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  1. Not 100% on if the development timelines match up but certainly endless spells are something that GW are moving away from. Made sense to produce stuff in China to keep up a fast rate of releases while the Nottingham facility was being developed but now international shipping is what it is… I wouldn’t wait for any further endless spells for the factions who missed out.
  2. Yeah, it's unfortunate that Fyreslayers have the most opaque and confusing naming scheme in AoS. Later examples of new factions do it coherently (e.g. the castes for the Ossiarch/Idoneth) but with FS it's like the writers just randomly threw darts at a board showing "hearth", "auric", "rune" with no rhyme or reason. It's the part of the faction that's least likely to change with any update as well. And agreed, a new hero won't do anything to actually address the near-total visual uniformity of the range.
  3. I have a vague memory of GW doing a limited recall or warning or something for the 40k killa kans because the armour spikes were unusually sharp. I think this was when they were still feeling out the use of CAD sculpting for plastic minis and they really were both surprisingly sturdy and lethally sharp.
  4. That dead serious recall for the squig, accompanied by instructions on How To Destroy A Squig, is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in ages.
  5. That ogre song is no Tattered Sails Shanty from the vampire coast but damned if it's not exciting! Truly incredible to see how it plucks imagery almost perfectly from the illustrations in the 6th ed. army book. There's also this other trailer for the Ogre Kingdoms, using the in-game engine and showing a lot of the units: https://www.redditmedia.com/user/Total_War_/comments/qhisrh/hackt_euch_durch_eure_feinde_und_werft_sie_in_den/?ref_source=embed&ref=share&embed=true I think we'll see this reappear as an advertisement or something. It shows that Greasus has been upgraded to a sort of wheelbarrow apparatus and also features a Slave Giant model taken straight from this ancient conversion in 6th ed book!
  6. The elderly witch-shaman might be my favourite mini out of that kit. GW has had a few cracks at that archetype in AoS minis but this is a keeper and moreover a representation of a kind of character that's been around since 6th ed. WHFB.
  7. Darkoath are cool, everything you could want in Frazetta-style muscle barbarians, Blackpowder’s cool, everything you could want in an ogre pirate and honestly surprisingly un-cheesy, and Dungeon Bowl’s a ludicrously fun idea. Have to agree that the Nurgle sorcerer is a disappointment. It’s fine, not a terrible mini, but it lacks character compared to basically any other kit you could use as a sorcerer stand-in or indeed basically any other Nurgle mini. It’s just sort of there, with an awkward undynamic pose. That GW are just doing a single hero mini update to Maggotkin is no surprise - though they really could have done with a new mortal unit to add their tiny range - but this feels like a half-hearted shrug.
  8. It’s just about on-topic when the point is that space marines have received more variants on a single minor character miniature than many (most?) AoS factions have since the game started. Which is no real surprise, unfortunately, but worth thinking of when speculating about the, let’s say, ‘possibility space’ for what GW could do with stuff like Maneaters or similar AoS kits that warrant a great deal of diversity. Something something living in hope…
  9. Why, this old thing is out of date! With new advances in Primaris Lieutenants, it should look more like this! (the BT castellan might be a bit of a stretch, depending on how frothing at the mouth the Black Templar player you're talking to is)
  10. I’m not sure they’re all that connected, honestly. Too many obvious missed opportunities, like how Hrothgorn was and is basically a plastic replacement for the Icebrow Hunter mini but has the wrong base size, only comes with a single plastic sabretusk, has a gang of (for AoS) extraneous gnoblar trappers, his own poorly arranged warscroll… All while the ancient resin hunter is still on sale. Hrothgorn doesn’t take much to be a good proxy but still. They could have adjusted the warscroll for the Hunter, put him on sale afresh, but they didn’t. It’s like there was no real effort to meaningfully make a release that could appeal to WHU and AoS players, and to fit that needs of both release schedules. If they really were properly connected (and I agree that Necromunda is another story, on a different scale of comparison) we wouldn’t have cases like this. Same for the Warcry cultists. Cool and worthwhile idea for their own game, definitely deserving of the investment on their own terms (like most boxed/Specialist games), somehow very badly integrated into AoS proper. The opportunity was right there (see @Neverchosen’s proposal) and GW fumbled it.
