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  1. And the matched play cards are complete find the pdf here! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JgmUWQdrUAQEneqfq8yhNbQx-YAOUSbj/view?usp=sharing
  2. My master has awakened me yes yes!
  3. Fold everchosen in with std Endless spells/special terrain Point reductions Shooting options/either bowmen or some sort of hellish artillery
  4. Airbrush from the looks of things
  5. I know the knight questor rerolls failed saves so if i fail the save i immediately reroll to see if i get it the second time
  6. Can we have an example please?
  7. Churned out the art for the final 2 match play cards
  8. I'm doing the art for indomitable will and oblivion charm tonight, we'll see how i go getting them into cards and into the pdf tomorrow
  9. This model and this piece of art
  10. Where's our July thread @TheOtherJosh?
  11. Using std units godmarked and beastmen godmarked in other armies seems to work but as for a grand unifying ga chaos army, I'm not sure
  12. Rend does strength/ toughness or if you want a unit to seem super tough add a -1 to wound roll but otherwise its unnecessary
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