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  1. Kurnoth are my guess. Just doesn’t really fit anything else in my mind.
  2. Anyone got info on when these might be up for pre-order? Trying to plan my pre-Christmas spending.
  3. I think the Tauralon works really well as a Chaos mount, maybe even better than Order. Scheme looks good. Looking forward to seeing a few new warriors and knights done up.
  4. Scepticism for me. Only because of GW’s track record in using the words “biggest” and “best”. Especially when they do it in all caps. Fool me four times, GW..... Oh well, as long as I go in with zero expectations it’ll be great.
  5. I think monopose models are an unfortunate limitation of the technology being used. Plastic models are getting more and more complex (in terms of detail and posing) but that limits flexibility of build. We can either have the current standard of detail and dynamism in our models with limitations on customisation or we can have more static models with easier to change parts. I’d prefer detail and dynamism. Most multi-part kits I’ve bought for AoS only really give options for head and hand changes anyway, and those are simple enough on monopose models. It’ll change eventually though. Plastic has come in leaps and bounds and it’s not going to stop developing any time soon.
  6. If this is all we get for the Slaves to Darkness release I will be happy but I would really love to see the Marauder kits get re-worked. Especially in a Darkoath style - that hasn’t really gone anywhere yet.
  7. This is, for me, probably the most exciting release GW have had since Gloomspite. Gonna have to wrap up a couple of armies quickish so I can get started on these guys.
  8. I think the Monsters for Warcry might even be more exciting than the warbands. I’m definitely going to need that Myrmidon. So, there is a lot of talk about new models for Slaves to Darkness...... Is there any reason to believe that? Or are we just wishlisting? We had the spreadsheet leak with the Battletome on it and the warcry warbands but that was it, right!? I just can’t see GW releasing a new Battletome first, then new models later. Not too long until we find out. Hopefully.
  9. So the Bonereapers look significantly better in pretty much all those alternate schemes. I think GW made a mis-step with their “standard” colour scheme, although it was probably deliberately to match Nagash and the Morghasts.
  10. Love the idea but wish there was a more formal way for us to directly suggest what we would like to see done. Personally, there isn’t too much I want except some of the old LOTR sets.
  11. I’d really like the Goblin Battleforce to pan out. Looncurse has been built but a nice big Battleforce to boost the numbers would help me get motivated to start painting. Or I’ll get distracted by something shiny.
  12. The announcement was what, two months ago? There was something like a seven month wait between the Death Guard preview and release so I would say we’re well inside normal for GW. Not sure about the other two because I don’t know what you’re referring to.
  13. Well they were a surprise for me and I’m glad that they’re kinda back but I don’t think I’d buy them. Just don’t really hook me in the way Gloomspite did. That being said, if they did extend the range and bring Gitmob back I would probably add some to my Moonclan.
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