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  1. Just finished this little holiday special from GW. Really had a lot of fun painting him and a few nice places where I could challenge myself a bit like the face and beer window. I really think this is some of my finest work I have never been really good at painting realistic skin/faces but I think it came out great on this little guy.
  2. Just finished painting this great guy.
  3. My LGS started a slow grow league for AoS and I decided to join up with up Kharadron Overlords. I have had the models for this army for a while now but never got up to painting them. Now with the arrival of my airbrush and this league I hope I can keep up with the 250 points a month goal. My list for the first month is an Aether Khemist and 5 Grundstock Thunderers. Because Grimdark is the trend right now I decided to try playing around with it myself with this army going for a very worn down look. I also have some cool lore in the works for these guys I will be writing here when it gets a bit more fleshed out. Here is a group shot of the entire crew fighting against some nasty Blightkings. Here is the brave general of this small force the Aether Khemist The leader of my Thunderers might be my favourite model from this bunch. And here last but not least the deadly Thunderers I hope you enjoyed these pictures and I hope you will follow this project along with me as I slowly paint up a full 2k army! Before the next 250 points gets painted I will be painting the new Jakkob Bugmansson XI!
  4. Finally got to painting my KO for a local slow grow league. Here are a few pics of the guys.
  5. Arent greenskins all Agender? I believe they reproduce like mushrooms.
  6. Seraphon is definitely the best army in the game right now so they would be a pretty safe choice.
  7. I would say Pink Horrors are the best battleline.
  8. Thought people here might appreciate my Ironclad flying into battle through a realm gate. S Im slowly working on building my KO army waiting for my airbrush to arrive to I can start painting these bad boys.
  9. Base size is really important when playing more seriously. Large horde units going from 25mm to 32mm gives them a way larger footprint on the table for screening and blocking opponents from getting places.
  10. Seems like another release that will just instantly be tier 1 becouse rules are so pushed. Literally the same ability as the KO but made to be way better.
  11. So I have some Grots my guys. Hope you liked looking at my horde of green dudes.
  12. My insta is Badmoon_miniatures you can check more photos there
  13. I did a really high contrast black and white base and then slapped on a ton of Blood for the Blood God
  14. Speed painted my last hero and now my leaders for the Blood Gullet mawtribe are done
  15. Finished my Slaughter Master today. Minis from Atlantis Miniatures
  16. Not actually from Forgeworld or GW its from a miniature maker called Scibor Miniatures.
  17. Slow work on my Ogors just finished the Frost Lord on Stonehorn
  18. I started this hobby with a slowgrow and the goal was 500 points a month so 4 months to make the army. Its a bit fast but it was doable.
  19. They were good before. Now almost every army has access to always fights first and their value is not that high anymore.
  20. By KO treatment I believe they mean the mega nerf to mortars after release of the first book.
  21. 66% of books in a grand allegiance being weaker than 50% winrate is a trend I would say. Gitz is a competitive book when you play 160 Stabbas and 600 points of endless spells. The book has no sub allegiances, mount traits, extremely restrictive terrain, and an incredibly rng allegiance ability. It has one of the if not the best model range is AoS and great fluff but is it a great competitive book? No. 90% of units are not a competitively viable choice.
  22. Please no order. Destruction deserves the love
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