  11. I suspect the retirement of the Steel Legion minis has as much to do with the introduction of plastic Krieg kits for Kill Team and probably soon 40k. GW most likely doesn't want to have more than one gasmask and flak jacket style guardsman kit on the go, particularly when it's already filling the same slot (from a certain POV) as the Cadian and Catachan infantry kits. It'd be nice to see new stuff for e.g. skaven but I think GW's by and large happy keeping ancient minis around for as long as possible.
  12. Knowing that Mannok is a Breaka-Boss makes it feel a little like a missed opportunity that there wasn’t the option for a regular on-foot Breaka-Boss and non-ridden Mirebrute troll.
  13. I think support for the 30k idea has varied over time, with some of the issues plaguing it as a game reflecting that lack of support (updates, marketing, amount of staff, QA efforts) and some kind of inherent to the extremely high-investment model FW used for it (backlog of minis, some factions getting left behind even more than in other games, expensive rulebooks going out a date in a few years, the sheer amount of effort any one black book requires). I’d agree with @Noserenda that FW/SG probably won’t use all that much of that ‘bespoke’ approach, it’s too much of a barrier for entry. We know they considered it for Adeptus Titanicus and dropped it nearly at the 11th hour because it wasn’t going to be as worthwhile as the ‘lightweight’ approach that characterises current AT. That partially reflects the use of resin over plastic not working out but also the book size, the update cycles, and what new rules they put out. I do like the Middle Earth comparisons, there might be a lot in that approach that they draw on for TOW.
  14. @EccentricCircle Agreed, as fun as the historical aspect can be, this is an unfortunate side effect. Specifically with reference to Lizardmen, I’ve seen hobbyists from South America express ambivalence over the fact that (i) the South American stand-ins are badass technologically-advanced ultra warriors who were core to the background and deeply unimpressed with Estalian/Empire/whoever colonists and adventurers but also (ii) that they’re inhuman animal-people who draw a lot of inspiration from fundamentally racist ‘ancient alien’ conspiracy thinking and used to have most their names based off of shoddy puns. It’s a tricky one.
  15. Can You Roll A Crit identifies a lot of issues but he really, really hates that change to the do over rules. Does/did he have some sort of role in beta testing WHU? The way he talks about advocating against this rule makes it sound like he might have.
  16. But you repeat yourself, unfortunately...😕 Regardless, I think it's an unfortunate side effect of WHFB's focus on the old world. Loads of unique detail there but then everything else is extremely broad strokes or an afterthought with a grab-bag of other factions stuffed in. It's something which the TW maps actually make even more obvious, honestly. Cathay does seem to be an example of CA/GW moving beyond that but I'd be very surprised if they did the same for anywhere else.
  17. This is in general a much healthier way to approach a hobby rather than hewing entirely to one IP, with all the identification and boundary policing that comes with that.
  18. Can You Roll A Crit has reviews up of the Harrowdeep core set, as well as the new stormcast and kruleboys warbands. Worth a look to see what has changed. Overall I'm a little less irritated by some particular rules changes than he is and am pretty ok with the two new warbands being firmly middle-of-the-pack in terms of power, but it does confirm that I'm just done with getting new WHU stuff for now. Harrowdeep doesn't add as much extra rules bloat as Beastgrave and Direchasm did but even adding a little makes the mess bigger. The few streamlining efforts they've made (animals not scoring objectives and flying fighters passing through lethal hexes being streamlined into Beast and Flyer card classifications like Leader or Wizard) are good but don't go far enough. We really need a pared-down refreshed WHU. Combine that with the sharp price rises and I'm going to stick with treating it all as a casual boardgame with pre-defined decks, a combo of Nightvault/Beastgrave rules, and my existing roster of warbands. If any of the new warbands are particularly cool, maybe, but I'm mentally checked out now.
