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  1. I like the look of these. I may have to add some to my Chaos Adversaries.
  2. Actually, I decided to put those guys on hold. I just wasn't making much headway with them, and I wanted to switch to something for which I would be more motivated. Here are the Sepulchral Guard: Next up are the Thorns of the Briar Queen.
  3. I think that fellow is going to become my BSB.
  4. Those heads look great! Very Nosferatu.
  5. Next up are Bloodreavers and an aspiring champ.
  6. I bought these last winter. Molded squares all the way.
  7. They did something like that a while back for the fantasy stuff too. A great deal!
  8. Thanks! Here are a few more, including a gun crew. I also painted a random RPG character.
  9. Has anyone used these in a game yet? How did it go?
  10. This is an awesome idea. I also think the boards and terrain would be great for out-of-the-dungeon adventures.
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