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  1. Start winning... In all honesty I've no idea, but I've found the quickest way people drop the hobby is when they start caring too much either way
  2. Not yet, i finished them after i took a bit of a break from the gaming table and since then i've been playing d&d For those who would like to use them however https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JgmUWQdrUAQEneqfq8yhNbQx-YAOUSbj/view?usp=sharing
  3. The new skirmish in January and February's white dwarfs fixed a few things. I find it quite fun to see who can abuse the ability of each model to be a unit more. Blightkings absolutely wreck shop with their virulent discharge.
  4. I failed to adequately portray sarcasm here methinks
  5. There is that, Sigmar is obviously a pig who insists on sexualizing his underlings
  6. mould out the breast plate but not into boob plate, boob plate compromises the function, similarly to muscle plate.
  7. This shouldn't be an issue Chuck some women in, there no reason lore wise why there can't be any, in fact quite a few women floating around in the lore Maybe get rid of or tone down the boobplate because its impractical but if you need it to differentiate the models well there you go. The "sjws" aren't coming to take away the fun. This ridiculous persecution complex in geek culture reeks of people who need to actually experience the real world rather than getting their world view from forums.
  8. male armour and female armour are actually the same, boobplate is a way to get injured
  9. Is it the actual sand or is it the sandy paint?
  10. can't wait to mix these fellows with my chaos marines and blood warriors
  11. Because China is occasionally dystopic.
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