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  1. I've been mostly painting 3d printed stuff this month but here's the second aos mini for January
  2. No, all armies deserve the best rules. Anything else is an injustice to our little plastic mans
  3. You'd like josh reynolds stuff, theres alot of deliberate interconnection
  4. He did say something about stopping his work for black library but since then he's put out way more stuff. The last "whats next for black library" was like 40% Josh so either he's changed his mind or he's on that stephen king writing juice finishing up his contract
  5. The sheer difference in power that modern smokeless powder has over black powder is ridiculous. That and the lack of fouling allowed weapons to advance way more in the years between the 1890's and 1918 than in the previous few hundred years
  6. Same reason our prices for electronics were so high for ages Because the companies can
  7. In 1861 you had most militaries in yhe world using single shot smoothbore muskets while the henry rifle, the colt revolver and the gatling gun were all available. ****** was weird
  8. So we're gonna get into some real world weirdness here. Gun powder weapons took prominence in the west because it was cheaper and faster to arm and train a soldier with a simple powder weapon and no armour than to teach him to use a bow or how to properly fight and move in full plate. And even when gunpowder had primacy in a battlefield, armoured soldiers could counteract it. The 15-1600s are a really interesting time militarily with armoured knights taking on blocks of pikemen and musketeers. Hell the french had curassiers for ages given that the breastplate would give them legitimate protection against musket shot. Given the chunkiness of the freeguild weapons, with the exception of mastercrafted duardin or ironweld stuff, i think we're dealing with wheellock and matchlock weapons that are unreliable and incredibly slow to load, so many of the races and cultures throughout the mortal realms might have decided that they're not worth the effort or that these dang kids with their shootbangs are ruining a good war
  9. Stormcast plus multipart chaos knight parts is what I'm going with. Either than or blood warrior and blightking parts.
  10. In Nagash they undying king it suggests that the age of myth was this weirdly cyclical thing and that all the events had in fact occurred several times over with details changed and the shattered nature of nagashes memory was throwing the actual history out of wack. Or maybe that was josh reynolds just poling fun at the inability of GW to keep it all 100% comsistent
  11. Maybe an astral Templars upgrade kit would be on the cards but otherwise just get some space wolf heads etc. They look pretty good
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