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  1. flemingmma

    Someone's Skirmish Warbands

    Absolutely love luggage
  2. flemingmma

    The Painting Contract - September 2018

    This month i will paint at least one model
  3. flemingmma

    We need an Age of Sigmar video game

    I'd dig an arpg as a knight questor. Each time you die you get reforged and experience... changes. Peoples faces become blurs, everyone who's been in contact with chaos becomes tainted or demonic in your eyes, days and years pass between reforgings so the world changes and certain characters and quest are no longer available or become available. Kind of how infinity blade worked on phones, that game had a fun death system. Hell getting reforged to continually assault a tower of a gaunt summoner chipping away until you can overcome it only for it to not be over because tzeentch could work well with that system.
  4. flemingmma

    Help with getting into Skirmish-level AoS?

    The skirmish book costs barely anything, and one of the starter sets/easy to build sets and a cheap hero will do the the job
  5. I've got the tempest of souls one I'll eyeball it tonigh
  6. Models per dollar Conversion potential Bits
  7. flemingmma

    The Kitbash Competition - June (Participation)

    Well things didn't go to plan this month, I'm thinking of folding this month in with next if there are no objections.
  8. Well we're at the 5th and seeing as we've only had one entry other than my own, these entrants shall be carried over into july's competition. Unless there are any objections
  9. flemingmma

    The Kitbash Competition - June (Participation)

    also those new easy to build kits have been released
  10. flemingmma

    The Kitbash Competition - June (Participation)

    Just to remind us all, you've have until the 7th this month to get your entries in
  11. flemingmma

    When will AoS be finished?

    We're up to 8th edition 40k soooooo
  12. flemingmma

    My thoughts on starter boxes

    I'm hoping theres a "first strike" and "know no fear" to go with our "dark imperium"-esque soul wars
  13. flemingmma

    What is up with the Stormcast's mounts?

    The flying goat thing is going for the "thunder god" aspect of sigmar. Thor rode giant goats.