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  1. First time going to the web store to look get Warscrolls to print for a demo game for a potential new player only to find they are all gone. Didn’t appreciate enough of what a fantastic free service this was until it was gone. Yes, the app is nice but it is not the same.🙁
  2. I was never a fan of the presentation in the old app, if they can add a tablet mode I think the new will be superior. The Warscrolls look so much nicer but I am not sure if they will be as practical in game as the old format. I thought the Azyr army builder was awful but Stormforge seems quite nice. Not as nice as Warscroll Builder, but having the scrolls integrated in is a big plus. I didn't encounter any bugs in the iOS version. I saw a few things that needed work though.
  3. Well I am pleasantly surprised so far. Couple of obvious improvements jumped out at me: - on a tablet you just get an ugly enlarged version of the phone version (iOS) - don’t seem to be able to adjust youarmy name after it is created. Good points: - Warscrolls look great on phone - gesture support - overall layout and presentation
  4. Indeed, 'war scrolls' (or equivalent) weren't free in nine of the eleven editions of Warhammer (I'm including the original Warhammer Fantasy Battle here). But, it was so convenient and accessible making them free. You needed to buy the Battletome to access the allegiance abilities if you wanted to play an army seriously anyway. I have opponents that I doubt would be playing today if they hadn't been free. I am somewhat bemused about being nudged into a subscription to access stuff that I have paid good money to have physically elsewhere. Sadly, I can't see this decision being turned around. I do think the way the scrolls were/are hosted on the web store is a bit clunky though.
  5. Oh Gosh, tell me about it. I paint like this too. I try and push my skills with every model and am painfully slow. I think if I was asked to given advice to a new player I'd tell them to think about how much time they want to spend painting per week and when do they want to have their army finished. I think most new players would not say they want to spend seven years per army 🙃. A simply painted army with just a few well chosen colours and a simple but consistent basing scheme can look amazing.
  6. I have just noticed a new banner note is appearing on the Australian GW website. It states 'Only a few copies of this limited-run boxed set are left, get yours soon'. Perhaps, we are starting to see the point in time where this set might sell out. (Note that we are experiencing a pretty significant COVID delta outbreak in Australia and our vaccination rates are still relatively low compared to the US and UK. The two most populous states have large lock downs so there might have been an uptick in sales due to so many of us (myself included) being stuck at home. The situation with international shipping has also seen a lot of warnings in our local media about the need to organise Christmas gifts now. If you are in Australia and were planning to buy Dominion it might be time to consider placing an order. (I expect their would be quite a few copies in local gaming stores for some time after the web store sells out).
  7. I am all for tournaments that have no painting standards but I prefer if events do. Like others have said, the game is a visual one. You are creating vignettes with your models as you play. You can stoop down and see a recreation of another world. Painting your army is a way you can help create a better experience for your opponent. There is a balance between being as welcoming as possible and promoting the hobby in all its glory though. One thing I did before I had a painted army was go and watch a tournament. I got free entry and I could enjoy seeing all the incredibly painted armies duking it out. Was super inspiring for me as a new player.
  8. I agree @Ggom, I think 32 mm for almost all infantry sized models would be a good thing. I think another smaller standard size for very small infantry like Gnoblars and Brimstone Horrors wold be a good idea though.
  9. I am also delighted with the new Legends Warscrolls! I was planning to run most of the Freeguild units that were updated so this is super appreciated. Many thanks Age of Sigmar team!
  10. My first impressions is that the problems seem to be of a technical nature. The FAQ is suppose to be a commentary of the rules as they stand. It seems like GW are treating the save stacking as an Errata issue that they will address as they update the tomes. I don’t think this was the right approach in this case although I can understand how we ended up here.
  11. Sadly, I don't know if we'll ever see the likes of Dreadfleet again but if we did 😃: - Cities of Sigmar - Scourge Privateers (Order) - Maggotkin of Nurgle - Plague Fleet (Chaos) - Ossiarch Bonereapers (Death) - Orruk Warclans (Destruction)
  12. Dreadfleet is a fantastic game. Short version is flack was unwarranted. Interestingly, you can see ideas in it that found their way into what became Age of Sigmar (fast, simple, playable mechanics; ranged and close combat using same core rules). It wasn't marketed as being able to be adapted and added to but in practice this is easy to do. It was also quite fantastical for its time, pre-empting the grandeur of the Mortal Realms. I had an absolute blast painting the set. It is such fun as ships are so unique and diverse. No painting the same thing twenty times with this! @Neverchosen Here are a few more photographs from the Greyshadow archives. (Apologies for the poor quality of the photographs, need to take some nice ones with my new camera).
