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  1. Ahriman

    Dread Solstice aftermath

    What's the gain in them doing that? The outcome of the Season of War was written into the lore - the Seeds of Hope cities holding out against assailants - this just gives them more stuff to write about. It's unlikely to be anything earth shattering, but I expect the Battletomes that come out towards the end of this year and into 2020 will reference the many soothsayers and prophets killed, the armies that fell into the Black Oubliette and the Red Mist that swept across Aqshy. Will there be entire books dedicated to them? No. Will the writers use the campaign to inspire nuggets of lore in things like the timelines and faction overviews? I would imagine so.
  2. Ahriman

    Robin's Celestial Warbringers

    You've really nailed the colour scheme!
  3. Ahriman

    Realmslayer released as a book??

    It happens every now and again, but more often than not these audiodramas usually stay as audios as they would need to be completely rewritten for prose.
  4. To add another voice to the 'i love them' crowd, i love them! I think the artefacts, spells and - especially - realm rules added a much needed narrative edge to games so they feel like they're actually taking place in the realms. I can't talk to their showing in competitive play unfortunately, but one thing i will say about the fact you only ever see doppleganger cloaks ect is that the competitive scene can create an echo chamber making it seem like certain things happen 'all the time'. My skaven army is from Ghur, and my packmaster has the Stonehorn Blade to represent Throt's thing-catcher. A purely narratively driven decision, but if that's what GW wanted when they designed them then they're working as intended from everything I've seen locally and at campaign events at WHW. And realm rules are a godsend when writing campaigns. TL/DR: narrative rocks, and these things make them even better!
  5. Ahriman

    New team event format at WHW

    The way they tend to do it is that the armies are 'matched' (using points values/up to date balance changes from FAQs) so that a game between strangers runs as smoothly as possible. But then everything around it works differently, often you're in factions so individual scores matter less, the missions are asymmetrical and fulfil a narrative purpose (X is trying to destroy a Realmgate while Y defends, rather than both sides deploy the same, to capture points evenly spread through no mans land) and you're encouraged to do things in character that may not be tactically sound - like charging your Orruk Megaboss off your objective to duel the enemy warlord, costing you the game (though you aren't forced to do this, which i also feel is important). That should, hopefully, make it different enough from a Matched Play tournament, allowing freedom for the Narrative player to focus on what they want (my Moulder army is all about its theme, and suuucks in game, but that isn't really an issue) while letting the event run smoothly as it is generally people who have never met before, with slightly different ideas on how warhammer should be enjoyed, playing a game together.
  6. Ahriman

    New team event format at WHW

    I know they did some, these weren't phenomenal though (they certainly don't have the time spent on them their 40k campaigns do) and they certainly didn't do several. From what I can see they've done 2 campaign weekends this year, and about 7 or 8 tournaments of various types, for AoS 1- I'd much rather see a more even amount of each. There's 3 ways to play, but from Warhammer World alone its overwhelmingly competitive play, which doesn't appeal to a lot of people. I just want more storyline in my life! Haha
  7. Ahriman

    New team event format at WHW

    I think its a shame they're investing into more competitive events over doing more/better narrative events - already having GTs, Throne of Skulls and Doubles Tournaments - but they do want to go where the ticket sales are I suppose. Its an amazing concept though, should be fun to celebrate victories and bemoan loses as a group and shaking up the lists that people take is always a cool thing. The length of time the 'pre-game' takes seems excessive though! But love the meta gaming.
  8. Incredible army, you've got it all! Great concept, conversions and paint job. Well deserved gold indeed.
  9. Ahriman

    The Denizens of Hell Pit

    Wow! What a weekend that was! I managed to get the army sorted to the point where it was table legal, but it was still to far away from being finished for any sort of look in for best army, but I shall carry them on over the next few weeks to get them sorted. On the whole the army looked impressive model wise all amassed together, but there wasn't enough definition in the bases (they just looked black) and without highlights nothing popped. But onwards and upwards! The weekend told the story of the Necroquake's wake, how it affected the wars being fought and there was a host of endless spells in play. Over the weekend my Moulder took on my friends Stormcast Eternals, a mixed Order list of Khardron's and Stormcast, then some Idoneth Deepkin and finally Khorne Daemons to finish day one. Day two started off against Sylvaneth, before facing off an army of squigs and finishing with me charging into a Stormcast shieldwall! There were so many cool moments from the games its hard to remember them all: bringing down a bloodthister with charging Rat Ogors, my grey seer tracker getting caught in the explosion of his own melevolent maelstrom, an akhelian king flying over my Hell Pit Abomination to skewer Throt the Unclean (and then being eaten by the Hell Pit in return). Amazing weekend, amazing venue and a very fun army to play. And they came away with 3 wins, 3 loses and a draw too which I'm super happy with. Here are some awful shots from various games, and my army list I handed out to my opponents as souvenirs.
  10. Ahriman

    The Denizens of Hell Pit

    The Soul Wars campaign deadline looms! Saturday is the kick off, a mere 4 days away, but I'm pretty happy with the progress that's been made so far and almost everything is playable - I just want to finish the army up with highlights and blood effects if there's time. But here's how the army looks at the moment, minus a Hell Pit Abomination which I left in work and the 50 giant rats. Let me know what you think!
  11. Ahriman

    From Winter's Depths

    Ah right, I think I just followed exactly the recipe in that video, I was just a bit more heavy handed with the drybrushing to get it brighter.
  12. Ahriman

    From Winter's Depths

    How odd, clicked on this thread thinking it would have some cool stuff in it, and its my thread before I forgot my login and made a new account! @NicolasLg its from the Thundertusk video, rather than the Ogor Skin one. Rakarth Flesh base. All over with Kislev Flesh Make Bugman's Glow into a shade and put all over Tidy up with Kislev Flesh Highlight Pallid Wych Flesh Hope that helps!
  13. Ahriman

    The Denizens of Hell Pit

    What would your Moulder list look like @Oldmanlee? You should give it go though if you like them, the main difficulties were getting different weapons and arms of the right size, and sculpting fur is surprisingly easy. Some more WIP shots for today, bases are finished but don't photograph well (they're a dark jade) and the skin is on its way! Also a quick shot of a Giant Rat with a ludicrously oversized basing feature. And a model which is going to be my Grey Seer for the army. Concept is he's a huntsman or a tracker, the one who captures the monsters for Hell Pit using his magic, so I wanted him to look more wild than a typical Grey Seer. 10 days to go until the Soul Wars campaign weekend, its going to be a close one!
  14. Ahriman

    Age of Sigmar and Black Library

    I second Callis and Toll. The story starts with City of Secrets, but you could jump straight in with The Silver Shard too which is what I did. Though Silver Shard was so good I'll probably go back to City of Secrets
  15. Ahriman

    The Denizens of Hell Pit

    Cheers guys! @Shearl l its from the warhammer TV video for the Thundertusk, the ogre flesh. But its a basecoat of rakarth, then basecoat of cadian flesh, make a shade from bugman's glow, the layer up cadian flesh then kislev flesh. @Thundercake I have changed it around a bit yeah: Throt the Unclean (packmaster) with Great Destroyer and Stonehorn Blade 3 x Packmaster Grey Seer 3 x 4 Rat Ogres 2 x 20 Giant Rats 10 Giant Rats Hell Pit Abomination 3 Stormfiends with Ratling Guns 2 x 5 Wolf Rats Soulsnare Shackles 2,000pts