preview.
  5. Almost certainly fake, sadly. The "Order Battletome" font is not bold enough. There should be a thin line around it, not lightning. The "Free People" font has round serif instead of sharp serif. A good amount of love went into that fake though: it was photoshoped, printed and then they took a potato picture of it. 10/10 would feel the hype again.
  6. I think GAMA really set the table for Adepticon. Almost certain: Full details on Warcry, with release in May First details on Forbidden Power (expect Endless Spells v2, with a new twist), to be release in July KO and Sylvaneth warband, to be released next month Always more Sisters of Battle, to be released in November Likely: The next dual box with the next two Battletomes, although the might come out of nowhere like the last two My guess is Ironjaw/soup Orruk vs KO/soup dwarf. The reason for more soup Battletomes is that this year is a year of consolidation. Last year Battletomes were all about giving your more options with your army, undoing the terrible splits from early AoS 1. And since we expect a lot of new Battletomes this year, the easiest way to give you options is to bring army together again. Then, starting next year, with their brand new factory, they'll be able to expend every little faction with new models. Teaser for a "new" army: Slaneesh is of course possible, but I'm expecting a new version of an old army, like Free People, Aelves or Ogors. I think Darkoath might have been turned into Warcry, but maybe not... Something something Primaris... Mayyyybbbbeeeee: A brand new army. A new boxed game! But probably not... Kill Team and Blackstone Fortress had their next expansion announced at GAMA, so there might be some new details for that but nothing major. 40k just had what I suppose is this year's big upgrade, the next one should be Sisters. They'll probably get some new World Eaters and Emperor's Children before the end of the year too.
  7. No way, that's totally Settra riding an evil stardrake!
  8. Well we found the Darkoaths I guess. People who wanted Conan style barbarians should be pleased. But man those Reavers are amazing!
  9. Mercenary mini-factions that can ally with any army could definitely be an interesting new mechanic, particularly if they have funky new abilities available to no one else. And, like Endless Spells, models that can sold to every player is a great strategy business-wise.
  10. So let's pull every little bit of information we can squeeze out of that trailer together, shall we? First, the text tells us about "major narrative developments", new magical powers and new rules. I think it's fair to expect Forbidden Power to be the next global campaign, like Malign Portents was, and to bring us another round of Endless Spells (or something similar). And maybe some heroes too. The trailer itself shows a... towering city with floating spheres, in a jungle. It's certainly not a pyramid, at least not in the traditional sense. That kind of architecture doesn't really ring a bell for me, at least nothing related to AoS. It has a sort of "old, forgotten magic from a bygone age" feel to me. The jungle has long been associated with Lizardmen (and Clan Pestilens), but I don't think that's still the case in AoS. The "tomb" contains a lot of chains and cogs, which I don't really see has being associated all that much with Tomb King. The general architecture doesn't look particularly Egyptian to me, it has more of a roman feel. There are, however, two statues that are very reminiscent of Anubis by the door. There's also skulls on the wall, so we can expect undeads or a sort of death cult. The pattern above the door is just scribbles. ...and then we have the real kick in the teeth, the last line of the trailer: "the Stormvaults open". So you can expect more Stormcasts. Or not... I'd say that all of that does not necessarily points toward return of TK, but there are some elements that are definitely connected. The things is that if GW decides to bring them back, my guess is that they'll receive a heavy dose of "spin". They'll be way less "generic egyptian undead" (wouldn't want to step on Universal's toes), and way more "Mortal -Realms-ish". If we add the last line about Stormcast, plus the rumour about "evil" Stormcasts, a possibility would be that Sigmar attempted to recruit Settra, turned him into a Stormcast, failed and now Settra and his stormhost went rogue. And there you have it: new rebranded TK, evil Stormcasts(but MORE Stormcasts nonetheless), major plot developments, new spells from Settra, and a river of salt from all the TK fans.
  11. There's no meaningful average. Sometimes the models are revealed 2 weeks later, sometimes it takes almost a year. For example, the (100% Slaanesh!!) Chaos Possessed claw was a rumour engine in May last year. You can expect maybe 3 to 6 months.
  12. Recent models: the Bladegheists and the Grimghasts are absolutely amazing. Even if they's pretty much just fancy monkeys in a barrel. Guilty pleasure: Skaven Doomwheel. I loved Skaven 20 years ago because of the pure stupid insanity that is the Doomwheel, and that had not changed when I came back to the hobby 2 years ago. It encompass everything Skaven in a single crazy contraption. I love it.
  13. Remember that plume that was TOTALLY Empire that turned out to be a hero in Combat Arena? The maggot armpit that was UNDOUPTEDLY Nurgle that turned out to be an expansion for Blackstone Fortress? Or the pincer that was 100% Slaanesh that we now know belongs to CSM? There's days, whatever the Rumour Engine is, my first guess is random mini in new boxed game. It spares my poor heart.
  14. Granted. But the whole article is pretty much about how he came up with the complicated formula that takes the different variables of a unit (survivability, damage, mobility, etc), weighted all of that and pop out a fairly precise number at the end. I believe he's the head of the rule department for games that rely heavily on statistics. I think the man can math. I'm not saying that 21 unit is an exact number, but it's an interesting order of magnitude.
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