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  1. And here are Watch Captain Halgrim and 10 of his Cursed City Skeletons.
  2. Not that I want the thread to turn into 40K bashing, but this is my thoughts on 40K exactly... 😂
  3. Clearly this is a new Dogs of War Paymaster.
  4. I finished my zombies and Corpse Cart for September.
  5. This is an awesome idea, and I love to see everyone's creativity here. I have played around with creating ships and stats for them as well. This is a MegaBloks ship that I painted for my undead. I have a small fleet of other ones for humans, ogres, dwarves...
  6. I'd love to see this too. I have a small force of them, and some characterful sculpts would be great. What about Grot Scuttlers? Any chance this might refer to them?
  7. I knocked out 10 more zombies this weekend and was also able to finish Gorslav the Gravekeeper:
  8. September is Zombie month for me. My goal is to paint 30 zombies and a Corpse Cart. Here are the first 10 zombies.
  9. Hmm... I backed it on HasLab but I haven't seen any updates for months...
  10. Thanks! This past week I rebased 3 Vargheists and 10 Ghouls, and touched up the ghouls a bit to match my Grymmwatch models. Here they all are:
  11. I finished converting and updating two older units yesterday. These spirits hosts got new round bases. The Coven Throne gets a new round bases and I tried out a new skin tone on the vampires.
  12. Hi all, When Games Workshop started teasing their update to the Soulblight Gravelords army, I have to say I was hooked. The undead were my first Warhammer army a little over 20 years ago, when the Vampire Counts first split from the rest of the undead and the Tomb Kings were not yet officially a thing. In the intervening 20 years, my Vampire army grew and then shrank, and finally took on a very Piratical theme. With the new SBGL army, I thought this would be a good time to build a proper Age of Sigmar army. I was also heavily drawn in by the Warhammer Quest Cursed City game, too. And I had already been collecting some of the Warhammer Underworlds undead. So... I was already on my way. Since I also play D&D, I thought it would be cool to try to find or create models for many of the classic D&D undead. I combed through the 5th ed. Monster Manual and "dug up" (pun intended) as many ideas as I could. With that in mind, here are the first few models from the new army. They were a fun dive into the bits box, and gave me chance to try out how I would like to do the bases for the army. Please enjoy. The Crawling Claw This was made from an old bit from the 5th edition Zombies box. The base is an old round shield. Demilich and two Flaming Skulls One is from the older plastic skeletons box and the other two are from the Collegiate Arcane set. The flying stems are from Star Wars Legion. Will-o-wisps These are an example of non-undead that I think might associate with them. They are just made from green stuff.
  13. Totally agree. And imagine that thing perched on top of a Skullvane Manse...
  14. I think that Vulcha would be awesome for an Gravelords army, too.
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