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  1. Hi! I have always been a sylvaneth player since the beginning of aos. I played many many matches and tournaments with them; however, when the last battletome arrived, I didn't like it, so I stopped playing them. Yesterday finally I had my first match since the new book was released. I played against idoneth, the game was very good because until the end the result was unknown and it was a balanced game. I tried an aggressive list: Harvestboon 2x spirit of durthu 2x branchwraith 1 arch revenant 3x 3 kurnoth scythe 20 dryads 10 spite 5 spite Free spirit battalion and extra cp. I was very rusty, so I need to play more games, but the impression was not so bad as I figured out at the release of the battletome. Of course, the ambition are not winning tournament, but just have fun and change playstile from other armies I am used to play (sorry for my English)
  2. I know they couldn't put everything, but I am sad for some missing units
  3. I use a mix of juggernaut and flesh hound because of the juggrrnaut's charging ability, it is helpful in order to make more damage
  4. I think there will be only 1 weapon option per unit. By now we see: - wildwood ranger - irondrake - crossbowmen - handgunners - black guard
  5. I was going to open a topic too Wonderful news! I am very curious about them
  6. New lumineth cavalry? Or slave to darkness chaos knights, with lord on demonic steed
  7. Which is the size of Norse warrior on foot base? Do you have a picture of comparison with Gw minia?
  8. Thank you very much to all! @TheArborealWalrus yes, that's own what I'm looking for: not low model count army, but low size unit Actually I love brayherds models; which "big pieces" (dragonogors, bulls, cygor, etc) are better to accompany brayherds?
  9. ops sorry, I thought in the list you place only what you buy 😔
  10. you can have only 1 extra command point
  11. Actually I love brayherd, especially gor and bestigor, but I don't like playing units of more then 20 guys... Is there some exemplar battle report you would suggest me, in order to understand better beastmen play?
  12. Thank you! What about tzaangor? I remember they were used very much at the beginning
  13. hello everybody! I am a slave to darkness and khorne player. I have been thinking about starting beast of chaos since much months. So, before starting, I need one info from you: what's beast of chaos play style? horde? is it possible to avoid big size units? Thank you!
  14. I ask a further question: is spray varnish as good as brush one?
  15. it depends on the warband, but I read it many times. My only experience is with untamed beasts and Corvus, but they performed well
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