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About Me

Found 11 results

  1. Hello everyone, Some time ago I've got Trollbloods starter and paint set. While I'm not really into Warmahordes , I've wondered if I could use Trollblood Base as a, well base for Celestial Vindicators armour? If that so, then what other paints (from CItadel, Vallejo, PP etc) would you recommend for me? Temple Guard Blue? Sotek Green? Also I'm terrible sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes, I'm not a native speaker I Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  2. Hi Guys, after my hint in the Chamber Thread I will show you my painted collection of Stormcast Eternals. Stormhost is Celestial Vindicators They started as the Chamber of Bladestorms but after what happened in All-Gates I wanted to decide the story myself and created my own chamber, the "Blazenhearts" I also wrote some fragments of story but after I wrote them in german I would have to translate them first to show them here (actually I postet the german once in my same named project in the GW-Fanworld. But here are the pictures (I have painted 51 of 200 miniatures). 50 of them were painted in about 2 month. Hope you enjoy. Lord Celestant on Dracoth Lord Celestant Lord Castellant Lord Heraldor Liberators 1 Liberators 2 Judicators 1 Yelena Stormheart (Judicator Prime 2) She should be a female Judicator Prime (or Judicatress Prime), but after I used a male model she isn't as thin as the model GW showed in Warhammer Community for Shadespire) Retributors Decimators Vanguard Hunters 1 Vanguard Raptors 1 (Vanguard Raptor Prime "Ramir") Aetherwing 1
  3. Hello! And welcome to my review of the novel Warbeast by Gav Thorpe. I'd like to start off explaining why I have decided to write this review about two years after having read it. My interest in the Age of Sigmar universe was restored after the release of 2.0 and I immediately began digging into the wikis' and lexicanum to absorb all I had missed, especially everything pertaining to my lead faction : the Stormcast. I was thrilled to read all the Malign Portents shorts and to read about characters like Hamiclar Bear-Eater and Balthus Arum while being sad that the most famous named character from my host Thostos Bladestorm is perma-dead. To top it all off in all the list of all the characters with lore entries I read none of the awesome characters I read about in Realmgate Wars: Warbeast had entries. I have decided I cannot let this stand so I am here to regale you with the tales of Arkas Warbeast and Theuderis Silverhand. Ok so I am not going to drop the entire story here but I'm going to give a brief summary and then in a separate paragraph I will list a few spoilers that I feel are really interesting or at least they were at the time. The novel picks up right away with the instant striking of a lone Stormcast (Arkas Warbeast) a Lord Celestant of the Celestial Vindicators (the choppy ones) into Ghur in the middle of a tribe of bloodbound reavers who he proceeds to butcher. Whats interesting is Arkas has been sent to not just his home realm of Ghur but to the very lands he failed to defend from the Skaven (especially a certain Verminlord) centuries ago. The setting is Usungorod, a clear allegory to dark age Russia. The land is a frozen tundra and you can imagine the brillant colors of turquoise and red clashing among the white snow. You learn that The Warbeast chamber has been sent to reclaim a realmgate that leads to the realm of life. You also learn that they are only one half of the force meant to retake the gate which is held by the skaven who are attempting to use it to their own evil ends. The other half is a force led by Theuderis Silverhand of the Knights Excelsior stormhost. Theuderis is interesting in that he is formerly of the realm of metal and was a king who successfully repelled the chaos forces that attempted conquer his lands. Both these characters clash as do the tactics of their stormhosts ( it seems the Knights Excelsior have been retconned into brutal purists rather than strict disciplined by the book types). However they both have serious personal questions about their purpose and the wisdom and intent of their God-King Sigmar not least of which is motivated by their policy on discovered survivors. There are brutal, visceral fights, but the real heart of this book is the incredibly human depictions of the Stormcast especially Arkas himself. I love this novel and absolutely recommend you read it if you're able. It almost seems nostalgic to look back at a time before the building of the great cities or the assault on the allgates. Have you read this book? If so how did you like it? Lets have a discussion! Spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Frost Queen of Kislev makes an appearance with some interesting revelations. The story takes place in a region of Ghur with particularly potent magic influence and the characters struggle against its influence on their minds. It is revealed that the Warbeast purpose are to die, confronting the overwhelming Skaven alone and sell their lives dearly as the more regimented Knights Excelsior coast on to the realmgate with the bulk of the Skaven drawn away. My favorite: Arkas used to be a Were-Bear when he was mortal. Whats more he still is. he thought his reforging had removed the "flaw" but he will live with the bear spirit inside him forever and he must learn to become one with the beast.
