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  1. Just to confirm that it is undeniably the Slaanesh warband, both hints are on the box.
  2. Yup, you're right my bad. I assumed it was pound because leaked prices usually are in £ or $US. I fixed my previous post.
  3. Bad news, it's gonna be 300$Can. Canadian prices are always exactly double the price in pounds. US prices are not as consistent, but it's very likely to be 250$ (US / CAD is about 5/6). Nevermind that, the prices we got are in Euro. It should be a tiny bit more reasonnable then.
  4. Here's the list of all the previous Battleboxes for AoS: 2019 Gloomspit Gits Stormcast Sacrosanct Nighthaunt Skaven 2018 Idoneth Deepkin Slaves to Darkness Daughters of Khaine Seraphon 2017 Stormcast Vanguards Grand Alliance Death(LoN) Tzeentch Arcanites Kharadron Overlords 2016 Stormcasts Ironjawz Sylvaneth Khorne Bloodbound You can see that it follows a few rules, although you never know with GW. 40k had 6 boxes last year! We might get only two, or none this year because of the pandemy. Be let's pretend everything is normal and we get the usual 4 boxes. It looks like they aim for a box for every faction although Death and Destruction are sometimes replace by order because it contains fewer armies. If you consider Stormcast chambers as different armies, no army has been featured more than once. And at least two of the armies have had an update about a year to a year and a half before the Battlebox. If you take all of that into consideration: Death: Ossiarch is a very safe bet Destruction: it's likely to be Ogors, maybe Beastclaw raiders because most of the models are more recent Chaos: probably Slaanesh because they got updated last year Order: Lumineth are way too recent, so Cities of Sigmar and Fyreslayers are the only one left. Fyreslayers have kind of a tiny range of models though, so I'll bet Cities, although I have no idea which city it could be. Maybe High Aelves because of Lumineth.
  5. Possible, but Lumineth will be released in September (someone on the GW Twitch stream supposedly let that out a few weeks ago). If it wasn't for COVID, they most likely would have been release around April or May. Sons are... just one kit(as far as we know) and a battletome, probably in October. Scions of Flames and Khainite Shadowstalkers could be released in the same week. Everything that has been announced up until now will most likely have been released by early November. All of that to say that it's not too early to get a teaser for an army that could be released in January.
  6. I don't want you to get hyped for Malerion's Shadow Aelfs here but uh... you should totally get hyped for some Shadow Aelfs. Probably.
  7. Here are all the upcoming releases I'm aware of, with an educated guess for release dates Age of Sigmar Lumineth full range + batttletome 10 (?) kits 2-3 weeks September Sons of Behemath 1(?) kit + battletome Possible pre-order on October 10th (like the novel) 40k Necron new models Number of kits? 2 weeks Codex: October Space Marin new models Number of kits? 2 weeks Codex: October ETB kits replacing the Dark Imperium ones? Varia Warcry Scions of Flame Septembre?? Khainite Shadowstalkers Underworld Seasons 3 - August 2020 DoK Orks #2 Multiplayer expansion - Sept 2020 Season 4 - Dec 2020 3 Necromunda gangs(Q3, Q4, 2021) Q3 - Septembre Blackstone Forteress: Ascension (last expansion) Bloodbowl New edition Black orcs Imperials Crypt Stealers (very Halloween themed, very likely to be toward the end of October) Other varia game stuff (Kill Team, Aeronautica Imperialis, Adeptus Titanicus) Middle-Earth stuff, out of nowhere as usual New boards games, although they don't usually take a slot in the release schedule
  8. So in the last month, they released the Indominus box with a two weeks preorder, despite the box selling out in less than an hour, a book and a few models for Adeptus Titanicus, and a few novels. GW really doesn't behave like a company that's behind on schedule. I guess the factory shutdown hurt them pretty heavily, and with the massive demand for Indominus they're trying to give themselves a bit of breathing room.
  9. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/07/16/warhammer-underworlds-the-2020-road-map/ I think the Underworld article is much more interesting for the article itself: it's a roadmap. An actual roadmap, not leaked but made by GW itself. They are telling us, willingly, 6 months in advance, exactly what will be released... with something close to a release date. What is happening??? Is this the beginning of a new era of... communication? Could the era of shady rumours and skulduggery be at an end?