  19. I think as much as there’s still a small minority WHFB/Old World folks who bear classic bitter old grognard holdout grudges against AoS, there’s also a minority of unfortunately quite smug pro-AoS folks with ugly opinions on WHFB/Old World. You can say ‘well they started it’ re: the widespread contempt AoS received early on in 1st ed (some warranted, some not) but that doesn’t justify the occasionally unpleasant attitudes I’ve seen even on TGA, particularly when it’s placed alongside the AoS community’s self-perception as the friendly/welcoming/‘good’ fanbase. RE: @zilberfrid’s links, it fits with my experience that the worst anti-AoS attitudes (and especially the racism) these days tend to come from the relatively new Total War crowd, not old-time WHFB players. That’s already a pretty toxic and hostile community. Nothing capital-G gamers like more than picking up a secondhand grudge and using it as fuel for bigotry.
  20. Good to see. Separate question from WHU’s issues but tbh they’d been very quiet about these warbands getting a cardless release for normal AoS.
  21. Yeah if the rumours are true, this is really brutal, even by GW's awful standards. Shadespire £40 Nightvault £40 Beastgrave £45 Direchasm £50 Harrowdeep £65 A 60% price rise since the game's start only five years ago, a bigger jump than the creep we've seen over the last two seasons. It's supposed to have more cards but that's hardly an excuse. Almost worse that this increase is coming after Direchasm as a season was substantially undercut by covid, meaning games were rather more limited. I mean damn. You think you get acclimatised to ludicrous price gouging and then GW surprises you with a left hook. I've talked up WHU as a great game, and it is, but... this is me priced out of the main sets and getting new teams. The warbands had already crept up quite a bit in price, from £17.50 to £25, which may well go up further. It's really disappointing, I got into WHU in a large part because I'd been firmly priced out of AoS/40k and was glad to find what it still one of the best-designed games they've ever made. It's still cheaper than the mainline mass battle stuff but hardly the easy entry point/low cost competitive game it started as. Kind of characteristic of the decisions of the last two-ish years seemingly reversing many of the gains that were heralded as 'nu-GW'.
  22. Damn, that vaguely anime style really works perfectly for Neave. Not going to sell me on WH+ but looks cool.
  23. @Neil Arthur Hotep You kind of have it. There's a few different formats for WHU that only really matter for organised play but then as it's meant to be a game more heavily based around formal organised games in tournaments and such than AoS/40k, these are a bigger deal. Championship - all warbands and faction-specific cards allowed, only universal cards from this season and the last season Vanguard - only warbands and cards from current season Relic - anything goes, all warbands/cards What this means is that you can absolutely play old warbands for most organised games but you still need to get the latest starter kit to ensure that you have legal universal cards, hence encouraging this FOMO sort of buying behaviour.* Older warbands can still be competitive - Mollog's Mob was killing it before a recent update because of some interactions with S4 universal cards - but in practice most are getting a bit left behind in terms of power in the same way as older battletomes/codices in AoS/40k. From a sales POV, you've hit on the issue. Warbands from S1 and S2 are only available without their cards. If you buy, say, Zarbag's Gits, you get the minis but you'd need to either buy the cards secondhand or print them yourself (which is doable but a pain and I'm not sure if it tournies have an issue with it). If you buy a S3 warband like e.g. Rippa's Snarlfangs, you do get cards but maybe half of those cards can't be used legally in two of the three organised play formats. Once these go out of stock, we may well see them reissued without the cards as with S1/S2 warbands, which brings us back to the same problem. In a sense this new Rivals format is sort of orthogonal to the whole seasons/rotation thing, it's basically just sticking to pre-made decks. It does simplify things, which is good, but it's not clear how it'll work with these older warbands who don't have (legal) cards and it doesn't address the larger unfortunate side-effects that the card rotation brings. You could call these 'problems' but they're maybe just what happens when you have a game that is explicitly about keeping organised/competitive play fresh and with a business model based around buying new warbands frequently for new cards. Speaking as someone who doesn't play at all competitively, Rivals is basically just a formalisation of how this game gets played with folks from a board game background; pre-made decks, who cares about rotation. Treated that way it's genuinely a fantastic game, possibly GW's best-written, if one that is lately straining against the limits of giving each warband a unique angle. * which is common in lots of games but was largely not present in GW stuff until WHU. It's funny, one of the big things GW learned from watching games like FFG's X-Wing was the most irritating and consumer-unfriendly aspect of them, one of the only messy games industry practices they had historically not had front and centre.
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