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  1. It looks like the new Salamander character solves 3 (fairly old) Rumour Engines:
  2. It's just a big blowing horde, you can see that card in the How to Play video, on the Hold Objective card.
  3. 5 little Kharadron buggies that you can combine into on big mech construct, like Voltron. Now that would be new.
  4. They actually sometimes do, but it's more the exception than the rule. Usually they wait for a good long year before we even see a Start Collecting box. Gloomspite Gits in the Looncurse box was quite a surprise. That being said, there's also Soul Wars and Shadowspear with 100% new models in both boxes, and Nighthaunt was a brand new faction. So it's not technically impossible, but if it was to follow a similar trend, it would need a completely revamped or expanded faction. All new Ogors models, again, is not impossible, but pretty unlikely. I could also be another faction, like Seraphon or KO, who both need an update.
  5. That's the hair of a real Khal! The Stallion Who Mounts the World!! Dothraki cavalry will be part of the Darkoath, you read it here first folks!
  6. Either this is a sadistic Drukhari boot, or we're getting a new army based on Santa's Little Helpers.
  7. Well you can't get neither the monsters nor the terrain anywhere else at the moment, and you need both to play the game. If that box is quickly discontinued, that would just kill the game. This is not a dual army limited box, it's more a starter kit like Soul Wars and Dark Imperium, and unless the game is a massive flop, I'm pretty sure it will stick around for a long while.
  8. So GenCon is next week, any idea what might be revealed there? I know it's not necessarily the most exciting reveal for most of us because it's mostly boardgames, but we did get Adeptus Mechanicus last year and a full release of LotR. I guess we'll hear more about the games they showed at ToyFair in February. They might reveal the models for the last two Warcry warbands and/or give us release dates for the other 3 warbands. Probably more details about the upcoming Underworld Season. A Scrabble game where "Sigmar" is accepted and "Emperor" scores extra points. A boardgame with no minis about StD vs Tomb Kings, for maximum salt!
  9. On the one hand, I had never noticed the sort of large ribcage with spikes on the spine. It looks like the giant undead horses the Mortarchs ride (looks like they're called "dread abyssal"). On the other hand, that arm looks very buff for a skeleton. You can tell he's been lifting a lot of iron while imprisoned.
  10. I just check a video from Total War and I have to agree that although it's most likely not the same voice actor, the accent is fairly similar. And the whole "I survived the hammer of Sigmar" and the bones theme also fit. The "my master" and "in my homeland", not so much though. Gentlemen, it's time to place your bets!
  11. Well here's the second part of the Feast of Bones, AND the follow up to Forbidden Power, AND the new Death army. Any ideas on who the mysterious leader of this new faction is?
  12. I feel like a lot of people are going to be very disappointed in the morning. They're not gonna announce 3 new battletomes. Predictions: They'll show the two new Warcry warbands. Maybe tease some future expansions. This will be a big part of the reveal. They'll announce Underworld season 3, and show the two warbands from the starter box. Both will be from existing armies, and the lion (which may or may not be aelf related) will not be part of them. This season will introduce a new mechanic to the game, like magic for season 2. This will be the second big part of the reveal. A teaser for an unspecified battletome. I'm gonna go as far as saying it will be a destruction army. No Stormcasts. They got the message. That's it. I very much doubt will get more, and that would be in line with what we got at all the other events. Also notice there's no article this time saying that there will be EARTH-SHATTERING REVEALS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!!!
  13. Scions and Tyrants confirmed! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/07/17/warcry-choosing-your-warbandgw-homepage-post-1/
  14. It's only a disappointment if your expectations are too high. If you take the Studio Previews as what they really are, a preview of some of the things to be released in the near future, and not as wish fulfilment, previews become much more enjoyable. For me the real disappointment is the 5 pages of salt we'll get on Saturday no matter what will be revealed.
  15. There's a lot of plastic in there, especially with all the terrain, so my guess is the same as starter box: 95£/160$US, or maybe a little bit more considering the recent price increase.
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