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  1. Well done on the Ironblaster! I have one waiting for some attention on my table now. I kinda built it wrong so the Ogre doesn't fit in the slots on the floor... Maybe I'll get to fixing him one of these days. Probably not though.
  2. Mars_Ranger

    My Warhammer Fanart

  3. That would be phenomenal if GW did a Firebellies warband for Warhammer Underworlds! There are so many minor sub-factions (like Firebellies) with few models that could get a nice moment in the spotlight. I don't even collect Ogre Kingdoms, but would buy those in a heartbeat.
  4. The Sisters of Silence head really caught me by surprise! The army feels very personal. Also, how did you base your minis? I've been looking for a good rocky desert base.
  5. The blue armor was done astoundingly well! Not too sky blue. Personally I dont like the Warmachine-style bases, but these guys look great on them!
  6. Whoah! Nice Job! That is truly impressive. A beacon of dark magic that towers over all of Tzeentch's domain! I still haven't decided what Chaos God to sacrifice myself too. Maybe poppa Nurgle or the mighty lord of Blood. Only time will tell...
  7. Garden of Morr is a great kit, but very cramped. You've completely solved that problem!
  8. They aren't necessarilly zombies in the 40k lore, but pretty much meat puppets. I don't know why, but I live saying meat puppet.
  9. Definitely closer to Golden Demon than my work! The diorama is reminiscent of it as well.
  10. Good battleplans! I initially found you on your Hive Fleet Charybdis blogspot; I love the 40K warscrolls! P.S. My Skitarii wanna fight. Are you working on a compendium for them?
  11. It's very interesting to see the process you took to get to a Golden Demon level of painting. I usually just see the finished project in White Dwarf.
  12. That's pretty terrifying to see 2 Chaos Knights in a skirmish game. I feel bad for the Seraphon.
  13. Mars_Ranger

    The Krunkasaur

    That is one happy Megaboss.
  14. I spy a Blood Bowl team marker! It makes a great token and doesn't even need painting.
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