  4. These are strictly speaking still WIP. I need to finish the should plates and the bases still. However as I have made no progress with this army since January I think I can probably say that it will be a while before I get around to finishing any of these. I don't really like the metallic Stormcast Eternals so when it can to painting mine I went with a sky/weather inspired colour scheme. It is annoying as hell to paint. I seem to like punishing myself. I do like the outcome however. In the end when I saw the Stormcast Eternals book I noticed that the sceme is very close to the Celestial Vindicators. Not quite as primary perhaps and definitely lacking some contrast. I am awaiting more lore on the order but until that comes out I am happy calling them Celestial Vindicators.
  5. At first, here are the pictures again I postet in the other thread to get a base for this Lord Celestant on Dracoth Lord-Celestant (Valten Blazenheart) Lord Castellant (Victor Brightsoul) Lord Heraldor 1 Liberator 1 Liberators 2 Judicators 1 Judicator Prime (Yelena Stormheart) Retributors 1 Decimators 1 Vanguard Hunters 1 Vanguard Raptors 1 (Prime Ramir with Caroline) Aetherwing 1
  6. Some are still WIP. They are fighting on one of my shelves above a bunch of books about Rome. Romans were pretty good at war apparently. That is a solid inspiration for my armies.

    © David Macchi

  7. My first post on TGA, Yahoo! I am a massive geek who loves wargaming, superheros, fantasy and science fiction. I live in Madrid and the AOS scene is slowly growing here. My friend, my girlfriend and I are going to be starting a local club soon but 9th age is much beloved by our local game shops clientèle and Infinity very popular too. I have been especially in love with age of Sigmar since I first tried playing it in Canterbury a year ago, it is so easy to get into and games are fun and has loads of potential for creative objectives and battles. its been a month since i decided to document my hobby journey and hope to update at the latest every fortnight. I am not the fastest painter by any means so I hope to fill the interludes with some new battle reports, fiction and useful tips I come across. The pictures below are of my Lord Celestant on Dracoth from the AOS starter set. He was painted for a competition at our local GW store and hopefully soon will have the results. I decided to paint him and the rest of my Stormcast in a modified Celestial Vindicators colour scheme, substituting white for a bone and using a slightly brighter colour palate. This is mainly because I am a huge fan of the fluff regarding their Stormhost, especially the need to exact vengeance upon Chaos for the pain and suffering they caused during the Stormcast's previous life, before they were reforged. My Lord Celestant's name is Lord Marius Obsidian-Fist and his Chamber is the Fists Obsidian. Each member of the chamber has a single fist painted black in mourning. Each member of the Chamber was slain in their previous life by the actions of a family member who was corrupted by chaos. Their nature is stoic and they burn with a cold fury which they use to great effect upon the enemies of Sigmar. A big thanks to my amazing girlfriend who took these pictures for me, she also has a blog on TGA under the username: Xox-Kitten-xoX (Blog name is Twisted Shadows)
  8. Since my first post I have been able to finish the bases on my next set of models. These Liberators have been done for a while but required a bit of sprucing up with another layer of Liberator Gold and a their bases painted. This unit of Liberators are led by a Prime named Sulla that has held the line admirably in several key battles. Get them in cover holding objectives and they can be hard as nails. Not very deadly but a good line unit. When I get my next unit of liberators, Grand hammers will be in this unit's future, To help out the Fists Obsidian and provide sage advice to the Lord Celestant, they are accompanied by Cato, a grumpy and old fashioned wizard of the Collegiate Arcane. He is miffed because for the time being he has had to leave his Hurricanum in Azyrheim. (It will a while before he won't have to walk anywhere). Yesterday, my friends, my girlfriend and I went down to our local shops and played several games from the Generals Handbook. Each of us taking a hero and a unit to try and capture a central objective, and cause the most kills. I took my Lord Celestant on Dracoth (Overkill I know but as he was newly painted and untested in battle since being finished an exception was made) and a unit of 5 Judicators (To be posted sometime in September). Arrayed against me were a force of High Elves (A Prince with Bow and a unit