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  1. I'm thinking that if ogors aren't included in the mercenary armies that gw have missed a big ol opportunity
  2. Freeguilds definitely are a defensive army, alot of their skills are reliant on countering charges and staying still
  3. Slaves to darkness traits and such is in the generals handbook but are trash compared to nighthaunt
  4. Spear of shadows is great Hammerhal and other stories is pretty great Mortarch of night from realmgate wars is good as is call of archaon
  5. Are you thinning your paints? Are you painting multiple layers of said thin paints? Are you not thinning your edge highlights as much as your normal painting? Also I've found mephiston red is a nicer highlight for khorne red than evil suns scarlet
  6. Black pyramid is after plague garden
  7. Art done for vaporous blade and tactical insight
  8. Not yet, skirmish isn't super big at my local store and i spend alot of my free time getting ready for this
  9. Last card for the core skirmish rules, now i need to do transmutation of lead and alot of the spoils of war
  10. Liberator torsos fit blood warrior legs and vice versa if the liberstors are too sleek
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