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  1. Thanks for the reply @Honk! I'm still trying to work out which host I want them to be. I like bits and pieces of them all, so like you say I'll have a play. Narratively one doesn't really fit more than any other so I have some freedom. As for the battalions it caught my attention as the Azyr app won't let you add it as a Legion of Night/Sacrament/Blood. I know better than to take the app as gospel though. But i was just taking a look at the descriptions on page 88, the allegiance says "it can be included in an army that has the allegiance even". The allegiance rules have never been very clear cut in AoS so still unsure. I'll have a route through the FAQS. Thanks for the Knight feedback, might drop down to 2 units of 5 then spend the points somewhere else. Either the Deathmarch battalion or something else. Cheers again.
  2. Morning guys, After wondering for a few years what kind of LoN army to collect, the arrival of the Ossiarch Bonereapers has inspired me to make a Deathrattle army, comprised entirely of units without a hint of meat on their bones. I've made a list that I think I like the look of, but have a few questions for those with much more experience than I. First, the list: Wight with Black Axe (general) Wight King 2 x Necromancers (converted to be high fantasy skeleton wizards) 40 Skeletons (spears) 2 x 10 Skeletons (swords) 10 Black Knights 5 Black Knights 2 x 2 Morghast Archai (halberds) 20 x Grave Guard. Questions: 1. Are there any glaring holes, or things that just won't work in the list? Narrative play is my style of play, so game dominating isn't needed, but I want to be surviving to the mid game against mid-tier armies, and be able to put the hurt on them when I need to. 2. Can the Deathmarch battalion be used in a "Legion of X" allegiance army, or just the Death grand alliance? 3. Are Black Knights as tanky as they were in 1st Edition? I recall a unit of 5 having a fair amount of sustain with their old banners, and wondering if 10 - hopefully fighting near a gravesite - will have a similar effect. Thanks for any help you can give! Ahriman
  3. Every race lives in every realm really, otherwise it would be too restrictive for the hobby side. The Malign Portents book had loads of great stories about human inhabitants of Shyish.
  4. God I absolutely adore those old empire terrain kits, very envious there! As for the treelord, he's sublime. And I l think head screaming up and including the horns is the way to go.
  5. Mindblowing as your stuff always is matey, can't wait to see how the Prince unfolds!
  6. These are incredibly well realised, looking forward to more!
  7. I find spice in the variety, playing with the Realm rules in pretty much every game, and trying to play as many of the narrative battleplans as I can. I do love racking up and playing a random matched play mission every now and again as a palette cleanser though!
  8. Got to throw my support in for 2,500pts. I find that 2,000 is the perfect amount to get the foundations of an army, but you have to compromise on some of the cooler, larger models (stardrakes, Alarielle ect). My group tries to do 2,500pts but with only 3 battleline, so its like 2,000pts of 'normal' stuff, with a 500pts treat of some really cool, more powerful stuff.
  9. The Island of Blood model has a taser-goad, not a thing catcher - though many are using it as a thing catcher now as there aren't rules for the taser goad. The regular packmasters in the Rat Ogor box has one thing catcher, so my guess is that's where it comes from. I, personally, would use the old Throt the Unclean's as Master Moulders, but they would work just fine as a unit of Packmasters too.
  10. What's a few thousand words between friends? In that case no, I don't have any recommendations. Maybe give Gods and Mortals a go, that's the latest and largest collection - but a quick look at the contents and it seems you'll run into the same problem as many are stories linked to larger novels to flesh things out. Or wait a few weeks for Warhammer Horror: Maledictions to come out. Its a mix of 40k and AoS, but it appears the tales will be standalone.
  11. I've not picked up any of the collections unfortunately, outside of Hammerhal and Other Stories (the precursor to Sacrosanct). Individual stories I really liked Heart of Winter and The Red Hours which were part of the Novella Series 1 they released at Christmas, and looking forward to reading Warqueen and The Bone Desert from the same set.
  12. That's more a product of the particular book you're reading than indicative of Black Library as a whole. Sacrosanct and Other Stories is designed for a person who doesn't know where to begin with Black Library literature, so this book gives snippets of tales, all of which lead to other books so you know where to go next. There are plenty of other short stories out there, some tie in with larger narratives, but more often they'll be stand alone.
  13. Cheers very much! Hoping to get them finished off soon. I won all three games we played, so it seems to be possible! Its an absolute bloodbath though, so many times a unit of 4 rat ogors would charge a unit of 40 odd plague monks, kill roughly 26 of them, then get pretty much wiped out in return - any numbers of plague monks are damn scary! Especially with the furnaces providing immunity to battleshock. One game I got almost wiped out trying to kill his 40 monks, only to get lucky and roll a 4+ to bring a unit back to life, get the next turn and kill him with them. Hard Questions: 1. My favourite are the Rat Ogors, they put out the hurt and are fun to use. The HPA is phenomenal now though, it used to just be a distraction but now it wrecks. The stormfiends I think are still great, even after their changes, but they no longer fill the niche i wanted them to in my lists (some solid shooting) so i've taken them out for now. 2. Flesh Menagerie is a weird one, I've never really used a Warscroll Battalion before as I always felt just more units was better/more fun. However, the list needs a spare command point - to do more-more beasts in your opponent's first turn if needs be. And I wanted my list to have an extra relic - rabid crown is way to good not to take, but I wanted my counts as Throt the Unclean to have something more interesting (I've given him the stonehorn blade to represent his thing catcher). And like I mentioned above, rolling a 4+ for the more-more beasts can be a lifesaver. So all that considered, yeah? I enjoy it, hard to say if its worth it over almost 8 more Rat Ogors though. 3. I've got wolf rats because I wanted a tad more variety in the army. I do think they're great though, i don't use them for killing but instead use their speed to grab early objectives, and to tie missile units and artillery up in combat, for which they do a great job. I have sent them hunting minor heroes in some games do, which always feels good. Is that enough of a trigger? I just had to look at the artwork from the last 30 years of Rat Ogors to get me going, god they look so good.
  14. I'll preface this by saying I'm a narrative player really, and have never built super (or even close to!) optimised lists. The Wolf Rats I love largely due to their speed. I use them to flank quickly and tie up artillery and shooting units, or kill a lonely wizard if possible. The immunity to battleshock is a god send for taking that return damage when out on their own. As for the giant rats (@Baron Wastelands) i tried the large units of giant rats when i first started the army, and even with all their buffs found them underwhelming. The footprint of the unit was huge as well and I found they could get in the way of my heavier hitting units. But with the units of 10 I find they're perfect for screening my Rat Ogors from charges, I can spread them out a lot more to prevent deepstrike shenanigans, and leave them on various objectives. The only time they get in combat is charging in with the Rat Ogors, at the opposite end of a unit, to restrict units pilling in and hurting the Ogors. Hope that makes sense!
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