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  1. Oh. Woops. Sorry, I was mistaken. I ws sure it does, so... This changes a lot.
  2. Unfortunately you also need a line of sight for the most of our spells, including Verdant Blessing.
  3. That's just a one of the uses. You can just use it in your double turn to get +4 to cast just for easier woods or endless spells and move. It's something.
  4. So... there is a small discussion around the internet. Our Throne of Vines has a new wording. And RAW it stacks (check the attachment). This means that we can use it on a Branchwych + Vortex for the WychBomb 2.0 - she casts the Throne every turn, so she will be +4 to cast turn 2, +6 turn 3... This is also a way to create new woods, dryads or just to use Alarielle in a odd, stationary way. Are you aware of any rule that would be against this combo?
  5. Our new woods will be 30£ / 40€ / 50$ for a box. Box will include 3 "bases" making one Awakened Wylwood. That's confirmed info. My hype is all gone. This price is ridiculous. I know, this hobby is not cheap, .but this pricing is really reaaaally hard to justify. You will probably need 2-3 boxes for a 1k games and twice as much for 2k.
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