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  1. Yeah, ok. I figured the Tithe could be a new Death faction but I see no reason to believe it’s a dual box set. If GW release another new faction I would have guessed it will be more along the lines of the Gloomspite/Idoneth/Daughters of Khaine and we’ll see a series of videos leading up to the release. Honestly though, that video could be anything so who knows.
  2. Why does everyone seem to think there is a two faction box set on the way? Did I miss something or is it just speculation?
  3. Well, all in all I found the previews pretty underwhelming. I was hoping for more than a single new model shown off.
  4. Well, it’s not much to go on but the potential extra warbands could be very exciting. They’re certainly very promising silhouettes. 😜
  5. It was announced by GW but there has been nothing but speculation and wishlisting since.
  6. Yeah, I can definitely see myself buying one of everything. Will be nice to paint up a warband as breaks between larger projects.
  7. These look great. I’m actually really loving all the models. Yes, some warbands are better than others but overall I think they’re doing an awesome job. I’d really like to see all the warbands next to each other to see if I can use them all in a Slaves to Darkness army.
  8. Well, severed and partly decayed heads would probably fit nicely into a Chaos warband from Shyish.
  9. Warcry is the flavour of the month. Have they done a warband from Shyish?
  10. I’m not that optimistic about it, I just figure it’s a Gnarlmaw. Be nice if there was more to it though. Unless it’s more Endless Spells. I’m over Endless Spells.
  11. The Warcry section on ageofsigmar.com is still “coming soon.” Might be worth checking regularly over the next few weeks though, I suppose.
  12. Is it just a slightly cheaper point of entry for Underworlds?
  13. I really don’t know what they’ll do with this. If they hadn’t previewed the other warbands I would have said they’d follow the Necromunda/Underworlds pattern and stretch it. The previews make me think otherwise. It will genuinely be too much for my wallet to handle if they do release them all at the same time.
  14. I’d be willing to bet the core box will contain the Iron Golem and the Untamed Beasts. I’m really excited to find out wether it includes the scenery from some of the older videos too - never got any more info on that.
  15. Doubt it means new faction but it was nice to be reminded about him. I’d completely forgotten about him and it is a damn cool model.
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