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  1. I managed to download, I have still to read it, but thank you!
  2. You find them in the kharadron card package, or in the new grand alliance order book
  3. I would suggest you to have also arkanaut company. They are cheaper than other units, you will always use some of them in your lists
  4. Where does the body come from? Very good result
  5. I guess they will, after all it is not a big effort
  6. I would wait for the next tome of champion, that should be out in December
  7. I am very curious about new rules for the catacombs!
  8. Ate you trying catacomb rules or only core rules?
  9. In my opinion it is not mandatory, you can go on playing without buying it
  10. I read 160€, it is too much for me I will wait the separate rule book for catacombs
  11. I guess they will replace the monster and mercenary book. I have just a doubt now: what will be in the tome of champion 2020?
  12. However there are armies, like sylvaneth and Kharadron, where you play everything you find in start collecting (not only for price saving, but because you need that units) , even twice. So I don't think your assumption is realistic for all those armies
  13. Yesterday I played a blade of khorne list using the khorne beast battalion 2 slaughterpriest 2 bloodsecrators 1 doombull 1 Beastlord 3x10 bestigor 10 gor 6 bullgor with great weapon 20 blood reavers 10 flesh hounds Khorne invocation: axe I played against ossiarch with katakros, 40 10 10 core unit, 2 artillery, 4 morghast I managed to kill katakross thanks to bloodsecrator buff on bullgor and slaughterpriest pray that move opponent's unit Actually buffs from bloodsecrator and slaughterpriest are very interesting on bestigor and bullgors and the battalion ability is more useful than I thought
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