  13. Ah, come sit by the fireside @Neverchosen, let me tell you the story of the Battle of Kraken Bay... 13th Day of Vorhexen 2512. Empire Spies report a Chaos invasion force massing at the Fortress of Varag in the Dark Lands, marching under the banner of Chaos lord Vardek Crom. 20th Day of Nachhexen, 2513. Elements of the Chaos horde have been reported scouting the north coast of the Straights of Nagash. It is believed an advance force will soon cross the straights to begin a two thousand mile journey to open the passes across the World Edge Mountains from the west, to allow the movement of the main force directly across the mountains. 3rd Day of Jahrdrung, 2513. The Empire has ordered the Imperial Navy to blockade the straights, to stop the horde gaining a foothold on the west side of the World Edge Mountains. The naval force was assigned: the Temple class warship Spirit of Sigmar, commanded by Admiral Erwin Von Raukov; the Bretonnian galleon Eventide; a marine contingent; an Empire battalion; a Bretonnian battalion; and, Her Tapplestein of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. The two battalions and Her Tapplestein were to land on the southern shore of the straights and rally any local cut throats, to prevent the enemy from securing the far shore. 13th Day of Jahrdrung, 2513. Raukov departs Altdorf along the River Reik. 20th Day of Jahrdrung, 2513. Raukov arrives at the great dwarven seaport of Barak Varr. He meets King Grundadrakk, requesting aid in his mission. Grundadrakk agrees, assigning the Grudgebearer class battleship Might of Valaya, captained by Thogrim Stoneshield and a small force of marines. 23rd Day of Jahrdrung, 2513. Von Raukov, having taken on supplies, commences journey across the Great Ocean to the Sea of Dread. 2nd Day of Sigmarzeit, 2513. Raukov’s fleet received reports from the Lady Valaya’s airships that a Chaos horde on the Northern shores was preparing to cross the straights. Three Chaos warships were overseeing the embarkation: a great sea-hulk flagship fashioned from chaotic magics, a Chaos Dwarf daemon ship, and a third ship of unknown origins. Raukov ordered his fleet to make best speed to the Serpent Coast, intending to attack the fleet when they were at their most vulnerable. He ordered the land force to secure the southern shore and for the naval force to cripple or sink the Chaos fleet escorting the crossing. This battle was played as a combined Dreadfleet and Warhammer Fantasy Battle game. We alternated taking turns playing a custom Dreadfleet and Warhammer scenarios, playing both games simultaneously on two tables. Bretonnian coastal trebuchets could either target the enemy units landing on the beach side of Warhammer table or fling rocks at the war ships out at sea. If the invaders got a landing craft to the beach area on the seascape, units would arrive to reinforce the surface assault. In the end, whilst the invaders were able to overrun a coastal fort they were destroyed in a counter-attack. The naval battle was decisive, in a masterful display of seamanship, the Imperial navy sunk all but the enemy's flagship. Victory for the Empire! Unfortunately, I don't seem to have the photographs we took on the day to hand but I do have some photos showing some of the ships that were involved. Hope you like them!
  14. Totally, the thing I want to watch most on it is the Age of Sigmar Battle Report. I've read that it is really well done. I am quite happy to digitally rent a movie for $7.50 so I may, at some point, subscribe and immediately cancel just to watch this and the Louise Sugden masterclass. (Louise is such an incredibly talented artist).
  15. I’ve got some Screamers of Tzeentch on a larger base size than technically legal but at the time it was technically too small! (Base size got changed in an update to the base size document). Problem is, I think the official size is so small I think they would tip over. I think most of the time the cheese comes in when models are based on smaller bases. I don’t think many opponents would mind if I either used them as is or just treated them as if they were the right size. (I play casually, tournaments might be a different story). I also converted Hrothgorn a little to make him into an Icebrow Hunter. I didn’t realise that he needed to be on a 50 mm until I finished painting him! I did rebase him but I would mind running him as Hrothgorn from time to time.
  16. I am lucky enough to have a full painted set of Dreadfleet that I painted a few years ago. I think it is a fantastic game. The ships in the set are are really versatile mix that could represent a wide range of factions from the Age of Sigmar. I’ve purchased a few Man-o-War ships I could add in to the mix too. I’ve played ongoing campaigns that featured naval battles and I’ve always found it really adds to the narrative and scope.
  17. Like others have alluded, subscription services can become a real chain around your neck. We are reasonably disciplined in our household and try to limit the number we have on the go at once but even so I have Spotify Premium, Britbox, Duncan Rhodes painting academy, Office 365 and Apple iCloud on the go right now ($8+$9+$7.50+ $8.25+$1.5 = $34.25 AUD per month, $411 AUD per year). Add Warhammer+ and I am up to $525 AUD per year on digital. I don't know about you but I think that's starting to really add up. I am not criticising GW here just the sneaky way subscription services get in to your wallet by not seeming like much money. But, I've sunk $22.50 into three months of the Duncan Rhodes painting academy so far. This is what I have to show for it... 😃
  18. Dragons popped into my head this morning while having my morning coffee (as they do) and I had to take another look at these Draconith. Oh my, they are truly special. The new Stormcast would look spectacular alongside these new kits. The slightly smaller frames of the Thunderstrike would work to accentuate the sheer size of these new kits, and have a certain 'ancient-splendour' about them that works well with the great drakes. I also think a dragon or two would look great as an allied unit to my Cities of Sigmar army. Any rumours about when they are released?
  19. Wow, those dragons are just fantastic. I love the intelligence and personality. They look like they would be super fun to paint too.
  20. Wow, I do really like those new dragons. I am working on a big kit at the moment and also did one last year. They are a lot of fun! They look like great painting projects.
  21. Thank you for the original poster for raising this issue. Josh and James are hugely talented people and real gentlemen, it is disappointing to learn that they weren't properly remunerated for their outstanding work. I credit James with single handedly bringing back Warhammer Quest after his hundreds of hours of unpaid overtime resulted in what became the wonderful Silver Tower. The impact he personally had on GW's bottom line is likely in the millions of pounds. Very disappointing. Do creatives in the UK have a union ? (Short answer please - I don't want to start a non-warhammer industrial politics discussion thanks).
  22. A bit conflicted about the return of square bases. One of the great things about Horus Heresy is that you can take models from this side range and plonk them in to Warhammer 40,000 without much trouble. A different basing system sends a message that this isn’t how it should be done for the The Old World. On the other hand, Age of Sigmar plays just fine with models on squares. I plan to continue to rebase my old Warhammer Fantasy Battles models for Age of Sigmar. I just hope The Old World doesn’t have a negative impact on the health of the main game by splitting the player base.
  23. Another method I have used is to make a powerpoint map. You aren't going for super quality but it allows you to shuffle things around and knock up a rough plan fairly quickly. You can then go and make it all nice later. Best of luck with your map making!
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