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  1. This would also be a great swap for the Knight Questor in Silver Tower.
  2. Actually, that could make for some cool conversions. Sphinx instead of stardrake?
  3. Hey, could/should the RPG have its own section on the forum?
  4. I chose 5th edition but it really should have been Battlemasters!
  5. And if they did it right, you could use the models and tiles from the game for some of the encounters...
  6. Makes sense. The plot moves along even if the heroes go back to town to rest.
  7. Wow! 900 models... I thought I was doing well with around 150 or so... Lots of good suggestions so far. I've used a mix of these at times. I've sold off or given away models that I knew I would never really get around to. I've created detailed lists with goals for the year. I've painted for an hour or two every other/third day to get things done. It works!
  8. Is that how it was done? I don't remember that.
  9. Here they are finished! The bases are square, because I don't care to rebase 75 models. 😁
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