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  1. Sad that the Tzeentch terrain in the video seems to be a custom one. This game lacks tentacles...
  2. Yes and no. Yes because 40k seems to have a larger fan base. No because I think that last year proved that a little model, released at the end of the year, won by pure Nostalgia. How could this noise marine could ever beat the Morathi release is beyond me.
  3. Katakros. But it’s the Sister of battle one that will win because of nostalgia.
  4. My guess is that they will be in the next Warcry starter set. So not soon-ish.
  5. You should check the Warcry subforum because lits of people worked on homebrewed warbands like the link below. Moreover, Nershly on Twitter did a card generator. Do not forget that the expansion of Warcry will certainly add more AoS faction in addition to the shortlived cards.
  6. I still don't understand the train of thought behind that decision of resurrecting the old world, in whatever form. Anyway, for the fans, enjoy.
  7. From a new player perspective, I don't see the point. At all. Yes it will be a success. Yes the new gameplay will be certainly cool. But I find this announcement counter-productive to the point of irrelevancy. AoS is not even 5 years olds, and still, they announce the resurrection of its predecessor. Anyway, even if dug Total war warhammer a lot, I guess I am not the target.
  8. My 2 eurocents Stormcast: the easy to build Stormcast model with the hammer on her shoulder. For me one of the most beautiful model in the AoS range. Legion of Nagash: the Wight king with baleful tomb blade. Amazing model Orruk warclan: the savage big boss. such a cool movement
  9. Guess we will see a lot of that colour scheme popping up as my local geedub store manager showed me the exact same project 4 days ago
  10. Dear fellow Age of Sigmar players, I would like to organise a small Meeting engagement event at my local geedub before the end of the year. I want to organise that for several reasons: After my first tournament ever this week end (Bloodshed in the shires 2019 which saw me going from 8 games ever played to 12!!! ), I am really motivated to play more Even if I did not have the chance to play it, I am convinced that ME is fun after watching a couple of ME battle reports on the interweb. In addition, I don't have any friends to play with (my only toy soldiers friend is living overseas), only the usual bunch at my local geedub. My local geedub's (bi-) monthly events are usually from 13h to 18h (5 hours), on 4*4 tables (because unfortunately they don't have much place), and I have been a little frustrated to never finish 1 game properly there since I started playing, because the time allowed to play is too short even for 1.5k points games. So my goal here is to experience with this format at least once and ensure that all player can play 2 games in this narrow 5 hours slot. But because I don't think it makes sense to bring something like Archaon, Morathi or Nagash (whom I don't think you can anyway), I thought that a point limitation could be relevant. My rule of thumb would be to restrict any unit that is over 1/3 of the 1000 points ME limit, because it feels that those units are not designed for less than 1.5k if not 2k games. So I started a small survey on twitter (check below), but you are welcome to comment here, and not on the relevance of Meeting engagement. I don't want to start a never-ending discussion à la "is zero a number?" Points limitation on this survey are 300, 350, 450 and no point limitation, to stick around the "inferior to 1/3 of 1000 points, because I want to keep hte restriction as simple as I can. Also, concerning the time frame, it seems that I could guaranty 2 * 1h15min games for up to 8 people in 5 hours: For 8 players (tight schedule) First round 13h -> 14h15, players 1 to 4 Second round 14h20 -> 15h35, players 5 to 8 Third round 15h40 -> 16h55, players: 1, 3, 5 and 7 Fourth round 14h -> 18h15, players: 2, 4, 6 and 8 For 6 players (either with a 4th round for 4 of the 6 players or with 90 minutes games) First round 13h -> 14h15, players 1 to 4 Second round 14h20 -> 15h35, players: 5, 6, 1 and 3 Third round 15h40 -> 16h55, players: 5, 6, 2 and 4 What do you experienced warmongers think? https://twitter.com/pseudorythme/status/1188855811390484480?s=20
  11. Hope the « counter attack » token is not just rules for this box set
  12. So... my super interesting opinion. I am not a fan, but still, I like the WTF concept behind it. Moreover, if feasible, I could picture myself building it without its throne, floating in the air, and using the throne as a Death balewind vortex
  13. @Thomas Lyons is talking about it in the last Warhammer weekly
  14. So more or less @Thomas Lyons WIP Nighthanut/Cities of Sigmar army project
  15. A mousetrap warmachine or endless spell would be hilarious
  16. For vampires, I would go either super classical with werewolves and the likes or 40k Genestealer Cult like with the possibility to use humans models with at least upgrade sprues. In the first case it won't be "AoSed", but I trust GW to be able to put out gorgeous and highly dynamic classical monsters.In the second case, it would develop their scheming and infiltration nature in the human society. I guess it could only be done after/along a big humans release. Don't really see another vampire trope they could expand on, or subvert (like they did the KO).
  17. You should send an email to AoSFAQ@gwplc.com withe hope it will be answered in the upcoming FAQ
  18. No expert, but it would seem logical to me that you can pick a unit that was meant to combat last. It's like your big boss ability is redefining the priority order on that unit.
  19. A funny away to do that would be a big narrative arc around Skaven (synched with a big Skaven release) which ends with Nagash messing Skaven plans 👌
  20. Thanks @recoilia and @RuneBrush, My initial intuition was to run 2*5 black knights for board control (and I had a pretty good experience of 5 of them vaporizing a unit of 10 unbuffed witchelves). Also I really had no idea about the Spirit hosts. So this saturday, will be my 1st 2k game (I only played 1.5k game until now), and will try the 1*10 Black knights and 1*6 Spîrit hosts. I agree on the Guardian of souls, it is just a pity as I bloody love the Wight king sculpt and my paintjob My only problem with the @Gravetide @RuneBrush, is that it's not yet painted 😅 So it will depend if I can paint my 2 Morghasts, finish my Necromancer and my black knights in the upcoming 3 weeks (which is feasible). Wish me luck and thanks again mates!
  21. Did anyone already thought of a 50/50 Bonesplitterz/Insecure orruks list?
  22. Yup, an Orruc warclans battleforce mixing both Bonesplitterz and Insecure orruks
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