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  1. get a 3d printer mortal realms magazine
  2. Nother little mini landscape for another diorama i hope to have done before the end of the month
  3. 3d printing, second hand miniatures, have a hard price limit on what you will buy, mortal realms magazine
  4. I need to make another lightbox to do it justice, but here's the diorama
  5. 3d printed rather than aos, tried out the comic book style again, just waiting on the diorama base to dry to assemble the whole deal
  6. the usual at least one model Currently working on a little diorama
  7. chaos chosen, not that i don't like converting my own but you know
  8. D&d rather than warhammer but still got the pledge done
  9. Just started being released in Australia, got issue 1 which is excellent value
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