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  1. Is anyone actully going to pay attention to it outside of tournaments anyway? I seriously doubt that people are going to change their boards/tables if they're an inch or two short. Board size is ultimately going to be dictated by available space and personal preference.
  2. Cool. Didn’t watch the stream, just not ideal time in Australia.
  3. If there are only 3 models in the Daughters of Khaine warband, it should be easy enough for GW to write them a set of rules for Underworlds too, right!? Easy money, GW. One kit for 3 games. Just throwing it out there.
  4. At the risk of deviating the thread further.... Personally, I feel like Skaven need a slight tweak in lore so that the Horned Rat replaces Malal - that utter, unpredictable, mess everyones plans up kinda Chaos. They have the back-stabby vibes already.
  5. I don’t disagree but in the end sales is what makes or breaks something. If it sells, GW will continue to support it. If it doesn’t then we can’t expect it to stay around. WHY it sells is another question but my point there is that we don’t have the sales data to know much about that.
  6. Gotta agree with Kramer - without sales data, we don’t really have the info to back this claim. Basing this off personal experiences runs the risk of just getting an echo chamber. I don’t play, so most of the people I know who buy don’t play but that doesn’t mean my experience is typical. As to how can consumers influence GW, the answer is always the same for any company - with your wallet. Social media can be a powerful tool for feedback but at the end of the day, money talks.
  7. Really excited to see what else GW has in store for the Aelves. Loving the nostalgic, classic Elf vibe and I’m ready to dive in. My only question is - where is Tyrion?
  8. I think that’s exactly what a lot of people want. I’d be tempted. And if they did that with Seraphon I’d be more than tempted. That being said, I would expect that they will give the whole thing more of an AOS twist than just re-done versions on WFB.
  9. I’m actually really pleased that KO don’t appear to be getting endless spells - Duardin don’t cast spells! Khorne never should have got them either. I’m not a KO collector though so I can still see how it might sting a little.
  10. Mangler Squigs. Just so much fun. Kinda dreading painting it though.
  11. Not sure how successful that will be if the don’t update the kits for warriors and knights. I’d rather buy more start collecting boxes than use the old static versions. Maybe that’s the point.
  12. And all the “giant stuff” rumours are based on the single use of the word giant in a Warhammer Community article. Not exactly gonna hold my breath on this one. Love for it to be true, but it’s beginning to feel like speculation is starting to be treated as valid rumours.
  13. I just love how much random speculation GW can generate with just a couple of words.
  14. Don’t really have a horse in this race as I never actually had a WHFB army but I’m really hoping there will be at least some cross over possible with AoS models. I understand that my Stormcast won’t be used but I can’t see a reason why my Gloomspite or Blades of Khorne stuff shouldn’t be usefull.
  15. Well I take back my previous statements about movement trays - square trays that hold round bases are going to be a must for all those who rebased their old WHFB armies.
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