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  1. ManlyMuppet88

    AoS Timeline interesting observation

    I see no reason why the two stories can’t take place hundreds of years apart or at exactly the same moment. It’s not like Sigmars counter attack hit every part of every Realm simultaneously. It’s completely natural that while some parts of the Realms have been liberated, other parts would have no knowledge that the “Age of Sigmar” was even a thing. I like it that way too, it gives people the flexibility to tell whatever story they want.
  2. Sounds great. Maybe Darkoath? I’d love to see a great barbarian Empire.
  3. Agree 100%. They just did the Necroquake, they should take some time to explore it. Progression is great but really major stuff should be global campaign or new edition only, in my opinion.
  4. ManlyMuppet88

    Both WHQ Games No Longer on the US Site

    My guess is that they just took them off the shelves so they had plenty of stock to re-release around Christmas. Simple as that.
  5. ManlyMuppet88

    Organised play - bans and restrictions

    I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised at how the community is handling this. Everything I’ve seen has been pretty positive and supportive of the decision - when soes that ever happen!? Internet high-fives for everyone! Just for being cool.
  6. ManlyMuppet88

    The Rumour Thread

    That seems.......optimistic.
  7. Lol. How much do you have to type Skaven for it to be auto-correcting stuff....
  8. ManlyMuppet88

    The Rumour Thread

    Wouldn’t totally rule it out though, their Nightvault art has been a pretty different to the models.
  9. ManlyMuppet88

    Making Bases Like Nighthaunt Easy-to-Build?

    Been thinking about this myself. My current plans are to buy the Sigmarite Mausoleum, use the mausoleums themselves as objectives and chop up the rest to scatter around on bases. Expensive way to go about it though and there are almost certainly some great 3rd party bases being made out there.
  10. ManlyMuppet88

    Both WHQ Games No Longer on the US Site

    Cool. Thanks guys! Seems like a good time of year to bring it back.
  11. ManlyMuppet88

    The Rumour Thread

    I mentioned it already in the Warhammer Quest forum but Shadows over Hammerhal is back up on GW Australia. Others confirmed it was back on the UK, US, Polish, Irish and rest of EU sites as well.
  12. ManlyMuppet88

    Both WHQ Games No Longer on the US Site

    Shadows over Hammerhal is now back up on GW Australia. Who knows for how long though so I might have to order one.
  13. It all depends on how it’s handled, that exact plotline works for Cthulhu. I’d be perfectly happy with definitive progress but, for a while at least, I think Slaanesh should stay imprisoned.
  14. The Necroquake stirs up all the Skaven and they start swarming everywhere. I don’t want to see Slaanesh back at all, I think it’s much more original, interesting and compelling to have a “lost” god that his/her followers are constantly questing to find. If Slaanesh is released though (probably inevitable) then it should be a new edition level event like the Necroquake. Whatever happens, it should be Necroquake focussed for a while.