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  1. The more I think about it, the less likely a copyright ssue seems to me. They still have the website up and they are still selling the novel so there can't be any problems with the plot or characters and they have most of the races and factions covered by their own copyrights. I don't know much about copyrights though so it's always possible. Just seems odd. My guess is good old-fashioned supply issues that extend beyond GW's control (i.e - they don't know when the problem can be fixed) and GW's deliberate aversion to open communication. Unfortunately, GW are the only one's who know
  2. Honestly, the new Stormcast aren't really doing it for me but it is early days still. Silver lining is that I'm not feeling an immediate need to get the starter set and the grey mountain of shame has no chance to increase. Whatever new adversary is in there could change that pretty quickly though.
  3. Radukar is the standout for me but that "now who might be building those?" line has got me pretty excited. I am falling into the classic GW trap of getting wrapped up in one (potentially meaningless) little line of text and reading way too much into it. It's not normally something I do. I'm enjoying it. . So much damage done with so few words, GW.
  4. I managed to get a copy through my FLGS so I have been feeling pretty optimistic throughout all of this confusion but upon seeing the Radukar the Beast reveal today my immediate thoughts were - "that's what could have been." There is no reason to believe that the release was ever intended for Cursed City or even related to Cursed City but it just goes to show how the lack of communication has affected my feelings around these things. Even a clear cut message to say that no, there will not be any expansions to the game would make me happy. Even if it's not the answer I was hoping for.
  5. It says "No longer available online" and there is no email notification option. I'm hoping it's just temporary because I had to work today and will be gutted if I have missed out. My understanding was that this would not be limited but I am starting my hunt with local FLGS now, just in case. Might be a few copies in stores on release day too can try.
  6. How to paint Radukar is up on warhammer tv - hopefully that's a sign of an imminent release...
  7. Didn't even know about that one. Not feeling like I missed out on anything though. Existing models is a cost-efficient way of getting expansions through but I'm hoping for new stuff too. Although if they follow the Silver Tower pattern of releasing plenty of rules for existing hero models then I would enjoy that.
  8. They were all new. Not that that's necessarily a guarantee that the same will happen with this. With Blackstone Fortress they announced before release that there would be post-release updates and expansions which, to my knowledge, they haven't done so far with Cursed City. Fingers crossed though.
  9. Honestly, the Chamberlain is my least favourite so far. It's not bad, by any means, it just feels a little too.....busy.
  10. Another vote for Cursed City. My wife and I loved playing Silver Tower so I have already put money aside for this. And I might challenge myself and paint outside my comfort zone - get real grungy. Seems like the setting will lend itself well to it.
  11. Agreed. The box is an instant buy for me on the strength of Gorslav and Darrock alone. I haven't bought a single boxed game from GW that I haven't enjoyed, either.
  12. I'm not a fan of the vampire's hair. Or the shoulder guard that appears to be specifically designed to protect that hair. Easy to fix though if I ever end up buying one.
  13. With all the excitement around the Christmas/New Year Hedonites previews I genuinely forgot about the Myrmidesh and Sigvald. Not everything is totally to my liking but this is definitely the most exciting release GW has had in a while for me.
  14. Wargear options are always possible - the Kairic Acolytes and Bloodreavers both have options in the kit but I'm ok if it's just what we've seen. A reamke of the old mounted Lord of Slaanesh would be very welcome though.
  15. Well, I have two unpainted armies sitting around and it looks like I will be starting another one in February. These are exactly what I was hoping for in a Mortal Slaanesh army.
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