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  1. Amazing ideas and absolutely amazingly constructed! Keep up the good work and keep the photos coming! :D ...Can't wait to see more!
  2. Yeah I was just thinking because of the upcoming Slaanesh release. Could have been a very beautiful overly proud vanity aelf. ...I enjoy riding the hype-train Haha!
  3. Is that the Yenlui rune on the horn? I would love it to be a Wanderers release, some type of totem area effect horn blower. However, do you think it could be some corrupted Slannesh aelves?
  4. I think with the current range there is a very limited return on what they can expect us consumers to invest in Yes we love the army, but are we going to keep buying millions of glade guard when I'd bet the majority of us on this thread have an *th edition army that we are all too emotionally attached with to accept that our King and Queen have long but passed (so they say ...) I'd love an expanded range, my guess s that they have an absolute surplus of Glade Guard and in terms of supply chain management do not need anymore, unless they can put them to work
  5. I'm not too saddened, my forty Glade Guard are still pretty snug in their case!
  6. Is there any indication of timelines for version 2 battletomes such as Sylvaneth, Fyreslayers etc? ...or the sylvaneth underworld warband release date? I thought it was interesting that the sylvaneth had a Revenant style wizard, surely it must get unique rules in AoS too. Unless it's everyone's new Branchwraith model I think it's interesting how they have reordered all of the armies on the GW site. Aelves are pretty much car parked in one cluster. I'm hoping for an unexpected Wanderers battletome.
  7. Was there indication of a release date for Ylthari's Guardians? I think they look great and are very indicative of what is to come for Sylvaneth updates. I wouldn't be surprised if them did a whole expanded Tree Rev style section of the army, led by a Kurnoth. My rumour chips are down
  8. @Erosharcos- sent it to GW! 😀
  9. @Aelfric, oh yeah me too! Massively! I just meant if they already had a design, would they release something similar for a different line.
  10. @Jyhnu, I love your ideas! I think it would fit a Beastmen/ new Gitz style release. @Aelfric, it would be awesome to combine the Kurnoth Hunters too. It could be a Battalion style approach where in the battalion you have to take Avatar of the Hunt/ Kurnoth or Stag-Lord (or whatever), Wild Riders, and the battalion allows you to take KH's. Like the Deepkin "Alliance of Wood and sea" or the Kelp-forest as like to to call it With regards to having a Nomad prince or Nomad King on a stag, do you think it would make a difference that there is already a Thranduil on Stag for the Hobbit? ...or at least I thought there was but I couldn't find it anywhere. Maybe I imagined it! In saying that Prince Maesa has one!
  11. @overtninja Wanderer list sounds good. Let us know how you get on. I'm always a big fan of Kurnoth hunters too, but WWR should cover their role!
  12. I love how positive this thread is! Very welcoming of ideas!
  13. Just been on to the webstore, I'm going to call it that the "Aelves" get a battletome release. All of them in an Order style book. Also, Inferno2 with Prince Maesa is available for pre-order next week! \m/
  14. I know it is from 8th edition Wood Elves, but one of the most appealing aspects of this army is pretty much summarised by this blurb of Kurnous. This is what Wood Elves were for me, and what I would like Wanderers to represent.
  15. @Aloth_Corfiser and @Aelfric, I love your ideas. I think that the common theme is that there is a variety of theme and play-style that emphasises on the strengths and uniques of specific units. I genuinely liked that Wanderers allegiance abilities focussed on movement and maneuverability, as this is their "strength" of "flavour" not shooting. I think a lore of magic could be interesting and the spells could be very varied to show that they travel between multiple realms. If a scenery kit ever came out, I think stonehenge style doorways would be pretty groovy. In the Darius Hinks "Orion trilogy" he writes about some of the World-roots being one way and not always discoverable again. That would be something cool to bring to AoS. In some of the previous pages in this thread there is discussion about hero types. I do think that Nomad Prince, Spellweaver, and Waywatcher are superb at their respective jobs, but the Wayfinder/strider just seem to be master of none. I would like some defined roles, maybe even a "Totem" , possibly a mounted totem so that it fit in with the maneuverable theme.
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