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  1. I bought a 3d printer and now i only buy specific sets from gw that i really like the aesthetic of, eg. the wurmspat
  2. Pledge met, went for a cel shady cartoonish style for this chap
  3. non metallic metal, and wet blending methinks
  4. This person also has people meat in their freezer
  5. I'm 4 miniatures in but they aint gw plastic so they get a group shot without fancy lighting
  6. I have the most garbage, poorly manufactured printer widely available, the monoprice select mini. The reason the miniatures look good comes down to two things, I'm using the right settings which I've gotten from a dude called "tomb of 3d printed horrors" and the models are designed specifically to work with fdm printers so the detail is nice and chunky and theyre constructed in such a way thay they don't need supports printed. Heres what they look like painted Up close you can still see layer lines but they're more than fine at tabletop distance
  7. I also have my 3dprinted shame box, soon to be two boxes
  8. Ah, but gw can make new models, that we obviously also need
  9. Man, there's something not right with a someone who doesn't have a million unpainted miniatures, you probably have people meat in your freezer
  10. I always found thinking of warhammer, or magic the gathering, or any tabletop game as truly competitive to be somewhat counter to the spirit of things. Its something I want to do with my friends or people I know at the hobby store, I want to be able to put together something interesting, that while it might not win every time will at least create interesting play. Now I understand that's not how everyone sees the game, so with warhammer, i play smaller formats mostly the skirmish rules, and with magic i never play constructed decks, because i get steamrolled by people who take it seriously as a competitive thing. I play either sealed or draft because everyone is on a levelish playing field given we're all only there and then choosing cards rather than me having looked at what i have out of my previous draft decks and trying to make something fighty, where someone else will have specially constructed theirs to mirror whatever the top playing deck of that moment is. I think if you want a fluffy game, campaigns and smaller format games are the way to go, or ask around at your game store, if anyone else wants to use fluffy armies rather than uber competitive ones. Either that or accept you're going to be running nothing but screamers of tzeentch for the foreseeable future. Competitive gaming isn't for me, If i want to do something competitively i just get punched in the face
  11. I moved kinda recently, so everything got organised then
  12. at least one model, I'll try make it warhammer so its relevant to post here
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