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  1. I'm afraid it's not true. Not anymore. Wording on the Flying rule is a bit different in AoS 2.0: "when it makes any type of move".
  2. And Flying models never trigger wyldoods? So, they're not that great against, for example, Nighthaunt?
  3. Hi. Additional non-sylvaneth heroes counts as allies (it's been FAQued), and Allies, unfortunately can't take any Artifacts, even Realm Artifacts.
  4. Unfortunately, Nagash CAN fly, so we're not really safe. On the other hand- we can hide Bowhunters in woods and shoot him, ignoring other enemy units.
  5. I LOVE the Sylvaneth list from the 9th place (Monsters and more Monsters!). Any idea what was the strategy behind this list?
  6. Based on FAQ's wording: you choose one Kurnoth Hunters unit and measure 10" bubble from this unit. They don't have to be close to the Treelord.
  7. Yeah, it's on the warscroll.
  8. That's true, but we can use it as our new trick. You can drop Bow Hunters into the Wood- they can shoot only flying units (and they're also visible to them), but other non flying units can't target them. So, you can shoot Skyfires and ignore for example Pink Horrors, because they can't target hidden Kurnoths.
  9. Playing with Woods will be quite fun now. We can place them on objectives and teleport specyfic units to them. Examples: - Branchwych on the Balewind Wortex + The Silverwood Circlet. She can spread mortal wounds around her (still hidden). You can also use Reaping. - Drycha. Just like above. Her Bees will be more useful now. - Scythe Kurnoths hidden on the objective? Sure, go for it. It will be very painful for the enemy, because charging them will be risky (Woods), and they will be invisible to ranged non-flyers. - Branchwraith will be our "Hidden Dryad Factory". You can hide her in the Wood and summon dryads every turn. Any other ideas?
  10. I just checked the Artifacts of Ghyran aaaand... well, I think that Spirit of Durthu will be quite popular now. Ghyrstrike given to him will be devastating (https://i.imgur.com/nquZt09.jpg).
  11. Heksagon

    Mortal Seraphon

    Hm. It's okay for your home battles. I believe you also should reduce the Bravery to...6-7? I'm not so sure about this.
  12. Nooooooo! Not this, again. It's about 15th comment about "Lenin look" on this piece. Anyways, thanks for your comments!
  13. Hello TGA Family I would like to show you my latest project - Piece of scenery with 3d printed objects. This is my second ever piece of scenery ever, I had much fun doing this. I used maany different ready to use products and many home-made (thanks to Lukes Aps) stuff. I also used two 3d-printed elements. They're sculpted (in 3d-Coat), printed and finished by me. If you own a 3d printer, you can print your own "Ancient Statue" you can find it on my gumroad: https://gumroad.com/3dhexes and Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2696057 I hope you will like it
  14. It depends. 3x5 Tree Revs will be useless in most games. They die really quick and they're good only at catching objectives in 4/5 round :p.
  15. Well, Arcane terrain can give you +1 to cast... but that's not much.
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