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  1. I'm supposed to be saving money right now but GW are not being cooperative. I might need a big red dragon in my life more than I need to make adult decisions and fiscal responsibility.
  2. What he said^^^^ I certainly think it will be ripe for proxies - Cities of Sigmar is just leftover Empire so I think there is a pretty good chance you will be able to comfortably use some Kislev models in your Cities army etc. Etc.
  3. Rumours seem a little......easy. Like, some fairly safe guesswork that most of us have probably made already. Plus it's on faeit, which has just become clickbait. I also feel like it's far sooner than GW was pitching. I thought they were floating a 2024 timeframe but I may be misremembering.
  4. Seems like that's their standard box-release model at the moment. Change for the better, in my opinion.
  5. I really wanted them to do a plush squig but this is just too...seasonal. Give me an unadorned version and I will purchase it in a heartbeat, GW.
  6. Sooooo don't sign the NDA..... You can always buy the stuff and post critical reviews anyway. Not seeing too much of a problem here but I have very little sympathy for people accepting free stuff and being unhappy with the t's and c's. Nobody is being forced to do anything here - saying no is always an option.
  7. Some people were certain of that for the 2nd editon launch though. And Broken Realms. And the Hedonites second wave. I have to agree that an Ulgu setting would follow the pattern though.
  8. Not really all that excited by this Kruleboyz warband. I have loved the stuff for them so far but these guys just aren't doing anything for me. Maybe there is a bit too much going on with them....
  9. Yeah, it feels like going back to how things used to be. Disappointing but not surprising. I'm not a gamer so it doesn't affect me but I buy battletomes on occasion because I generally enjoy them. Guess GW just wants to sell more of them. Are there warscrolls in the Generals Handbook?
  10. They're just misunderstood. And a bit grumpy. I don't actually play so I had never noticed that. It does seem a little odd but at least it's consistant across Kruleboyz and Gitz. Wonder if the Sloggoth will have the keyword? It's one of the most monstrous things I've seen.
  11. The Warhammer Community facebook post saying all Kruleboyz models have been shown is the only thing that pushes me towards an Underworlds model. But then a seperate post said there was more to come so who knows!? In the currently shown stuff there is no way to get a Killboss seperately so that seems very possible too. Just not the most likely to my mind.
  12. That seems the likely answer. Here's hoping for a couple more like that in the set.
  13. Pretty sure that's the old Chaos Spawn model.
  14. Close! Auto but more car than bike. Certainly just one among many industries affected.
  15. Maybe. Certainly not worse but I would argue still not better. And there are always other things going on. At my work, for example, we have just received stock that was on that ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal. And a factory fire in Japan last year means we are still struggling to get stock of products that contain their product. I'm learning a lot about the global supply-chain this year! There is the genuine possibilty that GW are deliberately prioritising 40K - if it is as large a portion of their sales as popular rumour holds than I can see why they would make sure that arrives first. Shipping containers are limited. Maybe not popular, maybe not fair, maybe not even close to the truth. Only GW knows and they are not telling, unfortunately. Just means I don't get my Kruleboyz as soon as I thought. I can live with that.
  16. Makes a lot of sense. The books are printed in China, right? Delays are the rule with COVID and shipping.
  17. I might actually get all my models painted it before I play it, which is a first for me. My wife and I are very casual board gamers so I am really looking forward to it.
  18. I don't think so. It would be a lot of work compiling all the rumours out there. And then sifting the obvious trolling from the probably trolling from the possible rumous from the speculation. And then all of Whitefang's likes. All of which would then get repeated elsewhere as rumours. Or just post it all and be attacked by the community for lying when things turn out differently. That might sound a little sarcastic - it is not intended to be. I really think that there is a good reason nobody keeps track of rumours in any systematic way.
  19. If you want it, get it. If you don't want it, don't get it. I have no interest at all in Warhammer+ but for those who do, I hope you enjoy it.
  20. Middle Earth is 25mm (I think) so it's not too far off. I would think the scenery would scale pretty well.
  21. As above on the Dettol. I have used it on plastic and FW resin models to great effect. And available in a lot of countries.
  22. If they do a plush squig then I will probably have to get one. For my son. Not to hurl at my wife while shrieking "Da Bad moon spoke to me once!"
  23. No need for specualtion ladies and gents, this is obviously fake - they claim that GW is going to lower prices in Australia, New Zealand and Japan......
  24. I can't actually remember any particular rumour about that beyond people speculating that a "Great" Gnashtoof might mean there could be a "lesser" Gnashtoof. And people assuming that a like from Whitefang = confirmation of whatever. Pretty thin but it is rumours, I guess, not facts. Personally, I would really love to see some more Kruleboyz stuff but I fear that we've seen it all. For now.
  25. Glad to see Dragons but I definitely would have preferred more Kruleboyz instead. Oh well, gotta keep reminding myself that they're a subfaction of a Battletome and not a seperate entity.
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