  10. Those are my actual display shelves. Would you believe I painted about 800 minis in the last 3 years, and most of them are in those pictures? Looks so small (althought the Necrons, Nighhaunts and Chaos are packed pretty tight).
  11. A large mix of Bones 4 Kickstarter, Cthulhu Wars, 7 Sins: The Others, Planet Apocalypse and Black Rose. Most of the Underworld warbands. Tzeentch, Slaves to Darkness, Skaven, Stormcast, Death Guards, Space Marines, Flesh Eaters... and more. But at least most of them are built and often primed.
  12. So what is left to be released in the near future? The battletomes have all been updated. Yes, that's the world now we live in now. 2 Underworld warbands yet to be released: Orks and Daughters One Warcry warband, although it hasn't been announced yet: Scions of Flame The Lumineth are on that 2 week reveal cycle, and since there's still probably a few more units to reveal, I doubt they'll be available before maybe 2 months. Or they could just unveil everything at the not-really-Adepticon-preview. Sons of Behemats haven't been announced yet. Most of what has been revealed at GAMA(except the aelves) will probably be released in a single week. Tomorrow of next Sunday will probably be 40k Saga of the Beast. Anything else?
  13. The old Tzeentch battletome i now "No longer longer available online". You know what this means!
  14. Here's a breakdown of all the Battleforce boxes(prices in US$) and a comparison with the price list leaked last week. I think the prices are probably real if you consider that most boxes saves about 33% of the price (except Skaven if you consider the price of the Start Collecting). 40k: Blood Angels : 1 Baal Predator: 60$ 10 Intercessors: 60$ 5 Sanguinary Guard: 40$ 5 Death Company: 35$ 1 Chaplain with Jump Pack: 33$ 1 Captain Terminator: 33$ 2 Primaris upgrade pack: 2*12.50$ Total: 286$ Price: 185$ Savings: 101$ / 35% Space Wolves : 1 Stormwolf: 81$ 5 Wulfens: 60$ 10 Intercessors: 60$ 1 Iron Priest: 30$ 2 Primaris upgrade pack: 2*12.50$ Total: 256$ Price: 170$ Savings: 86$ / 33% Chaos Space Marines : 5 Terminators: 60$ 10 Space Marines: 60$ 5 Havocs: 55$ 1 Rhino: 40$ 1 Terminator Lord: 30$ Total: 245$ Price: 170$ Savings: 75$ / 31% Drukhari : 1 Talos: 55$ 1 Razorwing: 50$ 3 Reavers: 40$ 20 Kabalite Warriors: 2 x 35$ 1 Venom: 35$ 1 Archon: 25$ Total: 275$ Price: 185$ Savings: 90$ / 33% Tyranides : 2 Carnifex: 90$ 1 Hive Tyrant: 60$ 8 Genestealers: 35$ 10 Gargoyles: 35$ 12 Termagants: 35$ 12 Hormagaunts: 35$ Total: 290$ Price: 185$ Savings: 105$ / 36% Empire T'au : 3 Crisis Battlesuits: 75$ 1 Commander: 55$ 10 Fire Warriors: 50$ 1 Devilfish: 40$ 3 Stealth Battlesuits: 30$ Total: 250$ Price: 170$ Savings: 80$ / 32% AoS: Stormcast Eternals 5 Evocators: 60$ 10 Sequitors: 60$ Lord Exocist: 35$ 6 Evocators on Dracolines: 60$ x 2 Total: 275$ Price: $185 Savings: 90$ / 33% Nighthaunt 10 Bladegheist Revenants: 45$ 10 Grimghast Reapers: 45$ 10 Dreadscythe Harridans: 45$ 10 Chainrasp Hordes: 40$ 5 Hexwraiths: 35$ Kurdoss Valentian: 45$ Total: 255$ Price: 185$ Savings: 70$ / 27% Skaven 20 Clanrats: 35$ Verminlord: 100$ Grey Seer: 25$ Start Collecting: 90$ 20 Plaguemonk: 35$ Plagueclaw/Cannon: 35$ Plague Furnace/ Screaming Bell: 65$ Total: 250$ - 295$ Price: $200 Savings: 50$ - 95$ / 20% - 32% Gloomspite Gitz Fanatics: $40 Mangler Squigs: $80 Loonboss: $30 Squid Hoppers: $50 Rockgut Troggoths: $60 Total: $260 Price: $185 Savings: 75$ / 29%
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