of ten swordsmasters) , another force of High Elves ( A prince with blade and a unit of 5 Silver Helms) and a force of chaos (A Bloodsecrator leading a unit of ten Chaos warriors with two hand weapons.) It was the first time I had used Judicators and I am definitely a fan. The battle was close and ended with Chaos and High Elves (Force 2) struggling for the objective and the failed charge by my Judicators and poor showing or my general leaving me out of the running for the Win. What was even better was it was only the High Elf player's second game and she stung us on both objectives by tactically retreating her Silver Helms to the Objective just in the nick of time. Her prince also lanced his way through a unit to Chaos warriors and his enchanted shield kept him from being overwhelmed. It was awesome that someone so new to the game could enjoy it with our group and even come out on top. The second game was unfortunately cut short due to the store closing but ended in a victory for Chaos, Man Flamers of Tzeench are scary. Wiping out entire units with their damaging shots and mortal wounds... Anyway thanks for listening to my ramble and I'll have another blog post up shortly. Cheers!
  9. Hey guys, I figured I would start this blog by showing of where I got started and where I ended up after experimenting with the color scheme, different techniques, brushes, brands of paint etc. Sadly I never took any pictures of these initial trial and error runs and most of the models I painted were stripped afterwards to match with the scheme I finally settled on. But I'll include a picture of the one unit that was saved and simply retired rather than stripped and redone. This was the very first unit I picked up and painted. As you can see I tried to go for a kind of hoplite look giving them Corinthian helmets and round shields. I was also planning on adding spears rather than swords but I could never find any suitable ones and my attempts at modelling/altering the ones I had ended up in a few spectacular failures. It was good practice non the less I suppose. I apologize about the poor pictures and lighting, I tried to create a makeshift light box. It's better than nothing but I'll see if I can't purchase one or make an improved version of mine in the near future. I was never really happy with the paint job either, sure It was my very first attempt at this but It just seemed sloppy to me and I knew I could do better. And there was also the matter of the colors themselves. I had envisioned a really bright almost sky blue turquoise. Similar to what I thought I had seen in some of the pictures from the GW website and box art. So I asked the staff at my local gaming store how I would best go about painting the Celestial Vindicators. They recommended a color scheme from one of those painting guides GW sell, and that seemed good enough to me so I got started with a base of Sotek Green and a few other colors. It looked decent enough, but far from that very vibrant and bright turquoise I was going for. Back to the store I went and pretty much grabbed every hue of turquoise I could find. After about 4 or 5 test models I settled on one I was pleased with, done with the Light Turquoise from Vallejo Model Color on a white primer rather than black. This is what that looks like, the model isn't entirely done, his tabard and the grip of the hammer are examples of places I still need to finish up. So this is where I am right now, about done with my 10 liberators from the starter set that I got cheap on ebay. I've also painted up a Heraldor that I picked up at the store for no reason what so ever, he looked sweet on the box and I grabbed him. The joy of not knowing how stuff plays is that I can just purchase whatever I fancy without worrying too much about viability in matches. The unit of 4 liberators along with the Prime from the previous pictures is also when I discovered that humidity and priming don't go together very well. I spent a good hour just scrubbing them trying to remove the primer that had clogged up the entire models. I got a lot of it of but you can still see how the edges and lines are not as crisp as they should. I think I managed to recover to the point where I don't mind it from a far, I'll definitely play them and enjoy it without thinking about it. I think I'll end it there, need to get some painting done whilst I have some time to spare. I'll see if I can't get an update out soon-ish to post either a picture of everything together, a step by step or perhaps my experiments with bases so far. If you managed to get through my wall of texts 'till the end.. I'm impressed. Cheers! Mark
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